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Prophecies About antichrists!

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/11/14

“Even Now, there are Many Antichrists”


“The movements that have turned to antichrist thou hast named in thy programmes; & such as it is with antichrist. They will try & destroy you through official channels. They shall say, ‘This is not true,’ & shall demand the programmes be withdrawn from U-tube. But you shall say, ‘We have proof of what we say, for we tell the whole truth, not narrow points which you fire at us.’ For as Tyndale warned, the attack shall come through those who portray themselves with titles rather than understanding that that which has been given in the body of Christ are activities rather than leadership positions.


“There is only one leader, & His name is Jesus, & this name is portrayed throughout Hus whole body, not a select few, as in the antichrist system. It is for the whole body to hear from Christ, not the select few, there being apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, to bring out the sound doctrine, & to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.


“The modern movements you now expose, that were once of Me, but now under the antichrist system, could well now try to destroy you through official channels. You have already experienced these attacks.


“What you do is come together & open your hearts one to another. Hold nothing back. Have that intense honesty with one another, as unto Me.

“As you found in your deliberations yesterday, they cannot defeat that. You have always had that as your quorum. And so, to say you have not had a quorum is untrue. You always have, in Me.


“So, how are you to defeat the official channels from the former movements of God, that could well try & destroy you? Simply post on your web-sites what they believe through the antichrist bibles they use. It is not difficult. You have a whole list of doctrines these antichrist bibles portray, bearing no resemblance to the vision of their founders.


“The Charity Commission was never there to suppress charities under law & regulation, but to bring the freedom for charities to flourish through what is the motto of the people of Glasgow: the preaching of My Word, & the praising of My name.



“In effect, you have achieved all the original charities of thy nation stood for; for they came out of the Protestant Reformed religion. And thou hast committed thyselves to uphold that which the monarch promised God in 1953. It is this fundamental - & if they want to call it policy, that is fine – that all government bodies are called uphold. The principles of the Protestant Reformation, & applying law with law & justice in mercy. If that is not the fundamental policy, then that which follows does not come from the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ. It comes from antichrist, & the martyr who prayed that the monarch would authorise the true Bible clearly portrays the Protestant religion the monarch promised to uphold, the nation being under legal obligation to take note of his warnings against Rome. For what is the Protestant religion all about, but protesting against Rome?


“Yet the nation signed a Treaty of Rome; & so, the righteousness of your Charity relates to keeping to the fundamental policy, which is in Christ, thus making your Charity clean in all legal channels.


“So all the movements that come against you with narrow points are guilty of breaking the first fundamental policy; that is, the upholding of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.

“With their Alexandrian bibles, these movements have broken the fundamental policy, & by so doing, have placed themselves under antichrist, who comes to kill, steal & destroy through his pattern of letter-of-the-law suppression. It happens all the time.

“They will find this, they will find that, which you have not done. But what you have done is find the fundamental policy & kept to that.


“Have the modern laws they throw at you come out of the fundamental policy, or come out of the treaties of Rome the nation placed itself under?


“So, who then is right, & who is wrong? If they try & imprison you, you simply claim political status like Paul did in his rights as a citizen, your rights being based on the Protestant Constitution, placing you in an even stronger position than Paul was, legally. For your rights are based on those who shed their blood to give you the freedom. Modern laws are based on treaties to foreign powers, which the Protestant Constitution fundamentally forbids. Indeed, it gives rights to the clergy of the realm to oversee these things.


“So it is for you to take the upper hand, & go to government bodies to ensure that they are keeping the fundamental policy, that based on the monarch’s Oath to God & the Constitutional Acts.


“How is it that you are being made a scrutineer of Conwy County Council?

“Likewise, you can ask your M.P., who has stood for My Constitution, traditional values, & ethical positions of My Word; you can ask him to see how you can become a scrutineer of the Charity Commission, to see it is keeping to the fundamentals of early Christian charities, from which the Commission was originally founded.


“You see, as you have been seeing, when the attacks against you have been placed within the context of the whole truth, they are but a speck of administrative error. What you are dealing with in the wider scale, is blasphemy, high treason, the slaughter of babies in wombs, the covenantal breaking of Ephesians 5, & so the list goes on.


“And so you, as a scrutineer of government bodies, is you taking hold of the activity I have given you under the British Constitution, which gives rights to the clergy of the realm to ensure the Constitution is kept to.


“So, amidst all these attacks of the self-righteous antichrist spirit & his letter-of-the-law suppression, you can stand boldly in the faith I gave to the founders of Christian charities that brought about the Charity Commission. You can stand boldly in the faith of the founders of movements like the Assemblies of God, the resources of thy intercessor who was with you for years going to those upholding her family heritage, rather than to those gathering around for personal gain.


“You see, you are upholding the ancient landmark of thy nation, the ancient landmark of movements which antichrist has stolen.


“What have you done, My dear children, but to expose the thief, who now has to restore sevenfold?


“This is a time of rejoicing in thy charity. In My name, thou hast exposed the thief. And so, the resources of the nation are thine. The resources of lost movements are thine.


“And I give now a special word, in relation to the Bible College of Wales: antichrist took it under the university system. Jesus Christ took it into the liberty it once moved in. Thou art restoring that liberty once more.

“No longer under the schoolmaster, meaning in this context, no longer under the university system. For I have called this College to be one of My Spirit, not antichrist.


“And so, the Bible College of Wales Continuing is one that upholds the original vision of Rees Howells, & of his son Samuel.


“No wonder they attack you! The College’s sacrifice brought millions into the kingdom. Placing the College under university law brought suppression & death. But I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.


“And so, you stand righteous in upholding that which I have called thy nation to be. It is the rebels of antichrist that look to destroy you through official channels.


“But take courage; I have already overcome antichrist. So be of good cheer.”


Action Point:


DG to ask to be a scrutineer of the Charity Commission, dealing with the issue of how those of the opposite faith to the Constitution of the nation can scrutinise those upholding the Constitution of the nation. This breaks the Coronation Oath of the monarch; for that right of scrutiny is given only to those who uphold the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. 

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 27/12/15  

“They Treat the Bible like Orange Squash”“– It is to be Watered Down”  


“They will have to learn the diluted gospel is not the light that shines out the darkness. It is like having a dimmer switch, where there is just a faint glimmer of light – not enough to remove the imminent threat of Babylon upon thy nation. “The true gospel requires repentance, not the ‘trying harder’ ethos of self-effort, to remove the threats upon thy land.


“The greatest threat to human life in thy land is on the inborn child. What about that darkness? The diluted gospel is not enough to remove what I see as a greater threat to human life than events in the Middle East. “The nation’s orange squash gospel is not enough to stop the sexual immorality, both heterosexual & homosexual.



The orange squash gospel does nothing to stop the rise of Higher Criticism, & the coarse world of reason endemic in government departments. “You see, the Coronation Service of 1953 was not the orange squash gospel. It demands a nation to lay down its life to Jesus Christ, one’s whole life, & nothing but one’s life.


“What My ministry based at Rhos on Sea was found guilty of, was not diluting the gospel. You see, a diluted gospel is acceptable, for it placates the conscience, & indeed is a tool of the enemy to prevent repentance, a turning away from the killing of babies, a turning away from immorality, a turning away from the god of this world, who has used the diluted gospel for his own purposes. “I am the true vine that produces full-blooded wine.



What is in My bottle is not polluted. For those in My Church produce grapes of the finest vintage, for My gospel is the finest wine the connoisseur would neverpollute. But  what you see in Britain are children running government ministries & charities that dilute not only the vision & the passion of founders, but like children add water to their orange squash instead of drinking of the wine of the Spirit which can only come by full surrender to Jesus Christ, who says, ‘Come, take. This is My body, broken for you; & take, drink of My cup, the cup of the New Testament that demands one’s all, & full surrender to the Lord Jesus.’ “How long are you to drink orange squash, Great Britain?



The cup that represents My blood awaits thee, if only you grow up from diluted children’s drinks to partake of My table, where Abram acknowledged victory over his enemies, & it is only through the seed of Abraham that victory can be seen again. “But there was no orange squash at the table of Melchizedek. Great Britain, you have your choice.



Which drink are you to partake of: that which represents the blood Christ, of full surrender to the cause, as Christ gave His life, so must we, being buried with Him in baptism, to be raised up in resurrection power; or are you to continue to drink the orange squash, & portray a gospel without conviction & repentance, & be as children without a father, devoid of the true Word of God that demands being crucified with Christ, so that our nation can live, but not under diluted speeches of leaders that simply glance the Bible.



What God is looking for is leaders who are full-blooded proclaimers of the Rhema Word of God, the only sword that can defeat the imminent threat from the Middle East.”

St. Winifreds was a substantial building in Rhos On Sea that was run by Christian Endeavour.

It was sold and luxury flats have been built on the land.

God however had his plans for the building

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 26/06/12



“With the revelation I have given thee over the years, you will understand & grasp that the gates of hell have not prevailed against My Church.


“This is the promise I gave to Peter in Matthew 16. But the study of My Word has to be accompanied by the Spirit of God revealing to the reader, who becomes the listener, for flesh & blood is not to reveal the truth of My Word, but the One Who wrote My Word. The Scripture has been written for the Spirit to reveal its truth.


“When Peter moved into human understanding, he came under the thinking of the god of this world, which is the basis of all the new translations, these translations having spiritualist roots, with Satan the deceiver taking words out, & putting words in, thus taking so many out of the Church, for their revelation has been of Satan & not of God.


“So many books, therefore, which go under the name “Christian”, are not Christian at all. Hence you have all the doctrinal problems with the new translations, which are now controlled & influenced by those under the directive of Satan. This is why you have so much attack against you: attack that has not succeeded; for I have laid now the foundations of restoration, so you can build My Church; & when I use the word “you,” it is in the Galatians 2:20 context of the “not I, but Me.” You become as Me (I John 4:17).


“Now, this means that what looks overwhelming to the natural eye, to the spiritual eye looks like a tiny dot. For I have already overcome the world; & the Galatians 2:20 “you” are to be pioneers world-wide of a revival movement that emphasises the dying to self.


“They will lay down possessions at thy feet. And so you must now get the administrative position right, which is part of the rear-guard. You must now understand that My Word declares, not only will blessings come, but the blessings will be overtaking thee.


“So put these plans into action. Go forward in the strength of the Lord. Keep working hard at that rear-guard. I am giving thee divine strength. Be not afraid; & deal with the first shoots of the new season.


“Be strong. Be mighty. Take dominion, saith the Lord.

“So, remember what I saith to Peter, in relation to binding & loosing. That is your authority.


“Now, it was not My will for St Winifred’s to close down. If it had kept to its original vision & focus, it would never have closed down. But like so many movements, it was infiltrated by those of human reason (Satan), rather than God’s.


“What you have done in Wales, is to expose the human reason; & that human reason closes down movements.


“But I am calling thee to restore the vision of the founders of that place. They are to eventually pay you back for restoring their movement. For that place is to become a place of de-programming of the many victims of movements that have been taken over by human reason.


“You will train Methodists into becoming Methodists, going through the sermons of John Wesley, & what he stood for.


“It will be a place for Anglicans to fully grasp & understand the principles of the Reformation; to understand the altars & the bowing down to idols have to cease. It will be a place for Roman Catholics to come, & learn about Catholicism & its incompatibility with Christianity, whilst understanding that in all these movements, there are those who stand for the real truth; but there must be no concord with Baal; for it is Baal that has taken over these once-great movements, Roman Catholicism however never being great, because of its roots in Egypt. But there have been those over the years who have looked to free that movement from its Egyptian chains. You have found some of those people to this day.


“Now, when it comes to Anglicanism, the key part of the call here is in relation to the monarch’s position, & the Constitutional Acts of the nation. You in effect as a ministry have interceded for Anglicanism by standing in the gap, because they have failed to ensure government keeps to the principles of Church & state together. In effect, you have become the true Anglican Church, & taken over the Constitutional role of being the bishops & clergy of the realm; for it is you who have become the bishops & clergy of the House of Lords, & of the nation: but not only that. Because the 2. Elizabeth has not been as the 1. Elizabeth, you indeed have taken that role, & have stood against the rebels of the legal & political systems of the nation. Those who have embraced the principles of foreign power, thou must open the Traitors’ Gate of thy nation; & whilst thou will not embrace the tortures of the past, which occurred in that Tower, what thou will do is put down a mourners’ bench for politicians, clergy of the apostate Church, those of the legal profession; of the banking community, to come & lay down their lives before God, & repent of their actions in bringing this nation under the powers of foreign princes.


“The Dome of St Paul’s is quaking at the thought of thy coming. He is happy with their liturgical readings in that place; for those readings are of him. But the clergy is now having to face a clergy who understand that it is by the Spirit of God that we speak out the Word of God; & so he now has to face the Sword of the Spirit, spoken from the heart of the new clergy of the nation.


“So, St Winifred’s is thine; but it is to be a building of de-programming for those coming under the clergy of reason. For people shall come from around the world, to embrace the brokenness revival. But before they can do that, they need to be de-programmed from what the devil has done over many years; for revival comes from those who have surrendered fully to the Lord; & it is in St Winifred’s thou will teach full surrender; & it is this teaching they will receive in St Winifred’s, to take back home with them all over the world; for they must have revival in their own communities. False revival teaches they can come & take the revival back with them. In this case, they will come to be de-programmed from human reason; be taught on the background of the New Age infiltration into movements; & go back having been taught on full surrender; & full surrender movements will grow all over the world, saith the Lord, having been taught in real intercession.


“So, you need to go out; bring forth the funds to establish My Covenant, which is extremely Biblical. Thou wilt teach on the inner witness; for thou art witnessing a great missions movement beginning here, the people coming physically, by television, & internet to the buildings here, & you will teach the full surrender message of the intercession of Rees Howells.


“Oh, prepare for a mighty harvest, saith the Lord. Now remember the distinction here. The false Church has taught that you can come to this place, & get revival, & take it back. That is false teaching. Revival comes when the people grasp the importance of intercession. For what I am building in Rhos on Sea, are places where people can come & be taught; be de-programmed; be warned of the wiles of the enemy through Jezebel, Absalom etc., that you know so well. And they can go back to their own communities & do likewise, revival coming through full surrender in their own communities. That is what this project is all about.


“They need to give you St Winifred’s, & pay you money to carry it on. But that movement needs to repent of allowing in the infiltrations of human reason. But there is a message there in the Spirit for the sellers to grasp; for these buildings were given them by the Lord, not to be sold in a secular way, but to be given to those who will carry on the mantle of their founders.


“So when they ask, “What are you to use it for?” you will answer “To carry on the vision of thy founders.” And if they try & catch you out & say, “Well, do you know the vision of the founders?” you answer, “Yes, the vision of the founders is in one name, & one name alone: the Name of Jesus.”


“And if they ask, in human terms, any question, you say, as I said to Peter, “Satan,” & then say, “The ancient landmark must not be removed. For the foundations which the father of thy movement set forth, must now be continued in the power of the Holy Ghost.”


“So, this is no secular sale for St David’s Commercial; for St David was never commercial. For this is a time for you to receive buildings, so that the purposes of God may continue in the abundance which I have given thee.”

How can you combine the worship of Roman gods synchretised into Biblical Characters? Answer - go to Rome and see before your very eyes the theology of Alexandria mixed with antichrist. No wonder God called Great Britain to proclaim the "Protestant Reformed Religion Established by Law."


 Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 20/12/11 “ROMAN CATHOLICISM”

 “Roman Catholicism is not Christian, because:


“(1) It has an international obsession with one man, & the same obsession at a local level with one man. When one man places himself behind an altar rail, as an intermediary between man & God, then this is a denial of all I achieved at the resurrection; thus making this so-called church an abomination before Me.


“(2) It has an obsession with statues, when faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

“I detest idolatry, & all that goes around idolatry.


“(3) What I have brought you is the royal priesthood of believers. If one man places himself higher than another in My Church, then this is an abomination to Me.


“(4) Fivefold ministry titles are activity titles, not status symbols. The respect that goes with these activity titles is the respect you have for a mighty God. For My Word is to be spoken through empty vessels. This is the base of New Testament ministry (John 5:30).


“So, if a man is a prophet, you have respect for the One speaking through the prophet, & take heed to what he says; the prophets being subject to the prophets, yes; but having a group of people academically discussing what the prophet says, is not being subject to the prophets. That is being subject to man, & the sin of this world.


“You saw how being subject to the prophets works. When the word of the Lord was spoken out, you had brother Wayne & sister Gail having spoken out the same word; & you came together as one against the enemy. That is what being subject to the prophet means. It is a spiritual subjection, rather than a natural one.


“You have seen how a minister has recently fallen, the base of the falling being an academic analysation of what God is saying; & seeing leadership as being one above another. This is the way the Catholic church works; having one man over another, rather than being the empty vessel God uses to make perfect the saints.


“(5) The Catholic god is the god Baal; for it worships idols, rather than Me. Its followers hang on to rosary beads, which are beads of witchcraft. The whole religion is one of superstitions; of strivings to gain favour with its god.


“(6) Evangelicals & Pentecostals are marrying themselves to this god. The Alpha Course is one of marriage to this god, rather than bringing people to the Saviour in the old-fashioned, soul-convicting way.


“Why did I declare in My Word, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal?’ Evangelicals & Pentecostals marrying themselves to a group that has rebuilt the veil between God & man. This is why they have one-man leaders now, called pastors; to control the people, rather than have fivefold ministers, empty vessels, through whom I can set the people free., to be the royal priesthood of believers, joint heirs with Christ, rather than submissive slaves to those who are the ministers of Baal, who have built veils between them & God.


“As you minister the truth of My Word, Lindsay, in the seafront hotel, you are facing their Jezebel of the sea, Jezebels being followers of Baal. The place where you will be bringing My Word, right by an obelisk, as the Pope ministers his false word right by an obelisk, the preaching of My Word, which is what it will be, Lindsay – I will give you My words to say; study & be My empty vessel – will knock out the forces of darkness holding many in the bondage of Baal.


“Your calling is a revivalist calling. In knocking out the leadership structures of Baal that are an abomination before Me.


“The joy of the Lord shall be your strength, for this course shall be exciting.

“Be bold, & speak out My Word. The gates of hell cannot prevail against thee.

“Thou art living in exciting times; for My Word cannot be returned void.


“You truly shall speak out the Word of the Lord, point out the evils of Catholicism, & restore the people back to the genuine Church; one of the empty vessel, rather than the analytical priest.”

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 13/10/15 “Revelations of Rome”

“You see today the format of something that has never really died: the Roman Empire. “Time after time, this evil power has gained the apparent upper hand through power, power given to it by the angel of light, Lucifer – that is, the devil masquerading as the angel of light – hence the ‘sun’ of gold, the fleshly sun of the lusts of the flesh, which ‘shines’ everywhere in Roman Catholicism. 


“Yes, David is right: Mithras is that same root, & the worship of ‘Mithraism,’ with so many Roman soldiers taking part, is of that same ‘sun,’ the angel of light, Lucifer. “What is Japan, but the land of the rising SUN? Hence the Japanese fascination with the Temple of Mithras in London. “

Many other forms have been taken which copy Rome: the eagle of Jupiter, the domination by power & violence. Mussolini, Hitler, Napoleon, all resurrected that Roman spirit. “But these secular governments with their armies are nothing compared to that called Roman Catholicism – not at all Christian, but actually a pseudo-religious, power-hungry, devouring monolithic monster. Read the Revelation of My beloved son, called by the world ‘John the Divine.’

I showed him the harlot of the seven hills, in all her true colours, drunk with the blood of the saints, My martyrs now in glory. “’I came, I saw, I conquered,’ wrote the arch-Roman, Gaius Julius Caesar. ‘They create a desert,& call it peace,’ said Calgacus the Celtic freedom fighter, through the Roman author Tacitus. ‘Convert, or die!’ cried the Jesuits, the brutal military arm of Roman Catholicism. 


 “But they change their colours, & their Bibles constantly. 
Now they have changed again, to survive& hold power in ‘kid gloves.’ Everyone is loved, everyone has hope of salvation, smiles this present Pope – an iron fist hidden behind those kid gloves. “Then we had the Crusades. Self-righteousness, self-will, vanity of the Papal throne, led thousands, nay millions, to their deaths: Muslim, Christian & Jew.

Lust for treasures, earthly gold, consumed many, who fell victim to the wiles of the Beast. Vices abounded, blood upon blood was shed. My holy city, Jerusalem, became again a place of death. Destroyed by the Romans in their Empire, again destroyed by the new Roman Empire – the ‘Catholic Church.’ “Constantine knew Rome’s end was near. By the 4. Century, it was in full decay. So it split into a two-headed monster: Rome of the seven hills, & Byzantium of the seven hills. A former Greek colony metamorphosed into Constantinople, named after the emperor of change.

The dark, scheming plots of Rome were succeeded by even darker, cunning deeds of the Emperors of the East based in that city. The filth & decadence was covered by the foul incense of an unholy religion, masquerading as My Church. “Yet, no true Roman Catholic ever calls themselves ‘Christian,’ but ‘Catholic.’ Because their desire is as it always has been, to conquer the universe. ‘I will be like the Most High!’ is their cry, & one on earth personifies this, known as the Pope – or Holy Father. “The ‘holy see’ is the all-seeing eye of Egypt. For why else does the Vatican contain the treasures of Egypt?

Darkness & light cannot mix together in the Spirit, but they mix them together all the time, as with the black & white squares of Freemasonry. For the worship of the physical pervades this refuge of the Roman Empire. “The fascination with My suffering body is perverted into crucifixes, Mass, & the ‘Pietas’ of the false Mary holding the body of her ‘Son.’ Pagan blasphemies & perversions abound. Once & for all sacrifice, as portrayed in My Word (Hebrews etc.) is not even considered. Perpetual pain & suffering is.

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do,’ has a new meaning in this so-called ‘Church.’ “The race against time is on – to get as many souls into the yawning, devouring jaws of this ‘kingdom’ before I come again to judge the quick & the dead. “’Behold, I am coming quickly,’ saith the Lord. The devices& schemes of the harlot of Rome will come to nothing. The jaws of Satan devour all they can. False Bibles, the work of the Illuminati (so-called ‘enlightened ones’, who worship the angel of light) abound, deceiving even some of My saints.

The instability of the Charismatic movement has reached into almost every movement, even of My formerly true Church. The web of intrigue is Satan’s master-plan through Rome: to build another Empire based on blood of the martyrs, & dead men’s bones. Yes! Like the Pharisees, these whited sepulchres of false piety are full of dead men’s bones.

“Like previous worshippers of Baal in the Old Testament, they target innocent children especially, prostituting them on their altars to Baal – altar-boys, & girls, orphans, the unprotected. They prey on them all, & keep it a dark secret, under their false robes of false holiness. Everything is occultic – i.e. covered up, kept in the darkness. “My light will pierce,& is already piercing, the darkness. John Knox was My prophet in Scotland, who put the darkness to light through the dawning, glorious light of My Reformation & restitution. New forces have come to denigrate this move of God, & cast it out. Nothing, nothing, nothing can stand against My true saints & martyrs’ blood, & survive.

“Be not afraid: I am the Lord, & I am not to be mocked or put aside for other gods; false gods of freemasonry & idolatry of false religions – all will fall & be crushed to pieces, just as I showed My prophet Daniel in My Word. “Nothing can intimidate My saints, the partakers of My inheritance of glorious light. ‘Endless is the victory I o’er death have won,’ in the words of the hymn-writer. 
Thou hast understood this since thy wedding day, when under My guidance, thou chose this hymn to step out into the whole world in My power. After so many years of My training in obscurity, thou art the true ‘emerging Church’ – My Church, emerging from the caves & backside of deserts, from obscurity into My glorious army of the saints of light.

“For joy has come in the morning, saith the Lord. Weeping has endured for only one long night – but it is forgotten in the sun of My healing & glorious light. “Go forth in My name, saith the Lord. Heal the sick, cast out devils, in the anointing of Smith Wigglesworth, raise the dead. All will bow down before thee, because I am in thee, & I change not. No weapon of the many-headed monster of Rome, or any other, can stand against thee. For thou art My immoveable army, founded upon the rock, stability amidst the shifting sands of time. “I have given thee My Word. I have shewn thee in this prophecy, the sands of time, shifting over 2,000 years. I am ever the same.

The wiles of the devil are ever the same, ever-shifting, but useless & fruitless in the desert of death he has created. That is all he can do – destroy. “I am the life. I created & still create life. I can only bring life – life everlasting. That is who & what I am. “’Endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won!’ saith the hymn. Never forget those words. Seek Me, & Me only, & LIVE. “He lives! He lives!Christ Jesus lives today.He walks with me & He talks with me, along life’s narrow way…’ “Glory be to Jesus – the true Jesus, not the false one, the other Jesus.’ 
“These courses are crucial in these last days: David’s revelation from Me of ‘The Other Jesus,’ & thine that I have given thee. For yes, I have used thy learning& knowledge of Rome, to bring light & revelation by My Spirit, & create for thee a course on ‘The Roman Empire & Its Continuity – still alive today.’ “Thus saith the Lord."

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 23/12/14 

“Blessed, blessed, blessed in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints. Glory follows tribulation. Ye are glorified in My intercession as one of great & precious worth. Ye are My jewels – clear, un-dimmed, shining in power & glory over the earth. Bright & shining – sparkling with many facets, many attributes, as Me in the world: prophets, priests & kings.


Ye are worthy – yet not worthy in yourselves. Ye are blessed, yet curse with a curse as I was in the earth.“Be ye holy, as I am holy. The holy family, does exist, but not in the form the Romanists practise. The holy family is a type of Christ & His Church – His children to rule & reign upon the earth. No weapon of mass destruction can harm you.


The prayers of the saints are a peace bubble around you. The crowd of witnesses cheers you on to the end. [Remember Jock MacAskill & the ‘bubble’?]“The ‘force field’ does exist, through the blood of Jesus. It willnot come nigh thee. Ever relay the truth to a dying world.


It costs dear, but is a pearl without price.“Be ye holy, even as I am holy. Know your peace – it is in Me & no other. Keep your peace by being stayed on Me.“Let not your hearts be troubled, but rejoice!”[Psalm 73; also the ole of a praying grandmother – great cloud of witnesses]. 



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