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2) The Stand of the Covenanters and the Influence of Romanism

Rees Howells was emphatic against Roman Catholicism which has not reformed at all but got considerably worse from his day their actions now being more subtle hiding a barrel load of corruption and deceit even to the point of getting the majority of what were known as Protestant Churches to accept the codices of paganism in what are known as new translations, translations they admit themselves they change with their ungodly alliance with Bible Societies who now proclaim Jesus as having an earthly father and in questioning his deity proclaim him as “a son of the gods” rather than the fully begotten Son of God.   


Removing the deity and the exclusiveness of Christ Jesus undoubtedly open the doors to the coming one world religion that will embrace many ways to God rather than the coming to the foot of the cross. This approach also opens the doors to the many pathways of sin, of Satan himself who can then be the God of this one world religion with many pathways leading to him. 


It is clear from the reading of Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb that there was and still is a major calling for the Bible College of Wales to fight the Church of Rome with the same inspiration the Scottish Covenanters gave Rees Howells. Within the context of buying the College’s first estate in Wales (Chapter 25) Rees Howells was told the estate had been bought by the “Catholics.” Emphatically the Lord said; “That’s why I called you to buy this place. I brought you back from Africa to make a test case for me with the Church of Rome.”  


Rees Howells recalled that it was this “Church” who had been responsible for the death of six missionaries in Portuguese East Africa and that everything in Rees Howells was roused against them, in my view as the righteous anger of the Lord was roused against the money changers in the Temple. A significant doctrinal point is raised by Norman Grubb in his writings about Rees occurs at this point, the point being that the Head cannot operate without His Body on earth for Rees Howells was told by the Holy Spirit that He would never have allowed the Church of Rome to have power again in this country if He had found men to believe Him and the word to Rees was: I shall be very displeased with you, if they get this property. 


A crucial point comes out here and it is the same point that needs to be made to made today. Christendom is wealthy and the remnant lack resources. The Catholic Charismatic World today is full of massive resources, the Bible Societies with their pagan translations eat off the fat of the land, & the Roman Catholic Church itself is the richest of all institutions despite of all the corruptions that have come out in recent years. As it is with God way back in the twentieth century a man without money was called of God to take on this massive institution. “But you haven’t given me money” declared Rees Howells only to receive the reply from God, “Didn’t I promise you a talent of gold?” Kneeling on the ground Rees Howells claimed the property for the Lord. 


From here Rees Howells travelled north to South West Scotland and was shown the most precious deed in Scotland, “the deed signed by the blood of the Covenanters.” Rees Howells blood ran cold, the Lord having told him in South Wales to make a test case with the Church of Rome. Within the context of winning this fight Rees Howells said to the Holy Ghost, “If it costs my blood, I’ll do this for you.” He continued with this statement: “It was God’s anger in me towards the Church of Rome, keeping those five hundred million souls in darkness on the Continent (as they do today) and elsewhere, I entered into a world where fellowship with people was not to count, the only fellowship was with those martyrs who had laid down their lives for the liberty of the Gospel. When I saw that Deed, the strength of God came into me and changed my body from clay to steel!” 

26 05 16 Brian Mason Intercession -The Heart of the Covenanters - Anwoth Old Kirk 


This very deep intercession took place right at the heart of the Covenanters .....

Yet the occultic film The Wicker Man (1973) had been set here -an occultic film as with Harry Potter at Greyfriars - yet this infiltration of the Occult was exposed here bringing conditions for the dear people of Scotland to know their true heritage.

Finding the grave of Mrs Stewart who is featured in Rees Howells Intercessor, Intercessor Brian Mason stood by this grave......

From the book published by Lutterworth Press .....

"While in Keswick, God gave him (Rees Howells) another marvelous confirmation. An invitation came to preach in Anwoth Parish, in Southern Scotland. Faced with such a big decision in Swansea they would not have gone but for the definite guidance of the Spirit. But as soon as they arrived in Anwoth, the lady with whom they stayed, Mrs Stewart, the widow of the former Consul General in Persia, told them in front of their bedroom window scores of the Covenanters had been martyred. 'That's God,' said Mr Howells,'the guidance is right again, taking us up here against ourselves, as it were.'

All this was the beginnings of the Bible College of Wales, set up at its very heart to fight the Church of Rome, to fulfil the heart of the Covenanters and reaching the whole world with the Gospel.

Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church.

Love to hear from you .......

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In the book Norman Grubb gives an explanation through a Mr. John Purves of the history of the Scottish Covenanters that through the Holy Ghost inspired Rees Howells.


Concerning this Deed, Mr. J. Purves, who is the author of Sweet Believing, a book on the Covenanters, has kindly sent us the following note: "Through the Royal Stuarts, their Divine Right of Kings, and their taws and aims in the State Church, the power of Rome overshadowed Scotland almost all of the seventeenth century. At the end of February 1638 the National Covenant was drawn up by spiritual leaders of the land and eagerly subscribed to by many thousands saying', 'In special we detest and refuse the usurped authority of that Roman Antichrist upon the Scriptures of God, upon the kirk, the civil magistrate and conscience of men,' and accordingly setting forth a clear and literal restatement of the Reformed Faith as given in the Confession of Faith of 1580-81. It was the open protest of a nation 'against Popery, and a reasserting of the Scriptural views of the Gospel of Salvation. It solemnly pledged all who signed it to promote evangelical doctrine and discipline in all their Scriptural purity. "Preserved in the Museum of the Corporation of Edinburgh is the great original, a parchment of deerskin with 3,250 names and initials on it, some evidently written in blood. 


It was subscribed in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, February 28, 1638.Copies of this National Covenant were immediately sent all over the country, even to as far away as London, forsignatures. At present there are nearly fifty of those copies known and preserved. It was one of them, greatly treasured, that Mr. Rees Howells saw at Cardoness House, signed by some of those who suffered unto death. Copies prepared for signatures were usually written on large sheets of vellum. The one at Cardoness House is the only printed copy, whose existence is known of.


Today Rome is after Scotland. The question is will God find those patriots of our Protestant heritage who will put up a fight to preserve a United Kingdom of equal membership before God that has a Protestant Monarch who truly honours God in preserving a Protestant heritage. It has to be asked why it is that the Scottish independence debate is taking place in a land where Covenanters wrote in their blood to protect us from Roman treaties. It is Scotland before England and Wales that this is taking place for it has been the blood of the covenanters that has protected this land until now so will God find new Covenanters that will make a stand today? 


The Bible College of Wales Continuing has been given its call of God to give theological education that the Pentecostal, Holiness and Evangelical peoples of the early twentieth century would have been happy with, an education devoid of the understandings of all secular universities that are all Roman Catholic dominated through higher criticism. In the buying of the second estate of the Bible College of Wales the opposition was again the Roman Catholics. 


They had arrived from London to buy the estate but God arranged dismal weather, wet and misty putting off the papal prospective purchasers but the devil looked to convince Rees Howells that by purchasing Derwen Fawr he would be bankrupted! Rees replied to him; “When I was in Scotland, I said if I were to pay £10,000 for Glynderwen and the Catholics were to burn it to ashes the next day, it would still be the best investment I had ever made. So I am not willing to be a bankrupt for Derwenfawr, but I am willing to give the last drop of my blood to save it from the Church of Rome.” 


Likewise in North Wales in the re-building of the Bible College of Wales we have been opposed from every Roman Catholic dominated religious front, a Jezebellic group with roots in an eminent Roman Catholic family have looked to expose us before the councils of the world as we have shown in On Fire. We have a Scot on our faculty of Covenanter background, we have a Sri Lankan who has been horrendously persecuted with Brian and I of Rees Howells origin – our hearts are as steel know the battle is great but the battle that is great has already been won on condition that we the body stay connected to the Head. Will you join us in this great fight! 


It now looks as if the Bible College of Wales buildings in Swansea have been given to those who embrace Higher Criticism and Roman Catholicism. Certainly the placing of the College under such systems brought about its downfall but are there those who will take these buildings over once won over Catholicism back into its true calling? In the meantime the College is continuing with little resources, little like Rees Howells knew little – the mantle we hold brings the victory over those who would look to dominate us with the vast resources of Christendom. 


We need those who like Rees Howells supported the British Constitution against all oppressors, who through intercession brought the conditions for true Jews to reach Israel, who interceded for Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain in which Britain won against all odds.



Published on Mar 4, 2015

On a cold wintry day in March Intercessor Brian Mason visits the former site of the Hospice of the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem at Ysbyty Ifan.

Interceding in the Spirit great breakthroughs occurred for those portraying the true Gospel worldwide.

The links to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Jerusalem are remarkable as are the links to the Knights of Malta and the Crusades, the link to the modern charismatic movement, the Emerging Church. Rick Joyner and all that has infiltrated in to steal movements from those portraying the true Protestant faith.

NOVEMBER 2014 A new intercession to set a nation free from Romanism 


Published on Dec 6, 2014

Travelling into Tijuana, Mexico from San Diego USA Rees Howells Trained Intercessor in the calling of God that was on Rees Howells looks to deliver the Mexican people from the false doctrines of Rome.

Situated by the arch in Tijuana this loud intercession heard by passers by on a busy road hear Brian Mason taking authority in the heavenly realm.



Published on May 27, 2016

Brian Mason Intercessor by the calling of the Holy Ghost enters the graveyard of the Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh to be surrounded by scenes of occultic activity, the branches of superstition piled up by the grave of the Greyfriars Bobby!

Said to be the inspiration of JK Rowling's delves into witchcraft with her Harry Potter books it seems to have been forgotten that this was the scene of the imprisonment of the Covenanters and the location for the signing in blood of the Solemn League and Covenant.

The Intercessor in Jesus Names corrects the place of great witchcraft and brings the conditions for an understanding for Scotland of its solemn deed before God - a million miles away from what this Kirkyard has stood for today!

Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church.

Love to hear from you .......

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Published on Dec 4, 2014

1 Corinthians 8:6 King James Version (KJV)

But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

In the Rees Howells tradition Brian Mason opens up his heart in the name of Jesus to bring the conditions for Roman Catholics worldwide to be free of Mary worship, to be free of indulgences, to be free of a separate priesthood to the Royal Priesthood of Believers and the veil drawn up between God and man at the Mass. A glorious intercession led of the Holy Ghost at Knock.




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