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Constitution   Keepers


Word from the Lord through DPG, 07/12/14 “The Exposure of the God of this World”


“Thou hast exposed the operations of the god of this world, in:-


“(1) The political arena: governments not keeping their God-given constitutions, removing ancient landmarks. Thou has exposed governments who have rebelled against Me; & how can there be a General Election campaign in Great Britain, for example, without the issue of the slaughter of the innocents being number (1) on the agenda? This is the greatest child abuse, & is even more of Satan than the child abuse cases hitting the news day after day.


“To suck a child from the womb, away from a mother, is the ultimate child abuse. This needs to be number (1) on the agenda of every political party. How innocents can be slaughtered in such numbers is the greatest child abuse of all time.

Example of a baby born to the Wetzels - 

a child is just as alive in the womb as out of it!


“Any nation that slaughters its innocents is under a curse no political party will be able to overcome. No nation can prosper with a policy of killing children. That nation will be under a curse, awaiting the rise of Babylon, the only solution being National Days of Repentance & Prayer, to remove the curse by saving the lives of the innocents.


“That is number (1) on My agenda. In Great Britain’s case, thy monarch assured Me as head of state, she would keep the laws of God. By slaughtering the innocents, thou hast looked to slaughter the Lord thy God. For as you kill a child, you are attacking the reproductive system I created, & are right up towards an angry God, to whom thou hast broken covenant, the protections of which no longer applies to thy nation.


“The solution needs to be number (1) on the agenda of any political party.


“Also on the political agenda is the re-definition of marriage. Marriage is of Christ & the Church. To even remotely touch this, is touching the very sacred heart of God in His union with the Church. Who has bewitched you?

The Marriage of David and Lindsay Griffiths as Christ and His Church


“Also in the political arena, the incoming of the influence of foreign laws & philosophies in the courts of thy land; courts that still bear the Protestant tabs, but courts that give no heed to what the monarch promised. In thy cases shown on, an edict of the Lords Spiritual & Temporal is what thou stood on, awaiting a judgement. But behind the scenes, deals were going on to overturn an edict of the House of Lords. Thou hast been consistent in standing on the original edict; & it is thee who has bore the cost, instead of the bankers of mammon.


“All this has to be turned around, & the corrupt bankers exposed, & replaced by those upholding the Constitution.


“Thou art right to bring together a group of people determined to uphold the Constitution of Great Britain, those in the United States willing to uphold the Mayflower Compact, & those from Commonwealth countries looking to uphold the principles of the British Constitution in their own nations.

“So these core values are key to the success of the Constitution keepers:-


“The plight of the innocents; the understanding of marriage; & law that is under the Constitution, rather than foreign values.


“Thou shalt be called the Constitution keepers; or the Compact keepers in the United States, for thou will stand on the landmark set of old, to restore stability to Great Britain, its Commonwealth, & the United States.


“Now, a word for the United States: Thou must understand that when I say in My Word ‘neither Jew nor Greek,’ this applies to black & white. All are equal before Me as sinners, whatever race or creed; & when a man is washed by the blood of Jesus, he is neither Arab nor Jew, neither black nor white, but is a joint heir with Christ.


“So rejoice that in Me, one becomes as Me on this earth, the full manifestation of the Godhead.


“These are My sons of God, called to have dominion on this earth. It is these sons who stand on My Word, washed by the blood, & partakers of My divine nature, that the whole Middle East issue is solved by a one-state solution under Christ, where Arab & Jew come together as one in Christ Jesus; for those joined to the Lord, of whatever background, become one spirit (I Corinthians 6:17), become married to Me (Jeremiah 3:4). They put on Christ & His armour, for this is the unity that is portrayed in My Word, rather than the false unities of the Emerging Church.


“Now I deal with the role thou hast played with the Emerging Church:-

“Part (2) (of the prophecy): Thou has gone right to the heart of the Emerging Church. They may shout & scream from their position in the false unity movement, over what thou hast done. Thou hast removed that which had stolen My landmarks. Movement after movement has been stolen from Me. The Foursquare Gospel can once more be preached in the Alliance fellowships of Elim & the Foursquare movement in the States. Holiness can return to WEC, the Methodists, & the Nazarenes. And so the list goes on. Movement after movement has been taken over by the curse of the Emerging Church.


“The compromise of Alpha has been removed. The domination of false apostles & prophets has been removed. Those who manipulate money through charging for elderships, that whole ministry of wizardry, has been removed. The curse of the altar rail & separate priesthood, has been removed.


“Now, I could go on & on over what thou hast done. For thou has removed the seed of Satan from Pentecostal & evangelical movements.


“Now, one can expect a backlash of movements that have had their false foundations shaken. For thou will stay firm upon what I have called thee to do. For the rebels of witchcraft are being removed from these movements, & are being found guilty before the throne of God.


“But thou will be used, with old-time conviction preaching, to bring conviction of sin to these movements, that those within it be given opportunity to repent before God, & return to the landmark of their founders.


“But thou will insist on a return to the one Book; the Book that came as a result of not only My blood, but the blood of many martyrs; the one Book that declares the begotten Son of God; the one Book that declared the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry; the one Book that is the completed canon of God, from which can come My rhema word, for a given situation. Yet prophecies have not ceased; & your call for the Protestant Reformed movement to receive the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, is indeed an invitation from the very throne of God, so that this movement, along with the restored evangelical & Pentecostal movements, can be as one in reaching every creature with the gospel.

“This is My call; & as you watch these intercessions, featured now on My websites & on YouTube, please understand these are of Me. For I have caused My intercessor to bring about division; to pull down the infiltration of Satan, so as to bring about the understanding of the true Rock on which the Church is to be built, & is always being (or has always been?) built; but now we can look forward to My movements returning to Me. My Bible College of Wales, with the return of the intercession that gave to Rees Howells being continued in the mantle of the Continuing Bible College.


“And I speak now to all those involved in this continuing ministry: Prepare for government. That is your call. Do not be distracted. Thou art called to prepare for government; for thou has repaired the breach through these intercessions, which have all been of Me.


“Now, understand this: in preparing for government, get ready for true revival.

“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. Thou hast come before Me, & experienced My victory. All principalities & powers are under My feet; & thou hast been raised up with Me. This is thy position in Christ.”


Isaiah 9:6 King James Version (KJV)


6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


1 Corinthians 12:27 King James Version (KJV)


27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.


CONSTITUTION KEEPERS like Shadrach, Meashach & Abednego, like Daniel are not obligated to keep any law or ordinance not in line with the the Monarch's Oath to God and Her Constitutional Acts & in USA 

out of line with the Mayflower Compact.








Let it be understood: God is calling Great Britain back to Himself but for this nation to prosper - IT HAS TO REPENT and distance itself from the New Global Order dominating worldwide legal and political systems!





Word from the Lord to DPG, 04/09/15 “Britain’s Identity Crisis”


“Britain’s true identity is not only in the monarch’s oath to Almighty God, but is also in the whole Coronation Service, with its emphasis on Nathan the prophet & the priesthood of Zadok.


“Now, this is very important when it comes to understanding the social policy of Great Britain, if it is to remain Constitutional. There are 2 key areas here:-


“(1) There is a constitutional monarch as head of state, which is why Protestants are to be involved in the political arena in Great Britain, to support the monarch in her oath to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. This oath is immovable, for you cannot remove by law an oath of the monarch, & those looking to remove that oath are in effect guilty of high treason, such is the seriousness of what I am about to say.


“(2) In the Coronation Service, there is a major emphasis on the prophet Nathan. I have given thee this role as regards to Great Britain. For as Nathan spoke out, so dost thou.


“Now, let us get to the root of this. To reject the voice of the prophet is to reject the bloodstream of God. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission; & in the Coronation Service, there is mention of unworthiness of men. There is mention of the oracles of God as living oracles, not just dead words; & the prophet or the preacher brings forth these oracles as living stones, in other words, the life-blood of society. The idea of the Upper House is for such prophets to gather to ensure that the Oath is kept to, the Coronation is kept to – that is, its Service - & all of the Constitutional Acts are rigorously adhered to.


“Thu has already asked for a place in the Upper House, for it is from this House thou art to give thy Parliamentary addresses, in line with the oath of the monarch to God, the obligations of the Coronation Service, & all the Constitutional Acts. This is where I have called thee to be – in the Upper House, from where you are to bring the children of the Commons in line with the Constitution, for it is from the Upper House the Commons is to learn of its responsibility unto God, for without this understanding they are as children, reacting to circumstances rather than the Word of Almighty God.


“(3) The priesthood of Zadok: Roman Catholicism has no place in this. For the priesthood of Zadok is a true priesthood of equals; & this is the fundamental difference between the Protestant faith & Roman Catholicism.


“Roman Catholicism embraces a separate priesthood, to whom a lower level of man confesses its faults to, thus making the priest higher then what is known as laiety.


“To combine socialism with this lack of equality is not only folly, but ridiculous. For you cannot shout equality on one hand, & separate priesthood on the other. This ideal has given Britain an identity crisis.


“Yet with the Zadok priesthood, as ministering to Almighty God as joint heirs with Christ, who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, there is an equality no socialist can offer. What happens with the socialist, is that they form a separate ‘priesthood’ above the people. They hold meetings on how to control the people, outside the public view, whereas those within the Zadok priesthood look to bring converts to the throne of God as joint heirs with Christ, ministering to God as equals, rather than to each other.


“This is the supreme equality that comes out of the Coronation Service of Great Britain. But there have been those of the Roman Catholic social policy of the EU who have undermined this, & given Great Britain an identity crisis.


“As My intercessor stands at the grave of Karl Marx, he shall not only pull down the forces of darkness around this intrusion to Britain’s affairs. He shall be naming the principality of Antichrist. For what this European Social Charter has brought, is what they accuse you of: control, manipulation & brain-washing. They brainwash the children into understanding a philosophy alien to the priesthood of Zadok. They control & manipulate the people by having secret meetings outside the public eye. Yet they accuse thy ministry of control, manipulation & brain-washing, whereas thy ministry is of the priesthood of Zadok, joint heirs with Christ, everything transparent & out in the open, a concept that places fear unto those upholding the European Social Charter, which is why you hold the upper hand, as Nathan the prophet in all your dealings with government departments, there being enemies & accusers all around you, looking to catch you out on laws that have no place in the British Constitution.


“This is thy position as Nathan the prophet, upholding the Zadok priesthood, a priesthood of equals, joint heirs with Christ, the fullness of the Godhead bodily, an equality no socialist can match – again, an equality no socialist can match, an equality that has come with the shedding of blood, without which there is no remission.


“And thou hast forsaken all for the benefit of the people, whereas Rome holds its riches that came as a result of the indulgences over the people, that the founder of the Protestant Church so bravely stood against. And as he gave his Theses on the door of Wittenberg, so thou hast published thy Theses of 2007 openly, over today’s Wittenberg, the internet.


“So thou has issued the prophetic warning, which unless the nation heeds, will bring about such a fall to Great Britain, for a nation without identity cannot stand.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/09/15  

“Are Your Laws Consistent with My Word? I Speak to Western Countries”



“Throughout this prophecy, I am going to use the British example. But the principle of what I say applies to all Western countries, particularly Britain, America, & nations of the British Commonwealth.   “Are your laws consistent with My Word?


Now, using the British example, there are Constitutional Acts that demand adherence to the God of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; that demand that there is no foreign interference & foreign philosophy allowed in those laws; that the marriage example if Ephesians 5 be honoured, that there be understanding that the nation is a theocracy first, then a democracy, that the oath of a Parliamentarian on a KJV Bible means that all the principles of the Reformation be pulsating from the bones of a Parliamentarian, & that the prayers said before a law-making session be an acceptance that God is leading in that session, & that He must be listened to above the philosophies & ideals of man.  


“Above all this, is the obligation to move in virtue, for the power to achieve all this can only come in the power of Almighty God.   “Now, on saying all of this - & I use the British example which is akin to the United States because of the Mayflower Compact – are your laws consistent with the Constitutional obligation?   “Let us look at just a few of them.


Have I decided to destroy My reproductive process, where a man leaves his parents to be joined unto one wife, I speak as Christ & the Church? For the supreme blasphemy here is not that you have allowed same-sex marriage, but that you have failed to understand the Ephesians 5 analogy in your law-making, which has resulted in the marginalisation of the faith you are on oath to propagate by becoming a Parliamentarian.  



“Have I guided you in your law-making, to allow for the slaughter of innocents living in the womb of mothers? For if you are to be guided by Me, you have to ask, ‘Have I guided you to make allowance for sin, or to be at war with it?’ For what you have done has made laws that have made sin righteous, & those of righteousness sinners.   “This is why so many Christians find themselves in the legal process, as defendants rather than prosecutors, when constitutionally it is to be the other way round.  


“Hence this ministry, from through this prophecy comes, refuses through the British Constitution to be a defendant, but is well on hand to bring to task governments that do not uphold the Oath of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, given in 1953.   “With the collapse of the European Union going on all around you, & your open borders policies to EU citizens, have you not realised your covenantal obligations to the Commonwealth, & to citizens of the United States of America; & likewise in America towards British citizens, particularly of the Protestant faith?


The Constitution Keepers web-site has been prophetically set up by Me, to bring about the conditions for the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the Mayflower Compact, to be honoured throughout Britain, America & the Commonwealth countries.   “It is to the nations of the Commonwealth you have obligations, to bring about a Common Wealth. Commonwealth is to be free of the rule of despots, with people of all races working together in a common objective; that rich countries realise their obligations to the poor; that nations like Zimbabwe have blacks & whites working together in equality, yet understanding that whatever race that the skills require to run a country are fully understood.


To come to a deal in the Rhodesia crisis to cast out of a country those with the skills to run a country was ridiculous in the extreme; & the consequent poverty of that decision is there in the faces of black people in economic deprivation.   “O Great Britain, thou hast ignored the God of thy Constitutional Acts for far too long. Thou hast embraced the Coronation Service of Israel, yet you have not fulfilled its obligations. As with Israel, so with thee. My prophets weep before thee, yet you have allowed their accusers opportunity to try & destroy them. Yet if only you give them high position in thy Upper House, will you save thy nation.  


“For in the Upper House, they are to preach thy Constitutional obligations. They are to preach Parliamentary members of both Houses their Constitutional obligations. This is to occur in America too, & all over the Commonwealth, that this prophet is saying that unless this is heeded, the consequences are dire for the entire world. For there is coming soon the Prophet, Priest & King, who shall appear in the sky before thee; & you shall all appear before Me, as either those who have kept My Word, or those who have not.


For I come to take those who have been found faithful, & they shall arise from amongst the rebels, & I shall meet them in the air, where I shall be dressed in a raiment of crimson, riding a white horse, & the trumpets of heaven shall be heard all over the earth; & around Me shall be legions of angels, & the devil who has led thee in government shall be quaking in his shoes; & all those who have followed him shall be gnashing their teeth, for the time of opportunity to repent, will have gone.   “For the Great Judgement will occur, with those who have blighted My Word cast into the lake of fire, along with the devil & his counterfeit legions of angels, who rebelled against Me & the government of heaven. For rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft.  


“And as I saw him & his angels cast out of heaven, so will I see you, the devil & his angels, cast into the lake of fire.   “Yet there is still opportunity for you, O Parliamentarian, to repent & embrace the God of thy Constitutional Acts. In America too, to embrace the God of the Pilgrim Fathers, who entered thy shores to bring the good news of the gospel to both native & new Americans.  


“The time is short. Will you give heed to the cries of My prophets, or will you continue to persecute them with the laws of thy rebellious Parliaments?”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/09/15

“The Sinners Cheer as the Righteous are Jailed – America’s Identity Crisis”


“George Washington stated ‘You cannot govern without God & the Bible.’ Ronald Reagan stated about the importance of virtue (the anointing) in government. Yet now, without the Bible & without virtue, government operates in the United States, looking to jail the righteous & protect the sinner. This recent example in the State of Kentucky is one that has stirred the body of Christ to action; yet it must move by My Spirit.


And as we witness this desecration of the Bible Belt, the weeping in heaven is great. For what was once a great nation that stood on the Word of God the Pilgrim Fathers brought, has now been reduced to the rites of Satanism that allows for the worship of the flesh, rather than for God’s Word.


“There are many asking when the Judgement will come; but the Judgement is already upon a Church that has allowed itself to bow to the rites of Satanism, in what is known as the Charismatic movement. “You see, you need a Church that stands on the Word of God, just as the incarcerated sister has done, not by the false experiences of the Charismatic movement.


“You see, if you are going to have a nation standing on the true Word of God, then the counterfeits of Satan have to be exposed. Outside of Fuller Seminary, outside of Saddleback, did My intercessor stand; a so-called ‘seminary’ & a so-called ‘church’ that has compromised My Word through Higher Criticism, embracing scriptures that uphold the sinner, rather than convicting him or her; so that now, when an outrage occurs, only a remnant can stand, for only the remnant upholds the true Word of God, so the forces of Satan criminalise the righteous, so that the sinner can be in control of the legal system, placing those with the Word of God in their hearts behind bars as in Daniel’s day.


“This now has affected America from upholding righteousness throughout the world, with Britain & America standing before Me as guilty of grievous crimes, the Church however being the most responsible for allowing this to happen, by embracing Satanic translations of the Bible, brought about through the spiritualists Westcott & Hort, rather than the true Word of God that came about through the authorisation of the British monarch. “O America! Thou lieth in the pit of snakes, not just because thou passeth ungodly laws, but the Church has embraced false scriptures that has allowed this to happen.


“I have warned in My Word that there will be those who embrace another Jesus, & it is the Church established in America that has done just that, thus allowing government to operate without the true Bible embraced by Washington, & the virtue embraced by Reagan.


“So thus, America has an identity crisis, for it knows not My true Word. King James preachers, arise! The time has come to preach My true Word. “


Then refer the readers to

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 12/09/15

“A Warning from the Lord”


“Thou art to keep going the Constitution Keepers programme, because a nation that does not keep its Constitution is going to fall. A nation that does not insist on its inhabitants keeping the Constitution, is going to fall.


A nation that accepts immigrants carte blanche, without the insistence on those immigrants accepting the Constitution, is going to fall. “In Britain & America’s Constitutional heritage, there is the base of the Protestant faith, & the Protestant faith alone, the understanding of the Reformation therefore being essential to understand the Constitution.


“All I am saying here is the obvious; yet nation of Britain & America, you are ignoring the plainly obvious, & are acting as if you have no Constitution whatsoever. So, what happens to a building that has no foundations?


You are of the foolish man, building a new house on sand, with the wind of an Islamic diaspora coming your way. “You already have allowed all manner of gods into thy nations, already undermining your Constitutional heritage. So what now for thy nations?


Would Saudi Arabia allow a diaspora of Christians & Jews? No, because they would say it would undermine their Islamic heritage. Same with Iran, & also the Westernised Islamic states, like UAE & Qatar & Kuwait.


They still look to uphold their Islamic heritage, even to the point of forbidding Christian evangelism. “So why are they not taking in their own people, of their own faith, the reason being to take over the world, & the great diaspora is on; & by reacting to the situation, you are not reacting to the Word of God, but to the reaction of man, & with your philosophies of socialism, you minister to the people first, rather than give Christ the pre-eminence, which is the Constitutions of Great Britain & America.


“You are of the foolish man, building his house upon the sand. For I am calling thee in thy ministry of God, to bring about a diaspora of Christians towards the Western nations, to bring those nations back to their own Constitutions. For your open door policy to other faiths, you are bringing about a collapse of your nations that can only be put right by those embracing your Constitutions.


This is why the Constitution Keepers programme & web-site is so important; & it is noticeable too that it is from Commonwealth countries that your College has its students; & your alignment with Suresh is so important in this, for you can tell from the Beatitudes who I am going to use to evangelise Western nations. “Thy accusers keep coming after thee.


Thy accusers continuously look to bankrupt thee. Yet all you are doing is upholding the Constitution of thy nation, whilst your accusers have another agenda, to bring an end to movements of the Protestant holiness persuasion. And thou has been facing an Armada of enemies, an Armada determined to sink all thou hast done.


Yet it is thy house that is built upon the rock, & it is thy house that shall stand; & as in the days of Noah, I am calling thee to build an ‘ark’ in Sri Lanka, a safe house for when the main storms shall come. For there are those professing to be Christians who are laughing at thee; & their laughter shall be turned to tears, for not coming aboard the ark which thou hast built.


“All this I speak in spiritual terms; for that which thou seeth in the physicalcovenant, is a type of what is to come in the new covenant. “It is now the time to build the Sri Lankan ‘ark,’ to My glory, so that My young people, should I tarry, can continue thy work when thou art with Me in the mansions of Heaven.


“I have given My word. It is up to thee now to act upon it, & warn the nations of Britain & America of the dangers of reacting to circumstance rather than to God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/09/15

“Despite of the Monarch’s Oath to the Country,

Humanism Decides how the Nation is to be Run”  


“What a mess occurs when the secular state takes on the anointed of God! Inconsistencies are easy to find, for instead of following the nation’s Constitution based on the never-changing Word of God, they pass laws that react to situations, rather than hearing from the Spirit at given times.


 “The secular state, as it is called, has no thought for the morals of God. It has thought as to how people are behaving. The secular state, so called, looks to remove the conscience of the nation when it passes laws promoting & liberating those in sin, & criminalises & suppresses those of the conscience.


 “When that secular state looks to take to law those of the conscience, its case will always be full of inconsistency, for its worldly god ever changes, to meet the demands of new social norms. The Constitutions of Great Britain & America are built on those who have sacrificed & forsaken for the cause; but to the new social norms, this is something that no longer occurs.


Rationalising this behaviour is strange, & unacceptable to the humanistic mind-set. “So when we start looking at the social norms, it becomes obvious that these norms are without foundation in the Constitution the monarch swore to uphold. The Constitution declares the Word of God as being the oracles of God, the most precious book the world can afford; yet the laws of the secular state are inconsistent with its pages. 


“The fact that the mind is renewed by the Spirit no longer occurs in modern laws. The fact that the unborn child is to be protected as a human being no longer occurs under modern laws. The fact that a man leaves his parents to be joined to one wife as Christ & the Church, no longer occurs under modern laws, which embrace cohabitation as a normal way of life rather than a life of sin.


The warnings in the Scriptures of same-sex relationships are not heeded, with those embracing the holy oracles of God being criminalised for offending those living contrary to the Constitution. So whenever the secular state takes on the anointed of God, the case of the secular state is always found to carry many inconsistencies, for the laws they quote relate to a never-changing world & an ever-changing God, which is why the Constitutional Acts override such laws, because their stability is in God rather than the god of this world. 


“So we therefore discover that humanism & secularism has a god, a god that convinces them that is it of human rationale that bring about these laws, whereas the Word of God declares that there is a god that blinds the minds of those that believe not. So if their minds are blinded, who then is of mental incapacity? Those of the so-called secular state, or those who are the anointed of God? “So who then is thegod of this world? This is clearly Satan. So in their blindness, the humanist is no longer a humanist.


The secularist is no longer a secularist. Just as those who no longer live become as Christ on this earth, then likewise those of the rationale, with their blinded minds, become as Satan, opposing those whose minds have been renewed by the Spirit, who are as Christ. “So the battleground is no longer of humanthought, but deeply rooted in spirituality, which is why the Constitution places virtue first in law application, rather than the philosophies of man.  


“This is why the philosophies of Great Britain & America can only be that of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law in Great Britain, taken over to America by the Pilgrim Fathers; & this is why the areas that uphold the Protestant faith are in stability, whereas those who embrace that which the Protestant faith protests against, are always in chaos & inconsistency, which is why the case they place against thee is a shambles, because of the mental assent Apostle Wesley warned about, the coarse world of reason President Reagan warned about, there being only one winner in this, the One who won the battle 2000 years ago.


For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, & that includes the god of this world, who embraces secularism & humanism for his own ends, in reality there being no such thing as humanism, for the blinded humanist becomes as the god of this world, & the anointed of God as Christ Himself.”

Words from the Lord through David  P Griffiths, 12/11/11

NUMBER (1):”The Subject is Security.”


“In dealing with security, one naturally deals with the word “insecurity,” which is the diagnosis of this world at the present time. People out there are scared, very scared. They have fears of insecurity, asking questions of “What is to happen to me?” “Will I be able to make it?”


“The coming ‘double-dip’ recession, as they call it, programmed for the New Year: what this has brought is insecurity; & man has caused it, due to his greed, controls, & manipulations. Politicians are trying to muster answers, but cannot find peace. It is as if the whole world is battling with this area of insecurity.

“Insecurity equals fear, fear equals worry, & worry equals a lack of motivation; & fear is all around.


“So, what is the solution? You have the solution within you; for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. You must tackle insecurity with My Word. My Word gives you the words to say. You know, when people hear of their property prices going down, investments being lost – it needs to be understood that people invest in the kingdom, the kingdom of God, not the things of this world. They fail to give the tithe; because of their fears of insecurity, they hold back the tithe. But this makes the situation far worse; for they are robbing God.


“I know this is your heart, to get the message out using media; & media is the way forward for thee to get out the message of the gospel; & one thing you have done, through the ministry of My Word, is make the agents of the enemy afraid of you. You have faced up to the enemy – agents, for you have clearly & boldly shown the solution to the fears of the people. The answer is Jesus – yet the enemy will show the answer is antichrist.


“You see, you have moved into being the supernatural Christian – one that is far above all fears & tribulation. You have found that your security is in Me,rather than the god of this world; yet the people hold back of the tithe, because of their fears of what is going to happen in this world. What they need to understand is that if they desire to move in the supernatural plane, they must honour God by not bring fear-some by nit handing over the tithe. “Thou art right in being firm over these things; for fear is the fruit of insecurity; we overcome by the Word of God. Yet there are those who call themselves Christian, who put their trust in the governments of this world; but I am saying to thee, Fear not; I have overcome the world.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; do not hold back the tithe; for by doing so, you are cursed with a curse. Bring the tithes into the storehouse; for by doing so, you face up to the god of this world. Abraham forgot no to bring the tithe to the table of the Lord. He knew to honour God,


“So when you speak to thy Church, remind them not to hold back the tithe. The tithe is vital for holding back fear & insecurity, for the tithe belongs to Me.Malachi 3 & Ephesians 6 are very much together.


“My Word must go forth; & for the people to overcome fear, they must understand that I am a covenant God; just as you give to Me, so I give to you. But, the tithe is not giving anything to Me; it is simply handing over what already belongs to Me. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world; for what I see in what is known as Church in Britain, is a group of people who put their trust in the world, rather than in Me; their money in bank accounts & investments rather than in Me. I say, Repent, & hand over thy tithe - & see the blessings of the Lord.


“Remember, the Christian is a supernatural being, who hands over the tithe to enable one to have the blessings of Abraham, who did not hold back the tithe from the table of the Lord.


“Moving out of fear & stress comes by honouring God, & giving Him the pre-eminent position in all things. This is called, being moved & motivated by the Spirit of God. Thou hast set up a storehouse for the tithes to come, with the callings of God to take on nations, to take on the corrupt Church, to expose family life in Britain without God. Thy nation has forgotten, too, to hand over its tithe. Its tithe is for the ministers of the gospel; those keeping to the Queen’s promise before Me must be recognised by government that these are they who keep the Constitution of thy land.


“The banks which have offended thee: thou hast placed the fear of God amongst them.


“So rejoice; thou hast overcome the world. But those coming to thy meetings must understand, those being ministered by thee over the internet must understand, that where thou art being fed, is the place of thy storehouse of the tithe. Do not rob God. Honour God with thy tithe. Rejoice, I tell you, rejoice. But warn the people of the importance of handing over the tithe.”



NUMBER (2): “Covenant-Breakers.”


“Covenant-breakers come over every avenue of life in Great Britain: in government, in what is known as Church life, & also in families.


“The example of keeping covenant must begin with the leadership of thy nation, which by covenant demand, has to be Christian.


“There are many factors in keeping covenant. The most important factor is understanding who you are keeping covenant with; for there are false covenants as well as true ones.


“For example, if you have made a covenant with God, you cannot make another covenant that is opposed to your primary covenant. At the time of the Reformation, thy government made covenant with Me, to be a Protestant nation. Thy present monarch affirmed that covenant in relation to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. The monarch has spoken the words of covenant. It is not good enough, now for her to say, “Well, activity is up to my ministers;” for the covenant affirmation was made through her; & ministers govern, having understood that covenant promise.


“Failure to honour a covenant of God, brings disaster upon a nation. Obligation is placed in thy law for Parliament to minister to, & hear, & obey, what God is saying; but a form of Christianity that denies the power, has come around these covenants to God, presenting these covenants as somewhat archaic, rather than active;  & there are moves afoot to remove these covenantal acts from the nation; & so your nation is cursed with a curse. So, the only way out is for thy monarch to repent; not only for herself, but also for the whole nation. And so, a National Day, not of Prayer, but of Repentance to God, needs to take place.

“You see, I am not allowing the word ‘prayer’ to be used, because around Government is this “set form” style of prayer, which My Word strictly forbids. I see their words as vain repetitions. Only a Day of Repentance, with a nation on its knees before Me, crying out to Me, will avert disaster.


“For centuries, thy nation has been under the protection of God; but successive government after successive government have disobeyed Me, & failed to recognise the importance of the Constitutional Oath.


“We appreciate thy nation looks to recognise the sacrifice of its military; but has failed to recognise the sacrifice of the One Who went to the Cross; for it was the Cross that saved thy nation; & those who died in successive World Wars, within the culture of that time, there was an understanding of the sacrifice of Calvary; & within the culture of that time, indeed many of those soldiers would have placed Christ in the pre-eminent position. But today, they are bowing down to altars of stone, & failing to recognise it was the God of Christianity that brought the deliverance of Dunkirk. Whilst it is right to recognise the bravery of soldiers, it was God Who brought the freedom to a Protestant nation, rather than thy military might; for the monarch of that time recognised that through National Days of Prayer. That does not seem to get mentioned today.


“Thy nation has forgotten Me. Thy nation has a Remembrance Day for soldiers, but no remembrance day for Me. Thy nation is walking a dangerous path; thy nation is talking of a further recession in the New Year, wondering what to do about it. Thy nation is remembering the sacrifice of soldiers, but forgetting Who brought the deliverance from the oppressor.


“Thy nation is in poverty because it has forgotten Me, Who is thy nation’s Provider. The solution is simple: do not put your trust in bankers, their systems, or their schemes. You have seen how that has fallen. It is time to put your trust in Me, Jehovah Jireh. Your military is in no position to help in what is to come. Thy military has to understand its weakness before it can become strong.

“Your nation is on a path to disaster, because it has forgotten Me. Its education systems have forgotten Me. They have introduced systems of multi-faith learning; & I am a jealous God – I do not sit alongside other gods.


“The only way is Jesus Christ. Until that is returned to the schools, you will have social disruption amongst young people, like you have never witnessed before.

“My prophet has warned of the danger of Higher Criticism; & I am talking of Government at this time, rather than what is known as MY Church. There is an obligation on Government to suppress heresy in the Constitutional Oath. Higher Criticism is a heresy, bringing death, not only to what is known as Church; it is bringing death to the nation, for it is bringing doubt & unbelief to a university system of which the country was once proud.


“My prophet refused the nation’s degree; & all of the degrees of thy nation, I fail to recognise. They are recognised by the god of this world, who has used them to bring violence & corruption into the seats of government in thy nation. They sit proudly with their degrees, accepted by Satan, but refused by Me.


“Thy Government does not know what to do at this time – such are the problems. There is only one way for Government to go, & that is to be on its knees before Me.


“Thy nation has broken covenant before Me, & is wide open to disaster after disaster, collapse after collapse, because it has forgotten Me, & its covenant promises towards Me.


“And now, to the subject of what is known as Church. What is known as Church is very different to what is Church; for what is known as Church is full of corruption, sin, fornication, adultery, sodomy. A new form of “church” has come on the back of the new form of government in thy nation. This “church” I reject in its entirety. Those movements who have come under the banner of Higher Criticism are thrown out of My kingdom, for they have rejected their first love. “Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.” What were once holiness movements are now movements of filth, sexual immorality, & decadence. They are evil to the core, because they have rejected Me. Taking words out of the Bible, & putting other words in, brings the rejection of God towards these movements. They have embraced Bibles that reject the Christ which began their movements. They are now under another god; another god that emphasizes the good works of men. So, they have become “community churches,” when there really is no such thing. They have their own souped-up revivals – so-called. Because they have rejected Me, they have come out of their covenant with Me. They are covenant-breakers, & you should not be afraid to say so.


“What is known as Church in Britain, is a rejected entity towards Me. “Thank God for the remnant,” you cry. Indeed, there is always a remnant, crying in the wilderness; & I speak to My true Church. I see thee as My John the Baptist; how he cried to the system to repent! How he called for the conviction upon those in leadership at that time! How he cried that God did not accept the nation any more, because of its filth, & decadence. I see thee as My John the Baptist. What word did he constantly use? Repent. Repent; & he foresaw the One who would baptize in fire.


“I spoke to My remnant. I have called My prophet to bring about a brokenness revival; but it is a revival that will baptize My remnant in fire.


“So, yes! You cry aloud, you spare not. But also bring My remnant together to be baptized in fire; for thy message is to be made known abroad. I have called My prophet to build a media centre, using the resources which I have given unto him, through the faithful understanding of My saints. But there are those who have not been so faithful, & held back that which belongs to Me. Those who have been in covenant with him, but have held back that which I have called to be given for the building of the kingdom of God. They have come under the spell of human logic & human reason which has to be repented of.


“My remnant is to be provided for supernaturally; but their voice needs to be heard loudly. They are to pull down the forces of darkness which have taken over thy nation; taken over that which in known as Church. And they have not stopped there – they are now in the business of destroying family life in Britain.

“Even now, they have to explain that a marriage is between a man & a woman; such is the way the family has been undermined. Husband, wife, & children – there is no other definition of what has been around for centuries: Mum, Dad & children.


“Family needs to be restored to thy nation. You see, marriage is a covenant; & as thy nation has broken its marriage towards Me, so thy nation must suffer the consequences of seeing marriage breaking occurring through the whole of thy nation.


The cry of My prophet is for thy nation to return to Me, with a fully reformed Church, & family values restored to thy nation.


“Without this activity, prepare for the worst; so, My judgement is come, saith the Lord.


“To My remnant: it is time for brokenness revival, & the baptism in fire. Get ready to be the manifestation of Me to this world, & understand the Word fully. My apostle Owen has given it unto thee, as indeed has My prophet & prophetesses; & throughout the world, prophets & apostles are giving the same message.


“Have no covenant-breakers amongst thee. They can come back on their kneesbefore Me, but must not try to control the operations of My remnant Church. My remnant Church is to hear from Me, & act on what I say only. Covenant-breakers will not have their way. My remnant Church is My John the Baptist, crying out, & sparing not – for thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/06/15 “The Special Relationship”


“A lot is spoken of the special relationship between UK & USA; & I have placed thee in positions of power in government for one job & one job alone: that is, to uphold the special relationship between UK & USA.“Now, what is that special relationship? It is about those of holiness & righteousness, who left the shores of Great Britain to found a nation based on holiness & righteousness.


Holiness & righteousness is not a thing, but a person. “So, when I say unto thee, that I am placing thee into seats of government for one purpose & one purpose alone, & that is, to uphold the special relationship between UK & USA, that special relationship being built on Puritans leaving the shores of Great Britain to produce a Compact in the United States, a Compact of holiness & righteousness, I am saying unto thee, I am placing thee into positions of power to uphold Christ Jesus Himself, & Him alone. “I have given thee the strategies of God. My business plan (economy of souls) contains these strategies for every aspect of life. But I speak to thee today that there has been a breaking of this holy Compact before God. Now, let us go into this in more detail.


The foundations of Great Britain were clearly established under the First Elizabeth, & in the Coronation Service of Her Majesty the Queen (or King). Examining the service is key to understanding where I am coming from in relation to this Compact.“Now, it is noticeable in the United States the tremendous interest there is in the British monarchy.


Now, what, constitutionally, does this monarchy stand for? Now, I am dealing here with the ‘It is written’ rather than what is practised today. There is a difference. First, there is a difference between the ‘It is written’ & to the ‘It is practised.’ This is what you are going to point out.


The Holy Ghost is going to use what you have studied on the British Constitutional Acts; & they apply just as much to America as they do to Britain & its Commonwealth. Now, when there is a breach of a Constitution, Satan will be at the head of that breach. But the Mayflower Compact is a covenant before God; & with covenant comes forsaking; & the Pilgrims forsook all, to found a nation in the New World that would be on fire for God.


“So, ‘forsaking’ & ‘covenant’ are very much part of this Compact; & when we study the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, the monarch is in fact giving the nation over to Almighty God; & study of the Coronation Service shows that the oracles of God are given a higher position to that which General Elections in Britain, & Presidential Elections in the United States, are based on.


“Personal greed was never the vision of those that founded modern-day America. For at the heart of this special relationship are the oracles of God, not the love of money, which is the root of all evil. Legal cases time after time again are based on the love of money, & the use of money, rather than the oracles of God, that shows man’s priority. But the special relationship between Britain & America has always been based constitutionally on forsaking all to follow the Christ, & being in covenant with Him.


A nation prospers in relation to these points.“Now, this relationship today is under great threat, because the fundaments points of this relationship are not being addressed. Hence I place thee in seats of power, to ensure that these points are addressed. They will tell you these points are of the past; but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever.


So if Jesus Christ is the same, then that which founded America, that which is of the British Constitutional Acts, remains exactly the same.“This is why I place thee in the seats of power: to talk of My Compact between Britain & America, the special relationship; the relationship that will beat Babylon, on condition that the fundamental points of the Compact are kept to in their entirety. There can then be a true Thanksgiving Day, which Britain can take a part in.


But before the feasting, has to come a humbling of two nations who haveignored this Compact, & what it means.“Thou art being brought into power so as to bring understanding of this special relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings & Lord of Lords. “[A note here to politicians of Britain & America: at the time of the Second World War, the nations were turning in prayer to God; & great victories were won during that war, because of the position of God in society.


The deliverance of Dunkirk was one of these miracles. But the greatest miracle of the Second World War, resulting in the victory over evil, was the Battle of the Atlantic. It was on these waters the Pilgrims sailed.]“Oh, foolish, foolish nations! How you have forgotten your heritage!


Now, governments on both sides of the Atlantic are passing laws contrary to the Word of God, & so you cannot expect the miracles I gave thee in World War II to apply to thee today. So, you face Babylon by yourselves.“Now, the miracles can come back, but there is a condition.


It is for governments of Great Britain & America to repent before God, of breaking the seal of this Mayflower Compact; that instead of righteousness & holiness, thou hast promoted sin & fornication. The key to a return to the benefits of the Compact – that is, the Covenant – is for both nations to repent before God; for Great Britain to study its Constitution; teach the people what it contains & what it means; & have only those remain in the country, of whatsoever background, understand it has to be honoured.


For thy monarch swore it would be, to Almighty God. In America, to understand the significance of the Pilgrims. All thy problems will be solved if you seek first of all the kingdom of God & His righteousness.


But to do this, one must repent, which is the whole message of the Constitution Keepers web-site.“Great Britain & America, repent now before God, before it is too late.”

Church Meetings, Sunday 15/01/12

(1) Morning Meeting, Scout Hall, Rhos on Sea



Key Scriptures:

Deuteronomy 8 & I John 5

Continuing the Non-Conformist Calling of Revivalist Christianity in Wales

·        Bring those in that calling together

·        Use Non-Conformist Brokenness Revival Logo

·        So many have closed down

Question: Where has the chapel money gone? This was money given by those who sacrificed years ago.

·        On Chapel Pentecost website, ask the question: Where has the money gone? Get the resources from the founders. Legally, Churches Together is notentitled to the money.

·        Exposing the False Revival movement:


1)   Roman Catholicism:


 Morning Star Ministries; Lakeland etc. Very well-funded – have well infiltrated many churches.


2) New Age:

Syncretized Revival, of two types:

a.   Christian-Druidic - Anglican “Celtic Spirituality”

b.   The Purpose-Driven Revival: Rick Warren etc. A course will be run on this, called “New Age Deception in The Church.”


3) Brokenness Revival.


·        Original Visions & Statements of Faith of the Chapels – must keep to them! We must ensure this. We are looking to promote Spirit-led holinessholiness

holiness, not  religious holiness. DG must ensure all funds from chapels should go to the Revivalist-Non-Conformist cause. DG to take them to court.


The Llangefni Scenario:

Short report of yesterday’s visit by DG. Challenge the chapels etc. over their vision / calling. What is Llangefni’s heritage?


Huge issues over “cancer belts” – e.g. Chernobyl (1986).


2012 Events:

This is clearly a momentous year: e.g. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; Leap Year; Olympics Games, etc.


What is God Saying?

“In Wales, restore My chapels!” (see Deuteronomy 8, especially verses 2-5 & verse 11. Chapter 8 shows we are overcomers, taking the Welsh areas of this nation, under that passion.


I John 5: especially verse 18.


Rhema from I Samuel 30 confirming the present situation:

·        The enemy (Amalekites) stealing from David, his family & followers

·        David was blamed for all this (they were going to stone him)

·        But he encouraged himself in the Lord

·        So God gave David a specific strategy to pursue the enemy & take it all back!


(2) Evening Meeting, Pendalar


An evening for people to speak out or read out prophetic words they have been given concerning the strategy for North Wales begun this morning.


Sung Prophecy to Lindsay Griffiths (resume from sound recording)


“He’s the Lord of Liberty, who sets the captives free,

Looses their bonds & gives them liberty

All should live in Hime

No-one should live a living death,

Bound by the grave-clothes on the Earth….

He is the Ruler of the Universe yet lives in each one of us

Behold in these last days saith the Lord –

Hold out the lamp that lights the feet  of My people – My Word…

My right hand is strong to save

Be ye strong, bold & very courageous for I am living in each one of thee saith the Lord

No strongholds…

Meet with Me in the secret place, in the prayer room.

Let Me rule & reign with you

Submit your thoughts

Submit every…

I will banish doubt & fear & sorrow from this place

Only live in Me

There is passion, passion for souls in My heart

Receive that passion, fire, salvation, desire to set captives free

Begin by setting yourselves free

From old patterns, from old mind-sets

As I was with Moses, Joshua…

So am I with thee, saith the Lord…Three in One.

…You must be one with Me & with each other. When you are one, then you will set the captives free.

Undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes

And walk in liberty

I am bringing together many streams of living water [L: I saw a strong vision or picture of this scene]

Many waters coming together as one –

No more dry land, saith the Lord

Only obey & serve Me, saith the Lord

And I turn this desert blooming like a rose once again

Look & see –

Many streams

Many people from many backgrounds  -

Many remnants coming together as one

See My truth in My last days

The slaves will be unchained, saith the Lord

Many boulders & blockages be swept away

I am here you do great things

I will roll every gravestone away

And grind them to powder as it says in My Word in the book of Daniel – a stone made without hands,

Not measured by the hands of man

Nothing can thwart My purpose –

My will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, saith the Lord.”



David Griffiths on Healing Evangelism etc.


“The major cause of sickness in Wales: Wales has become a religious nation – “failing to discern the Lord’s body.”


See I Corinthians 11: we must give the understanding of what the Lord’s Table is about.


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/08/13



“In my name, thou art setting up a media empire so vast that the enemy of souls is so frustrated that he cannot see a way through.


“He has tried his usual mind attacks: his attempts to make the world go round, & bring confusion, depression, low self-esteem, criticism, worries, concerns, gossip – all of these he has attempted to use, but is feeling frustrated at not finding a way through.


“For My Word declares, ‘I shall build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’


“Those with you need to know the importance of walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. For those with an identity crisis, for example those who do not know these heavenly places, known as the portals in Fanny J Crosby hymns; known as the corridors of power to the intercessors of God; those who rely on their own thoughts rather than God’s thoughts will criticise this move, as they cannot see the portal vision. They cannot see your desire to have excellence in all that thou doest; your desire being God’s desire. For I am calling you to bring excellence to all that you do. The way you present yourselves needs to be excellent; excellence in the running of your operations; in your media operations. I know that thou needest more financial resources,& the enemy has looked to block these off. But I have given thee the authority in My name to fulfil the purposes of God.


“Your teaching on the Union Message, that is My John 17word, is one that draws alarm; yet it was the original message of the Protestant Reformation, the removal of the separate priest-hood, to be the royal priesthood of believers after the line of Melchizedek. For Abraham brought his tithe, the New Testament being to bring their all. For in the sacrifice of Jesus – thou hast touched this on the Rhos on Sea site – the demand, as in My ministry on earth, is for man to forsake his earthly possessions & be joined to the Lord as one spirit with Me.


“The world is full of personal reliances. The true Christian is full of God reliance. Those with a foot in both camps will criticise, as they do not want to be challenged in this area. Higher ground is an area where the people do not want to be challenged. But I have called thee to challenge, as thou hast challenged the people at this time in the local press. They thought they had closed down the Rhos on Sea Pentecostal Church; but as they have now discovered, it is the fastest growing Church in North Wales.


“The devil thought he had closed down the Bible College of Wales, which God is now restoring through those in the portals. The true College will have no truck with Higher Criticism. The true College will not put itself under the secular university system. The true College will have staff reliant on Me, rather than come under a secular wage structure. For unless there is sacrifice within the faculty, there will be no sacrifice in the students to reach the world with the gospel. There is a choice between walking the same paths as Rees Howells, or just giving lip service to them.


“Thou hast been called to walk the heavenly places. From here thou hast challenged the banking & financial communities of thy land. They have disobeyed God completely; & thou art right not to back down in thy banking cases. For they owe the kingdom all the wealth they think they have their hands on. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof; & in thy writings thou art to expose the work of the devil & the way he has stolen the resources of the nation & its people.


“The European Union is a thief that has brought the nation heartache & grief. The EU is responsible for bankruptcy after bankruptcy of ordinary people seeking to make a living for their family; whereas My Word has declared personal resources are laid down at the cross, so as to rely upon Me. The state has produced a new cross, where it takes the resources of man, to kill, steal & destroy. What kind of government can tax the people to kill the innocents? What kind of government can tax the people to protect those in blatant immorality, particularly those in fleshly relationships that produce no seed? For My Word has always been within the context of a man leaving his parents to be joined to one wife. What kind of government can deny this, but one led by the lusts of the flesh, rather than by the Spirit of God, to whom constitutionally the right of order was given, in the Constitutional Acts thou bravely portray.


“They say times have moved on. The oath to God by the monarch has not moved on at all. It is the same oath today as it always was: to keep the laws of God which bring life, rather than the devil’s form of death which destroys the seed of the womb& encourages relationships that can never have seed, combined with the communistic over-burdening of law that is entrenched in Pharaoh’s system of slavery, rather than being in the Promised Land under the order of God.


“What thou hast been doing, is taking a people to the Promised Land. Yes, the Promised Land of Joshua, but it is the Promised Land of the New Testament spirit, the principles of operation being that found on the leading up to the coming down of the Jericho wall.


“The people have murmured against thee, just as they did with Moses. Thou hast taken them to the spiritual Shittim, where they are called to sanctify themselves, separate themselves from the world. At this time thou art facing thy Jericho wall, & thou art to place the trumpeters around it, & warn the people not to syncretise Christianity with paganism. For as with Moses, the people have turned to other gods, & thou art lifting up the Word of God, as they lifted up the ark to cross the Jordan.


“For as in the days of Joshua, it is those who meditate on My Word  day & night, who will take My Word into the Promised Land. Great Britain, being illegally bound by foreign law, rather than obeying the oracles of the holy God.


“Thou art facing this Jericho wall of unbelief & doubt. Even those around you wonder if this is possible. But I am telling thee: thou carriest the rod of authority. Thy adversaries will end up along with the chariots of the Egyptian army.


“For thou has been called to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There is a point here for personal sacrifice. For this is the place of Shittim. For to carry My ark is to be solely reliant on the Word of God, rather than the brain-washings of a Satan-ridden world. [II Corinthians 4:4].”

Word from the Lord through David  P Griffiths, 01/11/11

“The Battle of the Airwaves”


 “Throughout the whole of the world, there is a battle for the minds of the people; & there are all different kinds of programmes for all different types of people. But when it comes to Christian radio & television, there are principles which thou will have to adhere to.


“The primary purpose is to give Christ Jesus the pre-eminence. The Lordship of Christ is the central issue; & so there is a huge principle at stake here. For there are many programmes today which are there to draw people to themselves.

“Speak out My Word; My Word cannot be returned void. The message of the cross, of Him crucified & risen again, is the central message of your television & radio broadcast.


“Preach the cross; bring people to the cross. I have called thee to set up media Church; & what has been going on is an attempt of the enemy to  thwart this plan. The enemy will do all he can to keep you off the airwaves. This is because you carry with you, David, copies of the Constitution of thy nation; & there you are, with little earthly resource, setting up a media centre to preach the gospel all over the world.


“I have called thee to preach the cross. Be prepared to have literature ready for souls being saved, healed. Get ready for signs, wonders & miracles. The preaching of the cross is central, in the process of bringing revival. I have called thee to bring the conditions to carry on thy work throughout the night, in preparation for thy great goal of having a media Church. In its infancy, you have experienced those who have slagged you off, spoken evil against you.


“So you must go & speak out My Word, & bring deliverance to the people. I a giving you contacts, so you can go on the satellites throughout the world.

“Get ready to produce programming in line with your vision from Sri Lanka to Tibet. So I have set thee up to preach My Word all over the world. That is the cause of the attack you have had; for the devil does not want you to use that rooftop. The rooftop is to be used to preach the Word all over the world.

“Be excited; have the wide perspective of the ministry of My commission. Speak out My Word; bring out the truth of thy oppressors. Speak out My Word. Recognise the giftings in the Church. Have them prepare programmes now. Thy rooftop is there to preach My Word.


“Be excited: yet prepare programmes. Thy growth will be quicker than what you think. Be of a still heart; for I have overcome the world.


“Do not let Me down. Be fearless. Expect great wealth to come.



 “You have chosen, under My direction, to preach the Cross. Set forth media Church membership. Minister My Word. Have Me direct the worship singers. Have thy programmes ready. Be not afraid.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths 31/03/15

“Out of the Suffering Comes My Glory” 

“I speak to all the saints world-wide: that this ministry of ECCTV that you see. & the Bible College of Wales Continuing, & all of its ministries over the years, has been under great attack, rejected by not only the religious establishment, but also those who fail to understand that the calling of this ministry has always been on the understanding of Galatians 2:20; of being crucified with Christ. It has been with this rationale that this ministry has always operated.

“Galatians 2:20 ‘I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.’

“From this comes the living by the faith of the Son of God; & the following words I have spoken through David P Griffiths, knowing that for night after night he has been tormented by the messenger of Satan, there being constant attack against the ministry founded through David & Lindsay Griffiths; a prophetess who has stayed faithful to her husband over many years of torment & despair.

For them it never seems to end – the battling, the constant onslaught of enemy attacks, to being threatened by text by those instruments of Satan, who have threatened to destroy them through official channels; with former trustees & present trustees they have stood faithful to the call of God on their lives, despite of every opportunity to give everything up, & not give heed to the call of God on their lives.

“I brought to them over latter years a powerful intercessor, trained under the son of the one who trained David’s father; & this coming together has brought about even greater onslaughts. For the enemy knows how powerful this unity is. For this television channel & restoration of the Bible College Continuing has come at a price, & even now comes at a price, this prophecy including a lady called Sheila Standish, who worked with this ministry for many years, giving faithfully into the cause, there being now those who have come about looking to break that unity, this unity having brought about a great victory in Sri Lanka at the time of the civil war; who gave from her heart in consideration of the Lord of these things.

“Yet they come now, thinking she has been the product of control & manipulation of the natural mind. For they come without consideration of My Word, which as you will discover in this prophecy, is Galatians 2:20.

And My Word for all those who have been attacking this ministry is, ‘Consider My Word, the preaching of which being foolishness to those who are perishing; & to understand the covenant Sheila has had, over many years, with this ministry, one yourself has to be crucified with Christ. For to touch the anointing of covenant between Sheila & those of this ministry, is to touch the very heart of God.“It is because of this that the crying out in the Spirit has taken place. 

For those of the natural mind are not to control the resources of the Spirit. Those of the natural mind are not to instil laws & regulations of those who have no understanding of the Constitution of the nation. For it is on the rock of Christ Jesus we stand, rather than the sand of personal lust & greed, which this prophetess, mentioned in this prophecy, has chosen to put aside.“This prophetess, from her Mission Hall days onwards, has chosen to follow the Lord. She used to sing, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus… & the things of the world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory.’ 

And this glory she has tasted; & within this glory she chose to give.
“There has been no personal financial gain of those around her; only a spiritual cord which cannot be broken, for this has cone by the Spirit of God.
“So as you read, by the Spirit, the words of this prophecy, it will be foolishness to those who argue mental incapacity. For the relationship between Sheila & her fellow trustees has been one of the Spirit, rather than the natural mind.
“It is with this understanding that this prophecy needs to be read.” “If you are crucified with Me, then that which is of sin, is gone.

You cannot have a born-again experience unless you are crucified. Those crucified to the flesh are the most powerful people on earth. They live simple & glorified lives, proclaiming messages from the heart. They are messengers of Christ; but not only the messenger, but also because they are crucified, they are the temple of God, the very holy of holies; the temple of God containing My glory; the very holy of holies of God being at the very heart of these people.
“They are shunned, despised & rejected; for their logic is not of this world, but of the kingdom of God. Because of the revelations, they suffer enormously. Their humility & meekness is such that they rely entirely on Me. But this has come with a price. They spend hours under the persecution of the messenger of Satan, who is there to continually batter their mind with insecurities, fear & despair.

“You see, they do not present it as being their faith, but the faith of the Son of God; & this great faith removes, the mountains, fears & oppressions, the false prophet saying, ‘You simply use the name of Jesus.’ But Satan has no fear of the name Jesus, if used by the academic mind. For these ones who suffer have the name of Jesus at their hearts.

“You see, what they do not know in their persecution of thee, is these experiences of the Garden of Gethsemane. They know nothing at all of this constant attack under the oppression of the enemy. But Gethsemane was to become My greatest triumph, for from the cross I rose again, triumphing over principality & power. When you were in the haunted house of Frodsham, the enemy picked you up, & literally threw you on to that radiator to destroy & to kill you. How could you land head first on a radiator by climbing upstairs? 
You were taken & thrown head first on a radiator to kill & destroy you. The enemy that day was frustrated. For he expected thee simply to pray to your God. For he has victory over the un-crucified. But you knew not to pray. For those crucified move not by the vain repetition of common prayer among Western nations. For in all things, I must have the pre-eminence; & you waited on the Lord, for you do not know how to pray; & I came & recited Isaiah 53 with thee. We were one in spirit, just as John 17 promised you we would be.  For those who are crucified & are risen up, move by the faith of the Son of God. Such is thee; under constant oppression, with groups gathering all around thee, as at Gethsemane, to destroy thee.

“But I am come that you may have life, & life in abundance. Thy programmes on ECCTV are direct from the throne-room of God. Thou hast suffered to bring about this channel; & from that suffering comes the Word of God in power. The Gethsemane experiences have worked with thee, as they come to crucify thee continuously, those of the flesh even reporting thee to the authorities for going through such an experience - & as Abraham brought his tithe to the table of Melchizedek, thou has placed all on the altar for Me.

Likewise, as they look at the finances of Sheila, the intercessor who likewise by the Spirit laid her goods on the altar for Me. Yet her family ignore this, & attack thee. Yet it was not thee, but My Spirit, that laid all these things on the altar for Me, so that every creature should be reached with the gospel.

“The nights of torment she went through, meant she left all on the altar for Me. For those who do not understand, refer them to the history of Britain; of saints of God who laid all on the altar for Me; & as we come to what is referred to as Easter, they sing the great hymn that came through Isaac Watts, that declares ‘demand my life & my all.’ They sing it without understanding it. For as in the Acts of the Apostles, earthly goods are laid down to proclaim My gospel. Sheila did this by the calling of the Spirit; & you, as the one who is called to administer her finances over a number of years, were simply obeying the one-ness in Spirit.

Yes, natural forms were signed, but these are not important. For the one-ness in Spirit is from where all these activities have taken place - & it is this that the enemy has attacked. For without that unity in the Spirit, he can have a victory. But those who have sown discord must understand that the victory in Christ 
Jesus has already overcome the world; & that the plans of discord will come to naught, for My Word is so much more powerful. For from this suffering comes My sword, which is spoken in power. For this sword is the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God; & I plunge it today into these plans of Satan to not only destroy you, but to destroy all you have set up in My name; & this name is above every other name. For at this name, every knee has to bow.

For this name has come to thee, having been crucified with Christ, you being now risen as the manifestation of life on this earth, this life being Me, & Me alone.  “For, for those who have been crucified is the walk as Me on this earth, the walk with me in the heavenly places, the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, high above principality & power. But as the apostle Paul discovered, with it comes these nights of torment; attacks to suppress the anointing.

But all they do, is bring the realisation that thy reliance is on Me; & from the depths of despair, from the depths of being crucified with Christ, comes the realisation that thou has been given the sword of the Spirit; that when one uses the name ‘Jesus,’ it is the name of the heart, rather than the name of instant reaction; which is how you were risen up from the hospital at Warrington, into thy perfect healing.“That is the perfect healing ministry, Sheila herself moving at the hospital at Vavuniya, laying hands with all her heart on the sick, seeing them recover in the name of Jesus. It is that which the enquiry needs to consider. For Sheila was prepared to lay her life down for her friends. Hence what she gave was in line with this heart of total surrender to the will of God, rather than the flesh life of personal lust & personal ambition.

“What say now the Power of Attorney has acted in line with this, rather than of the love of money & the collecting of treasure on earth; that is thou looks at the Scriptures thy monarch has sworn upon, that is indeed the gospel of the Coronation Oath & of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, of which there is no equal. For this Oath contains those of the line of Zadok (Coronation Service 1953), who give their lives for others, rather than the hoarding up of treasures on earth.

“You see, thou art of the kingdom of God, having this logic of operation, rather than the personal greed that is endemic in this world, Sheila for years operating as a prophetess. Do those prophets & prophetesses give heed to the goods of this earth – or do they lay everything down, to be the spokespeople of God? Answer that.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/08/15

“I Made an Open Shew of Them, I Still Am, Through Thee”


Colossians 2:15 King James Version (KJV)


And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.  


“You know I have not changed; & through thee I am making an open shew of principalities & powers, the principalities & powers who have looked to destroy thee, who have operated in secret against thee.


“So what have you done in the report to the Police = made an open shew of them, by the open confession of the police that you are transparent. “There is so much more to tell, of the miracle of Frodsham where you were thrown on to the radiator, in an attempt not only to destroy thy ministry, but to murder you in cold blood. “Remember My last prophecy?


It said to seek first the kingdom, rather than the practicalities first. Oh yes! You asked for a towel to stop the blood, & that is fine; but you practised My principle by reacting to Me rather than the circumstance.


I came with My word which healed thee, & it is My word that has come in this court case with Sheila, who still longs for thee to look after her affairs, for she has given her affairs to Me, & thou art My empty vessel to operate them.


Thus saith the Lord. “And yes, thou art to co-operate with the authorities in relation to the paying of her care bills. This thou hast done; but information has been passed to an organisation that has not kept its original charter.


“Thy station, which is a David in comparison to the Goliath of the BBC, has kept that charter. So it is thee who has the written charter of righteousness, taking on the BBC of rebellion that for years has promoted immorality & debauchery, at the expense of the licence-payers of the UK.


“It is thee in My name who is to bring this organisation to account, just as the National Viewers & Listeners Association did. For I have called thee to continue their work, as thy former headmaster did in relation to immorality, & corruption in high society, & as Mary Whitehouse did in relation to programming.


For I have called thee to continue this work; & you do this by openness & transparency, as opposed to the secrecy of the demonic realm, which thou hast brought out into the open. “So the strategy is clear, My children; & oh yes, there is the intercessory prayer & back-up; & this is all part of making an open show of principality & power.


But the primary activity must be thy openness, so that when authorities look to deal with thee, they face the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, & that truth is Me. “Oh, you may say hallelujah! Say it from the rooftops! For I am the way, the truth, & the life; & no man cometh to the Father except by me (John 14:6). “So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad.


For they have persecuted the prophets before thee, & thou hast found the way, the truth, & the life, & all the protection that affords; & as thou places this on the Constitution Keepers web-site, let the Constitution Keepers know the victory is ours, for the principalities & powers have been made an open shew of.


“Rejoice! Preach on it! Hallelujah! Preach on it! I made an open shew of them, & through thee, still do – still do.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 20/01/12



“I am calling you to expose the dirty play in society. This is where things are decided before a hearing in law, based on government demand that is European in origin, that is corpus iuris in base, thus denying people fair hearings in court.


“More & more, the emphasis is being placed on an individual to prove their innocence, rather than a prosecution to prove their guilt.


“This has happened in cases regarding banks, in civil courts. Whilst the criminal courts have a higher level of Habeas Corpus, the civil courts, particularly in the area of banking, have been so influenced by the thinking of global law, that a stronghold has been built up in relation to the way finances are run in great Britain, having to be aligned with the way finances are run worldwide.


“However, the difference between the UK & many countries worldwide, is that the monarch, i.e. the Head of State (not the elected Parliament of the land), is obligated under God to act in a certain way. As you have discovered, the dirty play in society has come through alignment with global thinking & global law in banking & business, rather than the promises your monarch gave to God; the dirty play in society being the alignment against those promises, by bowing down to the worldwide Antichrist. This is highly illegal, & treasonable.


“Banks stay confident in winning the cases over you, because they are entrenched in that alignment. You are confident of winning the cases over them, because of the monarch’s obligations under Constitutional Law.


“Who do you think is going to win? I have the answer: ‘behold, Peter, thou art the rock.’ This was referring to the Peter who would stand at Pentecost, with the Holy Ghost within him, & the Holy Ghost upon him. This is the Peter whose very shadow brought miracles into fruition; & My Word to you is this: within the context of the Spirit within you, with the Spirit upon you, you become the manifestation of the Nazarene (I John 4:17); & the gates of hell, i.e. the dirty tricks in society, that ignore promises to God, cannot prevail against My Church.

“So make your stand. Make it firm. Show the promises given to God.


“One important factor in this, with your dealings with government on two other subjects: the dirtiest trick in society is to take away life. I am not tolerating the on-going slaughter of innocents. Your monarch promised to keep the laws of God. This promise has been broken daily by your nation. With every slaughter of every innocent, this promise has been broken.


“If government is breaking law by murdering its innocents daily, how can that government hope to keep respect within society? That is why your young generation is going astray. For where a nation fails to keep its promises to God, then that nation is under a massive curse (Deuteronomy 28).

“And on the subject of euthanasia: God has ordained, constitutionally, that virtue, i.e. the anointing of, as it is said, Christ’s religion, be increased. It then (Acts 10:38) pulsates through the heart of the nation, & there is an understanding of My promise that all will be healed; that is, all oppressed of the devil. But for this to manifest in your nation, there has to be some repentances occur.


“Repentance No.1:


“For moving away from Constitutional Law, to the vagrancy of global law.



“Mercy needs to return to society, in place of letter of the law, with wise magistrates, as of old, who use their wisdom of years, rather than the demands of government that has strayed from its very Constitution.


“The outer dirty tricks brigade dominating your society, has to be exposed.


“Repentance 3:


“Complete national repentance for slaughtering its innocents, & even considering ending the life of disabled & elderly people, without regard to the virtue demanded upon in thy Constitution.


“Now, there are two areas, David & Lindsay, you are to work on in the context of all this:


“Number (1) Take on the banks in the way you are doing. Bullet-point the misdemeanours of law, clearly & precisely, in letters to the banks you are dealing with, with additional letters to the FSA & CPS, the letter organized over two areas:


“Area (i): The harassment you had to endure, particularly affecting two special needs individuals in your home;


“Area (ii): The act of defaulting EMLG, during the time of a pending court case, pointing out to the CPS, as ministers of the Protestant Religion established by law, that you have every right to tale this all the way to the House of Lords; particularly in the context that these cases related strongly to demands of practice, which you say have not been adhered to by the banks, that acts a practice being demanded by the House of Lords, you knowing (by spiritual fact, & also, some natural evidence), that the dirty tricks brigade have entered this scenario, which in effect has looked to destroy you; whereas the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, are there to enable you to prosper.


“And of course, you know My heart over the issue of slaughter of innocents; & that you are to instigate legal action, that if the monarch is obligated to keep the laws of God; of the monarch is obligated to increase virtue, then all you need to show from My Word are the scriptures that prove a human is just as much a human in the womb, as out of it. By proving this in court, i.e. the highest court of the land, the House of Lords / the House of Bishops, you will bring the dirty tricks brigade well & truly down, with the prophet’s call to repentance well & truly noted in the corridors of power.


“My Church is to address the rulers of thy nation. This is completely Biblical, as you see in the practice of My early Church; & the outlets you have for that, through the Christian Party, through Christian Voice, is truly of Me. My Church is to address the rulers of the nation; to cry out for repentance; the rod of authority being in the hands of My prophets. And you, by this Word, are giving warning, to keep the Constitution Acts of the nation. As regards to the banks, to remove mammon, & serve the people. As regards to the government, to recognise who is in charge first of all; & that is, constitutionally, God; & bring life, not death; & bring the nation on its knees toward God; not the multi-faith God, but the God of thy Constitutional Acts, whose clergy has Constitutional rights, even above judges, to ensure the demands of these Acts are adhered to; a fact you need to make plain to both the FSA & CPS, with copies of the Acts sent to them, so that they can see that it has been another law, apart from British law, that has been adhered to: the law of the dirty tricks, rather than the purity of increasing virtue in Christ’s religion.


“Now, you have two websites which are to show all this. You are to brighten up & liven up the Pentecostal Continuing site, that will show these prophecies I have given thee, under various subject headings. On this site, you are to show the false revival movements, & of course true revival. On the Christian Financing site, you are to show obligations under British Constitutional Law, that banking institutions are to adhere by; & the role of the clergy of the realm to make sure they do; & intimate, too, the link between government that has brought death in ethical issues; & that if it brings death in one area, it will bring death in another; & that the true reason why the nation is suffering financially, is that it has slaughtered its innocents, & threatened its disabled & elderly. The reason why the nation is given wealth being shown in the scriptures as being to establish My covenant, rather than encourage greed & mammon; the poverty of thy nation being within the context of not keeping to the demands of God on the monarch of thy nation, as she has promised through her Coronation Oath, constitutional demands being around this Oath, of increasing virtue in Christ’s religion; virtue being in the context of healing all oppressed of the devil; for acts of parliament, illegal acts of parliament, have brought about death, rather than life.


“If you sow death in one area, you will reap it within the context of the nation’s finances.


“Keeping to false covenants with other nations, has taken precedence over thy nation’s one covenant with the One God.


“No wonder the people of the nation fail to trust its bankers, & its government officials.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/01/12



“Within the Christian website, thou art to establish this very important principle: that there are higher laws, & lower laws.


“This is well shown to be the case in Luke 11, where the strong man, if left alone with his lower law, he has his bounty in peace.


“Such as it has been with the strong man in Great Britain. His goods are in peace. Banks have been allowed to use the money of the nation under the strong man of mammon, gambling the nation’s resources in a manner which can only associate with the character George Cole depicted in the St Trinian’s films.

“Instead of serving the people, & looking after their resources properly, they bow down to the love of money spirit, the root of all evil, taking many families, businesses, charities, those looking forward to pensions, into a state of great suffering & stress, placing massive strain on the National Health Service, debt-counselling agencies like C.A.B., the Bible declaring ‘By their fruit you will know them;’ the fruits of the bankers being not only their own destruction, but also the nation, its various agencies, that includes social work, & medical services. Even the solicitors you employed left the strong man in peace, as lower law was applied; that lower law being the law of a strong man thy nation sold out to, breaking covenant with Commonwealth members many years ago (‘many’ being in context of the modern calendar); a strong man that made thy monarch come under a lower law; a law based on signatures to foreign powers, rather than the higher law, of keeping the nation’s obligations under God.


“Yet, who is taking on the lower law strong man? Is it the establishment Church? It says, ‘We’ve got to look after the people.’ But does this statement come from academic persuasion, or from the heart of Christ, which leads one directly to the root of the problem? Are they doers of the Word, or pundits stating what government ought to be doing?


“Are politicians taking on this strong man? Or simply complaining & shouting at each other during performances like Prime Minister’s Question Time?


“Well – who is left? The House of Lords, or House of Bishops, are there to ensure the higher law is activated; but they seem so powerless, due to the apparent strength of the strong man of the lower law.


“Are solicitors, barristers, the legal profession, taking on this lower law? As you have witnessed, they simply bow down to judgements of the lower law.

“Are the magistrates, county court judges, sheriffs on Scotland, instilling lower law, or higher law?


“Are the government agencies, like the FSA or CPS, instilling lower law, or higher law?


“So, who is left? I have My remnant, saith the Lord; but this remnant is in a very powerful position. Yes, they have all the resources of heaven; but in times past in thy nation, higher law was placed above lower laws, & a unique place given for those of the Zadok priesthood, within the ceremony to coronate thy monarch.

(God is laughing) “It is time for this priesthood to rise up; for the strong man of the lower law has kept his goods in peace.


“For you have been called, the royal priesthood, to ensure the nation keeps its higher law obligations under God.


“These obligations have been clearly intimated on thy websites. You are making the people aware that there is stability in adherence to the higher law; for the higher law is greater than the lower law; & as you see from Luke 11, when the higher law is applied, the lower law’s strong man’s goods are no longer in peace. The higher law takes back all that has been stolen from the nation. So the people can be glad – hallelujah! – for the God of the higher law, through His royal priesthood of believers, takes back all that the strong man of the lower law has stolen from the nation.


“You know, the Joel 2 passage ‘the years the locusts have eaten’? So the principle of David & Goliath is maintained. The big Philistine had his law. He looked so mighty, & impossible to overturn. But David had his law: the higher law of God, pulling down the strong man of the Philistines, higher law conquering lower law.

“And this is your position today; that with the Christian Financing website, you are instilling higher law over lower law, with the same result as David achieved over Goliath.


“And even more than this; for today, My priesthood is even more powerful than in David’s day.

“For this priesthood has the empowerment of the resurrected Christ; the One who redeemed us from the curse of the law; that is, the curse of the lower law, which is still being applied in thy nation; letter of the law applications, whereas in thy Constitutional Acts, there is a demand to apply law with law & justice & mercy.

“This is the way God has brought about thy nation, with its Constitutional Acts, to enable God’s holy law, the ability to be righteous in this, coming only through increasing virtue in Christ’s religion, which is an obligation on thy nation according to the 1534 Act of Supremacy.


“This does not include passing laws that bring death. All of these laws are lower laws, under the strong man, who has been at peace for too long. For even though this is a Christian Financing website, your actions restoring the years the locusts have eaten, in the area of giving the resources of thy nation to the righteous, rather than the wicked, there is something far more important than this simple transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous.


“There is the saving of the innocents, who have been slaughtered for years under the lower law. There is the threat of euthanasia on disabled & elderly people. And it is no use saying, as they do under the lower law, ‘What if they are disabled in the womb? What if they are suffering, on what has been made their deathbed?’ The obligation of the higher law is to bring life, not death.


“And if thy nation is obligated to keep the higher law, & if virtue means ‘anointing,’ then increasing virtue in Christ’s religion brings into thy nation the Christ of Acts 10:38: ‘He healed them all.’


“What about a nation trusting God? One other nation with which you have been in covenant, declares, ‘In God We Trust.’ How much more should the mother nation of that nation, through its covenant of the Pilgrim Fathers, be trusting for healing of its sick?


“The lower law, having brought sickness & stress upon the people, this higher law setting the nation free, with its resources in the hands of the righteous; & most importantly, its babies being in the hands of mothers, rather than the throw-away buckets of the lower law.


“So, whilst your actions under God are transferring the wealth of the wicked to the righteous, & whilst thy actions under God are bringing the conditions for thy nation to prosper, by instilling higher law over lower law, you are bringing into the earth children with talents that will expand the wealth of thy nation; not under the lower law of death, but under the higher law of increasing virtue in Christ’s religion.


“So, show on thy website, at the end of this prophecy, the Joel 2 promise of restoration for the years that the locusts have eaten.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/01/12



“You are to place on the Christian Financing website, a page called ‘Victims of the System.’ It is well known & accepted in thy nation, that there has been widespread banking malpractice, the banks being bailed out by Government, with the victims made to pay in effect twice: once, through the malpractice itself; & twice, through government taxes to pay for the malpractice, through the government bail-out.


“Justice for the victims must include a full compensation for the severe mental stress the malpractices caused; mental stress that in many cases has contributed to physical conditions, for which now , there needs not only to be a wiping clean of tarnished credit records, but substantial compensation paid out to these victims of banking practice, that has been proved on this website to have been entwined with foreign law practice, & alien philosophies like utilitarianism.


“In addition to this, this website has shown there to be behind-the-scenes manipulation of a House of Lords edict that has affected the lives of many people, with the threat of financial ruin looming over the victims. It is clear that it is they who should have received the bail-out, rather than banks who have not abided by Constitutional Law.


“So, what is the solution?


“(1) The victims must know that there is a Burden-Carrier. He is the Lord of our Constitutional Acts, who sent His only begotten Son , that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.


“(2) As in the year of Jubilee, there is a writing off of all debts, including credit records. But these victims have had tarnished records whilst taking failing banks to court, this breaking the principles of Habeas Corpus. They must be compensated for this.


“(3) The nation itself must repent before God, for allowing mammon to rule its thinking. Going back to the yuppie days of the Filofax, when a thinking came into the nation, of making money at any price, a moving away from its standing together of war years, to a dog-eat-dog society of winners & losers; the love of money, however, bringing an attitude amongst bankers, of them holding the purse-strings, rather than the Constitutional Head of State, who is there to apply law, with law in justice & mercy.


“Thus now, we have victims & a nation of bailed-out failures, & potential successful business people, who now cannot trade, due to the failures of those running the system; those running the system still gaining bonuses at the expense of the victims who should be gaining their compensation out of that bonus money.


“(4) These victims now have a major wall to face; & like the children of Israel facing the Jericho wall, they must see that their hearts are pure. They must see this battle can only be won through the Lord; for this wall being faced, is a stronghold protecting the system from the application of the Constitutional Acts of the nation. These Acts are based upon My Word, your nation’s monarch having authorized the Bible, which must now be lifted up as you face this wall of antichrist.


“Be assured, the anointing of God is against this wall; & your monarch is obligated by law to increase virtue (that is, the anointing) in Christ’s religion.

“The victims, with their tarnished records, must have their slates wiped clean.

“That is Stone number 1. For this wall is as a great Goliath, looking so strong against the victims. He looks impenetrable; but by coming to the Lord, he has to bow to the virtue entwined in the nation’s Constitutional Acts.


“Stone number 2: These victims have had to endure the bully-boys of collecting agencies, whilst they were legitimately taking the banks to court, cases taken out by the antichrist system, who applied European law, & utilitarianism against the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; which has at its very root, the God who sent His Son to die for the victims of the god of this world. Here, the god of this world, who has been ruling the banking systems of this nation for too long, gave ‘phone call after ‘phone call to hard=pressed business people, to hard-pressed families, destroying their reputations & credibility; operating behind the scenes to take these cases out of court, that under British Law they were bound to lose.


“So, foreign legal systems were brought in; alien philosophy was brought in, of a greater good; this greater good being based on protecting the credibility of the banks, at the expense of the lives of the victims.


“And so, I say to My Davids, Declare to this wall, declare to this giant, thy ways have been found, the Authorized Word of God declaring that when a thief is found, he as to restore sevenfold.


“The harassment against those taking banks to court, was illegal under every type of law & justice one can ever consider. A system like that has to be taken out, to be replaced by a banking system under the God of our Constitutional Acts, rather than the love-of-money god of mammon.


“Stone number 3: The refusal to accept guilt is based on pride. What the nation wants to see is repentant bankers putting things right with the people & the victims, rather than continue to take bonuses, for what is in effect failure. Global business is destroying local business. Global brands have taken over local identity; & support for the global brand has been higher than that for the local business person.


“This stone knocks out that unfairness. These victims are now to become the people entrusted by God, to build up the wealth of the nation; Napoleon himself being afraid of this nation of shop-keepers; of local people, with their local businesses, serving the people; making a fair living, rather than the system of going to poverty-ridden countries, & placing massive profit margins for personal gain, rather than promoting the Constitutional demand of having Common Wealth nations, under a monarch obligated to God to promote a Common Wealth.


“This global exploitation, & promotion of global brands, must be replaced by the return of local identity; of local shopkeepers & business people, serving the people. A local bank manager having built up years of wisdom & experience, serving those who were once victims, with the encouragement they need, to build the nation’s wealth once again.


“Stone number 4: You are Great Britain because of God. The people did not vote for political & legal integration into Europe. On numerous occasions, the people have shown their loyalty to the monarch, & all she stands for, rather than the stars of Europe.


“But, as has been seen in these cases, Europeans law has taken precedence over British law; an activity illegal whilst the nation has a monarch, bound by her oath to God, to promote the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, that has benefits for all the people, whatever their race or creed. For what must not be allowed to happen, is continued infiltration of the Treaty of Rome, & all the other treaties around it; for the monarch’s oath to God is higher than the signatures of politicians, who in practice, signed the nation’s Constitution away; but in reality, as God is higher, this stone is being thrown at all these signatures, these politicians being brought before God, for judgement, yet mercy, to be applied on these politicians. First of all, repenting before the God of these Constitutional Acts; but also towards the people who have in effect become the victims of these signatures; this God of mercy looking to bring the people & their politicians together, as one under God. This can only take place once the nation is together again, putting into practice its Constitution, rather than bowing down to the integration of Europe.


“Stone number 5: My Word declares the love of money is the root of all evil. Thy nation is to be prosperous again, under the following conditions:


“(i) It is a sharer of its wealth, thy nation being legendary in world affairs, by bringing relief to impoverished people. But there are two factors here –

“I have provided provision for all the peoples of the world to flourish. My resources are endless. But in revival, thy Christian nation has sent out missionaries to deal with the sin & corruption that has prevented the resources of the world from being properly shared.


“This stone is against the sin. It is sin that causes famines, not lack of resources.

“And so, missionaries are vital to thy nation, to deal with the root of the evil, so that thy nation’s resources can be used to promote the building of nations under God; & that thy nation is one with a passion for justice, rather than personal greed.


“And so, this stone has been thrown, at that that looks to suppress a passion of a nation that wants to give. Its obsession with lottery rather than giving, being one that has promoted love of money rather than generosity; & superstition, rather than reliance on God (the crossed fingers logo of the National Lottery).


“And so now, with these stones being thrown, with these stones being the sword of My Spirit, one can now witness this wall of Antichrist Jericho being removed. For those called of God to rule the nation; those with a pure heart; My warning being to them: do not syncretize thy Christian nation again, with foreign control & philosophy, but stay pure on the side of thy God of the Constitutional Acts.

“And using the David & Goliath analogy, I declare you must remove every infiltration of foreign legal & political structures, & worship Me with thy whole hearts, to enable you to enjoy once more a land full of milk & honey.


“They are the five stones.”



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