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Annual Reports

2017 -18:  Part 1 - The Intercessions through Brian Mason -         CLICK HERE

Part 2 - The Home Base Intercessions -                                             CLICK HERE

Part 3 - The Prophecies -                                                                       CLICK HERE

Parts 4-11 - The Bible College & Lecture Channel;

The Ministry in Barry & Cardiff;

ECCTV Television Programming;

The Bible Assemblies;

Websites & The Seven Year Plan;

The Personal Cost;

The Move to Whithorn;

The Future -                                                                                             CLICK HERE

“From Ein Gedi to South Africa, I had this Planned”

Prophecy through David P Griffiths – 31 08 18

“Lives of Obedience”

“There have been key obedience moments in your lives; David when you heard from Me to move to Inverness, & Lindsay when I moved on My servant to lead you to Jesus, & you obeyed the call.

“These were key obedience moments, you both realising the necessity of obedience, the necessity to put away human enjoyments & passions, you have put aside to be obedient to my call upon your lives.

“You are well conscious of the fact that you are not your own, you are bought with a price, & that your lives have been put on the line for Me.

“Such is picking up your cross, & following Me, being prepared to lose everything for the call of the cross, of Me crucified & risen again.

“But you cry out to Me, ‘Who is going to carry all of this on?’ But I have given you a plan, the 7-year Plan which thou art following; & you cry out to Me for all involved in the ministry to understand the sacrifice, to understand what thou hast been through is the story of the New Testament scriptures within the modern setting.

“Thou hast become epistles of God, it being significant that one of Rees Howells background should join thee in this conquest & victory against the enemy forces. Now it is time to bring new trustees from around the world on board, & not let those over the years that have been with you be forgotten.

“For over the years there have been those who have stood with you powerfully in prayer & intercession & in outreach to sinners. There have been those who have been so faithful to thee, who like you have laid their lives down too. The home base intercession team moved mountains in Sri Lanka to see these conferences through. Even governments had to bow the knee to thy intercession. The prophet from USA has stood with thee in covering, & authoritative, prayer. The Norman Grubb successor has cried out the final intercession of My servant; & there are those coming to join you who will have similar testimony.

“But the 7-year Plan was designed for you all to see through together as one body together; & as you come into the final years of this plan which thou will see through, the determination being in your bellies despite all the attacks of the enemy; for thou hast been called a prophet & prophetess within the calling which I have given thee, justice-fighters to maintain & increase the old paths, & expose governments, monarchies, who have strayed from the calling of the first Elizabeth; thou art carrying the armour of God right to the fore.

“But for those who have maintained their personal lusts, who have lived the normal life, thou art an embarrassment. For the Christian walk is as John Bunyan described in “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” It is not the Vanity Fair of 21st. Century life. It is the all-out surrender to the will of God, & thou hast made that choice.

“From Ein Gedi & South Africa, thou hast made that choice, even facing the targeting of Roman governments (the EU is the Roman government of old, with unelected governments controlling & dominating the lives, the opinions, of peoples brainwashed by a falling empire); & like Elijah, thou art called to bring down ungodly governments. For what concord has Christ with Baal? For it is for you to confront Baal as Moses confronted the Pharaoh. This is the Baal that runs old Christian movements taken over by the Alexandrian line that presents Lucifer as Me.

“But what thou hast taken on, in the victory armour of God, is an enemy who cannot prevail against those who give their whole lives to Me.

“It is now time to make the enemy pay, for thou hast found out his evil schemes, & as the thief in Proverbs, has to restore as the stronger man exposes the strong man. For thou art carrying the armour of the mightier one in Tessie’s letter, preaching recklessly in My name, preaching blood & fire in My name.

For thou hast been called, as the prophets of old, to speak out My Word fearlessly, recklessly.

“For who will read your Annual Report, sent out to some by post, given to others over the internet? Will it be an embarrassment, or a conviction? Pray into being the conviction, the deep conviction, to bring on board both family & friends into this mighty calling. For thou hast brought together in My name a mighty army, saith the Lord, & hast not only restored the College of Rees Howells, but also thou hast planted seed into the restoration of the Fuller Seminary, which is to be taken over by those of the old paths, in My name.

“For as in Pasadena, so in Swansea.

“Thus saith the Lord.”

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