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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 26/05/18

“They have the Resources, but are Dying”

“My Church overcomes all. The gates of hell cannot prevail. We are more than conquerors. Nothing comes against us & succeeds, because of what I achieved at the cross 2,000 years ago. The battle has been won.

“But the resources have been stolen from My movements. Yet they still overcome. They still grow. They pray for those to wait on tables. They work hour after hour on My Great Commission. They consider not their own bodies, but the lives of others needing to be changed by the blood of Christ.

“But there are those who have forsaken their landmarks; those who have moved away from the Reformation to the hands of the Vatican, a state in itself, that takes away movements, & brings them to destruction. They bring a bloodless gospel, with their Vaticanus codex, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus too. They have formed a Committee, with the Bible Societies that no longer proclaim My Word, but the Luciferian doctrines of Egypt. The Jesus they proclaim is the capstone of the pyramid, rather than the headstone of the corner. They proclaim themselves proudly the Nestle-Aland tradition of a working text, not definite. My martyrs did not die for a non-definite text. My martyrs died for the blessed assurance of Christ’s victory at the cross.

“So, the movements that are dying, yet rich in resource from previous generations that trusted God, are those who joined forces with the Bible Societies & the Vatican state, who admit themselves a non-definite text which they are working on to get right, whereas the Spirit of God, through the martyrs, has given the Received Text, to be embraced & loved, to be regarded as perfect & definite, despite what the philosophy of man might say.

“So we have movement after movement rich in resource, yet dying, versus the present-day martyrs who give up all to follow Me; who lack natural resources (stolen by those of the Bible Societies-Vatican alliance), yet are growing enormously. Lives are being changed, spirits being made perfect by the blood of Christ, overcoming by the blood of the Lamb & the word of their testimony. This is the body of Christ I refer to in the scriptures, without spot or blemish; the more than conquerors, the royal priesthood of believers, remembered forever, like the Covenanters.

“But the movements of the resources will die. For to take out from My Word is an action that blasphemes My Spirit, for the whole Word of God needs to be preached in its entirety, by those blood-washed & stain-free, those moving in the power of God, those who have not embraced the scriptures of the higher critics, but have kept to the old paths, not forsaking the landmarks of those like John Knox, Howard Carter, George Jeffreys, D P Williams, who all founded movements based on My words, movements today dying by bowing down to the philosophies of men, rather than the word of My Spirit.”

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