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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 14/09/14 “The Time of Judgement”


“Judgement is nigh on Great Britain. Already it is pulling itself apart with its divisions. Soldiers had fought for the U.K. and now it is tearing itself apart.


“What Hitler failed to do, successive governments, disobeying My words, have achieved.


“I have been consistent in warning about the slaughter of the innocents. I have been consistent in talking about Christ & the Church, in relation to covenant & marriage. I have been consistent in warning about the Elizabethan Settlement & the Coronation Oath. I have been consistent in giving thy people a day’s rest; & I have warned consistently about the dangers of over-regulation, & giving thyself over to a foreign power.


“The words of Jeremiah 3:14 should be ringing in your ears. For My weeping prophet warned too about the corruption of pastors. This you see all around. You were given plenty of warning from My Theses of 2007. That was the opportunity for the Church to stand firm over the tyranny of State. Yet what is known as Church in Great Britain if worship of the capstone the N.I.V. embraces as its ‘other Jesus.’


“What a mess thy nation is in! What is known as Church wallowing in the occult; what is known as government wallowing in greed & self-righteousness.

“The present state is standing firm in its judgement of the child abuse of previous generations. Yet, more children are being scooped out of wombs that ever before. Who is to make judgement over that abuse?


“I AM the I AM, & your nation stands before Me, pulling itself apart. Just as you have removed your population from your wombs, with your lack of covenant understanding, your claim to the protection of Psalm 91, which in the context of the whole U.K. has protected you since the Act of Union with Scotland; & even now this is under threat, the break-up of a Protestant Kingdom.


“Little has been said on the media about the key point of the Scottish referendum: the break-up of the Protestant kingdom, a kingdom festooned with tyranny, rather than allegiance to Almighty God.


 “You have been warned, United Kingdom; yet you have ignored My prophets, your last chance being to embrace what has been said. But what has been said is beneath you & your intellect, & the thought of humbling yourself.

“So instead you march, exhibiting pride in decadence rather than humility to Almighty God. So you must pay the price.


“Yes, you have mighty natural weapons; but even the effectiveness of these is in doubt, with the break-up of the United Kingdom.


“So what you have held dear is now under serious threat that only the repentance of a nation can cure.


“You have embraced other gods, which My Parliamentary prophet had warned about, & the effect of this; & yes, people have a free choice to choose. But your nation, through thy monarch, pledged allegiance to Me; & your nation, through successive governments, has broken that allegiance. Your nation has fine words with the United States about what you will do about the threat of Babylon. You know what you must do. Thy King brought National Days of Prayer when thy nation was under threat during World War II. But this is not enough today. Instead of pride marches, there needs to be demonstrations of humility, demonstrations of repentance before Almighty God, to avert the judgement which is now upon thy land.


“Media presentations have shown the effect of weather systems on thy land; & in your self-righteousness you have thought this is the effects of human behaviour. But who comes to kill, steal & destroy? Is there not protection from the elements for a God-fearing nation? Yet instead of humility before God, thy nation chooses to put even more laws & regulations on its people, a people worn down by over-regulation & self-righteousness of successive governments educated well beyond the bounds of common sense.


“So there you are, Great Britain, without the protection of God; but to My true Church, My dear remnant, I embrace you with the promises of My Word: ‘It shall not come nigh thee. A thousand may fall at thy right side, a thousand may fall at thy left; but it shall not come nigh thee.’


“Just as in Egypt, so with thee, the Passover through My precious blood, rather than the blood of a lamb, so today, the blood of Almighty God, the begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.


“So be of good courage. Do not be alarmed over the signs of the times. Behold, I come quickly, saith the Lord, for My remnant Church, of whom the gates of hell cannot prevail.


“Instead of self-righteousness, My remnant, in accepting its own weakness, moves in the strength, power & dominion of Almighty God. My remnant rose from the dead with Me. My remnant is as Me on this earth. For My remnant isthe body of Christ, standing form on the Rock.


“And oh yes! Mt story of the wise man & the foolish man comes to the fore at this time. For the wind & the rain is falling. The storm has come; & only that which is on the rock shall stand. For successive government after successive government has stood on sand; & as the hymn writer wrote by My Spirit, ‘All other ground is sinking sand, All other ground is sinking sand. The solid rock on which I stand; The oath, covenant & blood.’ Oh, how can you betray Me, Great Britain? For you are now to be of dust & sand, instead of being perched high on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“A kingdom dis-united cannot stand. The government party has lost member after member, moving away from its traditional values, so many splits in its ranks. It is truly on sand. Yet there are those in that party looking to restore its original roots of unionism rather than division. And there are even more ready to walk from its ranks; all other ground is sinking sand.


“And so, Great Britain, you face My judgement. The words of Jeremiah 3:14 should be ringing in your ears. ‘For I am married to you,’ saith the Word; but that marriage you have forsaken, & even re-defined the word in your laws.


“Oh foolish nation! Why can you not see the error of your ways, & obey the instruction of Jeremiah 3:14?”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/09/14 “The Dis-united Kingdom”


“For hour after hour I have spoken, warning of this time; but because of your intellect, you have failed to acknowledge the spiritual significance of the actions you have taken. You have failed to acknowledge the significance of the laws you have passed. You have failed to acknowledge the Constitution on which you are built; & that is the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“And so, you have a nation pulling itself apart, with a monarch without comment. Would Elizabeth the First be without comment? Would Victoria be without comment? Even, will the last George be without comment? For during the war years, thy monarch has plenty to say about the spiritual stability of the nation, that nation standing united against the European foe.


“But now Scotland looks for different foundations than what John Knox fought for, with the party for independence supporting the chains of Europe.


“This has been warned of time after time again. You cannot have independence while putting yourself under the chains of a legalistic oppressor.


“And so, thy nation is coming under bondage – serious bondage - & this has been warned of time after time again. The National Church in Scotland dare to represent the perspective of John Knox, & has pulled itself apart too, bound up with splits & divisions. And so, if you have a National Church bound up with splits & divisions, if you have a United Kingdom pulling itself apart with splits & divisions, whatever the result of the referendum, you have a nation falling down.


“Has government + the monarchy not heard the story of the wise & foolish man; not heard that a kingdom divided cannot stand? And it is commonly known that pride comes before a fall. And so, your marches of Protestant witness through thy towns & cities have been replaced by Pride marches. Instead of a growing Protestant population, embracing the Constitution of the nation, you have brought in immigrants who have no heed of thy Constitution; so how can they keep it? You have brought in laws of decrease instead of increase; & you have even slaughtered your population before it has a chance of getting out of the womb. Your banks are on sand, with all their corruptions & love-of-money tactics.


“And so, here you have your dis-united kingdom. Years ago, Sunday school children used to sing, ‘The Foolish Man built his House upon the Sand.’ The wind & the rain doth come, & the house of the sand fell down, to a great shout of the Sunday school children.


“Thy monarch is quiet, yet she has broken covenant with God. Thy government is fighting to keep the Union, yet its own party has pulled itself apart too, moving to policies of immorality rather than the stability of family values.


“And now, the ministry of the Bible College of Wales Continuing is broadcasting meetings & programmes on-line which are laughed at by the status quo. Yet you have provided a way back to God. By preaching My cross brings resurrection life.


“There is still room at the cross for Britain, no longer Great; a kingdom now dis-united, rather than united. There is only one place you can come, to bring the pieces back together; that is, the cross of Calvary. Will you come?”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 21/09/14

“The Divisions In what is known as Church and State”

Already thou hast witnessed a great turn-out in Scotland, in view of the way that nation wants to be governed.


“Just as in the Emerging Church, the emphasis is ‘Me, me, me. What can I get out of this?’ And now, throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales, a separation is occurring within the kingdom, so that each region (or nation) can decide the best way they can, in effect, minister to the people. Just as in the Emerging Church, they run meetings to decide the best way they can minister to the people.


“All of this is a hopeless failure, with resources being stretched like never before, the Green movement placing more regulation on the people, & instead of this approach being a liberation for the people, it will bring greater surveillance & more suppression; not that I am against the regionalisation of government, or even the nationalisation of government. What thy Constitution demands is Me in the pre-eminent position, for I am the creator & provider, not regional & national governments; & I AM the I AM; & as it stands at the moment, the people are placing massive demands on their politicians; & I tell you now, none of them can deliver. 


They have already, in the Referendum, come to Scotland with their vows, in effect their solemn vows, that they would do this, & they would do that. But I tell you now, what they are promising is undeliverable. The follow-up of these broken promises will be the usual excuses, including world-wide conditions. The people of Scotland have trusted Westminster, who has let them down so badly because of its corruption. Westminster cannot deliver. Increased powers to Holyrood will not deliver. You know why? These institutions are not Jehovah Jireh. The Coronation Service of the monarch places Jehovah Jireh in His rightful position, thus enabling the United Kingdom to prosper & be in health.


“There was little talk of this in the Referendum, yet it was the most important point. And so now, the politicians must play their part as Jehovah Jireh. ‘We can do this; we can do that,’ they say; but already the 45 is rising up in Scotland, ready to pounce at every move of Westminster that is not in line with the promises of the party leaders.


“So can you see the kingdom divided rising up? There is a groundswell of division; & the politicians have once again dug themselves into a hole.

“Have the banks repented of their corruption? For the love of money is the root of all evil. Has the spirit of mammon been fully dealt with? Has the spirit of immorality been truly addressed? Has the graveyard of children in wombs been truly addressed? Has it still been decided that increase can come through the cities of the Dead Sea? For what happened to them, I truly say will happen to thee, unless thou get on thy knees before Almighty God & acknowledge Me as Saviour, Healer, Baptizer & Soon Coming King.


“For one looks to do all that thou hast promised without acknowledging the One who is provider of all things.


“Such as it is in the Emerging Church. They look to minister to people before they look to minister to God. Likewise, the pastors, like the governments ministers, make promises ‘If you give me this, I’ll give you that.’


“In this unholy operation of Satan, My hundredfold has been abused. For what I have called the Church to do, is to give as led of the Lord, without agenda. Peter said he had given up all to follow Me.


“You see, there are those who have placed their reliance on the god of this world: their pensions, their houses, their way of living. But My Word declares a kingdom divided cannot stand; & thou hast found thyself in a place to rely on Me. For I have called you to reach every creature with the gospel. But the United Kingdom is going through a trauma, with faith being placed into the hands of politicians, who of course can deliver all they have promised.


“You see the division coming? As in the Emerging Church, pastors make promises that if you give this, you will get that. Just as the politician ministers to the people, so the pastors of the Emerging Church. The people give to the pastors, & the pastors get fat with the wealth of the people. Politicians minister to the people, & politicians get fat with the wealth of the people.


“But as My remnant Church relies on Me, as the preach the old-time word of abandonment & full surrender, one solution will be seen; that is, placing I in pre-eminent position, & repenting before Almighty God.


“For there is only one group of promises on which you can stand. You have a choice, Great Britain, for thou art pulling thyself apart. More & more are being manipulated & controlled by the Emerging Church, & it has reached the point where it can go on no longer. Along has come ECCTV. Preach My Word; cast out devils; heal the sick; & bring the realisation of the solid rock foundations of Church & state, these fellowships being the ones to survive. For I am come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.


“So rejoice, My remnant. They are fighting world-wide plague at the moment, too.


“Oh nations, get on thy knees before Me.


“Look at the principles of Habakkuk, to stand on thy watch, write the vision, & move in the appointed time.


“Does not every meeting of the Commons begin in prayer? Yet, will this occur in these new regional & national assemblies? Will the galloping rise of corpus iuris be thwarted or embraced? You see, there are parallels between the Emerging Church & the emerging governments of Great Britain. They look to minister to the people first, both pastors & ministers of government being unable to deliver, with the people rising up.


“So, I have appointed ECCTV to direct the people to the true God, the true provider.


“Get ready for government, My children; for as the kingdoms divide & collapse, I have built thee firm on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“I am Jehovah Jireh. Get ready for government, of both Church & state. For I have called thee to point the people towards the way, the truth & the life. For in all things I must have the pre-eminence.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 6/08/14

“The False Picture Leading Up to the General Election”


“Politicians will be giving their assessment of the nation’s economy, their up-beat predictions for the future, their plans to lead the UK into prosperity, & great noises over how the nation has recovered from recession.


“All this is a false picture of the outlook of the nation. Not one is giving a true picture of how things really are. How things really are is given a true picture in Deuteronomy 28. The issue of sin has not been dealt with at all, although it is perceived to have been done through the self-righteous judgements of this generation over the previous one. 


Government is judging the acts of immorality that came through the sexualisation of children, a government policy in itself; & from that policy came the perversion which is witnessed today in relation to well-known personalities who are behaving in a way disgusting to God; yet the judgement relates to government behaving in a worse way by ignoring the prophets of thatgeneration, who warned of the consequences of this immorality. 


Yet those prophets, even though they were given publicity at that time, were seen as freaks of a previous generation, not embracing the sexual freedom that government had seemingly given.

“The primary prophets who warned of the consequences of this immorality were Whitehouse & Oxley. 


They were speaking out against the immorality, were gaining widespread support of the people at that time, yet like you were ignored when it came to decisions of government.


“What you are witnessing today is the sin of self-righteousness. This sin is a greater abomination to God than the sins of those going to prison in consequence of the government policies of the 60s & 70s. 


These are going to prison with specks in their eyes, compared to the planks in the eyes of government. For government to allow the torture & abortion of the innocents is the primary abuse against children it must deal with. Self-righteousness looks at the specks of others before dealing with the planks in their own eyes.


“To torture a child in the womb, leading to the death of that child, is the primary evil; & from that primary evil has come all the child abuse cases you are witnessing in the courts today. For if government laws allow for abuse of a child (a child in the womb is no different than a child out of the womb in God’s eyes), then you cannot jail a man for abusing a child out of the womb if the government bearing judgement is guilty of a far greater crime.


“The Abortion Act is an act of crime going right into the heart of British government that unless repealed, is going to bring consequences so far-reaching that the warnings of Whitehouse & Oxley will minute compared to what My prophets are going to warn of today.


“You are to warn of gross sin in government. Now, from the Abortion Act has come such a mess that, instead of having one’s own population, one has brought in another alien to the Constitution & heritage of thy nation. You have brought in alien laws & political activity, in effect bringing in the Holy Roman Empire of the past, which is an empire of bondage, slavery & immorality, instead of the freedoms My monarch the first Elizabeth brought in with her Settlement. Here are Constitutional Acts to protect you from the slavery of Rome; yet thou hast government after government embrace a Roman system that has drained thy nation of its resources.


“Now the curses of the past, i.e. the rains of Chernobyl, the blood on the streets – remember the riots & the fires prophesied by My parliamentary prophet who was seen as a racist but was not? For what he was seeing was a change of population from that of the British heritage to that of Babylonian culture that would eventually bring the nation under slavery. 


Thus you have the Egyptian framework being developed today, of surveillance & over-regulation.


“Now, this word has identified 3 prophets of the past, all of whom were seen as being extreme & over the top, the parliamentary prophet having to go to Ireland to gain support for his thinking; & thou hast had contact with a prophetess carrying on the ministry of Oxley & Whitehouse; & she has remained a voice crying in the wilderness, as you are.


“Now, My word of warning today through My prophets, of which you are a part, is of far greater extremity than that which was warned of through


Oxley & Whitehouse as well as My parliamentary prophet; & you are seen as being far more extreme in your society than they were in their society. 


For today, you have a far greater crime than the act of abortion; for I speak as Christ & the Church. 


To pollute the covenant of God, to having no fruit, from the joining together of Christ & His Church, is one leading generations to eternities in hell. For I, as the Saviour, died for them all, even for those who would have been born under normal covenant relationship. What about those who would have been born if the abomination of the nation had not taken place?


“For now you have an unborn population which would have added to the economy of the nation had the Abortion Act not taken place. But now you have unborn children as a consequence of legalising a relationship without fruit.

“So what does the Word say about relationships without fruit? Now, the true election manifesto needs to be one of purging rather than economic growth; needs to be one of greater disruption on the streets than My parliamentary prophet even dreamed of; & as for the consequences of immorality, the allowing of same-sex marriage will lead to far greater crime in this generation than the immoral crimes of the past generation, that came again as a result of government policy.


“Now, having said all that, what is the outlook for the nation? Well, I have called you by My Spirit to go out & bring together an army of the Lord so pure & holy, that gives no heed for its own life, but is prepared to die for another. This is the meaning of carrying the cross. This is the passion of the true believer; one who gives thought to the life of another over thought for oneself. 


Western nations who have followed the pattern of Britain are to suffer immense consequences for the gross sins of government.


“Indeed, the true manifesto is already written in Deuteronomy 28. A land that promotes fruit will prosper, but you are in a land that has killed off the stems of growth, & eventually there is no stems any more.


“Have I not warned of wars & rumours of wars, & famines in the last days? This is the true manifesto. Yet politicians will come before the General Election with an up-beat economic message. But what always happens in the first year of a government? They blame the previous administrations & then introduce economic melt-down. So you know that will happen this time.


“But there is a factor above all of that; & that factor is the curses of Deuteronomy 28 & the purging of a nation without fruit. During that time, you will be perfecting saints to come back to Britain & other Western countries, having taught them to overcome the intellectual barriers to faith; & you stand as a prophet (that is, the whole ministry), as Noah stood before the flood. Those who received the 95 Theses have been laughing at you. ‘All this cannot be true. It doesn’t look as if it’s going to rain.’


“Now, I am not talking about physical rain this time. I am talking about collapsed nations, right across the Western world; nations that will need missionaries, those missionaries coming in with the word ‘repent’ on their lips. For if a nation repents, I will heal their land.


“You are to bring together that army of the Lord. You are to have the Keswick Convention of Asia & Africa, from where there will be response to the front of those called to be missionaries to the Western world. There is to be the Keswick Convention of Bangalore, of Chennai, of Trichy & of Colombo; of Hyderabad, of Bombay & of Tibet; of Pakistan, of Bangladesh & of Nepal; of hungry ones going out, giving their lives for those of the West; of nations who have spurned the white men, like there is to be the Keswick Convention of Zimbabwe. 


Nations who have spurned the white man will come forward to reach every creature with the gospel, the vision of Rees Howells being in reverse. For instead of sending missionaries to Africa, Asia & throughout the world, missionaries are to come back to broken nations. And as you witnessed in Vavuniya of a hospital without medicine, so you shall find a Western world without its resources, under the bondage of alien culture, God’s salvation plan being in line with the reaping to the sowing of Rees Howells. Hence you have the Bible College of Wales Continuing.


“Now, this is your time of preparation, My children. Do all the things you need to do in preparation for your call to Sri Lanka. Work hard, but under the anointing, not under stress.


“Now David, prepare the websites, the broadcasts, the social media, in line with this vision. This will take time, & all those around you must realise this. My intercessor is to intercede in line with the pulling down of what is known as the Emerging Church, & corruptions in government, just as at Eastleigh.


“And Lindsay, you are to prepare the move & the organisations. For why do you think I have Trustees in the south of Wales? They are to prepare the conditions for the Bible College of Wales to come back to its homeland, not to have buildings from where missionaries are sent out, but to have buildings from where missionaries can be housed to reach the broken nations of the West.


“Now, ‘what about the Hebrides?’ you cry. You remember running meetings from Barvas to Moriah? This was all preparation. For what Rees Howells did in Wales was done in association with the passion of the Covenanters. So a branch of this Bible College, restoring the mantle not only of the Covenanters but of the Hebridean revival, is to take place on Hebridean ground.


“Oh My children, they laughed at Noah & they have been laughing at you; & after the next election, they will cease laughing. For as they pleaded to Noah to come on board, they will be begging thy missionaries to lead them to salvation. Just as you witnessed in the Vavuniya hospital to lead them to Christ Jesus, so you will witness amidst the nations of the West, a pleading to receive Christ Jesus.


“But before that, the purging; before that all that you read in Deuteronomy 28 for those nations who disobey God. But you will be the signpost, pointing them to the way. Who is the way? I am the way; the way back to God from the dark paths of sin.


“There is a door. Who is the door? And that door will be open. Unlike the days of Noah, the door will be open for all to go in.


“Where are the sinners to begin? At Calvary’s cross is where they begin, when they come as sinners to Jesus.

“Make no mistake: they will be pleading. You are in preparation. Your television programmes will be of great merriment to them today, but will show them the path of salvation tomorrow.


“Where will their Alpha courses be then? For they never have led the path to salvation. What they have done is appease society in its damnation.



“What we are talking about here is the level of abandonment Peter expressed to his Lord, ‘We have left all to follow thee.’


“So My children, this is your time of preparation; & now, about thy faithful warriors, in what the world would say are the latter years of their lives.


“Oh! I am not finished with them. They have been with you these years, not just to bow out, not witnessing the harvest. On being obedient to My call, they will witness the harvest. They witnessed it at Vavuniya. Will they see it in the large scale of the Western nations? If they are obedient, yes. That is the key.


“Oh! They need to rejoice. I am not finished with them. Stay together, pray together, intercede together. The Shalom programme on Sunday afternoon is to be one of intercession for the nations, & My Spirit will lead you all over the world.


“Have you understood the context of My word tonight? Have you understood your roles? This is a time of great preparation. Embrace it, & be ready, for the coming of the Lord is nigh.” 

Further Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/08/14

“Election Promises versus the Reality”


“When a nation turns away from God & does not give heed to its Constitution, it is on a collision path to oblivion. Already Babylon is crying out to fly its flag on the White House & Buckingham Palace; & Babylon has been used to encapture those who were My people in the past. Yet, despite of today’s threat, people continue their business basically without concern.


“I speak to Great Britain & America, who together formed the Mayflower Compact before Me: you have turned against Me. You have passed four& those 7 years of grace are now coming to an end. 


My prophet also called representatives of Christendom to repent & return to their original visions. My Theses were widely ignored; & the 7 years of grace is now at the point of coming to an end.


“Pulling movements out of the anointing into the counterfeit gospel of the enemy is one over which I cry day by day. To see Methodism as it is I cry day by day. To see the national Church of Great Britain & its Episcopalian outreaches throughout the world, I cry day by day, save for the pockets in Africa crying out for the original truth.


“The Pentecostal denominations are a shambles of confusion; & how I long for a return to the Foursquare Gospel! For the universities of Great Britain & America, influencing education throughout the world, I cry out to these institutions to repent & come back to God; for you have educated man with antichrist rather than God.


“The stolen inheritances of the Jezebel have affected My remnant world-wide; for though I pleaded not to marry a harlot, this is what has happened with nations all over the world, with governments all over the world, leaving My remnant without the resource to fulfil its purposes.


“But I have called thee & My remnant Church to come out of its cave & face up to the prophets of Baal, who have stolen My nations & My movements. The fire shall fall on My anointed, to pull down the strongholds of despair & unbelief; to bring opportunity for those to come on board with My remnant before the day of My return.


 “You see, I always give opportunity. My heart weeps for the lost. But following the 7 years of grace will come 7 years of tribulation. The election promises will be as if nothing is happening in the world. Yet the news bulletins are showing the rise of Babylon. Yet there will be election promises aligned with grace rather than tribulation.


“Be prepared. Your television programmes, web-sites, media activity have been brought about by Me to offer a life-line. Such us My grace.


“At present, they laugh at you. They laugh at the concept of your rescue ark - & I talk of a spiritual ark, in which the righteous run into & are safe.


“Be prepared for a harvest. Accept that those who broke My Mayflower Covenant are under a great curse; & those who plot to change the Coronation Service of Great Britain are those guilty of the greatest high treason.


“I am the Lord: I change not. Elizabeth the first declared a Settlement. To break this is to declare an Un-settlement. For without repentance, no election promise will work.


“As regards to movements stolen from My remnant: My remnant needs to prepare to bring them back into the fold, with leadership that has not bowed to the global order of the enemy.


“I am the Lord. My promise is to those that obey Me & act upon what I say. It is them & them alone who are protected from the curses of antichrist which are about to manifest upon the nations of disobedience, & upon the movements stolen from the remnant.”



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