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As regards to Great Britain pre-Brexit betrayal ran rife in the nation with brother turning against brother, sister against sister. Lack of forgiveness ran high in a nation  intent on competing against each other rather than working together. with the intercession being won over Brexit  we look forward to better days.


The key is for a nation to honour God and obey him which is why each session of Parliament constitutionally begins in prayer to give opportunity for God to speak, rather than ask God's blessing on a session run by a secular humanist state.


The Speaker's Chaplain in the Commons reads the following prayer before each session of Parliament asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


"Lord, the God of righteousness and truth, grant to our Queen and her government, to Members of Parliament and all in positions of responsibility, the guidance of your Spirit. May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind; so may your kingdom come and your name be hallowed.



In the Lord's the following is read ........



One of the following:[518]


Psalms 1, 15, 24, 34 (vv. 1-8), 46, 66 (vv. 1-14, 18), 67, 93, 95 (vv. 1-7), 100, 111, 112 (vv. 1-6), 119 (vv. 33-40), 121, 145 (vv. 1-6 and 21).


The Lord be with you.
And with thy Spirit.
Let us pray.
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.


Our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.


O Lord our heavenly Father, high and mighty, King of kings, Lord of lords, the only Ruler of princes, who dost from thy throne behold all the dwellers upon earth; most heartily we beseech thee with thy favour to behold our most Gracious Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth; and so replenish her with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, that she may always incline to thy will, and walk in thy way: Endue her plenteously with heavenly gifts; grant her in health and wealth long to live; strengthen her that she may vanquish and overcome all her enemies; and finally after this life she may attain everlasting joy and felicity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty God, the Fountain of all Goodness, We humbly beseech thee to bless Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Charles Prince of Wales and all the Royal Family: Endue them with thy Holy Spirit; enrich them with thy Heavenly Grace; prosper them with all happiness; and bring them to thine everlasting kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty God, by whom alone Kings reign, and Princes decree justice; and from whom alone cometh all counsel, wisdom, and understanding; we thine unworthy servants, here gathered together in thy Name, do most humbly beseech thee to send down thy Heavenly Wisdom from above, to direct and guide us in all our consultations; and grant that, we having thy fear always before our eyes, and laying aside all private interests, prejudices, and partial affections, the result of all our counsels may be to the glory of thy blessed Name, the maintenance of true Religion and Justice, the safety, honour, and happiness of the Queen, the publick wealth, peace and tranquillity of the Realm, and the uniting and knitting together of the hearts of all persons and estates within the same, in true Christian Love and Charity one towards another, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


Prevent us, O Lord, in all our doings, with thy most gracious favour, and further us with thy continual help, that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify thy Holy Name, and finally by thy mercy obtain everlasting Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all evermore. Amen.


We use the following scriptures in presenting the prophecies ...


Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)


And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight,and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes,I will put none of these diseases upon thee,which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit.

Despise not prophesyings.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.





*  Need to bring the conviction to both Houses of Parliament the forgetting of God contrary to the Constitution and the Prayer sessions before Parliamentary Sessions.


*  Recognise that this forgetting is the reason for an unhappy nation at odds with each other.


*  The root of the problem of failing hard working people in the running of Charities and small businesses is this and it is this that has to be addressed - the root of the problem and not the victims of the root of the problem.


*  This Ministry to be a "John the Baptist" cring out "Repent! Repent!"


*  Insist that Government stop the slaughter of the innocents.


*  Proclaim the Alarm Call of God.


*  Be honest - admit mistakes - do not cover up!


*  Cry out for full surrender.


*  Expose the Babylonian diplomacy, U.K. & U.S.A. will only be able to stand against Babylonian nations if they turn back to God and repent. Having recently had talks with major British Army Officials we believe this Great British Institution is well placed to do this, it's past victories being because of God.


*  Not allow "the modernisation of the Monarchy."


*  National Day of Repentance.


*  Follow Australian example.


*  Be not offended or disheartened.


*  Importance of tithing both for individuals and the nation to give to those upholding Constitutional Truth.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 18/02/12 “BETRAYAL”


“Thy nation, Great Britain, has betrayed Me. This nation, which was given the title “Great” in relation to its achievements by the grace of God, has seriously betrayed Me. By forsaking My laws, thy nation has come out of the covering of God.


“And so, if a nation betrays Me, it will betray its people. Then the people will betray each other to such a degree, the nation will not stand.


“This is why, everywhere you go, you see a hurt people: families betraying each other; employers betraying employees; & employees betraying employers.


Hard-working businessmen, who put everything into their business, whether it be to their employer, or in meeting obligations set down by accountants, bankers, etc. there are betrayals. Hence the headline about banks betraying small business.


“So, betrayal is running rife in thy nation. From it comes bitternesses & feuds. So how can a nation stand, when it is so divided & full of hurt people?


“Hard-working ministers, who put great effort into the lives of people, then find those people betray the efforts that have been put into them, to be raked off by endless gossips & accusations.


“But the root of the problem comes from the top, with the leadership of thy nation choosing to betray Me. They betray Me by passing laws contrary to the laws of God; thy monarch swearing before Me on behalf of the nation, to uphold the laws of God, & the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, of which you, My children, are ministers.


“Thy role is the John the Baptist one, to cry out “Repent”; for My coming is near. You, My prophets, are so busy, crying out “Repent! Repent! & form relationships again!” For not only has the nation to repent to Me; the call is for the people to confess to one another the faults of betrayal; for that is the only way to bring healing to thy land.


“This is why people look so rigid. You are dealing with a people who have been betrayed. Children about to be born from the wombs of mothers, having their lives taken away by cruel torture, have a right to live on this earth, yet have that right taken away by betrayal. Relationships of heart are rare; for mistrusts are rife; for if the people have been betrayed by one person, they do not trust the other, because they do not want to be caught out again.


“Such is the reason why people do not come & join you. Many agree passionately with what you are doing, but do not come to join you, because others have betrayed them in the past, & they do not want to be hurt again.


“Yet there is a trumpet call in the heavens; a sounding of an alarm in God’s holy mountain. Thy weapon is simply, honesty, being open unto Me & unto the people. Honesty is the key. So many are hurt with being betrayed: in church, in chapel, in business, & in family, because thy nation, instead of holding its obligations to God, has decided to go its own way without Me, the monarchy being a figurehead only, rather than the  representative of God that ensures the nation does not betray Me.


“From the slaughter of innocent children, to the refusal amongst the people to get married, which means a refusal to make covenant, that is, the total giving of one to another. Even in some so-called marriages, they have hold-back clauses.

“You see, with Christ & the Church, there was no hold-back clause. The giving of the Father’s only begotten Son was a total giving, requiring a response from men of a total giving to God. The new gospel is an apparent marriage to God, with hold-back clauses.


“People seem to give their lives to God, but with a hold-back clause: no more cross carrying, or deep surrenders. What you see today is a sinners’ prayer with hold-back clauses, which is why you do not see the support for thy ministry you expect, for if the people are holding back from each other in their own fellowships, how can they support passionately what God is doing in any ministry?


“So, when you cry out for full surrender, when you cry out for deep repentance, you become the lonely voice in the wilderness. For from the seats of government have come law after law in betrayal against God, this whole principle now dominating the people of thy nation, whom you call to repent. But the people respond with a rigidity; for that will mean opening themselves up, the people being in defence mode, rather than an open one, because of the betrayals they have been under.


“This word today comes under the heading ‘Betrayal.’”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/02/12 “BETRAYAL: PART 2”


“The ancient kingdoms of Babylon & Persia have risen up again, saith the Lord, & you have warned thy nation of its transgression against Me; & as in day of old, these now ancient kingdoms are holding nations, which were once obedient to Me, to ransom. Instead of being mighty, thy nations have to negotiate, go step by step, in relation to the peace of the world.


“For so long, Britain & America have operated in the world in a very powerful way. And what they call “diplomacy” today, they would have had the strength to overcome.


“But now there is a rising of nations without the same Christian heritage as Britain & America. In the past, Britain & America have had their foundations in place, to resist the moves of nations which would look to place what is known as the free world, into slavery.


“Now in Britain you have warned of this. You have warned of the moving away from the ancient heritage of Protestant belief; but you have been isolated into a corner; you have been seen as not being credible. You have been the voice crying aloud in the wilderness.


“But the nation has not repented. The nation has not shown interest in being reminded of the things of God. The use the phrase, “the modernization of the monarchy”, which only means the removal of the God-given Constitutional Acts; which you are saying, are still there; & indeed they are; for they have been placed there as the nation’s stability.


“So, what has happened is, that these Acts have been largely ignored, & a building that ignores its foundation, when the wind & rain comes, will fall.


“In your lifetime, you witnessed the Chernobyl disaster by the River Wormwood. In Wales, where you live, there is contamination from that disaster to this day.


“And so, thy nation is under a curse; no longer under the protection that is necessary to resist attack from nations that in the past have placed other nations into slavery.


“So, cry aloud once more to thy nation to repent; but the time is very short. The Government needs to recognise the Constitutional role of the monarchy, not the modernised form of it. The monarch needs, not to call a National Day of Prayer, but a National Day of Repentance. The Government needs to work hard, recognise that all laws that have been passed outside of the laws of God, outside of the provisions of the Constitutional Acts, must immediately be recognised as void; for failure to recognise this, will place thy nation into bondage.


“The nation of Australia is exempt from this bondage because of its recognition of its heritage.


“But as Britain & America bow down to the god of mammon who has brought these nations down, so shall My wrath manifest, whilst I await two nations to get on their knees before Me: that is, Britain & America.


“You can only plead to the nation to take note of the prophecies I have given thee, the widespread ignoring of the Constitution, placing the nation of Great Britain under a massive curse of bondage to another nation.


“So cry aloud, & spare not. Thy meetings will continue to be anointed. There will continue to be a remnant. Continue to advertise thy meetings. Praise Me loudly, just as in the Chronicles passage, & you will see My protection upon thee.


“Plan for coming together into a community; for I tell thee, the time is short; & in these days of uncertainty in the nation, thou needest each other. Thou needest to stand together; for the holding of the nation’s finances has been placed under a foreign power, taking the nation out of its protection from God.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/01/16 

“They Long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock:  

The True Meaning of Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service”

“Why do they long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock? Why are film-makers obsessed with the Ark of the Covenant? Why is there a fascination in this one area of Jerusalem, beneath the Rock over which there is now a Dome declaring that God has no son?

“Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service is not based on this doctrine. It has no roots in the Holy of Holies of God. Archaeologists long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock today. They wander the vaults beneath Jerusalem. Many of the treasures of ancient times are on sale in the Old City, but no one has found what they see as the supreme treasure – the artefacts of the Temple of Solomon.

“But I can tell you where these true artefacts are today. The map of understanding is in the Coronation Service of the British monarch. From the Jerusalem chamber the symbols of British royalty come, the Crown Jewels representing the artefacts of Solomon’s Temple. Oh, how fine they look! But let Me tell you this: they are not the true artefacts of the Temple. Archaeologists dig & dig beneath the Old City, searching for these old treasures, not realising the map, the treasure map, is incorporated in the British Coronation Service & Oath.

“As you walk the Old City, you wander around the shops & bazaars showing mementos of this ancient city. The English are taking an interest in having an anthem of their own, ‘God Save the Queen’ being the British anthem, the Irish having their own, the Scots having their own, the Welsh having their own – so why not the English? The over whelming choice for such an anthem is ‘And Did Those Feet.’ Whose feet? Oh, the English have an anthem that gives Christ the pre-eminence, & that even in these days of secularism & plurality, could the English have an anthem called ‘Jerusalem’?

“Now do you see what is happening? All around you are government agencies with their secular thinking. Yet the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ But where in Jerusalem is the root of all this? Is it at the Western Wall? Clearly not, for this is not of an outer court. This all has great depth to it, as has the meaning of the Coronation Oath & Service. Every court in the land has the crest of the monarch, but who knows what this represents? Rees Howells & his intercession covered the depths of all this. A nation at war needed the depth of understanding to get out of a horrific situation. Like Elijah, Rees Howells controlled the weather, for at Dunkirk there was a calm brought about by the intercessor. A nation at peace with itself understands its Constitution & the meaning of it; & even now, in these depths of despair & apostasy, the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ Where, & why, is Jerusalem at the root of all this? As well as physical diggings under the Old City, there is one place to this day almost impossible to reach, even with all the modern technology. For there are spiritual barriers.

“I have no problem at all in the area of being reached today, for no longer is the Holy of Holies housed in a physical building.

“The Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain is a treasure map. The Word of God is described as the oracles of God, & in these oracles are the treasures of heaven. Yet there are key names in this Coronation Service: that of Zadok, those who minister to the Lord, the royal priesthood of believers. Nathan the prophet is there. The in-depth meaning in the Oath is that prophets judge situations. You are seeing this with Margaret Dransfield now that with her is a passion to judge the injustice of a nation. This is not a male or female thing, for the Ark of the Covenant today is not to be found within the vaults of the Old City. It is to be found in the hearts of the believers. And so, Solomon, Nathan & Zadok are key names within the understanding of the Holy of Holies.
“Thou art to preach on this with all thy heart. For even though the message above the Dome of the Rock is of the god who has no son, all over the world are the sons of God, led by the Spirit of God, the temples of the Holy Ghost, the Holy of Holies of God.

“Yet they look to stop digging beneath the Dome of the Rock, in fear of what may be found. Yet the Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain reveals where the Holy of Holies is: within the hearts of believers. The royal priesthood, the Zadok priesthood that constantly hears from God, is led constantly by the Spirit of God. But as you have found, those in government agencies of Great Britain have looked to muzzle the prophet; yet in Jerusalem they look to find the physical Holy of Holies. They are just a short distance away, yet all around them are the Holy of Holies of today, the temples of the Holy Ghost, & as you reveal this truth of this Coronation Service, let the nation understand it has been muzzling the prophets who are the true judges of the Coronation Oath, & I call upon the Bible College of Wales Continuing to set up a special course on Great Britain’s Constitutional Acts that includes the Coronation Oath & Service, the real meaning of the EU referendum being whether to abandon this, for isn’t it interesting that the interest in an English anthem is in Jerusalem, rather than Brussels?

“So, isn’t it time for the English, Irish, Welsh & Scots to vote for the Coronation Service & Oath, & all it represents, rather than the bureaucrats of Europe, who will sink Great Britain more into the depths of despair, a Great Britain without Solomon, Zadok & Nathan?“And should they at the next Coronation Service look to remove the Oath & Service & replace it with one of a pluralistic society, then the judgement of God will fall, for the nation would have rejected the city the English pine for in their anthem.

“Now, the answer to the question, ‘And Did Those Feet?’ - The answer is, those feet are walking today all around you. For the whole ethos of thy Coronation Service, is the Zadok priesthood, the sons of God walking as Jesus Christ on this earth today. This is the victory. For this sought-after Holy of Holies is in the hearts of believers all around you.

“It is this understanding the Bible College of Wales Continuing is called to bring to the nation of Great Britain, to the Commonwealth, & to the nation of the Mayflower.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/01/16 - 

“The Big Mistake was the Invasion of Babylon”


“Babylon is a key place in the Scriptures. It has huge dangers for those who do not hear from God. Every invasion of Babylon must be led by the Spirit, & be from a country in covenant with God.


“But thou as a nation has broken thy covenant with God. Thou applies the letter rather than the spirit of the law, & you have been found wanting. Like Babylon, you chase the prophets of the Lord, You muzzle them with your procedures & your policies, taking no heed to the vision & passion of Elizabeth the First. You have fallen to the Babylonian rule of law.


“Baal holds sway in the nations of Europe, & you have been found to be in an unholy alliance with nations far from Me, under a Babylonian system of law that convicts on perception & suspicion rather than the reality of a situation in context.


“So, as a nation you have been found to be under a curse, a Babylonian curse that only the Spirit can get you out of. The monarch has to call not only a National Day of Prayer, but a National Day of Repentance to the God-given Constitutional Acts of the First Elizabeth.


“Only being led by the Spirit of God can one invade Babylon, for if there is any hint of the invasion being for financial gain, then one will be found out.


“Why did you not save the suffering Christians of Zimbabwe? Where are the Christian refugees today? And now, you are reacting to circumstances rather than the Spirit; & oh yes, I care for the suffering children, but the solution is by seeking God, not reacting to the circumstance. That is why there is prayer in the House of Commons. But you do not have My Spirit, but you place your prophets under rule & regulation, for thy procedures & policies are high above vision & passion. And as with Sheila’s choice, Sheila placed vision & passion & the voice of the Saviour high above policy, procedure & self-interest.


“And so, if there is to be a Parliamentary enquiry, it needs to be on the basis of vision, passion & self-denial rather than policy, procedure, & best interest of the individual. All this is of Babylon, & by the rivers of Babylon, so shall thy flooded nation fall. For by thy rivers are the seeds of destruction, for you entered the land without the Spirit. You now even place thy soldiers of war under health & safety procedures of policy & regulation, rather than with generals of the Spirit, who take the land as a united body under God. You have now placed thine own troops under the burdens of the rules of Babylon.


“And as I said to the Galatians, ‘Who has bewitched you?’ For you place the burdens of Babylon on thine own nation, of which only the prophets in My name can set you free.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/04/12


“The emphasis in My Word is in the deep love & compassion of Christ. This is no the soppy love of compromise; this is not the soppy love of acceptance of sin; this is the love where one is prepared to die for another. This is the agape love of Christ; & even if a brother be found in a fault, My Word declares to bear with him. If a brother has made a mistake, you bear with him, you love him, & bring him through.


 “The spirit of offence, however, looks for the lightest thing to hold against another; but our unity is in Christ, & Him alone. And this unity is one of the deepest love; the love which sent the begotten Son of God to the Cross; the love which says, ‘Forgive them, Father.’


 “I am bringing together a group of people of such love; deep love, of whom the gates of hell cannot prevail against. Jesus Christ of Nazareth went about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil. I am bringing about such love, those in union with Me will manifest the love that took Me to the Cross. This is the compassion & the love of Christ. And as this love manifests in thy meetings, thou will witness the glory of God in revival.


 “Those however who are offended, offence that leads to bitterness, bitterness that leads to unforgiveness, cannot receive the benefits of this coming revival, which is one of the heart; the deep surrender to God.


 “As I have said, the season of big is coming in. Those of the small I have taken out. Those who have been taken out should have been heart-giving tithers; as Abraham gave his tithe to the table of Melchizedek, I can only have those in covenant with the apostles & prophets, bringing about revival, the tithe being holy unto Me, for it recognises the pre-eminence of Christ at the table of the Lord; for this is the recognition of Jehovah Jireh. The name Jesus is above every other name. And thou hast stood firm on this Name, & revival is happening already, hence the meetings of 4 hours, with you longing for more.


 “The anointings of thy meetings are to increase, as one cries out to Me; the brokenness of man brings the glory of God. The academic understandings of man, as it surrenders to the renewings of My Spirit, God will use that which you have learned by the Spirit of God, in such a way that you will see the manifestation of My glory.


 “Be prepared to hear the trumpeters of God; & the presence of the Lord, as you go forward in My strength, & manifest My joy.


 “Be not disheartened: those of the religious spirit are being removed from thy presence, as I draw those of My Spirit unto thee, to stand at this time of revival, as unified in God.


 “So rejoice, when men say all manner of evil against thee, they misunderstand My Word, & have their love of doctrine before their love of the Lord.


“At this time, I am bringing together My Church, as one in Christ Jesus; that is, the body of Christ.


 “So, give encouragement to those affected by the religious spirit; & go forward in My strength, with My thinking, rather than the analysation of men.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 13/10/13 



 “There is a day coming, saith the Lord, that the cries of the people will cease. They suffer in their sin. They suffer in their solitude, in living a life without Me. They suffer in their mental incapacities, for they have minds stirred up with the lusts of the god of this world, rather than the renewing of the Spirit by Me.


“Britain, in rejecting its own constitution, is like a house rejecting its own foundations. Every day the house is shaking; for when a nation forgets its Constitution, there is only fears and insecurities and medical services unable to cope with the demand.


“There is only one solution, and that is, Come back to Me. This lack of coping has nothing to do with population control; it has everything to do with rejecting the nation’s own Constitution.


“There are huge resources on the earth to cope with growing populations. The lack of coping in Britain has everything to do in denying the Queen’s own Coronation Oath, rather than having an abundance of population. She promised faithfully to Me to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. She has failed in this task; and unless she leads the nation back to its Protestant roots, she will be seen as the failure of all time in destroying a nation by taking it away from its own foundations.


“She must become as the first Elizabeth, who restored the nation’s foundations away from Catholicism and the stars of Mary.


“The monarch is obligated to suppress foreign infiltration. This she has failed to do, thus denying what the first Elizabeth brought back to our nation.


“The second Elizabeth must declare her oath again. She has opportunity to do this in her so-called Christmas Day message. The conviction of My Spirit is upon her, to keep the demands of the nation’s Constitutional Acts, which thou hast faithfully brought to the public eye. Thou hast tackled the banking community with this; but all they have done is laugh at you, in the same manner that they laughed at Noah and his ark. The banking community already is drowning in its own corruption.


“You have brought conviction to the political parties of thy nation. Are theystanding on their own constitution and heritage? Indeed not. They have chosen to stand on philosophies of Egypt, to place the people under the slavery of the Pharaoh.


“Thou hast been the Moses, taking on the institutions of the Pharaoh on behalf of the people; but the people have murmured against thee refusing to set forth for the Promised Land, preferring to wallow in the slavery of Egypt.


“But I have sent thee the cloudy pillar of the Holy Ghost, from whence the healing stream doth flow; for thou hast given opportunity to the people to face the Promised Land. Opportunity is being given at this time for the nation to repent before God and return to its Protestant Christian heritage. But it is for the monarch to repent before the people in her“Christmas Day” message; for this is My conviction upon her, to be as the first Elizabeth, rather than be under the demonic clouds of present day political parties, who have placed the nation under the Treaty of Rome rather than keep the Coronation Oath; rather than keep the Elizabethan Settlement, which God demands the whole nation embrace.


“So be warned, Great Britain: come back to Me. For without Me there is no foundation.”


[DPG: that is a national warning]

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/06/15 

“Will You Bow Down to Secular Humanism?”


“This is the question of the hour. Will you bow down to men who work things out through the mind, rather than being led of the Spirit? Because how can a man of the world judge a man of the Spirit? “The answer is, he can’t.


This is why the First Elizabeth placed the Spirit above the temporal; for the temporal forever changes. There are eras. Thou has identified in My name 3 eras of the last 30 years. But over time, there are many eras. What is consistent is that the prophet looks ahead & lives within God’s ideal, which never changes, whereas men’s eras forever change. They change the words of their Bibles to suit the era in which they live. The 27th. edition of the Nestle-Aland text underlying all "new translations" in its introduction admits this: 
The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies it has served as the basis  for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. This marks a significant step with regard to inter confessional relationships. It should naturally be understood that this text is a working text (in the sense of the century-long Nestle tradition): it is not to be considered as definitive, but as a stimulus to further efforts toward defining and verifying the text of the New Testament .........   


“But God’s Word never changes. The prophet lives by the never-changing Word. In Great Britain & throughout the world, laws change all the time. But God’s Word never changes. “So, the prophet lives within the thinking of the never-changing Word, whilst the accuser thinks within the narrow perspective of what is politically correct within a particular era.


They will always try to imprison & trap the prophet, for he lives within a completely different perspective of never-changing to forever changing. “Within Daniel’s era was a demand to bow down to a foreign power, as there is today; as there is a demand to bow down to law-making & law applying without the use of the Spirit. “The 1534 Act of Supremacy does not allow this. For this demands increase in virtue of Christ’s religion.


So within the context of law in Great Britain is the demand for increase in virtue. Thou has operated for years this way in thy ministry. This is not strange to thee; but for those trained under the era of secular humanism, this comes as quite a shock, as it is a demand in British law, & you are making sure this is applied, as is your right given to you by your present monarch in her Coronation Oath. “It is for you to see it is applied, because why else would the monarch swear before God, on the holy oracles of God, oracles brought about in the Coronation Service that emphasises the priesthood of Zadok.


“These are the fundamentals of British law; for without these understandings, there can be no accurate application of British law. For it is this that the crest above every judge’s chair represents. It is this that the testaments sworn upon in every court of the land contain. So without these understandings there can be no successful application of British law.


“Hence Christians throughout the land are being persecuted by law of the secular state rather than the spiritual one. In thy on-going case at this time, there needs to be understanding of the tongue-speaking prophetess. Prophets & prophetesses always forsake all. It is in their nature. This does not have to be forced or manipulated by men. They just want to do it. For as Christ gave His all, so will the prophet or prophetess. It is their nature. It has nothing to do with mental capacity or understanding; for the prophet or prophetess is fundamentally a spiritual being, who cannot be understood through the natural mind. “Such was Daniel. He would not compromise to the era of the day. Neither would Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego.


Neither would Jeremiah, Isaiah & all the Minor Prophets; & neither would the Son of Man compromise to fit the narrow perspective of the era of which He was on the earth. “And He is still on the earth, within the hearts of the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ. The local law-makers & appliers of the day could not stand it. And this is the decision for Great Britain to take: the wide perspective of the Constitutional Acts, or the narrow application of law that has come out of the era in which you live, an era based on the Age of Reason, rather than that of Elizabeth the First, who heard from God & established law, & the way it was to be applied; a lady who would not tolerate foreign influence on British laws; a lady who would not tolerate the thinking of the mind above the thinking of the Spirit.


Hence there is the Constitutional demand to always place the Spirit above the temporal. For it is from the heart thou believest unto righteousness; for the letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. “Daniel did not bow down to the era in which he lived, & was prepared to forsake all, including his life. This is how thy ministry operates. “Rejoice & be exceedingly glad.


For they persecuted the prophets before thee, & they persecute thee today, in the same manner as they always persecute the prophets. “For the prophets thinks wide, & the accuser of the brethren in the narrow perspective of law, without the spiritual understanding. “Thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/06/15

“Without These Four Words, a Nation Will Collapse”


“These words, unless they are fully embraced & understood, will bring about collapse to the health service, & education system, a justice system, a business system – all of these will collapse without these 4 words. “For is a nation brings in foreign philosophies & understandings without these 4 words, then the people of that nation will become confused, stressed, & without hope.


Crime rates will soar, education standards will suffer, for without these 4 words, children will never understand from where they have come. Businesses will be about greed, the spirit of mammon, rather than personal share. One will look to get one over on another. “These 4 words are the foundations of the very earth. Without these 4 words, there is no hope for anybody. Suicides, depression, mental afflictions, will increase all over the world without these 4 words. “So, what are these words, & why are they so important? ‘In the beginning, God.’ You cannot run an education system without these 4 words. The philosophies of men are nought without these 4 words. Scientific opinions are nothing, without the fundamental of these 4 words; & from these 4 words comes the Father’s sending of His begotten Son. For to dismiss these 4 words is like unto a building that dismisses its foundations. It will fall. Dismissing these 4 words removes the covering of God on a nation.


For without God’s foundation, the nation will have to stand on its philosophies & scientific discoveries, the fruit of which is now evident all over the world. “These 4 words bring life, & life in abundance; & from these 4 words comes the great I AM; & from here comes the ‘I am’s of John’s gospel.


“‘Will you give heed to this?’ is the question you will give to the people, of the creator God who sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. “But unless you believe these 4 words, then you do not believe in Him. For there are forms of Christianity who deny these 4 words; who deny the Genesis accounts; for to deny Genesis is to deny the seed of Abraham; is to deny the fall of Adam; is to deny how God flooded the earth. To deny Genesis is to deny God.


“The warning thou shalt given is not to touch this book, but to embrace it as holy writ. “I come shortly, to take up into the air those that fully embrace these 4 words. What will the world be like then, without those who embrace the first 4 words of the Word of God, ‘In the beginning, God’? “They play around with scientific experiments.


They control people through their doctrines of lack. Yet, they do not understand these simple 4 words; that if only a nation would embrace these words, the fish will return to the seas, the land will overflow with crops. For unless one embraces the Book of Genesis, then one is denying the God of the universe. “And a word to the scientific community: With your minds you have come nowhere near understanding how the worlds were created. Only those who embrace Genesis know.


You have tried to work out the evolution of man; & have come nowhere near in that understanding. “Instead of looking at the Word of God, you look at the created of God; that if only you had spent your time in the study of the Creator, rather than the created, then you would have come to successful conclusions. But instead, you embrace what you see; & what you see bears no relation to what My Word declares. For it is by Him, the begotten Son of God, were all things created. “So, a nation without Genesis, is a nation without foundation; & whilst the nation was teaching this, there was security for its people.


What happens to a building without its foundations? The answer to a nation’s problems is in these 4 words: ‘In the beginning, God.’”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 27/06/15

“They Worship at the Thrones of Satan (who the ‘they’ is, will be revealed)”


“As regards to Great Britain, the First Elizabeth rescued the nation from the claws of Satan. From whom, & from what, did she rescue it?“Who the ‘they’ is, is clearly acknowledged in the Constitutional Acts of the nation.


The ‘they’ are those who, as a matter of law, fail to increase ‘virtue in Christ’s religion;’ those who continuously look to place the nation under foreign powers &|influences, philosophies & lifestyles, alien to the ‘Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ & the propagation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only way, the only truth, & the only life; & that the seed of Abraham is only those who are Christ’s & Christ’s alone.


“So, who the ‘they’ is, is extremely clear: those in government who fail to ‘increase virtue in Christ’s religion,’ those who allow for infiltration into political & legal systems, & those who fail to govern the country according to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; those who fail to propagate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, clearly have another god, the god of this world, the other Jesus, to whom such political leaders clearly give homage; & this is done in houses of worship where Christ does not live. For Christ does not live in holy places made with hands. So then, who does?


“All kinds of philosophies, influences, alien lifestyles to the Constitution, have crept into the nation, & sin abounds; & the righteous are persecuted like never before.“So, who are you to follow? Clearly the answer to that is in My Word. Those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.“So who then, in British government, is an example of such a son? The answer is in the First Elizabeth & her Settlement. What has been settled?


That the nation is a Christian nation on its own; a nation that had an Empire that it influenced with Christianity. Yet there were those even then who were of the ‘they,’ who applied law rather than mercy.


Hence, the Empire was lost, Ghandi acknowledging that if he had found a real Christian, he would have become one.“So, India was lost by those of the ‘they,’ & even now, Britain has rebelled against God by neglecting the nations of the Empire, now the Commonwealth. Had the monies that have gone into Europe gone into Britain’s covenant partners, then all would be prospering at this time. But those of the ‘they’ look to kill, steal & destroy.“Hold fast to the Settlement, My dear children. For in it are the words of God, to keep thy nation settled. For without heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, then the nation will be unsettled. So, what kind of nation do you have today? A settled one, or an unsettled one? The answer is in the existing Constitutional Acts.


To tamper with the Coronation Oath will be an act of high treason. For the Second Elizabeth is oath-bound to keep the words of the First, & politicians working under her dare not operate with alien philosophies & lifestyles contrary to her oath, they themselves commonly taking oaths on the King James Bible. It is they who worship at the throne of Satan, for they fail to take heed to the contents of the Bible they swear on, & fail to take heed to what the monarch swore to God in 1953.


And even now, they plot to bring the nation under further foreign power.“Oh, how there needs to be those standing on the rock of the Lord Jesus, to bring settlement again to a nation who have those who worship at the throne of a foreign power, rather than to the God the monarch swore to in 1953.“The warning is here. Babylon arises. Turn away from God, & what is in the Bible you swore on will happen again to a nation that fails to heed to the warnings of God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/09/15
“Laws that Declare ‘Right’ Wrong, & Wrong ‘Right’”

“This is the base of so many laws today, the righteous therefore becoming the sinner, & the sinner becoming righteous, within the context of the new breed of law-maker.

The new breed of law-maker has lived through 3 eras, in which the criminal has been protected, God, the Bible & the Constitution removed from everyday life, & now the era of the righteous becoming the criminals & the criminals becoming the righteous, all this within the context of the plains of Megiddo getting ready for the final confrontation, & nations that were once of God having to get ready for the coming of the Lord.


“Now, the root of all this is the fact that both nations & movements have been taken away from their foundations. Now, what do the true righteous do? “(1) Bring it all out into the open, & have policy to put it right. I use the word ‘policy,’ for it is commonly used by the new law-makers. They commonly say, ‘Have you a policy for this, or a policy for that?’


They place heavy emphasis on regulation. It is the acts of the false law-makers, for they control the people through their policies & regulations. They look to protect the vulnerable, yet their laws & regulations have in fact brought aboutthe vulnerable, for where there is letter of the law operating in society, stress levels reach unbearable proportions, & a generation of vulnerable people is born. So indeed those looking to protect the vulnerable are the reason why there are so many vulnerable people.


You are living in an era of vulnerable people because what is right has been made wrong, & what is wrong has been made right.“


(2) Government says the vulnerable are to be protected. This is the clarion cry of the nation’s social services. So let us look at the record of government in protecting the vulnerable.


  • The most vulnerable member of society is the unborn child. What is the government record here?

  • The hospital patient, who they are now plotting to allow to die. So what is the protection of the vulnerable here?

  • The Liverpool Care Pathway Programme, in which an unwilling patient has been allowed to die through starvation. Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?

  • The protection of the disabled. What about the disabled in the womb? Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?


“So the list goes on & on. So if you have a society in which right has become wrong, wrong has become right, then how can that society look after its vulnerable people?“(3) Now let us look at how My remnant protects the vulnerable.


  • You allow the Spirit of God to lead in all situations. ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ (Romans 8:14)

  • The vulnerable are treated as equal (on being born again) that is, those with the understanding. For the Spirit is pure, rather than infected by law-makers who have not given heed to the nation’s Constitution. So the peace of the vulnerable comes through personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, & the life, rather than the accursed laws of government that have through over-regulation brought about the vulnerable into in the first place, the socialist agenda having a criteria of having those overseers above equality, to oversee a socialistic equality which cannot exist under such control. The difference therefore between those who keep the nation’s Constitution (I speak in relation to Great Britain & America, & other nations who have followed this model) is that if foundations be respected, then there will be stability in society, in which right will be right, wrong will be wrong, law will be applied in mercy, & that the Bible which is sworn upon commonly in Britain & America & other countries, will be understood as the base of those laws. This is why, in the recent case involving thy ministry, the case has been proven to be a complete shambles, because it has come out of 3 eras of rebellion that have displeased Almighty God, the instigator of the nation’s Constitution through Queen Elizabeth the First.

  • To put the nation right, there has to be a recognition that signatures to foreign powers cannot replace the Constitution of the nation, of a constitutional monarch, & of course I speak here of Great Britain, but also America; because of the covenant of the Mayflower, all this applies in America too, that the 3 eras of rebellion have indeed brought about the large number of vulnerable people which government through its social services now look to protect. Yet the protectors are the ones who have brought about the vulnerable in the first place!


“The priority therefore, is to immediately stop the slaughter of the innocents, both able & disabled, in the womb. For if you genuinely protect the vulnerable, you will protect the most vulnerable.


This is most important, for to kill a child in the womb is to break the most basicof the Ten Commandments, also to promote sexual immorality amongst young people, of having children without Mum & Dad, of the removal of family life, is bringing about a whole new criminal breed because of insecurity in the home.“Now, I could go on & on about the repercussions of making right wrong, & wrong right; of the hypocrisy of modern laws to protect the vulnerable.


For how can any of these laws be legal when the basic tenet of protecting life has been so dramatically ignored? Within this context, the righteous have become the sinner, & the sinner has become the righteous; & the prophet of God brings all this out into the open, & he becomes the biggest ‘sinner’ of them all. For the new law-maker has pride in their laws, for they do not like being found out. For just as Elijah found out the prophets of Baal, the modern law-maker has been found out today.


“So, when they debate assisted dying today, is this debate based on destroying life, or protecting it? Is it about putting a death sentence on the vulnerable, or about seeking God for the restoration of the vulnerable? Is it about the devil coming to kill, steal & destroy, or about Christ Jesus, who came to bring life, & life in abundance?Thou hast already witnessed how God protected the vulnerable through thy ministry in the Sri Lankan war.


Who they accuse of being vulnerable today, was one who entered a war-torn hospital without medicine, drugs & doctors. All they could do was call upon the prophets of God, one of whom they call vulnerable today. Yet within her, she had the power of God to save those crying out in pain, because of war wounds so great that only those moving in the power of God could master. “The one they call vulnerable today still has that power within her.


You see, because the virtue of God, so demanded in the Constitution of Britain & America, is so powerful that by its application, that which is seen to be vulnerable becomes strong, & the strong becomes vulnerable, for that those without God are indeed the most vulnerable, for it is these who walk the cliffs of hell, it being JesusChrist who takes one out of vulnerability, & Him alone, not those who have brought death to the laws of nations with Christian constitutions. It is not them who can assess vulnerability, it is only God; which is why George Washington said you cannot govern without God & the Bible; why President Reagan emphasised virtue & intercession so strongly, whilst President.


For it is only with these understandings that true laws in line with the Constitution can come into practice.“For without this, according to the constitutions of Britain & America, these new laws of the new breed are not laws at all. For how can it be a law, that makes the righteous a sinner, & a sinner the righteous, how can it be a law, that makes right wrong & wrong right? For on this basis, nations & societies & movements will fall.


This is why there are so many described as vulnerable today.”

Word from the Lord through David  Griffiths, 27/06/12



“The prayers which have been set for Parliamentary sessions, are a period of time where parliamentarians are to hear from God & act accordingly.


“As Church & state are constitutionally not separate, the judgement of God is well & truly upon parliamentarians right now. Their decision to place the nation under foreign princes, away from the constitutional monarch, is one that is bringing God’s wrath upon the nation.


“I have said before that the spiritual covering upon the nation has gone, & the nation is open to attack from any quarter. Whilst My protection is still on My people, whether they be in Parliament or not, there is huge danger in relation to the parliamentary buildings, wherein it has to be remembered that the Gunpowder Plot as foiled.


It does not mean it will be foiled today; for the protection of God is not upon that building at all. There is, of course, huge natural protection; but the problem with that is, that those intent on bringing destruction, are spiritually motivated. For the one responsible, as those spiritually motivated in his hands.


The country has now to repent before God; to repent of multi-faith, modern laws, inconsistent with the Constitution; the serious slaughter of the innocents; & placing the nation under foreign princes.


“The nation’s error in putting on the Olympic Games, will be clear for all to see. These Games have pagan roots, & are operated by those who give allegiance to Baal, rather than God.


“The nation itself has been kept ignorant of its Constitution; & you, My children, are constantly reminding the nation of it. Those who have run the banks of thy nation must realise banking is local, not global; & that bank managers are not to be bound by rules preventing proper business relationships.


Banks are to pull down their altars to Baal, & start coming under the Christian Constitution of the nation, it being significant that when banks turn away from God, & adopt love of money philosophy, they collapse, financially & administratively. The reality is, they are in trouble, because they have forgotten God.


“So I am calling you, My children, to continue to expose that which has infiltrated thy nation. What has come in are demonic forces intent on bringing destruction. For every moment an M.P. stands in Parliament overseeing the slaughter of innocents, it is a sowing into death, rather than life.


“I say unto thee, that each M.P. supporting the slaughter should be brought to justice accordingly, for being an accomplice to murder. Every M.P. who supported the move of coming under a foreign power, should be brought to justice for high treason.


“And I have called thee, as clergy of the land, to return the nation back to God, under His protection, & under His law, which the head of state stated on oath that she would ensure it was kept in the nation.


“This has not happened. Hence the wrath & judgement of God is upon establishment Church & nation.”


[see also Hosea, chapters 7-9]

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/12/12 



“I am very concerned in Britain that the nation is suppressing the people to behave under the auspices of a global totalitarian world. In this, free speech is supressed. In this, the ability to defend in a court is taken away; and what happened at the Olympics was a handing over to powers who had looked to take over Britain for some time. These powers look to change Britain into a totalitarian state; a state where people can no longer make their choices, for they will be forced to bow down to the god of this world, rather than the God of heaven.


“The monarch has failed in her obligation to uphold the Protestant religion established by law, as she said she would do in her oath to God. This failure has come due to a bowing down by government to a global legal structure, rather than the one that came about through the Protestant Reformation, which she promised to uphold. The Elizabethan Settlement seems such a long way away now; but the freedoms the nation has enjoyed through it are still available for those who make a stand for the Christian nation, rather than the totalitarian one.


“Those who plot to remove the Constitution of thy nation must be brought to account; for this is high treason, to remove all the auspices of the nation’s Constitution, so as to give power to the gods of the Olympics, rather than the God of heaven to whom the Queen swore.


“The nation is under a curse, of breaking its promises towards God; and because of that curse, the God of heaven demands full adherence to the One who took the curse for the nation, if the nation would only repent. Repent of the innocents being slaughtered from the womb, id the very first step. Repent of the lying together of man with man, rather than embracing the Ephesians 5 model. Repent of the way elderly people, disabled people, are treated in the context of removing from them the ability to follow God. The removal for the elderly people to pass on the faith to the younger generations, and to the disabled people, the widespread use of the cures of the occult, rather than the healing power of Jesus Christ.


“Yet the nation goes through its festivals and days, and observance of days, which mean nothing to Almighty God. What makes the angels rejoice, is a man accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour; of a woman bowing the knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and of a child being taught the faith and Constitution of the land. On putting these matters right, we can then look at Britain being prosperous once more, and having a world-wide position, with its own manufacturing base, rather than having to bow down to totalitarian rulers, with their global brands and infiltrations.


“You have observed the coming in of foreign systems into the courts of the land. Your work in correcting the courts is vital; for unless the court upholds the meaning of the crest above the judge’s seat, then each conviction is void, because of the lack of adherence to the monarch’s promise to God.

“Totalitarianism; or the Protestant religion established by law. Totalitarianism, and the god of this world, versus the blood-releasing power of God, of a Saviour who shed His blood to enable man to be set free from the powers of a totalitarian state.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/04/12 “WARNING TO ‘GREAT’ BRITAIN”


“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet, who stood in thy Parliament & warned of rivers of blood.


“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet on earth today, who warned of repressing thy Constitution, to allow for multi-culturalism, multi-faith, & the abomination of bringing together the prophets of Baal with evangelical Christianity. This mix will bring blood to the streets.


“In Australia, to counteract this unsettlement, they laid on the line the Christian heritage of the nation; that all cultures are welcome, on condition they give heed to the Christian heritage of the nation. So it should be in Britain.


“My prophet has issued warning after warning to the nation. He is not racist, as God is not racist. God is no respecter of persons. But what God is saying is this: everybody living in Great Britain must give heed to the Constitutional Acts if the nation, else be convicted of high treason. For these acts relate to the promise of a monarch to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.

“Now, the warning is clear. My prophet will be informing the nation of what the Queen promised to Me. By giving heed to the promise, the nation receives a protection from God. I refer the nation to Deuteronomy 28, of the blessings & curses.


“Now, this dead religious form of Christianity will not stand; & those being called to join you, must be prepared to give their all, & hold nothing back.


“And so, this calling of God which thou hast, is to stir up the old paths; to have a nation once more under God, so as to move thy nation forward

it has to be on the old foundation.


“For the tensions between the different cultures, all having agendas of their own, is going to spill out on to the streets. You will see extremists on all sides; & as you have witnessed, thy nation has even given its law-making powers to the Babylonian controls of Europe, that one cannot even deport an extremist when one wants to.


“But this is only one extremist. There are many on all sides of the cultural platforms, which are building up into violent extremist organizations throughout thy nation.


“This prophet of God is saying this: unless the monarch enforces the Christian heritage, as indeed the Australian government did, then thy nation will collapse, into civil war between the many cultural groups, who will develop violent extremists of their own; that what was witnessed in Norway will become a violent threat in Britain.


“Now, the prophet of God speaking now, is giving the solution. God is no respecter of persons; but anyone living in Great Britain who fails to give heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, is in fact guilty of high treason, & a stirrer of racial hatred. For the nation will have failed to enforce that whoever comes to live in Britain must give heed to its Constitution, which is the stability of the nation.


“Now, My prophet has spoken in love. My prophet enjoys portraying the love of Christ Jesus, into all cultural backgrounds. He embraces the principle of the parable of the Good Samaritan. He is a peacemaker, but not a compromised when it comes to the Constitution of the nation, which all must adhere to.

“By failing to teach the nation its Constitution, has resulted in a nation not at peace with itself. The pantomime of the mayoral election in London needs to be replaced by candidates who fully embrace the Constitution of the nation. For, without a Constitution, a nation will fall; & extremists will take their hold, & bring violence to the streets, which has already been witnessed.

“And this prophet’s warning to the nation, that failing to give heed to the Constitution will bring the rivers of blood My prophet in Parliament warned about years ago.


“This prophet, who was ostracized for being racist, was simply giving the warning of God, who is no respecter of persons.


“What the Parliamentary prophet warned about, is now happening; & the prophet I am speaking through now, is warning likewise, with the solution of portraying the Queen’s promise to the nation.


“Now, this prophecy is to go on the Christian Financing site; for failing to give heed to the nation’s Constitution obviously bring financial ruin to that nation, the principle of what I am saying today being in Deuteronomy 28.


“Now, My prophet enjoys talking to Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu people, etc. & shares the gospel. There is love in this message today. For men have a free choice of which god to follow; but only one religion has the Cross of Calvary.

“For all men must come, of whatever background or race, to receive the eternal salvation that is available to all, through the shedding of the Saviour’s blood.

“Now is the nation going to have its people, of whatever race or background, washed on the blood of the Lamb, or is the nation going to lay itself wide open to the John 10:10 warning, of a counterfeit “god” of this world, who comes to kill, steal, & destroy?


“For it is that god that will manifest in Britain, unless the nation comes back to the Saviour portrayed in the Coronation Service of 1953.


“That is My warning; a warning which needs to be understood clearly.

“Do not accuse My prophet of being racist, as you accused My Parliamentary prophet. For My prophet loves the people so much, of whatever race or background; but warns that they must give heed to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, else be guilty of high treason.


“For coming against these Acts, is coming against the promise of the monarch to Almighty God, the nation needing to realise that what was promised on Coronation Day, God keeps the nation to.


“Thus saith the Lord: this is a warning from the throne-room of God. Give heed,or pay the consequences of the one who will come to kill, steal & destroy (John 10:10).”




“They turn to the scientists rather than to the Word of God. The scientists can come out with many complex explanations, which usually result in further application of law against the people. Psalm 91 gives a better explanation, for if thy nation had kept to its Constitution, then the consequences of sin in the world would not have come nigh thy country. Instead, thy country prefers to rely on the scientists, and must now pay the price for that.


“Deuteronomy 28 gives a better explanation. For the scientist places blame on the way people travel rather than the way they behave. It is sin that brings the curse, rather than a ride in a motor vehicle, or a flight to a far-off place. The issue of sin & corruption is the issue that government needs to address, rather than everyday human behaviour.


“Moving from the philosophy of increase to decrease has brought about the present conditions for plague & pestilence to touch thy land. Thou art right to grow thine own vegetables in the circumstances you find yourselves in. For thou art coming in to a time of major pestilences upon thy land (that is, the land under government control). For thy government has sinned against Me, saith the Lord, for by Me were all things created. For I called for man to join with woman in marriage – that is, in covenant, a union of increase rather than decrease; & thy nation must face the consequences of breaking its own Constitution to allow the lusts of sinful man to take a hold.


“Bringing in laws to appease the Green movement is not the solution to these pestilences & plagues. Not even a National Day of Prayer is the solution; only National Days of Repentance before Almighty God, to whom thy monarch swore allegiance to keep the laws of God.


“Thy monarch is to keep a separation between Christendom & My true Church: that is, those of My body; & to bring persecution upon My body is one of serious crime before God.


“My remnant, according to the British Constitutional Acts, has to be protected. Neglecting those obligations in favour of global law, is one of serious crime before God; & whilst those under rebellious government law come under the plagues & pestilences which are placed upon the land, it shall not come upon My remnant who uphold My law. The consequences of sin are there for all to see. Putting trust in the scientists is not the answer; only repentance before God.

“Thou art to preach the cross; for individuals can seek refuge in Almighty God. The latter rain revival is to bring in all manner of souls into the kingdom. There will be dissatisfaction among the people over scientific explanations. Thou hast the answer. Thou hast the solution. This comes in only one name: the fullness of the Godhead bodily.


“They walk in the paths of Christendom; thou walketh in the paths of Almighty God, completely protected from the plague. The humanistic spirit trusts in man’s explanations, whereas thou knoweth thou art in union with the Lord.


“So rejoice & be glad, for the conditions have come for a mighty harvest of souls. This is why you work so hard: to bring life to thy nation, rather than the death of ungodly union.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 30/08/14 “Honour My Oath”


“Now, you have proclaimed yourselves to be a Protestant Reformed nation. Indeed, the oath given in 1953 declared that the Protestant Reformed religion is established by law, meaning that unless you as a nation expand on that statement, then you are in breach of your own law.


“Now, as this is an oath to God, it is I you as a nation face in relation to the keeping of that oath. Now, what have you as a nation done to increase the Protestant Reformed religion established by law? Now, by increasing the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, you are in covenant with God. By being in covenant with God, the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 apply.


However, by not acting upon the oath, the curse of Babylon will be upon thee.

“How many warnings have My prophets got to give? My first priority is to save the babies from slaughter. You continue this mass slaughter. Whatever a man shall sow, so shall a man reap. Thy Prime Minister himself admits that Babylon is on the rise; so why not do something about it? Admit thy obligations to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, have national days of repentance, & tell all those in so-called ‘multi-cultural Britain’ that there is only one religion established by law, & this is so established that your nation’s life depends on it.


“Now, this Constitution allows for freedom of choice in the nation. What it does not allow for is for Queen & government to blatantly ignore & not keep to the oath of thy monarch. It does not allow for this.


“My prophets will require the freedom to proclaim My warnings, & are being protected from years in bondage which thy nation is already in. Thou hast broken My oath. You admit yourselves the rise of Babylon. What happened to Israel when she broke My oath? And your Coronation Service has references to the coronations of Israel. Yet you blatantly deny My oath, & place yourselves right into the hands of Babylon.


“Why can you not see it? It is so obvious. The protection of God depends on obedience. It is so obvious. You slaughter the innocents & you reap the same upon thy people. Why can you not see it? The plagues are all around you. What is on your news bulletins just now? Babylon & plague. Yet you do not see it. It is there before you!


“What is the solution? The solution is for the monarch, the Prime Minister, to stand up & say, ‘We as a nation have sinned against God.’ You say, ‘We have slaughtered the innocents. We have promoted immoral practices in our schools. We have allowed for the matrimony of decrease rather than increase. We have denied the one way to God, thus denying the Cross & all that the Cross means.

“There is only one Saviour; yet you proclaim yourselves to be multi-cultural, multi-faith. Yet there is only one Saviour, who went to the Cross.


“And so I call, through My prophet, for there to be a statement before the people that we have sinned against God. We have sown death rather than life; & we require the blessings of God rather than that which Babylon has to offer us.

“Now, My prophet of the 95 Theses is available, as Daniel was available, to be called up before government to explain the requirement of God. He will go into great detail of what God requires; but the first stage is that simple statement, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There requires there to be a re-establishment of the Settlement of the first Elizabeth. All of that needs to be put into place in practical application. The Act of Settlement needs to be re-affirmed, & all links to Romanism cut off.


“For what is the Protestant Reformation religion but to cut off links with Romanism & all its Egyptian bondage? My people struggle with their rules, regulations, policies & procedures. What is that but Egyptian slavery? It requires a repentance.


“My prophet is here to go through what is required in re-establishing the Elizabethan Settlement; but thy leaders are responsible to start the process off. ‘We have sinned against God. We repent before the people, & declare before You that we will honour the oath of our monarch, & all the Constitutional Acts around that oath – yes, all of them!’ My prophet has studied them, & is available to assist in placing all those demands in practical application. By giving him a seat in the House of Lords, he can sit with the bishops, to insist that they too are upholding the Constitutional Acts of the nation. Unless every peer can affirm these Acts, they are indeed no member of the House of Lords, for that is their duty, to affirm the oath of the monarch.


“So the forthcoming election, with its promises based on economic prosperity, are as nothing, for My oath has been broken. If you honour what thou hast promised to Me, then all the blessings of Abraham shall come upon thy nation, on condition you re-affirm My oath & re-establish the Settlement of the first Elizabeth before the people, without fear of the reaction of minority groups who look to affirm the liberalism of acts against God, which you are now even teaching thy children to honour, rather than the oath of the monarch before Almighty God.


“Well, I leave it with you. My prophet is available, but can do nothing till the monarch & Prime Minister declare, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There is no point of him even speaking to you until thou hast made that statement. Then My prophet can go through all the demands of the Constitutional Acts. He loves it. He lives by them, because they are life rather than death.


“You will regret not keeping My demands; for by your own admission, Babylon is rising. How do you defeat Babylon? Simply honour that which you have promised to Me.


“Thy monarch & Prime Minister need to humble themselves before God & say, ‘We have sinned against you.’ This is My decree this day, My prophet’s Theses are before you. You have ignored them, as have the denominations to which they were sent. My prophet wakes up night after night with these prophetic utterances. His wife writes them down. They get put on the internet. Yet you ignore them.


“This time I cry out to you: ‘Ignore not the cry of My prophet, & the prophets all around the world.’ For if you look at My Word, My apostles & prophets are the foundations; the foundations of My Church, of which I am the Head of the corner, the chief cornerstone of what is My body, of which the gates of hell cannot prevail.


“Oh Great Britain, thou hast sinned against Me. The time is now to repent, & save the innocents from continued slaughter. For that is the abomination I face each day, of breaking your promise before God to bring life rather than death, that is, the death of sweet, innocent children; that is, the death of no children within marriage; & that is, the death of disobeying the oath of the monarch, that has placed thy nation under the hands of a foreign power, that is implemented over-regulation, the consequent stress, & the consequent strain on thy Health Service, for continuously it deals with those coming under the strain of over-regulation rather than the freedom the Protestant Reformed religion gives.


“Scotland had John Knox to ensure this freedom, its monarch betraying the freedom of the Protestant Reformed religion. I say to you, Repent now. Keep thy United Kingdom together, as a kingdom of one faith, its righteousness being in God, rather than the multi-faith culture which thou hast embraced.

“Thy monarch promised to uphold this. Thy covenant with America is included in this, that the threat of bondage in Britain is also the same threat on USA, because of the covenant between two nations.


“So this obligation is for the President to hear, as well as the monarch & Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/04/15
“There is Nobody to Champion My Cause”

“It is for My ministers, My prophets, those of the House of Lords, to champion & uphold My cause. For to remove the House of Lords’ role is to remove those who have responsibility to uphold the Protestant Constitution of thy nation.“Now, this prophecy deals with the Constitutional foundations of the nation; deals with the Coronation Oath to God; the Elizabethan Settlement, & all the Constitutional Acts around the monarch.

Also, it deals ethically, ethics being important because of its emphasis on life & not death, the majority of the political parties looking to uphold death & not life, as regards to the child in the womb, which took noplace in the politicians’ debate - & this is number one on My agenda.

“However, I want to deal with the Constitutional side first, simply because this Constitution to which I refer, willsave the child in the womb, will also saveyou, as they gather around you at this time to destroy you, because of thy stand for the Protestant heritage of thy nation, & the financial commitment you, thy trustees, & member, have put into it.

“There seems to be no place in a politicians’ debating chamber for the truth of God’s Word. Yet what did the monarch, who remains Head of State through it all, swear in 1953? Surely each party, as in government they have to affirm loyalty to the monarch, should say something of their responsibility towards the monarch’s oath? This protects the nation from the letter of the law infiltrations of foreign powers. It protects the legal system from oppressing those whoupholdthe monarch’s oath. 

For at this time, those upholding the oath are being isolated, marginalised, & kept down from speaking out the will of God, which is an embarrassment to all those upholding foreign agendas.“Scotland is surging under an apparent nationalist agenda; yet it is a nationalism passionately desiring to live under a foreign power, Scotland apparently choosing a lowly position in the European Union rather than a primary position in the United Kingdom.“Where is My Protestant voice from Scotland?

Who is contending in the seats of government, like My prophet who took on the Romanist order, who took on the Scottish monarch looking to place the nation under papal power;& today has arisen anew Mary, Queen of Scots, who charms the people toaccept the stars of Mary; toreject the Protestant Constitution, & abolish the House of Lords.

“Who is to be the prophet of Scotland, to restore the nation back to its Protestant roots? Who is to enliven the Celts to realise that the paganism of this present order isnot of God,not of the Celtic saints, but of the infiltration that is dominating the now divided, rather than United, Kingdom.“Nothing is being said along these lines.

The voice of God& the heritage of Great Britain is being ignored; & those who uphold this heritage are being held back by modern-day letter-of-the-law procedures, policies & regulations that are holdingallthe people in the chains of the Pharaohs of a foreign power.

“We then heard the voice of a Green movement intent on preaching their doctrine of lack. ‘The world can’t sustain its people,’ it declares. Where isthat in My Word? ‘We need to place evenmore regulation on the people, for the world can’t sustain itself.’ Where isthat in My Word?

“The movement emphasises that which changes, like climate, rather than the One whonever changes, whose stability is the Rock on which the world can grow, &adequately feed its people in abundance, should the message of My Word come across to the people.“But was this Word given in the politicians’ debate? We heard from Wales of a party not of Lewis Valentine, the Baptist minister of the North, but of another agenda, agenda akin to the Druidic past rather than the Christian present; of a nation in defeat, rather than a nation taking a primary position in the UK; which Scotland is doing, except it is doing this with the wrong agenda, toremove the Constitution rather than embrace it.“Those embracing the independence message mention not the Christian heritage, but are of a mixture of different philosophies, we knowing that a kingdom divided cannot stand.

“Yet, it be a party determined to take the country out of the European oppression, & in that & that alone, it has My support. But where does it stand on ethics? It fears to raise the subject of morality, for fear of losing its support from its divided philosophers.

“We fail too to hear the Non-Conformist cries of Lloyd George in the present-day Liberal Party, a far cry from the talks on the beach with Churchill, to uphold the Constitution of Great Britain. Where isthat with the present-day Liberals, who want to sell out the nation to the idols of Brussels, whose icons are clear to see?

“And so, we come to what are known as the two main parties. Will they protect the prophets of God in upholding the Constitution of the nation? Will they uphold the monarch’s oath? Will they uphold the Union flag with gusto, showing that a nation under God will prosper, & recognise that the prayers in Parliament are not to be of vain repetition, but to be a time of hearing from God, & beingobedientto God?

Which main party leaders are saying, ‘I will get on my knees, hear from God, & obey His Word’? Who is to do this? My main hope therefore in the Parliamentary debate, was to hear from those upholding the Protestant Constitution of the nation; & the one party who would have done this, was not allowed to attend, whose voice was suppressed, yet it represents the votes ofsomanypeople, the Irish voice being ignored.

“What kind of debate was it that suppresses the voice of My Constitution? The answer is, the voice of sand. For facing Britain is the rise of Babylon, just as in Old Testament times, the Coronation Service of Great Britain based on the coronation of the kings of Israel. And so, to see what is happening in these days, one only has to turn to the pages of My Word, to see what happened to My Old Testament prophets, as they cried out for their nation;& thy ministry has become the prophetic voice shouting in the wilderness, they gathering around at this time to gag thee evenmore; to place thee in chains, as Paul & Silas; for the voice of the Lord willneverbe suppressed.

For there is coming a time of such judgement on Great Britain that it is only the voice through the prophet who can return the nation back to the stability of its Constitution. “For it is thisProtestantvoice that has given the liberty of choice to the people, but has clearly shown there to be only one Saviour, the Saviour whoislife, health & peace. Isn’tthat what the nation needs – life, health & peace, rather than being placed under the slavery of foreign powers? Where wasthatvoice in the politicians’ debate?”  

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/10/14

“There’s Only One Jail Big Enough”


“As the present generation looks to judge the sins of past generations, it needs to be understood that this is the duty of God; & whilst, in effect, under the monarch’s crest, the monarch taking responsibility in God’s name in relation to justice, it also has to be understood the impossibility of the task.


“There is no jail big enough to take the sinners of past generations, except one, called hell-fire. And as it is not My will that any should perish, the effort going into the catching of the sinners of past generations should instead be transferred to the root cause of all these things. The effort should be on this root cause, for the present generation has not acted to remove the gross sins of politicians who brought in acts of Parliament that have killed, stolen & destroyed.


“These sins go on today; whereas commonly, 80-year-olds have stopped the sins of their youth, government continues its sin of aborting My babies; its sin of promoting immorality in schools; & its sin of stealing from the people resources that do not belong to them.


“Dealing with this on-going sin is where the effort should go, whereas dealing with the sins of past generations is My role.


“This is how I deal with sins of past generations: on those alive, I convict with My Spirit, but in Western countries there are intellectual barriers to faith, which is the result of the introduction of false philosophies into the education system, which is now over-stretched, over-stressed, built on sand, & not fit for purpose. For instead of teaching the basics of the Word of God, the system has chosen to bow down to the idols of philosophy, the idols of false science, the idols of the Green movement, rather than simply believing in the God who created the heavens & the earth.


“This is why there is so much stress about. People under stress look for escape routes. So, because of the fact that the laws which cause stress are not being removed, then there are many more sinners for the government to deal with, when in fact the biggest sinner is themselves.


“So again, I call for National Days of Repentance; as I have already stated, the build-up to the General Election is full of party manifestos that think they can do something. I am looking for a party that can do nothing; a party that will be an empty vessel for Me. For by My Spirit, I deal with the root problem of sin; & the true party, led by the Spirit of God, will remove that which has come to kill, steal & destroy.


“Oh yes! The Name which is above every other name has to be exalted in thy nation; & as that Name is exalted, so sinners of the past generations will come & repent, there then being no need to put them in prison. But those who maintain the status quo of abortion, over-regulation, & putting the nation under a foreign power, there is a jail reserved for them which will last for eternity, unless they repent before God, & bring the nation back to its Christian Constitution.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/04/12



“My will is to be done on earth, as it is in Heaven; & I am dealing in this ministry, with battle-weary saints.


“I thus give this instruction, as a solution to the present situation:


“(1) Note that I have delivered thee from the curse of the law. What you are dealing with today, is a regulation-ridden country that has lost its heart. A nation that goes from one extreme to the other, is very difficult to keep up with. Remember My Word: ‘the letter of the law killeth; the spirit giveth life;’ & that you are facing is a spirit of the letter of the law, which comes to steal, kill & destroy.


“(2) You certainly need a strategy of God, in relation to present circumstances. Remember My Word, that wisdom is the principal thing? You are to await My wisdom in the present circumstances.


“(3) Rest: you need to rest all this in Me.


“(4) There will be an action Word in relation to all this technicality. As I have already stated, I am bringing forth a revival, & there are those coming to thee who are able to bring financial solutions to your situation. Continue to submit to Me. My Word must go forth, remembering thou must be above the letter of the law world. The world is becoming, to fulfil that which God has called thee to fulfil.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/09/12



“The understanding you need to give to public bodies, professional advisers, & the public at large, is that before major growth can occur in the Church, there are 3 factors which occur before that growth.


“Now, before I give you the 3 factors, it has to be understood by the bodies listed, that when I say, ‘The Church in Britain,’ I am talking about the Church the monarch promised to propagate in her Coronation Oath, & that this Church is established by law, & is Protestant Reformed. As this is the Church the monarch promised to propagate, any actions against this Church, under British Constitutional Law, is high treason.


“The 3 factors are these: suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“Now, this is something the secular humanist finds hard to grasp. They have all their sophisticated regulations, to prevent there being growth of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. You see, sophisticated regulation protects the humanist Church from suffering, persecution, & turmoil. It becomes well organized, disciplined, with proper wages for its workers, & pensions; thus preventing suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“And so, this Church becomes a nice business, opening the door for millions to spend an eternity in hell.


“Through its suffering, the true Church identifies with the poor. Through the persecution, it learns to rely on Me, rather than its own sophistication; through the turmoil, God gives word, to bring a sophistication no secular humanist can reach. For when God builds His Church, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


“All the reformers, & founders of true Christian charities, knew this; & I have serious regulatory concerns about Christian charities who have gone the way of the secular humanist, with their sophisticated job titles, wages & pensions, yet without their full surrender to Me, their qualification being a secular degree, rather than their full surrender to Me.


“Woe unto this new sophistication! My Word declares I am looking for fools, rather than humanistically trained sophistocats. My Word declares you have got to become a fool before you can become wise; & this occurs through the 3 factors: suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“Now, your Charity has all these elements. The Reformation had all these elements. The way your nation stood up against Roman domination was because of all these elements. Britain became Great Britain because of these 3 factors. And so, for a government body to demand the sophisticated factors of secular humanism, goes against the very heart on which the nation was built.

“So you have these 3 factors: suffering, persecution, & turmoil. This is what the great Christian charities of the nation need to return to; for through these factors I am building My Church, whilst the movements which have been stolen into secular humanism have their elements of natural growth, which forget the ancient landmark on which their movements were built, their founders going through suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“So you see, they see that you do not fit into the mode of present-day society, & they try to destroy you; & I tell you, the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.

“My Word declares to rejoice when you come under diverse temptations. For through it, I am building My Church; & those who know the history of Britain will understand its growth under God came through suffering, persecution, & turmoil.


“This is a message not only for your ministry, but for the nation at large to understand. Its sophistication has failed; & that the nation will grow again, on condition that the nation puts aside its secular humanist organization, & learn to be moved by the Spirit of God, which is why all places of government traditionally have ordained prayer times, before taking decisions in government.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 30/04/15

“The Ring of Satan”


“This has gathered around you, so as to kill, steal & destroy. Be not surprised; it is there in My Word; & the Lord Jesus is well pleased with thee for thy openness to those with the government enquiries, which were there of Satan’s doing, so you would go down under the letter of the law that killeth, it being the Spirit that giveth life.


“It would seem that thou hast been attacked from every corner, that there has been a ring of Satan; a ring being round, a round table of those looking to destroy thee through the letter of the law that killeth.


“Over the last years, one has faced up to so many challenges, one after another, that there now needs to be an examination, that how through one named man, that so much of government resource be placed against thee; how one man could have a ring of people sending in complaints against thee, from every corner, to government department after government department; & how this one man has been protected, & allowed to do so much harm.


“However, thou walketh the higher plane. Those who walk the lower plane would have been destroyed long ago; & as these enquiries continue against thee, in a nation that has ignored its Constitution, one insists that the words ‘by My Spirit, saith the Lord’ take the priority, for that is the demand of the British Constitution, that each government department understand things by the Spirit first, which is the whole nature of the Constitution. If government kept to this, there would be no NHS crisis, no corruption in banking circles, grown-up human beings instead of babies in buckets, dying because of the letter of the law that killeth; laws passed by Parliaments that thy former headmaster exposed as being controlled by a paedophile ring.


“You see, Satan operates in a ring, a paedophile ring; & in thy case, a ring of legalists that are causing just as much damage in relation to the taking over of movements & nations, it being significant that the term ‘round table’ is commonly used today, where people sit in a ring to plot their way forward, instead of keeping to the Constitutional demand to hear from God before making laws, the laws they have used against thee being from the round tables of men rather than those who attend prayers in the House of Commons & Lords, seeking God’s direction over the way things should go, the nation’s leaders choosing the round table, the ring of Satan; hence the over-regulation & abortion of babies. The letter of the law killeth, which is why the Spirit has priority over the letter in the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the Mayflower Compact in America.


“So one says, as prophets to the nation, ‘Is it to be the ring of Satan, the roundtable approach, or politicians who will get on their knees before God & repent, & seek the Lord on the way forward? Or is it to be after this Election, another 5 years of over-regulation & stress on the people, placing strain on medical resources, the letter of the law that killeth; or is it to be a return to the ancient landmark of Elizabeth I, who in her Settlement placed God on the throne, the God that brings life, rather than the death of the ring of Satan she exposed in her Settlement?’


“My Word declares to remove not the ancient landmark; & thy nation has sinned against Me & the very Constitution which I have set before thee.


“It is time now for the remnant to rise up, to take charge over rebellious movements & nations, exposing their wicked ways. For thus saith the Lord through His true prophets, the counterfeits having been exposed by those speaking My Word in power. For thou is speaking in line with My prophets of recent times, for thy colleague Oliver has spoken the Word in My anointing, that those of Zadok must rise up to set the people free from the bondages of round table ministries, round table governments; indeed, the rings of Satan which thou art called to destroy in My name. For this is why the Son of Man was manifest: to destroy the works of the devil. For thou speaketh on this earth in My name. Whatsoever thou shalt bind, & whatsoever thou shalt loose in My name has to fall.


“As they persecuted the prophets before thee, so they persecute you. But My name is high above the ring of Satan, a ring whose plots against thee have already failed. For My name is higher, My name being of the resurrected Christ, who died & rose again so that thou can stand against all these attacks, victorious.  For I rose again & have given thee all authority over the devil & his cohorts. Thou speaketh the Word of the Lord. So, it is so. The victory over these attacks thou hast been under is complete, for thou hast declared the name of thy glorious Saviour.”



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