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Local Government Prophecies

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 14/04/12



“Without this, no council will stand, saith the Lord. Yes, they can show to their electorate what they have done, but they have not shown honesty & integrity. For they have not opened up from the heart.


“You have seen their sin, & I have placed you in position, saith the Lord, to convict politicians of their sin. It is not what they can do; it is the admission of what they cannot.


“Now, I am going to talk to you about the next term of office in these councils. Only those built on the Rock will stand. The fact that you opened up to the whole meeting yesterday, broke something in the spirit so great. It is called ‘admission of a fault.’


You are showing the nation the Christian foundations. And wherever there is a Christian Constitution, there is legal allowance of admission of a fault. The Word declares that you bear with one who is found in a fault; & the fact that you did this, will mean that some will try & jump on the opportunity, particularly if you win. For they do not understand the Constitution of thy nation.


“So you will provide classes for all political parties to understand the Word of God, which the Queen swore on in 1953. None are qualified to stand in office without knowing the Constitution of thy nation. What they need to learn is that all the secret deals behind the scenes will be found out. This is how you are winning the banking cases. The House of Lords gave an edict. Men in government had a secret liaison to suppress what had become law. This is not legal.


“So, the secret liaisons, the covering up of faults, disqualifies men & women from office, under the British Constitution. You in My Name are exposing the sin. Oh, you are exposing the sin; & this is what the people need to know, that only through Christ are we righteous. That is why you are proclaiming His Lordship. You walk in the strength of the Lord, knowing you cannot fail, for you are bringing in the integrity & the honesty of the Lord into the Council chamber, which will convict sinning councillors of their transgression.


“You know, making the stand you are making, of the righteousness of the Lord, is one so vital. For when the time comes of the judgement of the nation, those politicians who have not made the decision for Christ, will be found out; for this is My role for you at this time in these councils: to bring the conviction of the Holy Ghost, & to bring the nation back to its foundation.


“You sang the hymn about the Solid Rock; about all other ground being sinking sand.

“So rejoice: your time has come to minister the Word of God in the seats of government in thy nation.


“The Solid Rock on which I stand; all other ground is sinking sand; all other ground is sinking sand. They have taken the nation into sinking. Only standing on the Rock of Jesus will avoid the drowning of a nation deep in sin.”



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