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Mental Assent

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/07/13




“I am grieved in My Spirit by those who react to the human condition; one moment, as with Peter, receiving the revelation, & the next moment reacting to the human condition.


“I am above the human condition. The apostle Paul was above the human condition, through the dying to self, which through the admission of human frailty; for he said, ‘It is when I am weak, I am strong.’


“My disciples on the Sea of Galilee responded to the human condition. They reacted to the storm, whilst the Saviour was not moved. Not being moved by the human condition is walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“As with Peter, they received the revelation, & then the human logic discussed the moves of God. It is from Christ the Saviour; it is there in Matthew 16 for all to see. Those who respond to the human condition put on themselves human laws & rules to control it, in an attempt to stay righteous. In other words, the human condition is suppressed, rather than dealt with. This is the religious spirit of the Pharisees. They suppress & suppress the great volcano of Satan, which erupts into destruction rather than life.


“Revival is when the human condition is recognised, rather than suppressed. This happened in the Hebrides, & My Spirit responded accordingly. The preaching of the Word opens up that which is suppressed, &some respond by more suppression, not wanting anyone to know their human frailty. But those of My Spirit confess openly their frailty, as indeed you have the openness of the apostle Paul. The confession brought the power, the dominion, the anointing, whereas the suppression brings death & destruction. Quenching the Spirit comes about through those that suppress, & live under a religious spirit of self-righteousness rather than God-righteousness. They are always the experts over what you should do. But thou art of My Spirit. You need people around you to whom you can confess thy frailty. Those who suppress are rigid, unmoveable, unable to hear what thou saith. They hide under a veil of religiosity a hornet’s nest of Satan’s cohorts, ready to erupt at any time. Their rigidity becomes obvious. They have a list of ways things should be done.


“This was the case with Peter before he was broken. Remember the issue after Pentecost? You see, My Spirit wants to do a work on those who suppress the Spirit by holding fast to religiosity, rather than confessing human frailty. Those of the frailty un-confessed fail to see the wider vision. They are caught up with themselves, whereas those with the wider vision see they have to be dead men to fulfil what God has told them to do.


“What I have called thee to do involves a lack of human thinking that is replaced by day by day obedience. Ask out openly, ‘Hast thou grasped it? Hast thou understood?’ When I said to Peter, ‘Thou art the rock,’ it meant not him, not the human Peter, but the Peter dead to self. This is the rock on which the Church is built. For men no longer live, but Christ.


“Those of the suppression look constantly to pray; but those of the Spirit are as one in Christ, knowing to speak out His words, not their own. They know not to think from the human condition, for they have become as Christ (I John 4:17). They are partakers of the divine nature; & that being married to Me, they have given their all, confessing human frailty rather than suppressing it.


“Quench not the Spirit; the Spirit responds to confession of the frailty, rather than suppression of it. That is how revival always begins: when man is at the end of himself is the point where the heavens are rended.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03 09 11

“Hearken, My children; hearken. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Go to wherever thou can hear from God.


“I have plans for thee; plans for thee to fulfil thy callings quickly, efficiently, & without stress.


“In thy Church fellowship, thou art to tell the people to cast cares upon Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.

“The key word is listen. Listen to the Father. When one does hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, thou shows the obedience required to move in the callings of God.


“But there are those who have not listened. Tell them the way to hear from God:

(1)             To cast cares upon the Lord, for He cares for thee.

(2)            Teach to hear from the inner witness, the glories of God.

(3)            To praise the Lord. When I say praise, I mean praise the Lord; let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.


“And oh, thou hast written what the Lord doth say. Now is the time to write down the points of the prophecies given over the years, & hear from Me on the priority which thou should give to the various points.


“Because this is the hour of fulfilment, saith the Lord; for behold! I am coming quickly.


“Tell the people to fulfil the same exercise; of writing down what they have been called to do over the years. This is the hour of fulfilment.


“Warn those who have not written the vision, that this is a command of God, that they must write down. Write the vision, I say, & in the appointed time, thou shalt run with it.


“But I am telling thee now: this is the appointed time for much that thou hast written over the years.


“Be not afraid. Remember the chorus ‘Nothing is impossible, if you put your trust in God.’


“Warn about the distractions of the enemy. Call the people together. Give understanding of the importance of the word ‘hearken.’ There are those who are simply not hearing from Me. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Bring out to the front those who have not written what the Spirit is calling them to do. Tell the people ‘You are not your own; you have been brought with a price.’


“I expect My people to listen to Me daily, & fulfil what I have called them to do.

“My people are a busy people, obeying Me constantly. For I have great things for thy fellowship to do & fulfil.


“The key word is ‘hearken.’ For those who hearken & obey, the blessings of Abraham are theirs.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/11/15

“By the Blood of the Lamb & the Word of thy Testimony”


“A testimony is complete transparency, complete openness, of the weakness of man & the strength of the Lord.“There is clear example of testimony in the Scriptures. Testimony is opening up from the heart.


It tells the whole story, holding nothing back. It shows one is prepared to be vulnerable, so as to be My empty vessel, so that I can fill thee with My purity. For all human frailty has been healed, & freed by the blood of the Lamb.“Oh! How you have become a threat to the enemy, for he cannot cope with thy openness & transparency.


For his dependency is in pride, fronts, secrecies & underlies. These underlies are the haunts of devils, who separate families, separate fellowships. For underlies are haunts of secrecies, protected by human pride.


What you have brought to the arenas which thou art involved in, is life, & life in abundance. You have not brought self-righteousness, a common mark of the religious system. For instead of saying what you can do for God, you are saying you can only do things through recognising one’s own inability, rather than natural skills. For there is a difference between working for God, in apparent good works, & working as God, having admitted thine own frailty.


“This is the overcoming of testimony. ‘Oh, wretched man that I am!’ declared Paul. The hymn-writer declared, ‘that saved a wretch like me.’ For until one admits one’s own wretchedness, one is in no position to take a seat of government, whether it be in a nation, a charity, N.G.O., business, organisation, or whatever. You are in no position to be in any seat of power; for without the admission of wretchedness, there is pride, & protections to that pride.


There are cover-ups, & underlies, the haunts of devils.“What you have done is say you will tell your whole story, & by doing so, you have placed the fear of God into those who are holding on to their underlies.“The fear of God is old-fashioned conviction, from where either spirits get saved, or cast into eternal damnation. From the underlies comes a dog-eat-dog culture, which thou constantly witnesses around you.


Those of the underlie will look to destroy you, for these underlies are the haunts of devils.“How do you overcome, therefore? By the blood of the Lamb, & the word of thy testimony. What power you have in thy weakness, through thy open expression of weakness. For it is when thou art weak that thou art strong.“You see how strong you are? Read Romans 8 again. That’s how strong you are.”

There is an earthly logic we have to deal with every day - not by compromising to it but standing above it as that peculiar people led by the Spirit of God - the Church that defies all humam reason. Trouble is - there are those who look to embrace both logics ..... but what concord can Christ have with Baal?


Spirit v Flesh is what God tells us about here ......


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, Rhos, 18/09/10

 “David, you need to bring forward the judgement. You have warned continuously about having a foot in both camps.

“You need to preach again on being separate: what concord has Christ with Baal?



“You need to preach again on the warnings I gave to the Children of Israel on syncretisation – that is, the bringing together of paganism and the so-called ‘Judaism’ of the day.



“You have warned and warned and warned about taking two paths. You have warned even on your website about the judgement coming upon the so-called ‘multi-faith Church.’ You have warned your people to have no truck with it; to condemn it, rather than to be a part of it. You have warned your people on the dangers of the Alpha Course; and within the local Christian Church context, to have no part with those that embrace this evil contraption, that has given opportunity for the worship of Mary, rather than the opportunity to repent from the worship of idols.



“You have warned of the judgement of co-called ‘churches’ in Llandudno and Conwy. You have warned continuously about the dangers of being in churches Llandudno and Conwy. And with the papal visit, they have broken all the Acts of Parliament that brought about the Reformation in the country. Those with a foot in both camps now have a foot in the blasphemy which is upon your land.

“But I cannot bring the judgement without thee.


It was Moses who lifted up his rod against the Egyptians. Before that, there was disharmony and confusion in the Egyptian camp. Everything was going wrong for them before the judgement.


“My people were protected from the angel of death through the placing of blood upon the doorpost. My blood has already been shed; and you stand in My victory. So, unlike in the Old Testament days, it is not necessary to place physical blood on your doorpost. In fact, that would be an abomination to Me, as the very act would deny My activity of two thousand years ago. Yet, your people are having a foot in both camps, even to the point of mixing with those within the church setting, who look to re-crucify Me, as Alpha does within the context of the allowance of Catholicism, in relation to their apparent eating of the physical body of Christ.



“You nation has placed itself in the mire by its activity of the last few days, and will sink very rapidly into oblivion, unless the leaders of your nation get on their knees and repent before Me. But there are those in your local Church who have looked to keep a foot in both camps:


“(1) In not giving heed to your warnings about Llandudno and Conwy;


“(2) Who have not understood the political and social history of your nation in relation to the papal visit. The leaders of your nation, through their activity of the last few days, have made them guilty of blasphemy and high treason.

“As judgement came upon the Egyptians, so judgement is to come upon your nation. Those who have one foot in the secular system, and the apparent putting of one foot in Me (yet not Me, for I demand both feet; for being a born-again Christian demands having both feet in, not a foor in both camps). Yet I still need My Moses, My prophet, to stand up and lift up his rod of authority, and close the waters on the Egyptians.


“That is your role, David. You have had your time of giving the prophetic warning. You have warned about openness. My kingdom demands an openness amongst you all. And you, David, have warned and warned and warned. You have not held back from warning about the judgement. You have warned, and warned, and warned. Now the time has come, with the papal acceptance, to bring the judgement. Those who followed the prophet were delivered from the judgement upon the Alexandrian cause.


You, David, have studied and studied and studied, to warn people of the Alexandrian bibles they use. My prophet A W Tozer warned of the new cross, and told of the old cross that never changes; that demands a complete repentance, and slaughtering of the world from the lives of the individual. The old cross is a place of violence; not greasy grace, as apostle Owen puts it. Yet you all have been placed in a corner; the Egyptians seem to have you where they want to have you. Whatever you try to do, there is no way out. I tell you, there is a way out. The warnings have gone on for long enough.


You have pleaded with your people to adhere to the prophetic word: yet there are those that continue with one foot in the new cross, thinking that they can have the best of both worlds by having one foot in the new cross. Yet My cross demands a complete withdrawal from the world: what concord has Christ with Baal? In the context of I Corinthians 6, it is clear that fornication is not to be tolerated. My warning is to flee fornication.


“But do not simply place the warning in the context of a sexual activity in the world; by placing one foot in the new cross, those people are guilty of going into the bed of another – hence the warning “flee fornication.” This is not just talking of the physical activity of one person with another; it is talking of the apparent marriage with Me, a marriage that demands one’s all, rather than spending some time with Me, and some time with another.


“You have preached time and time again of the difference between Egyptian idolatry and real Christianity. Yet there are those who still look to keep a foot in both camps. You have warned of the impending judgement. That judgement is to come upon the Egyptian cause.


“Those who have gossiped have seen the apparent security under Pharaoh. Pharaoh offered an apparent security to slaves who simply obeyed him; and just as Pharaoh looked to hold on to the Israelites, so he looks to hold on to the “Christian” who apparently needs a security in him.


“But now is the time for the prophet to lift up his rod. There is time for the prophet to face the golden calf with My Word. You have warned and warned and warned about having a foot in both camps. That is why you are witnessing so much confusion, so much in the way of relationship problems; in the way of family breakdown. Yet it is they who seem to have the upper hand at the moment, just as it was with Pharaoh. Plague after plague fell upon him and his nation, just as you are witnessing battlefield after battlefield being placed upon your nation.


“ ‘The financial figures are worse than what we thought,’ declare your government. Huge cutbacks in social care provision are imminent. Yet there are those who still have their faith in the world system. And you have warned them to step out, and trust Me. The Israelites had to be obedient to the prophet, lest they drowned.


“The system is chasing you, as it chased the Israelites, rather than bow down to the impending doom.


“So now, David, I am asking you to lift up thy rod, thy spiritual rod, and cause the judgement to come upon thy land; a land that has bowed down to the gods of Egypt, the Pharaoh having stepped on your shores the last few days. The Pharaoh has set foot on thy shores, and thy nation has seen the apparent security of being slaves to the Egyptian Pharaoh; and prophets leading people God’s way are seen as extreme. Prophets telling people to hear from God and obey Him are seen as absolutely crazy. Fir there is security in Egypt, ‘and we can still,’ they say, ‘worship God within the context of being under the god of this world.’ And so, those who preach the old fashioned message of repentance are placed in a corner, without the resources of Egypt, because they refused to bow down to Pharaoh.


“So, it is time to bring the judgement. Lift up thy rod, David, and proclaim the judgement of the Lord – a judgement which is now taking place.


“For I have seen thy rod. Thy rod is My sword; and I will fill thy mouth with My Word. I have brought to thee My apostle Owen; My apostle is crying in his heart, for there has not been adherence to My warnings. He is looking to build, but cannot, for My people have to have both feet in one camp, rather than one foot in both.


“You are to preach the old cross, not the new. On your website are the warnings. You have declared the same warnings throughout your meetings of the last few months; yet there are those who seek to have one foot in the apparent security of Egypt, and one foot in God.


“Yet you, the prophet, have now lifted up your rod, and declared the waters to come down upon the land. And just as they murmured against Moses, within this context there came two activities I want you to give notice to:


“(1) Within the context of My healing covenant (Exodus 15:26) is the provision for every natural need. Look at Romans 8 “If the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead...” There came also an emphasis in Joshua 3, for the children of Israel to separate themselves from the world “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow I will do wonders among you.”


“You have preached and preached and preached sanctification, separation, being one in Me. Yet there are those who still look to be motivated by the human mind, human emotions, human feelings. The place of sanctification is the removal of these things. And you, David, have been called to lift up your rod; and this you have done, by proclaiming your rod, My sword.


“This has been your role, David; this is solely your role. You have been the Moses. Why is it you are so passionate to proclaim My healing covenant? Each month, you have taught the Jesus the Healer Course. Times you have mentioned Exodus 15:26. You have gone on and on about sanctification, separation – because that is what you are called to do. The apostle, however, is to bring the people into the Promised Land, away from other gods. The apostle is looking to build in the Promised Land, but cannot do this with those who have got one foot in both camps. He is screaming to the people, as Joshua screamed to the people, to have no truck with the gods of the Canaanites.


“The apostle is a builder, a master builder. He wants to build with those completely sold out to the gospel; those who have not compromised to the gods of Egypt. He is demanding purity; purity of heart. And that building process must begin, but only with those completely sold out.


“You see, those that followed Me in My earthly ministry had to be completely sold out. And I declared to Peter: “Blessed art thou... for flesh and blood...” and as I revealed to Peter, “Blessed art thou” to those who have revelation; those who have not had any truck with the god of this world, will be taken into the master building stage.


“David, as the prophet, you have been called to protect the rearguard; close down the waters on those chasing thee; the institutions of the god of this world, including the one that has a pyramid on its headquarters. I will give you the words to say – this is My sword. But the apostle is to build; he is to go forward and build; but only with those who are rejecting the law of the Canaanite gods.


“Now, within this context, David, you are to have your rod held high against the Egyptian gods; your rod held high against those who have looked to suppress and oppress thee. I will give thee the words to say. But as thou protects with thy rod, thy sword lifted high, causing an end to the oppression of Egypt, it is My apostle who blows the trumpet, knocking down the walls of Jericho to enter the Promised Land, having no truck with the god of this world. He is to build; he is to build, but at the same time, he is to warn.


“Stage (2): I will speak to the apostle directly on how he is to do this, and as you have placed the strongman under pressure in North Wales, so he, acting like the Most High, has sought to place you under pressure. The building time has come. The prophet has spoken. And lifted up his rod; the opportunity to sanctify has been given.


“Now it is time to lift up the sword and cross the River Jordan, with a sanctified people, knocking down the Jericho walls, and going forward into the Promised Land.





Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 17/02/12



“You have gone through some stages of realisation, My children, in the process of giving up all to follow Me.


“You have discovered the human element, looking to hang on; human thinking looking to hang on; which, if you allow it, has you one step in the anointing, & another step out.


“But if you are looking into the area of moving in the maximum anointing, that comes in 3 steps:-


“(1) Giving up all to follow Me (Mark 10:30). You have learned this step by step, that you have placed the human element on the line for Me; the major human element being ownership.


“Remember My Word in My earthly ministry - those who could not give all to follow the human element was screaming; the price was too high.


“You see, the modern day so-called gospel (the “other gospel” which Paul warned about & the “other Jesus”) prevents the human element from screaming. So a nice social gospel is presented, with many followers, that has the human element satisfied; whereas your gospel brings a screaming to the human element.


“To move in the maximum anointing, as you have discovered, for your western minds have been conditioned to own a house, have a pension, have a health service, have a police force: all that is human element.


“But you have discovered corruption in the human element. In previous generations, more people turned to Christ in the institutions of state. But what was introduced in the yuppie era was a heavy emphasis on owning things.


Remember the emphasis on buying council houses & so forth? So, there came in society security zones, relating to the ownership of things.


“To become a Christian, moving in the maximum anointing, requires a stepping out from this idolatry.


“You take your national Church. It has its security in the ownership of things; in its land stock; in its great buildings, which they call “holy places.” But as you know, Christ dies not dwell there. The monarch is head of that institution, promising in her oath to Me, to propagate Protestant perspectives.


Now, a Protestant is a protester; so who should have been outside St Paul’s Cathedral protesting? The Church! The base of the Coronation Oath is, in fact, a protest against the thinking of natural buildings being holy places.


“So, the whole process of Mark 10, the giving up of the human, western security zones, is one that brings a screaming to the human mind-set. So, if you suggest the selling of St Paul’s Cathedral, you will discover it is an idol, which the nominal Christian, bound by the human element, will fight to keep because it is a security zone.


“But your ministry has shown you are prepared to give up everything for Me. But you get attacked by the human element that screams, because you still look to have a step in the security zones of mankind.


“So, the human element screams. The rich man who came to be a disciple – the human element screamed. He had too much to give up. Remember My teaching on the eye of a needle? Has that principle changed?


“Remember the anointing in Sri Lanka, when they said that you were prepared to give your lives up? Remember Stephen – the anointing he was in, being stoned to death? He had gone through the process of casting aside the human element that screams.


“Look at the Psalms. The psalmist confesses the human element, & all the dying to self that that entails. The apostle Paul confesses the human element, giving up all to follow Me.


“Say to thy Church gathering: what about the human element that screams?


There have been those in thy fellowship who have said “Oh – we’re only human”; but the true Christian gives up the human element, & in Christ receives the hundredfold. So the realisation that what he has is in Christ, rather than the security zones of the human element.


“Now, consider this: why has evangelism failed in UK? Answer: the human element. Now, look how people now listen to you, like never before within the western context. The western context has security zones that have not been in the Third World context. Remember the eye of a needle?


“So, step (1) is stepping out of the human element – the human element that screams.


“Step (2) is the acknowledgement of God as the provider, rather than the security zones of state. Within this come the mourning & repenting. This is what being born again is all about. The human element goes; the supernatural element begins. The thinking is changed. Perspective is changed. Being born again means removal of the reliance on the human element; for now, the believer is in Christ. But it requires the giving up of the idolatry to follow Me.

“So, the big difference between the gospel of yesterday & the gospel of today, is that today’s gospel accepts the human element. The old gospel demands its removal. Remember the WEC organisation; part of a grouping that brought more to the Lord in the 20. century than any other grouping? People listened to the gospel message when they preached it. That is because its members embraced the fundamental element in witnessing the gospel. That is, sacrifice.Unless there is the element in you that is prepared to die, you are not an effective witness of the gospel.


“So, within this stage comes firmly the word “sacrifice”.


“Step (3): the word “reliance” comes in here; reliance on God. You see, how can you have real evangelism, when the evangelist has reliances in the world? The true evangelist has reliance on God, & Him alone.


“So, here we have the old gospel, which demands our all, & the new gospel, that accepts human reliances, which are in fact idols before Me. The human element screams.

“Look at the way the New Testament is written. So the human element screams.

“So, there you have it: the true message of the gospel has not changed, that for those who give up everything for Me; that give up the human element that screams – it is they who have the hundredfold now, in this time. And what is the hundredfold? The hundredfold is the gaining back of all that is needed, the security being in Christ & Him alone, rather than the elements of humanity, where the security zones lie.


“Look how the psalmist overcame the human element that screams. In the New Testament, look at how the apostles overcame the human element that screams; & look at how they are now listening to you. For, forsaking the human element, you can now preach the true gospel.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/03/12



“The flow of My Spirit is upon those who sets aside the world; & the phenomena of being lost in Me, is the phenomena few in thy country knows; but brings out the essence of the gospel & what it actually means.


“It means you do not have a side to you which panders to the world – even the earthly clock – for I have called you to be beyond all of that.


“Tell thy congregation to fully embrace My Spirit. Tell them this is the hour of the Lord. Be prepared for the meeting in the air. It is so close.


“And here we have My Word in its rightful place, being preached from the heart. And here you are now, preparing My media studio, to preach My Word, My anointed Word, to be broadcast through the nations.


“I have found My empty vessel. But behold, My people! Being an empty vessel comes at a price. You must be prepared to the surrender of the Lord; & that surrender is one of total submission. Your passionate call to come forward & give your whole life to Jesus, is a genuine one, from the Spirit of God.


“And there is significance, saith the Lord, in this Old Colwyn exploration. There comes a point of recognising that what has been lost is gain.


“Be prepared to go all the way; for My preaching anointing is so powerful. And as you move forward in My strength, so I will fill your empty vessel.


“Please order the people to bend the knee before Me; & there will be those breakthrough miracles you need.


“Total surrender is the key. As in My Word, it has never changed.


“I am going to have a group of My Church fellowships, fully committed to My Word, tithing into the Every Creature Commission commitment, which I am portraying. Full commitment is the key. It is called full commitment.

“This is My important message: full commitment.


“I love you, My children. The commitment required is a full commitment. Tell the people ‘full commitment.’

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/01/15

“You Think I have come to bring Peace on Earth: nay, rather Division”


“My vision was, & is, to divide between flesh & spirit. In My name, thou has been consistent in dividing the thinking of men from the thinking of God. My Word declares that the thoughts of God are not the thoughts of man; & all over the country, & now all over the world, through thy television channel, a channel brought about by God, to bring the divide between flesh & spirit. For thou art demonstrating, through the preaching & teaching of My Word, that an open divide between the teaching of the other Jesus through the evil translations that began in Egypt, must occur.


For they have no place alongside the preaching of My holy Word.“For My Word is holy; & as you preach the Word of God, so it goes out as a sword, to divide utterly that which is of spirit & that which is of flesh.


For as My Word is preached through My body, then souls are saved from the kingdom of hell, which has manifested itself through the operations of Satan like the Alpha Course, NIV, NASB, Amp., NWT, NKJV, & all the evil codices of Egypt, & the decadents of Satan involved in the committee masquerading under My name to continually change what is perceived as My Word.“I am the Word; & Satan’s plan has always been to change Me. But I am the Lord that changes not. No man cometh to the Father except through Me; & the land where you live has all kinds of philosophies; but only one Protestant Reformed religion established by law; & thou has said by the Constitution, only this belief can be given legal precedence in Britain, equality & diversity legislation not being in line with the law of Almighty God.


“The politicians cry out for the votes of the people, yet they have blood on their hands; the blood of innocent children spewed out from the womb. For thou has not compromised to the system of death, but proclaimed life. I am life. I am the way, I am the truth; & under attack, thou replied with the truth.“And as you teach the financial blessings of God on all those who follow Me, you will see this in the context of establishing My covenant, rather than in the context of using the tithes & offerings of the people to establish the luxury of those who look to lord it over others with their great wealth, & condemnation of people who seemingly have not made it because of their lack of faith.


“But in Christ there is no condemnation to those who walk not after the flesh. But now is the time for the remnant to stand up, the remnant who have stood for My true Word, rather than the codices of Egypt. For My Word, preached in power, is a sword that divides between flesh & spirit; & the great division which thou art bringing in the world, is one that has exposed the infiltrations into movement after movement, ministry after ministry, that the devil has looked to destroy you through the legal inspections of government; through secret societies intent on holding back thy money supply; through false accusations of so-called ‘Christians’ who wallow in their own self-righteousness.


Yet thou art coming through this ordeal, proclaiming My unadulterated Word, & causing a divide between those of the true Word, & those who embrace the teaching of Higher Criticism through the presentations of the translations of Egypt that have held so many in bondage for too many years.“And so, we come to the Bible College of Wales, & where it is to be. I tell you exactly where it is to be: it is to give My Word to every creature.


The Every Creature Commission is to be completed through thy hands; & those of the remnant who gather with thee to place My unadulterated Word into the hands of the people who become as Me on this earth, My body.“You see, My Word cannot be returned void; & thou hast stood through years of adversity, preaching My unadulterated Word; the Word that will never be returned void.“And thou art to continue to cause division. Thou hast become the little television channel to confound all that which is of Satan.


Remember, I always build through those who have given their whole life to Me;not the manipulators, not the organisers, but only through those who have stood up to politicians who have placed the people in chains though their over-regulation, procedures & policies; & thou hast challenged the legality of these laws; of school teachers unable to teach because of over-regulation; of social workers unable to be social workers; firemen unable to be firemen; army generals unable to lead because of the restraints of government. For Britain never to be slaves, it must return to Christ Jesus.


The monarch’s oath must be kept to; & as you listen to the lies of political parties with blood on their hand, remember the government is upon Myshoulders, upon My body, which is why the clergy of God has been given special rights under the British Constitution to bring forth My justice, & divide that which is of Satan & that which is of God.


“So, My children, thou hast caused a great division, & it is all of Me. For I came not to bring peace on earth, but rather division; & as thy course goes out throughout the world, exposing the other Jesus, expect a mighty harvest. For what does it say in My Word? It says, the strong man keepeth his goods, his goods are in peace. These goods represent the resources of all the movements & governments stolen from Me.


“But when a stronger man comes upon him, then goes in & takes all the spoils. Just as Abraham did – what did Abraham do? Bring the spoils unto the table of the Lord, where they are used to reach every creature; which is why this preparation time is so important. For through the African Diploma, thou art bringing the teaching to bring a division in Africa, between the false translations of Satan, & the holy Word of God. “Likewise in Asia, with the Asian Diploma, & internationally, as you expose the philosophies of man, & reinstate the stability of My Word to a hurting people whom Satan has looked to destroy through his codices of Egypt.


“Oh, how Elim College proudly displayed the gods of Egypt on its library wall! And how you must prepare, not only to bring back the Bible College of Wales into the fold of God, but be prepared for the seminaries & colleges throughout the world, stolen by the Emerging Church, the Bible Societies & big industry, to be returned to thee.“For thou hast brought the conditions for world-wide revival. For thou hast done this through the old-fashioned way, by what I gave through J Edwin Orr, through Jonathan Edwards, through John Wesley, & all the saints of revival; to bring division first.


For one has to pull down & destroy the works of Satan before one can restore the beautiful garden of the Lord.“Jeremiah 1:10; Jeremiah 3:14; Ephesians 5; & the understanding of the Church at Philadelphia, whose resources were of the Lord; which I give to thee, in My name, to reach every creature.”

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