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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/06/15

“The Heart of the Elizabethan Settlement: Spirituality versus the Temporal”


“Overriding every British law, is the oath of the monarch to God. Before considering the implications of any British law, therefore, the crest of the monarch & what it means has to be fully considered. This is also the case in USA, in relation to the flag of the nation.


“But in Britain, it is that crest above the judge’s chair that is all-important. What this crest stands for, is a covenant with God; for at the heart of it, is not the application of law, but in the way law is applied.


“Now, another aspect of legal cases in Britain, is the use of the Bible in taking oaths. Now, My Word declares not to swear. But you see, I judge the spirit of things; so I place the spirit of an action first. So, if something is said, like in the Coronation Service of 1953, within the context of a Coronation Service, emphasising the priesthood of Zadok, I expect legal cases to take place within this context; so that judgements take place from those who hear from God, rather than those who apply law by the letter, a concept unknown under British Constitutional law.


“So, there are some interesting factors here. The crest represents an oath given by the monarch to God, & all that means. In courts of law, testaments are used on which to give an oath. So, what does ‘testament’ mean but covenant? So, in the crest, there is spiritual covenant. In a court case, there is swearing on a covenant, meaning what is in that covenant has to be applied in that court case. And finally, what is the implication of law-making itself within both the Lords & the Commons? What is said constitutionally before every law-making session? And what have we witnessed recently in the swearing-in of new MPs? What Book was predominantly used? The answer, as regards to law-making sessions, is that prayers are said before the session.


“Now, to me what this means is, guidance from God is being sought; & we have just witnessed new MPs swearing on the KJV, meaning they will uphold all the pages of this Book in their parliamentary careers.


“Everywhere you look in regard to British law, therefore, there is spirituality. So why then, in their law-making & applying, do they give priority to the temporal, & to the academic understanding, thus giving priority to the letter of the law that killeth, rather than the Spirit that giveth life?


“This is the heart of British law: ‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord,’ meaning, not by the cleverness of men, but in the acknowledgement of man’s inability to apply the law, which is why under British Constitutional law, the Spirit is given priority over the temporal.

“Now in this era, of the sinner becoming the prosecutor, & the righteous becoming the defendant, everything has been turned upside down. For when the temporal is given priority over the Spirit, there is an act of rebellion going on to the very Constitution & heart of the nation.


“So the demand of the Christian in legal cases must be that the Spirit takes charge over the temporal; & so this places a new light on recent legal cases, your demand being that the British Charity Commission act as the Commission of agape rather than regulation, which is how Christian charities began in Britain, that the Office of the Public Guardian recognise deep spiritual covenants, the mind being renewed by the Spirit in given situations; that if a person, directed of God, decides to forsake all, as Peter did, the apostles, & indeed others in thy ministry, then this is recognised in British Constitutional law as a covenantal decision, the crest of the monarch representing a covenantal decision, Elizabeth the First taking Britain back from the rebellion of the temporal to the security of the Spirit, all the oath-taking in legal cases all give emphasis to the spiritual rather than the temporal.


“So, this is your case. The Spirit has to take priority; & in thy case with the Office of the Public Guardian, there has been complete mental alertness within the context of spiritual covenant. This has manifested out in front of witness after witness, that there has been the passionate embracing of God’s Word, & actions taken accordingly; which is the way Constitutionally thy nation is supposed to be run.


“This is the way thou has run thy Charity; by the heart of the Constitution rather than the letter of the law of the temporal. This is why, David & Lindsay, I have placed thee into high places of government, so that this realisation comes to pass in thy nation before it is too late. For thy nation will destroy itself through letter of the law application of the temporal, the letter of the law killing, & the Spirit giving life.


“So, to conclude this message of today: the temporal will always go to the narrow application of law, relating to one particular Act of Parliament, or even more. For your demand is that this question be asked: What is the wider context? What is in the Book so many swear on? What does the crest represent? And above all this, what did thy monarch swear unto Me? What is the context of all the Constitutional Acts around her?


“These are the questions thou art putting towards government offices of the temporal today. For court case after court case is going against those upholding the Constitution of thy nation at this time. And the reason for the righteous becoming the defender, & the sinner the prosecutor, has clearly been given in My word today. For rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft. The letter does kill & destroy; & then who is the god of the temporal? The one whose mission is to do just that.


John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”


“Hence you have a nation bound by the letter of the law; & even those you deal with in government offices, they are afraid – very afraid.

“So who has given this spirit of fear?


2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

2 Corinthians 3:5-6 “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God;


“Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”


“Now, My instruction to Great Britain at this time, is to recognise thy covenant with God, which places the Spirit above the temporal. Now, it is plain for us to see that thy health services & social services are not coping with the level of stress in the nation. Now, ask yourselves this: What is the giving of prayers before each Parliamentary session for? What does the Oath of the monarch & the Constitutional Acts represent in the crest, & really mean?


“I ask you, David & Lindsay, to make yourselves available to a Parliamentary Committee to consider these issues. And your answer will be Exodus 15:26, the first covenant promise of God.


“You see, the prayers before each Parliamentary session are not those to say words of endless repetition, but are these to bring the conditions for the hearing of God in those sessions. This is the heart of thy Christian nation. The searing upon testaments at the beginning of Parliament by MPs, in court cases throughout the land, means that this Book is being given priority in relation to the outcome of such cases, & in law-making. And because this has not happened, the application of thy laws from the temporal, rather than the spiritual, base has caused so many deaths in an over-stressed, over-stretched country, that health & social services simply cannot cope.


“If therefore law is simply applied by the Spirit, which is the Constitutional demand, then the truth of Exodus 15:26 will bring life to the nation, & take the strain of thy health & social services. For you will truly be honouring God.


“In thine own case, with the Office of the Public Guardian, have they truly considered of a lady who was prepared to give her life to save others? She entered the Vavuniya hospital in the height of the war, showing no fear whatsoever. This hospital has no medical supplies whatsoever, & no doctors; only the suffering of war wounds, & war-related stress.


“What this lady did, was hearken to the Lord; & you see, My very first covenant promise can apply to a nation just as it can apply to an individual. ‘If you hearken…’ She hearkened, & brought life to dying people, whose cries of war in the name of Jesus were changed to shouts of delight; of wounds healed & pains gone. For running alongside My very first covenant promise, ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee,’ comes My last word of My earthly ministry, ‘They shall lay hands on the sick…’


“Whom they accuse of being mentally incapable obeyed God & brought about the fruit of a lady truly moving by the Spirit, whereas the fruit of Britain today is a nation wounded by over-regulation, with the question that needs to be asked: ‘Can we bring the nation back to its Constitution, rather than the letter of the law application of the temporal, that brings death rather than life?’


“This word from the Lord this day is to be heeded by all those involved in thy legal cases. For what thou hast shown in the running of thy Charity is how the nation is to be run, by heart rather than the letter; & it is this that thy team, including Sheila, has stood on for many years.


“This is My word this day. Thus saith the Lord: give heed & practise. For what thy ministry practised during the Sri Lanka war, is what thy nation can practise today, & bring healing, rather than the manifestation of the letter of the law that killeth. Life under the British Constitution takes precedence over the letter. For it is My Spirit that giveth life, & the god of the temporal who giveth death.”


2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

Romans 10:10 “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Instructions from the Lord re an email to be sent to Dylan:


“Email to Dylan, saying in relation to the Office of the Public Guardian report, This is our position, as our stand is a covenantal one with Sheila, Sheila being well aware of this covenant; & this prophecy will be read to her in the coming weekly meeting of this intercession group of which she is 100% mentally aware, as the meetings are held in the Spirit, & the Spirit renews the mind.


Romans 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.


“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”


“Tell Dylan Sheila is fully aware of what has gone on, making her decision by the Spirit to give to this ministry, of which not one penny is to be given back; & that her heart is to remain in this intercessory group, of which she has been a member for many years, & that her actions by the Spirit, particularly in being prepared to give up her life for the Lord, forsaking all to the Lord, have been done by the Spirit rather than natural coercion, the Charity being one which has always placed the Spirit first, & that for this care in her latter years, she has paid much in insurance money over the years to cover this; & that this taking over of government of her affairs, has been entirely against her will; & that there needs to be an understanding in her family, & with all government agencies involved, that under British law, the Spirit takes priority over the temporal, & this is the context of these legal matters today.


“Now, this word is to be placed under ‘Prophecies’ on the Constitution Keepers web-site; is to be placed on an on-going ‘Prophecies’ section in the 7-year Business Plan on the ECCTV web-site, & that the intercession teams can then refer to the on-going Prophecies page on the ECCTV web-site.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/06/15

“Will You Bow Down to Secular Humanism?”



“This is the question of the hour. Will you bow down to men who work things out through the mind, rather than being led of the Spirit? Because how can a man of the world judge a man of the Spirit?


“The answer is, he can’t. This is why the First Elizabeth placed the Spirit above the temporal; for the temporal forever changes. There are eras. Thou has identified in My name 3 eras of the last 30 years. But over time, there are many eras. What is consistent is that the prophet looks ahead & lives within God’s ideal, which never changes, whereas men’s eras forever change. They change the words of their Bibles to suit the era in which they live.


The 27th. edition of the Nestle-Aland text underlying all "new translations" in its introduction admits this: 
The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies it has served as the basis  for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. This marks a significant step with regard to inter confessional relationships. It should naturally be understood that this text is a working text (in the sense of the century-long Nestle tradition): it is not to be considered as definitive, but as a stimulus to further efforts toward defining and verifying the text of the New Testament ......... 


“But God’s Word never changes. The prophet lives by the never-changing Word. In Great Britain & throughout the world, laws change all the time. But God’s Word never changes.


“So, the prophet lives within the thinking of the never-changing Word, whilst the accuser thinks within the narrow perspective of what is politically correct within a particular era. They will always try to imprison & trap the prophet, for he lives within a completely different perspective of never-changing to forever changing.


“Within Daniel’s era was a demand to bow down to a foreign power, as there is today; as there is a demand to bow down to law-making & law applying without the use of the Spirit.


“The 1534 Act of Supremacy does not allow this. For this demands increase in virtue of Christ’s religion. So within the context of law in Great Britain is the demand for increase in virtue. Thou has operated for years this way in thy ministry. This is not strange to thee; but for those trained under the era of secular humanism, this comes as quite a shock, as it is a demand in British law, & you are making sure this is applied, as is your right given to you by your present monarch in her Coronation Oath.


“It is for you to see it is applied, because why else would the monarch swear before God, on the holy oracles of God, oracles brought about in the Coronation Service that emphasises the priesthood of Zadok.


“These are the fundamentals of British law; for without these understandings, there can be no accurate application of British law. For it is this that the crest above every judge’s chair represents. It is this that the testaments sworn upon in every court of the land contain. So without these understandings there can be no successful application of British law.


“Hence Christians throughout the land are being persecuted by law of the secular state rather than the spiritual one. In thy on-going case at this time, there needs to be understanding of the tongue-speaking prophetess. Prophets & prophetesses always forsake all. It is in their nature. This does not have to be forced or manipulated by men. They just want to do it. For as Christ gave His all, so will the prophet or prophetess. It is their nature. It has nothing to do with mental capacity or understanding; for the prophet or prophetess is fundamentally a spiritual being, who cannot be understood through the natural mind.

“Such was Daniel. He would not compromise to the era of the day. Neither would Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego. Neither would Jeremiah, Isaiah & all the Minor Prophets; & neither would the Son of Man compromise to fit the narrow perspective of the era of which He was on the earth.


“And He is still on the earth, within the hearts of the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ. The local law-makers & appliers of the day could not stand it. And this is the decision for Great Britain to take: the wide perspective of the Constitutional Acts, or the narrow application of law that has come out of the era in which you live, an era based on the Age of Reason, rather than that of Elizabeth the First, who heard from God & established law, & the way it was to be applied; a lady who would not tolerate foreign influence on British laws; a lady who would not tolerate the thinking of the mind above the thinking of the Spirit. Hence there is the Constitutional demand to always place the Spirit above the temporal. For it is from the heart thou believest unto righteousness; for the letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.


“Daniel did not bow down to the era in which he lived, & was prepared to forsake all, including his life. This is how thy ministry operates.


“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad. For they persecuted the prophets before thee, & they persecute thee today, in the same manner as they always persecute the prophets.


“For the prophets thinks wide, & the accuser of the brethren in the narrow perspective of law, without the spiritual understanding.

“Thus saith the Lord.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/06/15

“Without These Four Words, a Nation Will Collapse”


“These words, unless they are fully embraced & understood, will bring about collapse to the health service, & education system, a justice system, a business system – all of these will collapse without these 4 words.


“For is a nation brings in foreign philosophies & understandings without these 4 words, then the people of that nation will become confused, stressed, & without hope. Crime rates will soar, education standards will suffer, for without these 4 words, children will never understand from where they have come. Businesses will be about greed, the spirit of mammon, rather than personal share. One will look to get one over on another.


“These 4 words are the foundations of the very earth. Without these 4 words, there is no hope for anybody. Suicides, depression, mental afflictions, will increase all over the world without these 4 words.


“So, what are these words, & why are they so important? ‘In the beginning, God.’ You cannot run an education system without these 4 words. The philosophies of men are nought without these 4 words. Scientific opinions are nothing, without the fundamental of these 4 words; & from these 4 words comes the Father’s sending of His begotten Son. For to dismiss these 4 words is like unto a building that dismisses its foundations. It will fall. Dismissing these 4 words removes the covering of God on a nation. For without God’s foundation, the nation will have to stand on its philosophies & scientific discoveries, the fruit of which is now evident all over the world.


“These 4 words bring life, & life in abundance; & from these 4 words comes the great I AM; & from here comes the ‘I am’s of John’s gospel.

“‘Will you give heed to this?’ is the question you will give to the people, of the creator God who sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.


“But unless you believe these 4 words, then you do not believe in Him. For there are forms of Christianity who deny these 4 words; who deny the Genesis accounts; for to deny Genesis is to deny the seed of Abraham; is to deny the fall of Adam; is to deny how God flooded the earth. To deny Genesis is to deny God.


“The warning thou shalt given is not to touch this book, but to embrace it as holy writ.


“I come shortly, to take up into the air those that fully embrace these 4 words. What will the world be like then, without those who embrace the first 4 words of the Word of God, ‘In the beginning, God’?


“They play around with scientific experiments. They control people through their doctrines of lack. Yet, they do not understand these simple 4 words; that if only a nation would embrace these words, the fish will return to the seas, the land will overflow with crops. For unless one embraces the Book of Genesis, then one is denying the God of the universe.


“And a word to the scientific community: With your minds you have come nowhere near understanding how the worlds were created. Only those who embrace Genesis know. You have tried to work out the evolution of man; & have come nowhere near in that understanding.


“Instead of looking at the Word of God, you look at the created of God; that if only you had spent your time in the study of the Creator, rather than the created, then you would have come to successful conclusions. But instead, you embrace what you see; & what you see bears no relation to what My Word declares. For it is by Him, the begotten Son of God, were all things created.


“So, a nation without Genesis, is a nation without foundation; & whilst the nation was teaching this, there was security for its people. What happens to a building without its foundations? The answer to a nation’s problems is in these 4 words: ‘In the beginning, God.’”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 27/06/15

“They Worship at the Thrones of Satan

(who the ‘they’ is, will be revealed)”


“As regards to Great Britain, the First Elizabeth rescued the nation from the claws of Satan. From whom, & from what, did she rescue it?


“Who the ‘they’ is, is clearly acknowledged in the Constitutional Acts of the nation. The ‘they’ are those who, as a matter of law, fail to increase ‘virtue in Christ’s religion;’ those who continuously look to place the nation under foreign powers &|influences, philosophies & lifestyles, alien to the ‘Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ & the propagation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only way, the only truth, & the only life; & that the seed of Abraham is only those who are Christ’s & Christ’s alone.


“So, who the ‘they’ is, is extremely clear: those in government who fail to ‘increase virtue in Christ’s religion,’ those who allow for infiltration into political & legal systems, & those who fail to govern the country according to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; those who fail to propagate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, clearly have another god, the god of this world, the other Jesus, to whom such political leaders clearly give homage; & this is done in houses of worship where Christ does not live. For Christ does not live in holy places made with hands. So then, who does?


“All kinds of philosophies, influences, alien lifestyles to the Constitution, have crept into the nation, & sin abounds; & the righteous are persecuted like never before.


“So, who are you to follow? Clearly the answer to that is in My Word. Those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.

“So who then, in British government, is an example of such a son? The answer is in the First Elizabeth & her Settlement. What has been settled? That the nation is a Christian nation on its own; a nation that had an Empire that it influenced with Christianity. Yet there were those even then who were of the ‘they,’ who applied law rather than mercy. Hence, the Empire was lost, Ghandi acknowledging that if he had found a real Christian, he would have become one.


“So, India was lost by those of the ‘they,’ & even now, Britain has rebelled against God by neglecting the nations of the Empire, now the Commonwealth. Had the monies that have gone into Europe gone into Britain’s covenant partners, then all would be prospering at this time. But those of the ‘they’ look to kill, steal & destroy.


“Hold fast to the Settlement, My dear children. For in it are the words of God, to keep thy nation settled. For without heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, then the nation will be unsettled.


So, what kind of nation do you have today? A settled one, or an unsettled one? The answer is in the existing Constitutional Acts. To tamper with the Coronation Oath will be an act of high treason. For the Second Elizabeth is oath-bound to keep the words of the First, & politicians working under her dare not operate with alien philosophies & lifestyles contrary to her oath, they themselves commonly taking oaths on the King James Bible. It is they who worship at the throne of Satan, for they fail to take heed to the contents of the Bible they swear on, & fail to take heed to what the monarch swore to God in 1953. And even now, they plot to bring the nation under further foreign power.


“Oh, how there needs to be those standing on the rock of the Lord Jesus, to bring settlement again to a nation who have those who worship at the throne of a foreign power, rather than to the God the monarch swore to in 1953.


“The warning is here. Babylon arises. Turn away from God, & what is in the Bible you swore on will happen again to a nation that fails to heed to the warnings of God.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/06/15

“The Special Relationship”


“A lot is spoken of the special relationship between UK & USA; & I have placed thee in positions of power in government for one job & one job alone: that is, to uphold the special relationship between UK & USA.


“Now, what is that special relationship? It is about those of holiness & righteousness, who left the shores of Great Britain to found a nation based on holiness & righteousness. Holiness & righteousness is not a thing, but a person.


“So, when I say unto thee, that I am placing thee into seats of government for one purpose & one purpose alone, & that is, to uphold the special relationship between UK & USA, that special relationship being built on Puritans leaving the shores of Great Britain to produce a Compact in the United States, a Compact of holiness & righteousness, I am saying unto thee, I am placing thee into positions of power to uphold Christ Jesus Himself, & Him alone.


“I have given thee the strategies of God. My business plan (economy of souls) contains these strategies for every aspect of life. But I speak to thee today that there has been a breaking of this holy Compact before God. Now, let us go into this in more detail. The foundations of Great Britain were clearly established under the First Elizabeth, & in the Coronation Service of Her Majesty the Queen (or King). Examining the service is key to understanding where I am coming from in relation to this Compact.


“Now, it is noticeable in the United States the tremendous interest there is in the British monarchy. Now, what, constitutionally, does this monarchy stand for? Now, I am dealing here with the ‘It is written’ rather than what is practised today. There is a difference. First, there is a difference between the ‘It is written’ & to the ‘It is practised.’ This is what you are going to point out. The Holy Ghost is going to use what you have studied on the British Constitutional Acts; & they apply just as much to America as they do to Britain & its Commonwealth. Now, when there is a breach of a Constitution, Satan will be at the head of that breach. But the Mayflower Compact is a covenant before God; & with covenant comes forsaking; & the Pilgrims forsook all, to found a nation in the New World that would be on fire for God.


“So, ‘forsaking’ & ‘covenant’ are very much part of this Compact; & when we study the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, the monarch is in fact giving the nation over to Almighty God; & study of the Coronation Service shows that the oracles of God are given a higher position to that which General Elections in Britain, & Presidential Elections in the United States, are based on.


“Personal greed was never the vision of those that founded modern-day America. For at the heart of this special relationship are the oracles of God, not the love of money, which is the root of all evil. Legal cases time after time again are based on the love of money, & the use of money, rather than the oracles of God, that shows man’s priority. But the special relationship between Britain & America has always been based constitutionally on forsaking all to follow the Christ, & being in covenant with Him. A nation prospers in relation to these points.


“Now, this relationship today is under great threat, because the fundaments points of this relationship are not being addressed. Hence I place thee in seats of power, to ensure that these points are addressed. They will tell you these points are of the past; but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever. So if Jesus Christ is the same, then that which founded America, that which is of the British Constitutional Acts, remains exactly the same.


“This is why I place thee in the seats of power: to talk of My Compact between Britain & America, the special relationship; the relationship that will beat Babylon, on condition that the fundamental points of the Compact are kept to in their entirety. There can then be a true Thanksgiving Day, which Britain can take a part in. But before the feasting, has to come a humbling of two nations who have ignored this Compact, & what it means.


“Thou art being brought into power so as to bring understanding of this special relationship of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

“[A note here to politicians of Britain & America: at the time of the Second World War, the nations were turning in prayer to God; & great victories were won during that war, because of the position of God in society. The deliverance of Dunkirk was one of these miracles. But the greatest miracle of the Second World War, resulting in the victory over evil, was the Battle of the Atlantic. It was on these waters the Pilgrims sailed.]


“Oh, foolish, foolish nations! How you have forgotten your heritage! Now, governments on both sides of the Atlantic are passing laws contrary to the Word of God, & so you cannot expect the miracles I gave thee in World War II to apply to thee today. So, you face Babylon by yourselves.


“Now, the miracles can come back, but there is a condition. It is for governments of Great Britain & America to repent before God, of breaking the seal of this Mayflower Compact; that instead of righteousness & holiness, thou hast promoted sin & fornication. The key to a return to the benefits of the Compact – that is, the Covenant – is for both nations to repent before God; for Great Britain to study its Constitution; teach the people what it contains & what it means; & have only those remain in the country, of whatsoever background, understand it has to be honoured. For thy monarch swore it would be, to Almighty God. In America, to understand the significance of the Pilgrims. All thy problems will be solved if you seek first of all the kingdom of God & His righteousness. But to do this, one must repent, which is the whole message of the Constitution Keepers web-site.


“Great Britain & America, repent now before God, before it is too late.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/07/15

in response to a situation in UK where a lady "gave her all" -

seemingly now forbidden as she has her choices taken from her


“You have taken on demons of death & hell, & the antichrist, there being government departments who have come forth to destroy thee; & even though they might say they are not, they have gathered forces around thee. But they are trying to say, ‘Thou hast broken the letter of the law’; & they name a law, which is what they always do. They take it to the narrow point; but thou has said, ‘There’s a wider perspective here’; that the Spirit must take precedence. For the Spirit giveth life, whilst the letter will destroy thee.


“They gather around thee like vultures, ready to receive what they can get. But thou hast said thy calling has been of God, rather than that of mammon, & that thou hast taken away from Sheila the desires of her heart, & has been totalitarian against her. Thou has cried the unconstitutional nature of these enquiries, whilst you have looked to fulfil the call of God, with Sheila’s covenant with thee, having given of her resources as thou hast done.


“Thou hast been given a covenant calling, with Sheila being wholeheartedly in the covenant with thee, responding to the great persecutions the Charity has been through; as you have done too.


“This is why her bank account was drained, as indeed yours was too; to keep going a Charity she would give her life for, never mind her worldly goods – give her life for; as indeed is the case with those in covenant around you.


“You have been under threat by those threatening to destroy you through official channels. No wonder all your resources have gone. The devil has stolen them through the letter of the law that killeth. That is who the culprit is in this case; not those in covenant, looking to fulfil the will of the Father, but those who have looked to destroy the ministry through the letter of the law that killeth.


“It is these who are the culprits; but to say that Sheila was mentally incapable of doing what she did, is a denial of the spiritual covenant you have had for many years, & a rejection of what God has done through you all.


“Peter said unto Me, ‘We’ve given up all to follow thee’; & as they gather around thee, I ask you to give them this reply, which is the hymn I gave through Isaac Watts; & to highlight the line which declares the demand for the whole life, not just part of it.


“Now, Lindsay, these are instructions for thee: you are to reply to the OPG today, ‘This is a follow-on letter to the legal documents of yesterday, for you to understand the spirit of this case. For it is by the Spirit we take on these accusations, not by the letter. For Sheila for many years has been a prophetess. To call her mentally incapable of the decisions she has made, is to deny the Christ within her. This breaks the British laws of blasphemy, which I gave to thy land; & that you need to understand what you are dealing with. You are dealing with a spiritual covenant with a vision not only to restore Great Britain back to God, but also the nations of the whole world.


“Sheila is aware of this vision, & is still laying everything down for it, just as those in covenant relationship have done in this case.


“Now, I speak to those government bodies involved in this case; 7 I speak to you all. There is a 7-year Plan here, & you can all read it at:


“Sheila is aware by the Spirit of this plan to this day. The witness of the nurse in the hospital would know none of this. She was only witnessing what she naturally saw. There is a depth to Sheila she does not know; & there are witnesses lining up to say of this depth.


“Now, we are saying to you all who have lined up around this ministry, with your accusations of mental incapacity in relation to Sheila: you are dealing with a body here who has kept covenant; whilst the nation you represent as government officers has not kept the covenant with Me, as promised by thy monarch.

“Sheila has kept her covenant, not only with Me, but with those around her.


“Those in covenant partnership with her gave their all to Sheila, & she gave her all to them.


“Now, listen to this, government offices: You work for salaries & professional fees, whilst the body you are taking on with the letter of the law, works for no wages, works for no professional fees, but are living out the words of the Isaac Watts hymn, whose earthly remains are in a Non-Conformist graveyard. The heart of Isaac Watts has been given to this ministry, the demand being one’s all for Christ Jesus.


“Those who crucified Me used the letter of the law to do so. To attack this ministry with letter, rather than Spirit, is one unknown in the Constitution of Great Britain.


“This ministry is replying to you, ‘It is written’ with the demands of the Constitutional Acts of the nation. Talk to this ministry about these things. For I am calling this ministry to send this prophecy (Sheila having been a prophetess too), to all government bodies; to the legal representations around the case; & also the Police; & also the Armed Forces of the nation.


“For this ministry is offering for free, teaching of the Constitutional Acts of the nation, of which we enclose a copy in this letter.


[“This is to go to the COP, OPG, CCBC; & keep a copy; & print a copy & take it to the Police when you go there; also to Dylan, Nick, also to Gwyndaf – make him a set of papers. Put it on your list of things to do at appropriate time. Now the COP, OPG all to see this.”]


When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

(Hymn by Isaac Watts)

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.


Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the death of Christ my God!
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.


See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingled down!
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?


His dying crimson, like a robe,
Spreads o’er His body on the tree;
Then I am dead to all the globe,
And all the globe is dead to me.


Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,

Demands my soul, my life, my all.

Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 08/07/15 “Dealing with Prophets, & Releasing the People from their Chains” “Part 1: Prophets & Prophetesses.


“By their very nature, prophets & prophetesses lay everything down. They need no prompting from men. The have a cause, & that cause is always to free the people from their chains.


“They will lay their lives down to do this; they will empty their bank accounts to do this. They will warn the people of their sinful ways, even though it makes them unpopular. They are prepared to be stoned, beaten, striped, & imprisoned for the cause.


“Nothing has changed. Prophets & prophetesses have always been like this. They see trouble before it arrives. Trouble always comes to nations & movements who turn away from their God-given constitutions. It is removing the foundations of a building; & prophets & prophetesses see the great damage this is doing. So they warn nations, movements, & the people themselves.


“So, the Constitution Keepers has a membership fee. This is nothing to the prophet, for the prophet already has laid his life down. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ [John 15:13]


“Constitution Keepers is a sacrificial movement, brought together of God to save the lives of the people, by the blood of the begotten One who laid down his life 2000 years ago.


“Prophets & prophetesses are used to being laughed at by those they passionately want to save. What thou art building is a spiritual ark of protection. In their laughter against thee, they have to understand this is not unusual for the prophet or prophetess. Those who laugh, however, throughout history have come under imminent judgement.


“So again, the word is to be warned, O people. The signs of the times are all around you. There is one word which the Lord God declares to the people, & that word is, Repent. For the kingdom of God, the return of the begotten One, is at hand.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/07/15

“The State Overseeing the Affairs of the Church”


“This very title is unconstitutional; & you are right in your cases to put up a constitutional challenge. It is clear from the Coronation Oath that it is the affairs of the state that are to be overseen by the Church, & not vice versa; & that special rights & privileges are given to the ministers of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law to see this is so, & this is clearly written in the 1689 Act, & that no following Act can overturn this. For how can an Act of Parliament overturn an oath to God by the monarch?


“The forsaking of one’s wealth to God is a holy thing, & in the holy Scriptures God has ordained for the nation. To interfere with this is addressing a holy covenant of God with an individual. For the state to overturn such a covenant would be an act of high treason before Almighty God.


“Now, all this has been occurring within the context of additional regulation being placed on the people, & the withdrawal of freedom step by step. The progress of a nation to a dictatorship always begins with the gradual withdrawal of freedom, & the increase of over-regulation. It is steeped in history. It is how the Third Reich began; & thou has become My confessing Church in My nation. For it is thee holding fast to My Constitution; & it is they signing it away to a foreign power.


“This is the whole issues thou hast with the governmental systems of today; & the choice is clear: the legal system of the Coronation Oath, or the rebellion of foreign philosophies & beliefs.


“Holding fast to the Constitution is what Almighty God is telling thee to do. The wise man built his house upon the rock. He does not come off it half way through a situation because the storm is blowing. He stands firm upon the rock. And what thy monarch swore to Me, thou can stand upon. Be not afraid; for you are My confessing Church, that confesses the Lordship of Christ Jesus.


“Now, My dear children, through thy suffering & weakness, thou has become strong. For what I see now, is the humility of the Lord; & as you make thy stand for righteousness & humility, holiness that honours a nation that comes before God in matters of state; which is why there is prayer before every sitting of Parliament; why the Lords, the Bishops, are the Upper House. It is all for a reason, & you cannot let it go.


“You are My confessing Church. You are My Constitution Keepers. For to touch thee, is to touch Me. For I am the way, the truth & the life; no man cometh to the Father except by Me.


“This was the cry of the first Elizabeth. It now needs to be the cry of the second. For I say unto thee, for unless a monarch upholds her Oath, then thou will see the consequences of the Babylonian fire that is not of God, rather than the true fire that emanates from a nation of humility & righteousness, of holiness that brings the whole world back to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


“This is thy Constitutional position; & in the words of the hymn writer, ‘All other ground is sinking sand.’


“Now, the 7-year Plan needs to be given priority. It is to be shared, & My Spirit is to move on those to come & work with thee. I have seen thy labours & thy sacrifice. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for so they persecuted the prophets before thee.


“For thou has been found worthy to make this stand. For what does the Word say, in the Beatitudes of God, when they say all manner of falsehoods against thee for My sake & the gospel.


“What is My instruction? ‘Rejoice! Amen. Rejoice! Amen. Rejoice! Amen.


“‘Oh, hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’ This is thy response. A nation that does not keep its constitutional vows is a nation that has divorced itself from Me. Thou art My precious Bride, awaiting the opening of the books of heaven, in which thy names are written in crimson.


“For I am coming quickly, to lift up My Church to be with Me in the air. Behold, that day cometh. It is the day of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 02/07/15

“They Talk of Equality & Diversity, yet God is not Having His Equal Opportunity”


“Minority philosophies & lifestyles are being promoted to the hilt; yet the Constitution of the nation is not being taught to schoolchildren, to students, medical staff, social workers, the police. Who knows what the monarch swore to God in 1953? But everyone knows about the ideals of minority lifestyle groups.


Everyone knows about the influence of Islam & Sharia law. Everyone knows about yoga & Hinduism & Buddhism. Within a Britain & its equality & diversity legislation, it has forgotten to give God & the Constitutional Acts His say.


“What an omission! What a tragedy! From a Britain that studied what the Queen was promising God in 1953: that is, it was as if the whole nation was buying the programme of the Coronation that contained the Coronation Service. There was huge interest in what it contained. There was still huge respect for the God who delivered the country during World War II, & World War I. God’s majority position was given huge respect by the nation. The previous monarch had called National Days of Prayer, so that the nation could be delivered from the threat of having its freedom removed.


“But who is giving equal say to this God today? From being given majority say, the Constitution of the nation is not generally known. The homosexual agenda is taught in the schools; the importance in the eyes of those running society of this lifestyle being given equal status, is widely emphasised. But little is known of the lifestyle of Ephesians 5. Why can’t this be given equal say – of a Saviour who gave His life so that the mystery of the gospel could be known.


“Indeed, the present monarch is on oath to God declaring she would propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, from Parliamentarians to government office after government office, little is known of this lifestyle. For people live together rather than get married. Yet, the format of true marriage, in relation of the Godhead being married to its body, is not even given equal say in the schools, universities & colleges of the nation.


“Constitution Keepers will demand an equal say to what the monarch promised God in 1953. Constitution Keepers will say, ‘You have your equality & diversity legislation, but have not given equality to the God of the Constitutional Acts. In the schools, colleges & universities, is creationism given equal time to the theory of Darwin & scientist? They cry about the importance of equality, yet from being in the majority position in 1953, God is not being even given equal status today.


“Yet the Queen in her Oath promised to give the Son of God pre-eminence in all things; & that the clergy of the realm would ensure that this occurred in all aspects of British life.


“But those looking to keep the Constitution, & all that it means, are not even being given equal opportunity, equal say, & equal educational rights, to teach how God created the heavens & the earth. For even now, the scientists gather to re-create what they call the ‘big bang.’ Yet the Queen, during her Coronation Service, promised to uphold the holy oracles of God, oracles that contain the understanding of life.


“Yet today, this is not even given equal opportunity; & that those who embrace these oracles are seen as diverse threats to the society that the God of these oracles once saved. How strange! How the Saviour is now seen as the destroyer; how the righteous are now seen as the sinners! So in the life of the present-day monarch’s reign, those whop propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law are seen as being extremists who offer threat to the society. Yet all they are trying to do is to have an equal say; but this is suppressed, for minority lifestyle choices are given more than equal say; that science & its ever-changing principles & understandings are given more than equal say; & even those who study theology, study from Bibles not of the oracles of God, as in the Constitution, but from the playground of Romanism that the Constitution was set up to protect the nation from [reference to Nestle-Aland Committee, who openly admit the marriage if the Bible Societies with the Vatican, the fruit of which is ever-changing Bibles, resulting in a god that has changed his mind over lifestyle choices & the importance of science, so that not even in the universities & colleges of theology, are the oracles of God, so presented in the Coronation Service, given equal presentation time to the students of theology. So that now, the clergy of the realm cannot take up their role to ensure that the monarch keeps her oath; to ensure the God of the Constitution is given the pre-eminent position, this Constitution, in the minds of today’s academics, being illegal under modern-day equality & diversity legislation.


“So, from the pre-eminence of 1953, those still upholding the Constitution are not even given equal say. How diverse it that? For diversity does not include the preaching of a Saviour. The street preachers will tell you that, as they are constantly harassed & seen as threats to the peace of the nation.


“But was it not the Jesus they preach who won the nation the Second World War & brought peace to the streets of Britain? So, from being the Saviour, those who preach Christ Jesus have become the threat, in a new multi-cultural Britain who does not even give equal say to those who uphold the Constitution.

“What will be the result? The wise man built his house upon the rock. A nation that removes its own foundation will fall. It is a fool that says there is no God, & a fool will build his house upon sand; & when the storm doth come, which is the house that stands: the one on the rock, or the one on sand?


“Today, Babylon is on the rise, & the nation looks to defend itself by looking to build itself on the foundations of many gods & many diverse lifestyles, the humanistic religion having its own idol, which is in the strength of the mind, & what human beings can work out for themselves.


“So, the nation looks to defend itself today on different foundations to that of the Coronation Oath of 1953. Isn’t it time, therefore, the nation at least gives equal time to those upholding the principles of the Coronation Oath? For those upholding the gospel mentioned in this oath know that no other lifestyle, philosophy, or religion, offers a Saviour that forsook all, & died on the Cross, so that nations & individuals could be free in the Lord Jesus.


“Constitution Keepers know that equal time will allow the nation to repent before God, & place once more the God of the Constitutional Acts on the throne, high above alternative lifestyles, strange scientific theories, & the gods of all other religions that do not offer a Saviour who died.


“Constitution Keepers know there is only one choice the people will choose, if only gospel preaching of the old-fashioned type, of the old-fashioned God who never changes, is given equal opportunity, from where the equality & diversity legislation will look very foolish indeed. For the storm would have come, & the house of the foolish man fallen down.


“This is why Christ Jesus must always be given the pre-eminence; for those built on Him shall never fall, but have everlasting life.


“So, in the words of the old hymn, ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’ is so relevant today. For removing Him is not only an act of high treason in relation to the Constitutional Acts. It is removing the Saviour who save the nation so that scientists, humanists, religionists, & educationalists of alternative lifestyles, can have more than equal say, in a diverse Britain that has forgotten its God & Saviour.”


Word from the Lord to DPG, 28/08/15

Do not Seek the Practicalities, but Seek Ye First the Kingdom


“When situations arise, do not move by human reaction, but be moved by the Spirit. This is why I said to ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness,’ for whilst wearing the clothing of righteousness, you move.


“Do not consider things in the natural senses, for this is the common mistake in prayer. For reaction is not how you move. You move by the Spirit, & the Spirit & the Son intercede for you constantly unto the Father.


“Yes, I still say to cast cares upon Me, for the kingdom of God is unto righteousness, & the glory of God is for those who are led by My Spirit, rather than their human reaction.


“You see, thou hast named the spirit responsible for what the world calls the New World Order; & whilst the primary spirit is that you all know well, his aim is that you react to that which he is doing to bring the world under his control. That is why he uses his symbol on the dollar bill, for this is the all-seeing eye that watches, so that he may enter, affecting your lives based on your human reaction; for he is the god of this world.


“Yes, you resist him – but not in your strength, but in Mine; & through all these trials over the last years, I have looked to place you on the higher plane, the portals, as Fanny J Crosby referred to them; & it is here thou must be ready to walk. For in the higher plane, thou must be able to walk according to My Word.


“So fear not. In My name thou hast taken on the New World Order, but not in one’s own strength, but in Mine.


“You may ask what is so new about the N.W.O.? It is nothing new, for I saw satanic order fall from heaven; & so he took upon himself a desire to control mankind, & he did this by mankind’s reaction to him.


“So there is a philosophy behind this world order, & thou hast identified it as socialism. Socialism as depicted by Marx, is an order without Christ. It has a false doctrine of equality, based on human thinking, rather than God’s, for only in Christ can thou be equal with the Father.


“And this message is all about bringing understanding. Nations will only prosper by being joint heirs with Christ primarily, rather than socialistic equality, which is of man-made thinking only, which results in some being more equal than others, at which point the philosophy fails.


“This is why in the British Constitution you have the word ‘virtue,’ for it is only with virtue (meaning the anointing) that the yoke of bondage is destroyed, the true gospel in the Constitutional Acts, referring to a Saviour who died so that man may be equal with Him today.


“So why seek first the practical solutions, when you can seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, & have all the practical solutions added unto you.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/08/15

“I Made an Open Shew of Them, I Still Am, Through Thee”


Colossians 2:15 King James Version (KJV)

15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.


“You know I have not changed; & through thee I am making an open show of principalities & powers, the principalities & powers who have looked to destroy thee, who have operated in secret against thee.


“So what have you done in the report to the Police = made an open shew of them, by the open confession of the police that you are transparent.


“There is so much more to tell, of the miracle of Frodsham where you were thrown on to the radiator, in an attempt not only to destroy thy ministry, but to murder you in cold blood.


“Remember My last prophecy? It said to seek first the kingdom, rather than the practicalities first. Oh yes! You asked for a towel to stop the blood, & that is fine; but you practised My principle by reacting to Me rather than the circumstance. I came with My word which healed thee, & it is My word that has come in this court case with Sheila, who still longs for thee to look after her affairs, for she has given her affairs to Me, & thou art My empty vessel to operate them. Thus saith the Lord.


“And yes, thou art to co-operate with the authorities in relation to the paying of her care bills. This thou hast done; but information has been passed to an organisation that has not kept its original charter.


“Thy station, which is a David in comparison to the Goliath of the BBC, has kept that charter. So it is thee who has the written charter of righteousness, taking on the BBC of rebellion that for years has promoted immorality & debauchery, at the expense of the licence-payers of the UK.


“It is thee in My name who is to bring this organisation to account, just as the National Viewers & Listeners Association did. For I have called thee to continue their work, as thy former headmaster did in relation to immorality, & corruption in high society, & as Mary Whitehouse did in relation to programming. For I have called thee to continue this work; & you do this by openness & transparency, as opposed to the secrecy of the demonic realm, which thou hast brought out into the open.


“So the strategy is clear, My children; & oh yes, there is the intercessory prayer & back-up; & this is all part of making an open show of principality & power. But the primary activity must be thy openness, so that when authorities look to deal with thee, they face the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, & that truth is Me.


“Oh, you may say hallelujah! Say it from the rooftops! For I am the way, the truth, & the life; & no man cometh to the Father except by me (John 14:6).


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For they have persecuted the prophets before thee, & thou hast found the way, the truth, & the life, & all the protection that affords; & as thou places this on the Constitution Keepers web-site, let the Constitution Keepers know the victory is ours, for the principalities & powers have been made an open shew of . 


“Rejoice! Preach on it! Hallelujah! Preach on it! I made an open show of them, & through thee, still do – still do.”


Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/08/15

“Thou Hast Been Called from On High”


“This intimate walking with Christ, as well as - as the Christ, is one thou hast taken to in all its fullness. One has shown to Me that thou hat been willing to give up all that one hast for the sake of the gospel. The gospel to thee is more important than oneself. To reach the lost is more important than one’s own needs.


“Thou goest about bringing life, & life in abundance. Thou hast the call of God on your life, & thou hast taken it to heart.


“Thou art a great danger to the devil & all his plans. Thou hast stood in the gap, amongst legions of devils; not only one, but hostile groups, have plotted your demise. But you hang on in there, for thou hast not been afraid of the terror by night. For thou hast been walking in the shadow of the Most High. Thou hast not been afflicted by those who would like to see you, & all you stand for, destroyed. For thou art walking the corridors of power. Thou art walking in the places where no man can go, except through the blood of Christ Jesus.


“Thou hast been warriors by day, & victors by night. For thou art My chosen people. For thou art walking these places in victory, & you know it is through thy weakness that thou becomes as Christ.


“’Bend me! Bend me!’ said the prophet of Loughor. ‘The divine in the human,’ said the apostle of grace in the Hebrides, J Edwin Orr declaring the Jeremiah 1:10 commission; & as you stand, I am lifting you up, both body, soul & spirit, to walk with Me in the high places of power.


“You see, thou has found favour with God; & as you open up of the kingdom, so souls are being saved; & I am declaring unto thee that thou has been called to be the battleships of God. Thou has been called to go & be battleships of the highest calibre. For I have called thee to be My army. Thou hast showed compassion; for thou hast been called of the Most High, more than conquerors, full of the Holy Ghost, & power, & fire. For thou hast been walking these places for some time; & as I wept over Jerusalem, thou hast wept over thine own land.


“Walk ye in it, as Me on this earth. Thou hast My power to heal & deliver & set free. For I have lifted thee up to these places of God, the portals of power.


“Walk thee in these places majestically, & in power, & have no fear. For I am with thee & thou art as Me. Bring now My fire upon that which has crept into thy nation. Bring thy nation into the judgement & correction of God; & once more, I walk thy land. More than conquerors, victorious in Me, thou hast been called from on high.


“Speak now My victory.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 04/09/15

“Britain’s Identity Crisis”


“Britain’s true identity is not only in the monarch’s oath to Almighty God, but is also in the whole Coronation Service, with its emphasis on Nathan the prophet & the priesthood of Zadok.


“Now, this is very important when it comes to understanding the social policy of Great Britain, if it is to remain Constitutional. There are 2 key areas here:-


“(1) There is a constitutional monarch as head of state, which is why Protestants are to be involved in the political arena in Great Britain, to support the monarch in her oath to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. This oath is immovable, for you cannot remove by law an oath of the monarch, & those looking to remove that oath are in effect guilty of high treason, such is the seriousness of what I am about to say.


“(2) In the Coronation Service, there is a major emphasis on the prophet Nathan. I have given thee this role as regards to Great Britain. For as Nathan spoke out, so dost thou.


“Now, let us get to the root of this. To reject the voice of the prophet is to reject the bloodstream of God. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission; & in the Coronation Service, there is mention of unworthiness of men. There is mention of the oracles of God as living oracles, not just dead words; & the prophet or the preacher brings forth these oracles as living stones, in other words, the life-blood of society. The idea of the Upper House is for such prophets to gather to ensure that the Oath is kept to, the Coronation is kept to – that is, its Service - & all of the Constitutional Acts are rigorously adhered to.


“Thu has already asked for a place in the Upper House, for it is from this House thou art to give thy Parliamentary addresses, in line with the oath of the monarch to God, the obligations of the Coronation Service, & all the Constitutional Acts. This is where I have called thee to be – in the Upper House, from where you are to bring the children of the Commons in line with the Constitution, for it is from the Upper House the Commons is to learn of its responsibility unto God, for without this understanding they are as children, reacting to circumstances rather than the Word of Almighty God.


“(3) The priesthood of Zadok: Roman Catholicism has no place in this. For the priesthood of Zadok is a true priesthood of equals; & this is the fundamental difference between the Protestant faith & Roman Catholicism.


“Roman Catholicism embraces a separate priesthood, to whom a lower level of man confesses its faults to, thus making the priest higher then what is known as laiety.


“To combine socialism with this lack of equality is not only folly, but ridiculous. For you cannot shout equality on one hand, & separate priesthood on the other. This ideal has given Britain an identity crisis.


“Yet with the Zadok priesthood, as ministering to Almighty God as joint heirs with Christ, who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, there is an equality no socialist can offer. What happens with the socialist, is that they form a separate ‘priesthood’ above the people. They hold meetings on how to control the people, outside the public view, whereas those within the Zadok priesthood look to bring converts to the throne of God as joint heirs with Christ, ministering to God as equals, rather than to each other.


“This is the supreme equality that comes out of the Coronation Service of Great Britain. But there have been those of the Roman Catholic social policy of the EU who have undermined this, & given Great Britain an identity crisis.


“As My intercessor stands at the grave of Karl Marx, he shall not only pull down the forces of darkness around this intrusion to Britain’s affairs. He shall be naming the principality of Antichrist. For what this European Social Charter has brought, is what they accuse you of: control, manipulation & brain-washing. They brainwash the children into understanding a philosophy alien to the priesthood of Zadok. They control & manipulate the people by having secret meetings outside the public eye. Yet they accuse thy ministry of control, manipulation & brain-washing, whereas thy ministry is of the priesthood of Zadok, joint heirs with Christ, everything transparent & out in the open, a concept that places fear unto those upholding the European Social Charter, which is why you hold the upper hand, as Nathan the prophet in all your dealings with government departments, there being enemies & accusers all around you, looking to catch you out on laws that have no place in the British Constitution.


“This is thy position as Nathan the prophet, upholding the Zadok priesthood, a priesthood of equals, joint heirs with Christ, the fullness of the Godhead bodily, an equality no socialist can match – again, an equality no socialist can match, an equality that has come with the shedding of blood, without which there is no remission.


“And thou hast forsaken all for the benefit of the people, whereas Rome holds its riches that came as a result of the indulgences over the people, that the founder of the Protestant Church so bravely stood against. And as he gave his Theses on the door of Wittenberg, so thou hast published thy Theses of 2007 openly, over today’s Wittenberg, the internet.


“So thou has issued the prophetic warning, which unless the nation heeds, will bring about such a fall to Great Britain, for a nation without identity cannot stand.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/09/15

“Are Your Laws Consistent with My Word? I Speak to Western Countries”


“Throughout this prophecy, I am going to use the British example. But the principle of what I say applies to all Western countries, particularly Britain, America, & nations of the British Commonwealth.


“Are your laws consistent with My Word? Now, using the British example, there are Constitutional Acts that demand adherence to the God of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; that demand that there is no foreign interference & foreign philosophy allowed in those laws; that the marriage example if Ephesians 5 be honoured, that there be understanding that the nation is a theocracy first, then a democracy, that the oath of a Parliamentarian on a KJV Bible means that all the principles of the Reformation be pulsating from the bones of a Parliamentarian, & that the prayers said before a law-making session be an acceptance that God is leading in that session, & that He must be listened to above the philosophies & ideals of man.


“Above all this, is the obligation to move in virtue, for the power to achieve all this can only come in the power of Almighty God.


“Now, on saying all of this - & I use the British example which is akin to the United States because of the Mayflower Compact – are your laws consistent with the Constitutional obligation?


“Let us look at just a few of them. Have I decided to destroy My reproductive process, where a man leaves his parents to be joined unto one wife, I speak as Christ & the Church? For the supreme blasphemy here is not that you have allowed same-sex marriage, but that you have failed to understand the Ephesians 5 analogy in your law-making, which has resulted in the marginalisation of the faith you are on oath to propagate by becoming a Parliamentarian.


“Have I guided you in your law-making, to allow for the slaughter of innocents living in the womb of mothers? For if you are to be guided by Me, you have to ask, ‘Have I guided you to make allowance for sin, or to be at war with it?’ For what you have done has made laws that have made sin righteous, & those of righteousness sinners.


“This is why so many Christians find themselves in the legal process, as defendants rather than prosecutors, when constitutionally it is to be the other way round.


“Hence this ministry, from through this prophecy comes, refuses through the British Constitution to be a defendant, but is well on hand to bring to task governments that do not uphold the Oath of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, given in 1953.


“With the collapse of the European Union going on all around you, & your open borders policies to EU citizens, have you not realised your covenantal obligations to the Commonwealth, & to citizens of the United States of America; & likewise in America towards British citizens, particularly of the Protestant faith? The Constitution Keepers web-site has been prophetically set up by Me, to bring about the conditions for the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the Mayflower Compact, to be honoured throughout Britain, America & the Commonwealth countries.


“It is to the nations of the Commonwealth you have obligations, to bring about a Common Wealth. Commonwealth is to be free of the rule of despots, with people of all races working together in a common objective; that rich countries realise their obligations to the poor; that nations like Zimbabwe have blacks & whites working together in equality, yet understanding that whatever race that the skills require to run a country are fully understood. To come to a deal in the Rhodesia crisis to cast out of a country those with the skills to run a country was ridiculous in the extreme; & the consequent poverty of that decision is there in the faces of black people in economic deprivation.


“O Great Britain, thou hast ignored the God of thy Constitutional Acts for far too long. Thou hast embraced the Coronation Service of Israel, yet you have not fulfilled its obligations. As with Israel, so with thee. My prophets weep before thee, yet you have allowed their accusers opportunity to try & destroy them. Yet if only you give them high position in thy Upper House, will you save thy nation.


“For in the Upper House, they are to preach thy Constitutional obligations. They are to preach Parliamentary members of both Houses their Constitutional obligations. This is to occur in America too, & all over the Commonwealth, that this prophet is saying that unless this is heeded, the consequences are dire for the entire world. For there is coming soon the Prophet, Priest & King, who shall appear in the sky before thee; & you shall all appear before Me, as either those who have kept My Word, or those who have not. For I come to take those who have been found faithful, & they shall arise from amongst the rebels, & I shall meet them in the air, where I shall be dressed in a raiment of crimson, riding a white horse, & the trumpets of heaven shall be heard all over the earth; & around Me shall be legions of angels, & the devil who has led thee in government shall be quaking in his shoes; & all those who have followed him shall be gnashing their teeth, for the time of opportunity to repent, will have gone.


“For the Great Judgement will occur, with those who have blighted My Word cast into the lake of fire, along with the devil & his counterfeit legions of angels, who rebelled against Me & the government of heaven. For rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft.


“And as I saw him & his angels cast out of heaven, so will I see you, the devil & his angels, cast into the lake of fire.


“Yet there is still opportunity for you, O Parliamentarian, to repent & embrace the God of thy Constitutional Acts. In America too, to embrace the God of the Pilgrim Fathers, who entered thy shores to bring the good news of the gospel to both native & new Americans.


“The time is short. Will you give heed to the cries of My prophets, or will you continue to persecute them with the laws of thy rebellious Parliaments?”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/09/15

“The Sinners Cheer as the Righteous are Jailed – America’s Identity Crisis”


“George Washington stated ‘You cannot govern without God & the Bible.’ Ronald Reagan stated about the importance of virtue (the anointing) in government. Yet now, without the Bible & without virtue, government operates in the United States, looking to jail the righteous & protect the sinner.


This recent example in the State of Kentucky is one that has stirred the body of Christ to action; yet it must move by My Spirit. And as we witness this desecration of the Bible Belt, the weeping in heaven is great. For what was once a great nation that stood on the Word of God the Pilgrim Fathers brought, has now been reduced to the rites of Satanism that allows for the worship of the flesh, rather than for God’s Word.


“There are many asking when the Judgement will come; but the Judgement is already upon a Church that has allowed itself to bow to the rites of Satanism, in what is known as the Charismatic movement.


“You see, you need a Church that stands on the Word of God, just as the incarcerated sister has done, not by the false experiences of the Charismatic movement.


“You see, if you are going to have a nation standing on the true Word of God, then the counterfeits of Satan have to be exposed. Outside of Fuller Seminary, outside of Saddleback, did My intercessor stand; a so-called ‘seminary’ & a so-called ‘church’ that has compromised My Word through Higher Criticism, embracing scriptures that uphold the sinner, rather than convicting him or her; so that now, when an outrage occurs, only a remnant can stand, for only the remnant upholds the true Word of God, so the forces of Satan criminalise the righteous, so that the sinner can be in control of the legal system, placing those with the Word of God in their hearts behind bars as in Daniel’s day.


“This now has affected America from upholding righteousness throughout the world, with Britain & America standing before Me as guilty of grievous crimes, the Church however being the most responsible for allowing this to happen, by embracing Satanic translations of the Bible, brought about through the spiritualists Westcott & Hort, rather than the true Word of God that came about through the authorisation of the British monarch.


“O America! Thou lieth in the pit of snakes, not just because thou passeth ungodly laws, but the Church has embraced false scriptures that has allowed this to happen.


“I have warned in My Word that there will be those who embrace another Jesus, & it is the Church established in America that has done just that, thus allowing government to operate without the true Bible embraced by Washington, & the virtue embraced by Reagan.


“So thus, America has an identity crisis, for it knows not My true Word. King James preachers, arise! The time has come to preach My true Word.


“Then refer the readers to


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 08/09/15

“The Church Triumphant –Funding of Ministries”


“Thou hast been living, in recent years, through 3 eras:-

  • The protection of the criminal

  • The removal of the gospel, God, the Bible, from state affairs; & now, the criminalisation of the righteous, from well-funded sinners who are seeing their organisations thrive financially, & in this I include the Emerging Church that has taken over movements founded by those with the same heart as thee.


(The third is the criminalisation of the righteous, the sinners becoming prosecutors)


“The Church triumphant, My remnant Church, is one being fed of the ravens, about to face these sinners of Baal with the spiritual fire, just as Elijah faced them with a physical exhibition of God’s power.


“Now, let us gain some understanding here. What is known as the occult, that which is unseen, becomes physically seen in relation to those who have sold out to Satan in a manner in which individuals place their whole trust in the limited power that Satan has to offer. For it is only limited in relation to how much those involved with him have given themselves over to him.

“This is how he operates as the god of this world, for he offers to placate the lusts of the flesh, & draws mankind unto him, by convincing rather than convicting. The Spirit of the one true God convicts, the spirit who operates as the Most High convinces that ‘God’ accepts sinners without conversion from the old life, so that they can operate under his control.


“This is why you see sin abounding in the Emerging Church; & as I said through Suresh Ramachandran, it is very attractive; & because people enjoy it, they give substantially into it.


“The difference therefore between the spirit of the Emerging Church, which is booming financially, having stolen movements from My remnant, having gained converts to its cause by convincing that sin is OK, rather than how the true Spirit operates, by conviction of sin, the need to be washed by the blood of Jesus, & being brought into an atmosphere where the sinner is allowed to be drawn into an atmosphere of being brought to the Cross, from where he/she dies & is risen up in resurrection glory.


“The latter point is the key point; for this is the Church Triumphant. The Church Emerging is one of sin acceptance, rather than sin conviction; of saying there is more than one way to God; of maintaining sinful lifestyles & respecting the gods of religions, who are now perceived as being the same gods as their own.


“The Church Triumphant, which is how I refer to My remnant Church, is one that has to overcome these obstacles to enable it not only to survive, but to go forward in My calling.


“This therefore is what My Church Triumphant has to do, to overcome:-


“(1) Realise there is no point preaching Christ unless you expose the antichrist. This is why I have given you the Jeremiah 1:10 Commission, & the rest of the 7-Year Plan. It is there for you to understand, grasp, & act on by My Spirit at the given times. Now, that is there for you to move upon, whilst here I give some encouraging factors.


“(2) You are My Church Triumphant; & as such, you have already overcome all these wiles of the enemy. Thou art already more than conquerors. The anthems need to ring out; & as you proclaim this Church Triumphant, to give back the movements he has stolen, you expose the fact that what you have been accused of doing, that is, to coerce the vulnerable & the poor into giving, has been the tactics of the Emerging Church from the beginning. For the Emerging Church did not begin in the 20th.century.


It began with Constantine & his takeover of that which the Early Church built; & indeed, if they find you are to give back moneys to whom they regard as vulnerable, then you say, ‘Then the Roman Catholic Church has to do the same; & to give all the riches of the Vatican to the poor.’ For this was all built through the coercion of the poor & vulnerable, in a massive scale. But thou has not acted in the way of the Vatican. What thou has done is brought together a small group of people fully committed to the cause of God. You have done as Me in the Scriptures. Peter declared, ‘I’ve given up all to follow Thee.’


Forsaking is right at the heart of the gospel, as is covenant; & it is by these principles thou has operated, not human coercion, as with the indulgences Luther stood against.


“Bring out into the open the history of the Roman Catholic Church, & how it has operated with its separate priesthood, alien to Britain’s Constitutional priesthood of Zadok. It is therefore clear that there is a co-ordinating line with all thy accusers; that they see God as a separate entity to themselves, whereas you emphasise the Biblical & Constitutional covenant that is, being one in Christ Jesus.


“Now, what is at the heart of this covenant? It is the total giving one to another. For if God is to give His all, which he did, through His only begotten Son, then what is the demand on those who become married to him? There is within this context an overwhelming desire of My bride to give. This is what happened with Margaret Ryder & with Sheila Standish: an overwhelming desire to forsake their worldly possessions for the good of the gospel. To take that away is an act of high treason because of the monarch’s oath to propagate the gospel, which is why all the accusations that have come against thee, & government enquiries, come from a socialistic root (g0vernment without God, the Bible, & the virtue of God, which the Constitution demands), the case against you being in shambles because the fundamental root of the Constitution is being ignored.


“So by bringing all this out into the open, you bring a conviction on those who have stolen My movements, & represents a media platform not only for the fundamental expression of the fullness of the Godhead bodily, but also to expose the creeping men who have crept in unawares, who have taken over movements which do not belong to them.


“This includes the nations of Great Britain & America, who have now passed laws to protect the sinner & convict the righteous.

“So, what is the key message in all of this, & this is how thy ministry & all remnant ministries will be funded, by exposing the thief antichrist. For what does the Bible say about a thief being found? What does he have to do?


“I hereby give thee thy fund-raising strategy. For as you seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, the wealth which you need to continue will be added unto you, by the power I have given you as the Church Triumphant. For as you stand, calling back movements to God, & nations, then you will be seen in front of the whole nation, & the nations of the world, as being the ministry who has stood before the prophets of Baal, & brought down the fire of God upon situations that have been brought about through the actions of antichrist, an antichrist foe that has already been defeated by the shedding of blood 2000 years ago.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/09/15

“Laws that Declare ‘Right’ Wrong, & Wrong ‘Right"


“This is the base of so many laws today, the righteous therefore becoming the sinner, & the sinner becoming righteous, within the context of the new breed of law-maker. The new breed of law-maker has lived through 3 eras, in which the criminal has been protected, God, the Bible & the Constitution removed from everyday life, & now the era of the righteous becoming the criminals & the criminals becoming the righteous, all this within the context of the plains of Megiddo getting ready for the final confrontation, & nations that were once of God having to get ready for the coming of the Lord.


“Now, the root of all this is the fact that both nations & movements have been taken away from their foundations. Now, what do the true righteous do?


“(1) Bring it all out into the open, & have policy to put it right. I use the word ‘policy,’ for it is commonly used by the new law-makers. They commonly say, ‘Have you a policy for this, or a policy for that?’ They place heavy emphasis on regulation. It is the acts of the false law-makers, for they control the people through their policies & regulations. They look to protect the vulnerable, yet their laws & regulations have in fact brought about the vulnerable, for where there is letter of the law operating in society, stress levels reach unbearable proportions, & a generation of vulnerable people is born. So indeed those looking to protect the vulnerable are the reason why there are so many vulnerable people. You are living in an era of vulnerable people because what is right has been made wrong, & what is wrong has been made right.


“(2) Government says the vulnerable are to be protected. This is the clarion cry of the nation’s social services. So let us look at the record of government in protecting the vulnerable.


  • The most vulnerable member of society is the unborn child. What is the government record here?

  • The hospital patient, who they are now plotting to allow to die. So what is the protection of the vulnerable here?

  • The Liverpool Care Pathway Programme, in which an unwilling patient has been allowed to die through starvation. Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?

  • The protection of the disabled. What about the disabled in the womb? Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?


“So the list goes on & on. So if you have a society in which right has become wrong, wrong has become right, then how can that society look after its vulnerable people?


“(3) Now let us look at how My remnant protects the vulnerable.


  • You allow the Spirit of God to lead in all situations. ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ (Romans 8:14)

  • The vulnerable are treated as equal (on being born again) that is, those with the understanding. For the Spirit is pure, rather than infected by law-makers who have not given heed to the nation’s Constitution. So the peace of the vulnerable comes through personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, & the life, rather than the accursed laws of government that have through over-regulation brought about the vulnerable into in the first place, the socialist agenda having a criteria of having those overseers above equality, to oversee a socialistic equality which cannot exist under such control. The difference therefore between those who keep the nation’s Constitution (I speak in relation to Great Britain & America, & other nations who have followed this model) is that if foundations be respected, then there will be stability in society, in which right will be right, wrong will be wrong, law will be applied in mercy, & that the Bible which is sworn upon commonly in Britain & America & other countries, will be understood as the base of those laws. This is why, in the recent case involving thy ministry, the case has been proven to be a complete shambles, because it has come out of 3 eras of rebellion that have displeased Almighty God, the instigator of the nation’s Constitution through Queen Elizabeth the First.

  • To put the nation right, there has to be a recognition that signatures to foreign powers cannot replace the Constitution of the nation, of a constitutional monarch, & of course I speak here of Great Britain, but also America; because of the covenant of the Mayflower, all this applies in America too, that the 3 eras of rebellion have indeed brought about the large number of vulnerable people which government through its social services now look to protect. Yet the protectors are the ones who have brought about the vulnerable in the first place!


“The priority therefore, is to immediately stop the slaughter of the innocents, both able & disabled, in the womb. For if you genuinely protect the vulnerable, you will protect the most vulnerable. This is most important, for to kill a child in the womb is to break the most basic of the Ten Commandments, also to promote sexual immorality amongst young people, of having children without Mum & Dad, of the removal of family life, is bringing about a whole new criminal breed because of insecurity in the home.


“Now, I could go on & on about the repercussions of making right wrong, & wrong right; of the hypocrisy of modern laws to protect the vulnerable. For how can any of these laws be legal when the basic tenet of protecting life has been so dramatically ignored? Within this context, the righteous have become the sinner, & the sinner has become the righteous; & the prophet of God brings all this out into the open, & he becomes the biggest ‘sinner’ of them all. For the new law-maker has pride in their laws, for they do not like being found out. For just as Elijah found out the prophets of Baal, the modern law-maker has been found out today.


“So, when they debate assisted dying today, is this debate based on destroying life, or protecting it? Is it about putting a death sentence on the vulnerable, or about seeking God for the restoration of the vulnerable? Is it about the devil coming to kill, steal & destroy, or about Christ Jesus, who came to bring life, & life in abundance?


Thou hast already witnessed how God protected the vulnerable through thy ministry in the Sri Lankan war. Who they accuse of being vulnerable today, was one who entered a war-torn hospital without medicine, drugs & doctors. All they could do was call upon the prophets of God, one of whom they call vulnerable today. Yet within her, she had the power of God to save those crying out in pain, because of war wounds so great that only those moving in the power of God could master.


“The one they call vulnerable today still has that power within her. You see, because the virtue of God, so demanded in the Constitution of Britain & America, is so powerful that by its application, that which is seen to be vulnerable becomes strong, & the strong becomes vulnerable, for that those without God are indeed the most vulnerable, for it is these who walk the cliffs of hell, it being Jesus Christ who takes one out of vulnerability, & Him alone, not those who have brought death to the laws of nations with Christian constitutions. It is not them who can assess vulnerability, it is only God; which is why George Washington said you cannot govern without God & the Bible; why President Reagan emphasised virtue & intercession so strongly, whilst President. For it is only with these understandings that true laws in line with the Constitution can come into practice.


“For without this, according to the constitutions of Britain & America, these new laws of the new breed are not laws at all. For how can it be a law, that makes the righteous a sinner, & a sinner the righteous, how can it be a law, that makes right wrong & wrong right? For on this basis, nations & societies & movements will fall. This is why there are so many described as vulnerable today.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 12/09/15

“A Warning from the Lord”


“Thou art to keep going the Constitution Keepers programme, because a nation that does not keep its Constitution is going to fall. A nation that does not insist on its inhabitants keeping the Constitution, is going to fall.


A nation that accepts immigrants carte blanche, without the insistence on those immigrants accepting the Constitution, is going to fall. “In Britain & America’s Constitutional heritage, there is the base of the Protestant faith, & the Protestant faith alone, the understanding of the Reformation therefore being essential to understand the Constitution.


“All I am saying here is the obvious; yet nation of Britain& America, you are ignoring the plainly obvious, & are acting as if you have no Constitution whatsoever. So, what happens to a building that has no foundations?


You are of the foolish man, building a new house on sand, with the wind of an Islamic diaspora coming your way. “You already have allowed all manner of gods into thy nations, already undermining your Constitutional heritage. So what now for thy nations?


Would Saudi Arabia allow a diaspora of Christians & Jews? No, because they would say it would undermine their Islamic heritage. Same with Iran, & also the Westernised Islamic states, like UAE & Qatar & Kuwait.


They still look to uphold their Islamic heritage, even to the point of forbidding Christian evangelism. “So why are they not taking in their own people, of their own faith, the reason being to take over the world, & the great diaspora is on;& by reacting to the situation, you are not reacting to the Word of God, but to the reaction of man, & with your philosophies of socialism, you minister to the people first, rather than give Christ the pre-eminence, which is the Constitutions of Great Britain & America.


“You are of the foolish man, building his house upon the sand. For I am calling thee in thy ministry of God, to bring about a diaspora of Christians towards the Western nations, to bring those nations back to their own Constitutions. For your open door policy to other faiths, you are bringing about a collapse of your nations that can only be put right by those embracing your Constitutions.


This is why the Constitution Keepers programme & web-site is so important; & it is noticeable too that it is from Commonwealth countries that your College has its students; & your alignment with Suresh is so important in this, for you can tell from the Beatitudes who I am going to use to evangelise Western nations. “Thy accusers keep coming after thee.


Thy accusers continuously look to bankrupt thee. Yet all you are doing is upholding the Constitution of thy nation, whilst your accusers have another agenda, to bring an end to movements of the Protestant holiness persuasion. And thou has been facing an Armada of enemies, an Armada determined to sink all thou hast done.


Yet it is thy house that is built upon the rock, & it is thy house that shall stand; & as in the days of Noah, I am calling thee to build an ‘ark’ in Sri Lanka, a safe house for when the main storms shall come. For there are those professing to be Christians who are laughing at thee; & their laughter shall be turned to tears, for not coming aboard the ark which thou hast built.


“All this I speak in spiritual terms; for that which thou seeth in the physical covenant, is a type of what is to come in the new covenant. “It is now the time to build the Sri Lankan ‘ark,’ to My glory, so that My young people, should I tarry, can continue thy work when thou art with Me in the mansions of Heaven.


“I have given My word. It is up to thee now to act upon it,& warn the nations of Britain & America of the dangers of reacting to circumstance rather than to God.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/09/15

“The Solheim Cup: The Clash of Two Legal Systems”


“The European ladies were about to win the Solheim Cup, but they chose the letter rather than the spirit.


“Under the monarch’s Coronation Oath comes the word ‘customs’ which she has promised to uphold. The British custom is to go by the spirit, rather than the letter for the greatest ploy of the enemy of souls is to bring legalism over a country; but the monarch has promised to protect the nation from such legalism, by her promise to uphold the customs of the nation.


“One such custom is ‘British fair play,’ with the spirit overturning the letter, this being so important in British law. But as in the Solheim Cup, when Britain joins a European team under European law, the letter takes precedence over the spirit. This is illegal in Great Britain, for the monarch is there to uphold the Constitutional Acts that places virtue & the wisdom of God above the letter.


“What you saw in the Solheim Cup was Europe apply the letter rather than the spirit; & Europe lost the match. Such as it is with thee. The Spirit is always higher than the letter, & the Spirit will always overturn the letter, for the Spirit is life, & the letter death. Hence the victory of the American team. It is from those who apply the letter of the law that the nati0ns of Europe are losing the match. For as you see in the American team, the Spirit was roused. Europe was about to win, but the European team applied the letter.


“With Britain handing over its legal systems to Europe, the whole heart of the nation has been suppressed by letter of the law judgements. This is why in your legal cases, you insist on the spirit above the letter, for those who apply the letter will always lose. For the spirits of those who apply the Constitution will be roused, & will overturn the apparent victory of those of the letter, by the spirit which is what happened in the Solheim Cup.


“Foreign interference, particularly interference that brings the letter of the law into British politics & its legal systems, is one strictly forbidden in the Constitutional Acts. Indeed, to apply foreign law over British law & custom is an act of high treason against the State.


“Elizabeth the First opposed the letter of the law policies of a Papal order. She re-instated the Act of Supremacy, not only embracing its contents, but by the virtue I gave her, to establish a Protestant Christian nation, free of all foreign interference into legal systems, interference that destroys rather than brings life, life not being a thing or an object, but a person, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, under whom she placed the nation’s legal systems & customs, & Him alone.


“Hence under the Coronation Oath, we find only one religion established by law, & only one God, the God of mercy & justice, which is why, instead of applying the letter in the case with thy accusers, you are applying the mercy of God, the love of God, & an open arm of compassion, above the rigidity of Satan’s law that comes to bring death rather than life.


“[John 10:10, ‘The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.’ II Corinthians 3:6, ‘Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.’]


“In the case of thy accusers, thou has given every opportunity for mercy above judgement. For the Spirit draweth all men unto Himself, including thy accusers, whom I have called thee to bless & to love, rather than to destroy.

“But as with the Solheim Cup, they shall sow what they reap, if on their side they apply the letter. For the letter killeth, the Spirit giveth life.

“Likewise there have been those in witchcraft who have looked to destroy thee. I told you of the witch doctor who came to kill thee in the Andhra Pradesh jungle, at a limited stage of your spiritual development. I implored you to use My name, & this you did in power, & the curses of death he was looking to place on you, reverted on him, as has recently happened with those who have cursed you through trying to catch you out through the letter of the law. This they have done through placing the regulation above the Spirit. This is exactly what Elizabeth the First prohibited in her Settlement. This is why the nation has to be free of the fear of regulation, the breaking of this Settlement & the giving of powers to Europe has brought about a nation in fear of regulation, rather than having a nation under the Spirit, the Spirit bringing liberty rather than fear.

“[II Corinthians 3:17, ‘Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’]


“Such as you have witnessed in the Solheim Cup. The team that applied the letter, lost, the spirit of the Americans was rouse, overturning a certain defeat into a certain victory by the Spirit. In thy legal cases, is the nation going to apply the letter in its approaches to thee, or the Spirit, which is the demand of Constitutional Law? For it is by the spirit thou hast applied the without prejudice offer, full of mercy & grace. How is the State to reply?


“With our own customs, compassion & respect for God-given choices, or through the coarse world of reason, that another American team stood against, becoming the most prominent nation in the world, not through reason & the letter of the law, but by virtue, virtue being at the beginning of the Constitutional Acts, as it was in President Reagan’s government. The nation, by the Mayflower Compact, Great Britain is in covenant with; & when it is part of a European team, the nation loses, but wins as in World War II, when it is on the side of the Americans (Mayflower Compact), rather than being in a European team bound by the letter, the result of all this being seen by all in the Solheim Cup.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/09/15

“Despite of the Monarch’s Oath to the Country,

Humanism Decides how the Nation is to be Run”



“What a mess occurs when the secular state takes on the anointed of God! Inconsistencies are easy to find, for instead of following the nation’s Constitution based on the never-changing Word of God, they pass laws that react to situations, rather than hearing from the Spirit at given times.


“The secular state, as it is called, has no thought for the morals of God. It has thought as to how people are behaving. The secular state, so called, looks to remove the conscience of the nation when it passes laws promoting & liberating those in sin, & criminalises & suppresses those of the conscience.


“When that secular state looks to take to law those of the conscience, its case will always be full of inconsistency, for its worldly god ever changes, to meet the demands of new social norms. The Constitutions of Great Britain & America are built on those who have sacrificed & forsaken for the cause; but to the new social norms, this is something that no longer occurs. Rationalising this behaviour is strange, & unacceptable to the humanistic mind-set.


“So when we start looking at the social norms, it becomes obvious that these norms are without foundation in the Constitution the monarch swore to uphold. The Constitution declares the Word of God as being the oracles of God, the most precious book the world can afford; yet the laws of the secular state are inconsistent with its pages.


“The fact that the mind is renewed by the Spirit no longer occurs in modern laws. The fact that the unborn child is to be protected as a human being no longer occurs under modern laws. The fact that a man leaves his parents to be joined to one wife as Christ & the Church, no longer occurs under modern laws, which embrace cohabitation as a normal way of life rather than a life of sin. The warnings in the Scriptures of same-sex relationships are not heeded, with those embracing the holy oracles of God being criminalised for offending those living contrary to the Constitution.

So whenever the secular state takes on the anointed of God, the case of the secular state is always found to carry many inconsistencies, for the laws they quote relate to a never-changing world & an ever-changing God, which is why the Constitutional Acts override such laws, because their stability is in God rather than the god of this world.


“So we therefore discover that humanism & secularism has a god, a god that convinces them that is it of human rationale that bring about these laws, whereas the Word of God declares that there is a god that blinds the minds of those that believe not. So if their minds are blinded, who then is of mental incapacity? Those of the so-called secular state, or those who are the anointed of God?


“So who then is the god of this world? This is clearly Satan. So in their blindness, the humanist is no longer a humanist. The secularist is no longer a secularist. Just as those who no longer live become as Christ on this earth, then likewise those of the rationale, with their blinded minds, become as Satan, opposing those whose minds have been renewed by the Spirit, who are as Christ.


“So the battleground is no longer of human thought, but deeply rooted in spirituality, which is why the Constitution places virtue first in law application, rather than the philosophies of man.


“This is why the philosophies of Great Britain & America can only be that of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law in Great Britain, taken over to America by the Pilgrim Fathers; & this is why the areas that uphold the Protestant faith are in stability, whereas those who embrace that which the Protestant faith protests against, are always in chaos & inconsistency, which is why the case they place against thee is a shambles, because of the mental assent Apostle Wesley warned about, the coarse world of reason President Reagan warned about, there being only one winner in this, the One who won the battle 2000 years ago. For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, & that includes the god of this world, who embraces secularism & humanism for his own ends, in reality there being no such thing as humanism, for the blinded humanist becomes as the god of this world, & the anointed of God as Christ Himself.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/09/15

“The Price of Prophet-hood”


“Prophets are never defeated, but they pay the price of prophet-hood.


“Now, what I am about to say goes right across the Ephesians 4:11-12 giftings; but I concentrate today on the prophet, including of course the prophetess.


“There are a number of headings:-


“Number 1: To the outside world, they are a strange group of people, for they have separated themselves unto Me, to be My voice crying out in the wilderness. John the Baptist was such a prophet; & first of all, they come under attack from those maintaining the religious order. As they looked to crucify Me, they look to crucify them.


“But being a prophet, they do not see themselves as being a separate entity to Me, but see themselves as being the manifestation of Me. The prophet is not afraid to manifest the truth, & will take every opportunity to do so.


“Number 2: The prophet brings conviction to society. There is no in-betweens in society. Society will either repent, or look to place the prophet under its legal system. But the prophet knows from where legal systems begin, & is more knowledgeable on law than the accusers. In the prominent case thou art involved in today, the accusers are having to face the truth, which they look to narrow down into their own systems, which are inadequate for the truth. The truth is a person & not a thing.


“Number 3: Regulation is higher than the Spirit. The law determines the result. But this does not satisfy the prophet, for he does not see justice in the law. He sees justice through the One who has redeemed us from the curse of the law. The prophet does this through manifesting the truth, which is a person to whom the pre-eminence must be given. This is why British law insists on the Constitutional Acts being given the prominent position, for the Romanist system of law (Great Britain placing itself under the Treaty of Rome) is inadequate in finding out truth & justice, truth being a person who brings justice; & this person always offers opportunity to those who accuse, to repent from coming against the prophet, who is standing on the truth.


“Number 4: The prophet is unassailable. The prophet does not budge one inch from the foundation he/she is built upon, is unmoveable in times of crisis. But the prophet’s mind comes under great attack. The enemy looks to stop revelation, for this is the prophet’s sword. His/her faith hasn’t moved, for this is the faith of the Son of God; but his/hers mind comes under great attack, as with the apostle, from outside the arena of apostle-hood & prophet-hood, no-one understands the price being paid here.


“The enemy targets with his highest demons, in attempts to stop this revelation going out. Paul complained of this to Me, My grace being sufficient for him, as it is for you. For thou comest from a nation where God was given the pre-eminence in 1953 by the present monarch. For a nation to move away from that oath to God, to attempt to sign this away to Romanist power, is one which the prophet will always stand against; & in Great Britain, they are planning to have a referendum based on  whether or not the nation should break its promises to God.


“Number 5: The prophet will always be lengthy in speech & in writing. The nation’s Constitutional Acts are contextual by their very nature. They are based on a monarch hearing from God & acting accordingly. But when a nation refuses to hear the Word of the Lord, laws are passed that bring death, rather than life, & all manner of Constitutional breaches come out of laws that have not heeded God. So they tell the prophet the laws & regulations he/she has constantly broken; but the prophet establishes the Spirit over the letter, for the letter killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.


It is the nature of the prophet to forsake his/her all for the cause. This is normal in prophet-hood; but remember what I tell thee, that My Word is all-powerful, & the prophet knows it, yet comes in humility & weakness to give the word of the Lord, because he/she knows it is not him/her, but Christ Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the prophet giving all praise & glory to the One who has manifested Himself through the empty vessel, there being neither Jew not Greek nor male nor female; & the prophet is always prepared to go all the way, pointing out the pre-eminence of Christ in all areas of judgement. For the prophet always fights for justice, & I provide My sword, to be pierced into the enemy camp when I call thee to do it.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/10/15

“You Can No Longer Sing ‘God Bless America’ -The Demise of a Nation”


“A nation that turns its unborn into buckets to die, will not be blessed by God. A nation that turns the ethos of Ephesians 5, of the real meaning of marital relations, is not only a nation that blasphemes God, but is also a nation that will fall into the effects promoted immorality will always bring.


“A nation where the family is undermined, where children no longer have a Mum & a Dad, will inevitably fall into a mire of violence; for it is through the stability of a Biblical family that a child is to be brought up, a child who will not go astray. Just as a house is built on sand, so shall it fall. How can I bless a nation that ignores its foundations? How can Thanksgiving Day be blessed, when what the Pilgrim Fathers stood for is completely ignored?


“The Compact of the Mayflower between Britain & America has not only brought stability to both nations, but has brought about conditions for stability throughout the world.


“I cannot bless nations that break their covenants unto God. One President said, ‘It is impossible to govern a nation without God & the Bible.’ Another President warned of ‘the coarse world of reason,’ that virtue had to take priority in all aspects of government life.


“Yet wat do I see today? A nation in turmoil, a nation that has forgotten its roots, & a nation no longer protected by the stripes of the blood of the Lamb. You are now on your own, America, without the protection of God, & so have to fight your own battles. Thou has not protected thy borders from infiltrations that are coming in from all over the world. All over America are cells of those looking to bring harm to the nation. Yet you allow them their freedom, & criminalise the righteous.


“You deny access in thy educational establishments for the true Word of God. Even thy seminaries have fallen under the spell of Higher Criticism. So you have so-called Christian ministers talking about God in a critical way, rather than manifesting the Saviour Himself.


“The debauchery of the Emerging Church has brought about a gospel of accommodation, of social enterprise of churches that help people, rather than minister to God. The ethos of seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, is lost in thy nation. So how can God’s provision apply in a nation determined to go its own way? A nation that makes up its own laws, with the argument that they bring freedom; but where is the freedom for the unborn child, sucked out of the womb in great pain?

“So you are a nation, America, that in its present form cannot be blessed; & the slavery of Babylon is upon thee. For thy businesses are over-regulated, thy people are under strain. For thou art no longer a nation with a vision, & so thy people are perishing all around thee.


“So, America, where is thy people who are making a stand for the old paths, for justice to return to thy nation? For I have a remnant who have separated themselves from the debauchery of the Emerging Church; who have warned of the tyranny of government, in no longer standing on the Constitution of the nation, of God & His precious Word.


“However, thou hast chosen to persecute My prophets. They are the sons of Zadok, who came over from Great Britain in the Mayflower. They are born again by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, bursting with the compassion of the Christ who died for thee. They look to restore the seminaries to the teaching of the true Word of God. They look to bring to government God & the Bible & the virtue so necessary to run a nation. Yet, America, you legislate against them. Yet through them, I can bring life & not death. For through your existing policies, thou hast brought about the holocaust of dying babies that Hitler & Herod could never have contemplated, in their operations of death. For in the name of immorality, thou hast killed generations of true American people, & replaced them with infiltrations from outside.


“Now, the true American is one born again. It matters not the colour, the race, or the gender. For true Americans uphold the Constitution, & this was brought into the nation by the Pilgrim Fathers; & the warnings of Deuteronomy 28 are very clear for those who disobey God.


“There needs to be a national repentance, a humility in all the seats of government, to restore the nation back under God.

“And now to the Emerging Church. There has never been a paradigm shift with God. He is the Lord that changes not; & unless thou returns to the preaching of the blood of the Lamb, then thou shalt surely fall. For thou art sending multitudes to hell with thy accommodation preaching. Thou art encouraging the love of money, rather than the love of God, the true minister forsaking his/her wealth, as Peter & Paul did so as to reach the lost.


“For there is a price that has to be paid, to be a true minister of God, & that price is your life. For as I laid down My life, so My ministers are prepared to do the same; & just as Abraham was prepared to slay Isaac, so I will save the lives of those who are prepared to do the same.


“You cannot hide your sin forever, Emerging Church. For the hour of judgement is nigh, not only for thee, but also for a nation that has forgotten God, & the Constitution of the Mayflower.


“Please no longer sing ‘God Bless America,’ until thou has returned to the fold.”



Word from the Lord

through David P Griffiths,


“Your Opponents Have Sins

to Hide – 

The Distinction between

the Love & the Wrath

of God”


“Let there be no misunderstanding here: God is at war against sin forever, as the banner proclaimed. Let there be no misunderstanding here: God’s love is a drawing love, for those who are repentant, open & transparent, about the sins they have committed. God by His Spirit draws such men (including women), draws all men unto Him.


“The mourners’ benches of old were for those who confessed their sins, those who had received the conviction of the Spirit, & were open & transparent, were made, & are made, into a new creation, no more in condemnation, but washed by the blood of the Lamb.


“Your opponents are astounded by thy openness & transparency, & are afraid of thee, just as they were afraid of Dickens, Oxley & Whitehouse. Instead of coming to the throne of grace, they look to smear & distort the activities of the righteous; & whereas if they come open & transparent towards God, under the conviction of the Spirit, under such love I draw all men unto me, but should they decide not to accept thy invitation of love & reconciliation, & the drawing of My Spirit towards them, which has encouraged thy opponents to be as open & transparent as you have been, then My wrath will manifest against them.


“You see, what thy opponents call intolerance, is really saying, in the context of the nation being a Christian state, & a Christian state alone, (this is simply stating the Constitution of the nation – check out the Elizabethan Settlement & the Coronation Service, including the Oath of the monarch), you will find that there is only one faith established by law. Your opponent call that as being intolerant. I call it sin. For if a government is not prepared to honour its Constitution, then it is in rebellion, & to Me this is the sin of witchcraft I am not prepared to tolerate.


“Now do you see the distinction between the love & the wrath of God? The moneychangers’ hearts were hardened, & in My righteous anger, I cast them out of the Temple; & likewise, as you have offered God’s love to your opponents, & blessed those who have cursed you, there comes a time, that if this heart of reconciliation & love is refused, that the truth has to come out; & I by My Spirit draw out the truth. For if the reaction is to cover up their actions, then what they are covering up is sin, & sin alone; & God will not tolerate sin, for He is the God who is at war with sin forever, so in this context you can understand the distinction between the love & grace of God, & the manifestation of His wrath.


“Your opponents plot on how they can protect themselves & their situation, rather than being open & honest, as you have been, in My name, over all the accusations thy opponents have placed against thee; & isn’t this interesting, how the opponents if sin, in a past generation, got together with a politician to expose government tyranny, & the tyranny of the national broadcaster? Can you see the parallel? You working together in the political arena, to expose the tyranny of government, & the tyranny of the national broadcaster, it being bodies who have opposed thee, alongside the national broadcaster, just as in a past generation.

“As thou hast been transparent, there is now opportunity for thy opponents to be transparent with thee, for which God’s love, & the conviction of His Spirit, will always accept the repentant sinner. But should thy opponents look to cover his/her tracks, & place the blame on My righteous, which is the usual practice when there is a cover-up, then the opponent will face the manifestation of the wrath of God, for God is at war against sin forever.


“I have called thee to carry the mantle of Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens into this generation. They accepted no compromise, but had those who they had discovered were full of sin, had they repented before God, then Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens would have led them to the Saviour, whose blood was shed to set men free.


“But they chose to smear Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens, & defame them, & God’s wrath fell upon the opponents, whose eternity without repentance became one of hell fire.


“Such is the wrath of God against sin.


“But instead of repenting, the opponents smeared the righteous, & covered up their tracks. What this prophecy does is bring all this out into the open; & you make sinners uncomfortable. Such is the nature of those carrying My conviction, that as My righteous are prepared to be open & transparent, then it is only fair to expect that thy opponents be likewise.


“Thou has offered love & reconciliation to thy opponents, who will hide behind law if they are not prepared to confess their faults, & will look to try you by the letter rather than the Spirit. But those who challenge by the letter, will always fall by the letter. For it is the letter that kills, & the spirit that giveth life; & no manner of good works by thy opponents will save them. For salvation only comes through the blood of Jesus.


“Now, this is something I want to say, to reaction to My prophecies on social media & all manner of electronic communication. They hold back because they have been taught of another Jesus, who is not at war with sin, but tolerates it. For the Emerging Church has taught this false doctrine for years, & has taken over My movements of conviction. So do not be disheartened by lack of reaction. My Spirit is at work on those prepared to receive My conviction & come unto Me, My Word never returning void.

“I warned thee, this is the time of preparation. Get thy systems in place. For the time of great harvest is nigh.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/10/15



“For 2,000 years, the true Church of Jesus Christ has lived under threat. There have been those who have threatened ministry after ministry after ministry.


“I have spoken through My prophets over these 2,000 years, & each one has had to overcome persecution at a level that, without supernatural resource, they would each fail.


“Through Dr C R Oliver, I revealed the reality, that those who are the sons of Zadok have such a unique power that those who are of earthly ministry cannot match. This power is in their weakness. As sons of Zadok, they move in such power, authority & might; but they are not afraid to confess their weakness. For as they do this, they speak out rhemas of God, with such authority that each time the opponents have to bow their knee to them. Yet it is not them, but Christ Jesus Himself (see Galatians 2:20). The faith they live by is not their own faith, but the faith of the Son of God.


“The ministry through whom I am speaking at this time, has already restored the Bible College of Wales, a college that became a movement. Its founders were not afraid to forsake all to follow Me, & I have restored the College through like-minded prophets who have laid all on the line for Me. These are prophets who have gone in the most dangerous situations, & have moved in the most powerful supernatural anointing, & have witnessed mighty signs & wonders.


“But there is a differential between them & those who have taken over the once-great movements of yesterday. The devil comes to kill, steal & destroy, & movements of God have been taken over by career ministers of Satan. Instead of forsaking, they have their salaries & pensions, & security in the world rather than in God.


“You see, the true minister of God is prepared to forsake all to follow Me. The ministry through whom I am now speaking, is one that has gone through false accusation after false accusation. Not only does it have to overcome the understanding of the devil coming to kill, steal & destroy. This has manifest through threatening phone calls & threatening text messages, clearly intimating Satan’s plan to destroy this ministry. Those of other philosophies have come along to wipe this ministry off the face of the earth. Yet through this persecution, there has been tremendous growth to the ministry. Deep covenants have occurred throughout the world, through those who understand the persecution the ministry has gone through, to re-establish the movements of God. It is an Elijah ministry, & in Sri Lanka I have brought about a College identical in spirit, with that of the Bible College of Wales through Rees Howells. Great intercession has taken place through this College in Sri Lanka, & this is expanding now throughout Asia, where I have caused a great trumpet to sound over the lands going north from Sri Lanka through India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Tibet. The trumpets of the Lord are to sound through those receiving Christ from these nations to go all over the world. For these are My persecuted people, who know how to overcome through the greatest weakness.


“Now, this prophecy is an invitation to you all to come into the understanding of the sons of Zadok. Contact Dr C R Oliver. You will find him on your internet search stations through Zadok Publications, & ask for the book ‘The Sons of Zadok,’ & in this book you will find the understanding of the true priesthood of God which is My body, & those who practise a form of godliness, but deny the power. The false priesthood that denies the power, & lives off its own intellect, without the hearing from God & the inner witness the true movements of God still move by.


“This ministry through whom I am now speaking, has been under criminal investigation over the last months. Yet I have used this situation for the extension of My kingdom. The police involved in this investigation have been open to understand the depths of covenant & forsaking that has gone on in this ministry. The ministry has access to the highest seats of government to minister My Word. It is a ministry of compassion, love & reconciliation, even to the greatest of its enemies, & I encourage you all reading this prophecy today, to ask whether you are of the sons of Zadok or the sons of Eli, the latter sitting in church pews under lectures about God, rather than being in a ministry that manifests God Himself through the hearts of all the believers. For this priesthood is My royal priesthood, a priesthood that has full access to the Father, through the one Christ Jesus. There is no earthly priest standing in the way, whether that priest be called a Pope, vicar, pastor or rector. For in this priesthood, there is no earthly control, for there is a hearing from God as My army, fully clad with My armour, the unassailable body of Christ, without spot nor wrinkle. This body is open & transparent, & is My empty vessel, through whom the Church is truly built.


“With legal attack after legal attack over many years, it is now called to fulfil its dreams through the 7-year plan which I have given it. You can read this plan at, & on God drawing you to be part of this plan, do not think you are coming under an earthly leader. Do not hold on to the hurts of the past, when charlatans have looked to control your every move; but this ministry has been given a 7-year plan of God. It is not for you to question whether or not I should come within those 7 years. For I am not revealing to thee the hour of the Lord’s coming. But what I am saying is, that the hour is nigh, & that thou hast the capability in My name to fulfil the aims of this plan within the period of these 7 years.


“To be part of this, one must understand that the god of this world still seeks to destroy ministries upholding the values of God; & all over the world now, students of the Word are being drawn to this restoration of the Bible College of Wales. But there has been a counterfeit operating under the same name, that is portraying the Emerging Church spirituality of Satan, manifesting through false signs & wonders, now exposed through the ‘Other Jesus’ course that I have brought about through the College that is the restoration of, not only the vision of Rees Howells in UK, but also that of Charles Fuller in USA, whose movement too has been taken over by those of the Emerging Church that has no understanding of the sacrifice required to continue the visions of the pioneers of the sons of Zadok.


“Now, I am allowing this ministry to tell its story to those responding to this message going out through emails & social media.

“This is the day of the Lord. For My commission to reach every creature, is alive not only through this ministry, but through all those who have been drawn in covenant with it, those not afraid to pay the price.”

Word from the Lord

Through David P Griffiths, 10/10/15 “The Simplicity of It All:

A Warning to those Running the Bible College of Wales Buildings in Swansea”


“There is a hymn that was sung with gusto in these buildings in Swansea; & all that was stood for in the Bible College of Wales, is in the words of the hymn writer. The hymn is ‘Trust & Obey.’


“My word to you is, simply study the words of this hymn, & all that it means. You will never move in the mantle of Rees Howells unless you understand the words of this hymn. For the table of Rees Howells was primarily one of forsaking all to reach every creature, & you cannot come in & take over these buildings with all your earthly riches, for the table of Rees Howells was one of forsaking all to follow Him. And this is the story of missionary after missionary, of staff member after staff member, it being impossible to transfer this anointing by simply taking over the building & laying on graves in the charismatic pose of grave-soaking. All you will do is fill yourselves up with devils.


“There is only one way to move in this anointing, & I quote to you a Scriptural hymn, ‘Search Me, O God.’ Oh! If you could grasp the depth of the hymn-singing at the Bible College of Wales, & the heavy price that was paid to fulfil the call by so many martyred to the cause. Emmanuel Bible College in Birkenhead was just the same. If only you could grasp the surrender. It is so simple to understand. Don’t try & receive this mantle any other way. I warn you, you will be filled up with devils.

“It’s so simple. To move in this mantle, you have to be dead to self.


When I am saying ‘self,’ I am talking about the god of this world. He showed Me the kingdoms of this world, & tempted Me with them; & it is this that’s tempted thee. But those of the original College reacted just as I reacted on the Mount of Temptation, & quoted the ‘It is written’ of Scripture, the rhema word of God, the sword of the Spirit.


“But you at Swansea are rejecting My Word for the experience, & are coming under attack after attack because you have rejected My Word.


“The actions of the Emerging Charismatic movement will not save you; only My Word. My Word is that of the Received Text, not of the vagrancies of the Nestle-Aland Committee. Have they forsaken all? No, they wallow in the riches of the Vatican & the Bible Societies. But those of My true Word forsake all to follow Me. This is the table of Rees Howells.


“As Tyndale gave his life for My Word to be understood in English, so you in Swansea must be prepared to give your lives up too, to reach every creature with the gospel.


“This is not a call of grave-soaking, & asking for the anointing of Rees Howells. It’s a call of obedience, forsaking the world & its earthly possessions, & placing all on the altar, as in the hymn they used to sing at the Bible College of Wales, ‘Trust & Obey.’

“Will you forsake all to follow Him? I have a call on these buildings for the reaping to the sowing, but to grasp it, you need to understand the calling of Rees Howells. You cannot move in the revivals of yesterday by transference. It only comes through the deepest surrender of what the world has got to offer, & being prepared to pay the price that Rees Howells paid.


“My warning to you at Swansea is that you have embraced the false gospel that receives the world, rather than acts on the forsaking required to be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 11/10/15

“The Wise Man Built His House upon the Rock”


“You sung it as a child, & even did the actions, declaring ‘The house on the rock stood firm;’ & how the storm has come against this ministry of God which I have set up through thee. Storm after storm has come against thee. The floods have come up to destroy thee; but thou hast stood on the rock in My name. Just as you used to sing in Sunday school, Mrs Bradley was the superintendent, & Mrs Walmsley played the piano, at the Aintree Gospel Mission in Liverpool, where I took you back, David, in the Spirit, as these were the Biblical & spiritual foundations of thy life, to be the wise man who built his house upon the rock.


“As thou was given this upbringing of heavenly stature, so in this College at Rhos-on-Sea, I have given thee a wife who has stood with thee through all those storms which have come continuously against thee, she coming from the non-conformist background of Protestant Scotland, of Knoxian grit & stature, all hell can let loose & she ain’t gonna move, she standing on the rock with thee.

“And along came the intercessor of the table of Rees Howells, to blast the enemy from the ramparts of thy castle. For not only art thou standing on the rock. The sword of the Spirit is going out all over the world, & thou art unassailable to the enemy.


“The Word of God cannot be returned void; & around thee has come these three ladies of great stature. The enemy has looked to convince the world they are under thy control; but they have both their individual & corporate walk with Me & hear from Me.

“The prophetess has screamed out her tongue, ‘for Bible College & mission,’ she declared. Her earthly possessions became a hindrance to her, & she obeyed the Spirit & cast them aside; & through her, I was able to restore thy ministry in a way I had called her to do; & thou hast witnesses for this.


“For a short time I sent thee a special intercessor, as a forerunner to the man from Lancashire. She laid her life down for this ministry on the rock to reach every creature with the gospel. She too was a prophetess of great renown. Yet they could not see it. They had her on the back seats of ‘churches,’ as an insignificant little lady. Yet she was as the Rock, Lord Jesus. She was going to stand, & give her wealth to thee, so that the world may hear the gospel.


“’For media!’ she cried. ‘For computers!’ she cried, for she knew they were the means of reaching every creature; & as she lay on her hospital bed, being uplifted to glory, she knew she had fulfilled her call through thee.


“The wise man builds his house upon the rock; & even though storm after storm has come, the house on the rock stands firm.

“A lady from a past of religious persecution, has embraced the freedom of the Spirit which thou hast in this great calling of God. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. For I have called thee to be of the Word & the Spirit, & this is embraced in this lady from Cheshire, who knows what it is like to have to stand through storms & storms & storms. She has stood with thee through times of great trial & tribulation. So she stands today, in full determination to fulfil the call.


“And then we have this lady from the approaches to the Pennines, who has longed to lay hands on the sick, so that they may be healed. Yet the apostasy of thy nation has caused a frustration to her, that because of the apostate state of the nation’s educational system, people are unprepared to receive the good news of the Saviour. Yet she is with a team determined to block out this influence of Satan; & as thou standest on the Highgate hill, thou will say to principalities & powers, that ‘thy day is through.’ For as thou knocks out the sands of humanist thinking, so thou will bring forth the teaching of the Word & the Spirit, to enable My ministry through this lady to flourish. ‘At long last’ she will say, ‘the people have thus responded.’


“So this is a crucial time for thy ministry. At this time, keep working on the practicalities, standing firm on the rock. For what else did you sing at Sunday school, David? Well, you sung the first verse, ‘And the house on the rock stood firm.’ ‘The rains came down, & the floods came up.’ And as children, you used to get excited about the second verse, for you were able to shout aloud, & spare not. For the foolish man built his house upon the sand.


“But thou hast exposed, under My 7-year plan, the Emerging Church of the accommodation gospel, of grace that has no origins in the Word of God; of embracing of other faiths & lifestyles, including the papal order forbidden in thy nation’s Constitution.

“For I have called thee to expose the infiltrations in both state & so-called ‘Church.’ As thy brothers Oxley & Dickens. & sister Whitehouse, boldly warned of taking national institutions on to the sand, the BBC is such an institution; a castaway from the foundations of Non-Conformist belief, to being an organisation that was out to destroy thee, had it the power & authority to do so.


“It has had all the authority that man’s license fee could give it; but all it has done, with few exceptions, is to pollute the nation with the filth, decadence, & socialistic philosophies that has left Marx in the grave of Highgate.


“The wise man builds his house upon the rock; but the BBC transferred to the sand, on which it now stands, about to fall under its decadence of belief. It had tried to destroy thee, alongside a socialistic family of unbelief, just as it did against Oxley & Whitehouse. But Oxley & Whitehouse stood on the rock, exposing the folly of the sand. They were unmoveable. Around thee has been unmoveable people; & I am bringing these unmoveables to thee. Gathering around thee are the unmoveables of the national Church, which through its provinces of Canterbury & York, have moved to the sand. But there are those still standing upon the rock, working to form a third province. These are the unmoveables of the National Church of England.


“Likewise in Scotland, I am bringing thee unmoveables of the Reformed Protestant faith, like thy student of New Testament Greek. He represents the stability of the Knoxian faith of Scotland; & so in Ireland, I am bringing thee My unmoveables, for the storms are about to fall.


“Then amongst it all, I have brought thee a world-wide prophet & prophetess of the calling of Zadok, of those who hear from God & obey accordingly, who despite of persecution resist the devil & sees him flee from situations all over the world.

“In amongst all of this, I have brought thee together with a group from the Californian shores that proclaims the fullness of the gospel, with a vision of the true hundredfold of resource, to go all over the world to establish the covenant of God; & in amongst all of this, I have given thee those who not only carry the mantle of Grubb, but also now the mantle of Tozer. For Kentucky & Ohio has to open to thee, saith the Lord. For the enemy has sought to prevent thee from operating in those 2 states; & there is a key work for you to do in Indiana, as well.


“The enemy of souls has done all he can to prevent thee from fulfilling this call, of Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio. He thought he could bring down a tornado upon thee, as thou drove the Indiana road to Kentucky; for even then, he was looking to hold thee back from ministering in these states.


“But I am telling thee, that the storms are about to roll over those who have opposed thee, not only in these states, but all over the world.


“And there is a little man about to roll in the Caribbean. The Emerging Church is all around him, looking to engulf his ministry, with the filth & decadence of men. But he has said ‘No! I’m embracing the old paths. I shall not be moved.’ And not only shall the nations of the Caribbean receive Christ, but also this shall flow into Mexico, from where the intercessor stood to open the gates to revival.


“For South America, I have plans, which I will give unto thee in due course.


“But to return to Europe, I have a John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness. As a lady from Valdres prophesied, there are those from poorer countries sweeping in all around them, bringing in the philosophies of the crescent, rather than of the cross; & on Europe is coming My judgement, for instead of upholding the Protestant Reformation, it has upheld the stars of Mary & the statues of Brussels.


“With the man now from Germany crying aloud in the wilderness, he needs to know the verse 2 of the chorus is about to happen.

“For the foolish man built his house upon the sand. But I am about to return, saith the Lord, & the build-up to the plains of Megiddo is occurring all around thee. For My remnant is about to see a great harvest. For that which thou hast exposed, is about to blow, as in the second verse of the chorus.


“For the house built on sand will fall, saith the Lord, with a loud clatter, as depicted in the Sunday school of Bradbury & Walmsley.

“For I am declaring the blessings of God to overtake thee, saith the Lord. For as thou has suffered the persecution of the valley, so thou must prepare for the blessings of the mountain top, from where thou will declare Christ Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.


“And in this context comes thy Sri Lanka to Tibet vision. I have called thee with the apostle of Bellwood, to fulfil the callings of God; & these are My children, who will continue the vision of reaching every creature, to the lands of Asia & all over the world.

“The little lady in Rhos-on-Sea, from her little room, declared this to be. So shall it be, saith the Lord, for the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.


“And Tamil & Sinhala ministries are gathering with thee too, in the South of India to reach north.


“My Word shall not be returned void; but as thou has seen, the clouds of the Emerging Church has been polluting these lands. But My Word is much higher, & thou shalt see the miracles of God manifest in these lands, to confirm My unadulterated Word, rather than see manifest the false miracles of those who uphold the Westcott & Hort text.


“So, be of good cheer. I have overcome the world; & you can sing with gusto verse 2, ‘And the house on the sand fell down.’

“And thou will preach to build our lives on the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Rock, & thou art to see manifest the blessings of God come down.”

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 13/10/15 “Revelations of Rome”


“You see today the format of something that has never really died: the Roman Empire. “Time after time, this evil power has gained the apparent upper hand through power, power given to it by the angel of light, Lucifer – that is, the devil masquerading as the angel of light – hence the ‘sun’ of gold, the fleshly sun of the lusts of the flesh, which ‘shines’ everywhere in Roman Catholicism.


“Yes, David is right: Mithras is that same root, & the worship of ‘Mithraism,’ with so many Roman soldiers taking part, is of that same ‘sun,’ the angel of light, Lucifer. “What is Japan, but the land of the rising SUN? Hence the Japanese fascination with the Temple of Mithras in London. “


Many other forms have been taken which copy Rome: the eagle of Jupiter, the domination by power & violence. Mussolini, Hitler, Napoleon, all resurrected that Roman spirit. “But these secular governments with their armies are nothing compared to that called Roman Catholicism – not at all Christian, but actually a pseudo-religious, power-hungry, devouring monolithic monster. Read the Revelation of My beloved son, called by the world ‘John the Divine.’


I showed him the harlot of the seven hills, in all her true colours, drunk with the blood of the saints, My martyrs now in glory. “’I came, I saw, I conquered,’ wrote the arch-Roman, Gaius Julius Caesar. ‘They create a desert,& call it peace,’ said Calgacus the Celtic freedom fighter, through the Roman author Tacitus. ‘Convert, or die!’ cried the Jesuits, the brutal military arm of Roman Catholicism. “But they change their colours, & their Bibles constantly.


Now they have changed again, to survive& hold power in ‘kid gloves.’ Everyone is loved, everyone has hope of salvation, smiles this present Pope – an iron fist hidden behind those kid gloves. “Then we had the Crusades. Self-righteousness, self-will, vanity of the Papal throne, led thousands, nay millions, to their deaths: Muslim, Christian & Jew.


Lust for treasures, earthly gold, consumed many, who fell victim to the wiles of the Beast. Vices abounded, blood upon blood was shed. My holy city, Jerusalem, became again a place of death. Destroyed by the Romans in their Empire, again destroyed by the new Roman Empire – the ‘Catholic Church.’ “Constantine knew Rome’s end was near. By the 4. Century, it was in full decay. So it split into a two-headed monster: Rome of the seven hills, & Byzantium of the seven hills. A former Greek colony metamorphosed into Constantinople, named after the emperor of change.


The dark, scheming plots of Rome were succeeded by even darker, cunning deeds of the Emperors of the East based in that city. The filth & decadence was covered by the foul incense of an unholy religion, masquerading as My Church. “Yet, no true Roman Catholic ever calls themselves ‘Christian,’ but ‘Catholic.’ Because their desire is as it always has been, to conquer the universe. ‘I will be like the Most High!’ is their cry, & one on earth personifies this, known as the Pope – or Holy Father. “The ‘holy see’ is the all-seeing eye of Egypt. For why else does the Vatican contain the treasures of Egypt?


Darkness & light cannot mix together in the Spirit, but they mix them together all the time, as with the black & white squares of Freemasonry. For the worship of the physical pervades this refuge of the Roman Empire. “The fascination with My suffering body is perverted into crucifixes, Mass, & the ‘Pietas’ of the false Mary holding the body of her ‘Son.’ Pagan blasphemies & perversions abound. Once & for all sacrifice, as portrayed in My Word (Hebrews etc.) is not even considered. Perpetual pain & suffering is.


‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do,’ has a new meaning in this so-called ‘Church.’ “The race against time is on – to get as many souls into the yawning, devouring jaws of this ‘kingdom’ before I come again to judge the quick & the dead. “’Behold, I am coming quickly,’ saith the Lord. The devices& schemes of the harlot of Rome will come to nothing. The jaws of Satan devour all they can. False Bibles, the work of the Illuminati (so-called ‘enlightened ones’, who worship the angel of light) abound, deceiving even some of My saints.


The instability of the Charismatic movement has reached into almost every movement, even of My formerly true Church. The web of intrigue is Satan’s master-plan through Rome: to build another Empire based on blood of the martyrs, & dead men’s bones. Yes! Like the Pharisees, these whited sepulchres of false piety are full of dead men’s bones.


“Like previous worshippers of Baal in the Old Testament, they target innocent children especially, prostituting them on their altars to Baal – altar-boys, & girls, orphans, the unprotected. They prey on them all, & keep it a dark secret, under their false robes of false holiness. Everything is occultic – i.e. covered up, kept in the darkness. “My light will pierce,& is already piercing, the darkness. John Knox was My prophet in Scotland, who put the darkness to light through the dawning, glorious light of My Reformation & restitution. New forces have come to denigrate this move of God, & cast it out. Nothing, nothing, nothing can stand against My true saints & martyrs’ blood, & survive.


“Be not afraid: I am the Lord, & I am not to be mocked or put aside for other gods; false gods of freemasonry & idolatry of false religions – all will fall & be crushed to pieces, just as I showed My prophet Daniel in My Word. “Nothing can intimidate My saints, the partakers of My inheritance of glorious light. ‘Endless is the victory I o’er death have won,’ in the words of the hymn-writer.


Thou hast understood this since thy wedding day, when under My guidance, thou chose this hymn to step out into the whole world in My power. After so many years of My training in obscurity, thou art the true ‘emerging Church’ – My Church, emerging from the caves & backside of deserts, from obscurity into My glorious army of the saints of light.


“For joy has come in the morning, saith the Lord. Weeping has endured for only one long night – but it is forgotten in the sun of My healing & glorious light. “Go forth in My name, saith the Lord. Heal the sick, cast out devils, in the anointing of Smith Wigglesworth, raise the dead. All will bow down before thee, because I am in thee, & I change not. No weapon of the many-headed monster of Rome, or any other, can stand against thee. For thou art My immoveable army, founded upon the rock, stability amidst the shifting sands of time. “I have given thee My Word. I have shewn thee in this prophecy, the sands of time, shifting over 2,000 years. I am ever the same.


The wiles of the devil are ever the same, ever-shifting, but useless & fruitless in the desert of death he has created. That is all he can do – destroy. “I am the life. I created & still create life. I can only bring life – life everlasting. That is who & what I am. “’Endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won!’ saith the hymn. Never forget those words. Seek Me, & Me only, & LIVE. “He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me & He talks with me, along life’s narrow way…’ “Glory be to Jesus – the true Jesus, not the false one, the other Jesus.’


“These courses are crucial in these last days: David’s revelation from Me of ‘The Other Jesus,’ & thine that I have given thee. For yes, I have used thy learning& knowledge of Rome, to bring light & revelation by My Spirit, & create for thee a course on ‘The Roman Empire & Its Continuity – still alive today.’ “Thus saith the Lord."


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 15/10/15

“Welsh Speakers, the Chapels, & the Issue of Women”


“The Bible College of Wales was at the forefront in the teaching of women, as regards to the perfection of the saints for the work of the ministry. Was this normal in the culture of the 1930s, when it was widespread that women could not preach from the chapel pulpit?


“But let Me tell you this: the true Welsh chapel pulpit did not have men speaking either, for the true Welsh chapel culture is not for men to speak, not for women to speak, but Christ Jesus & Him alone.


“Now, I warned thee to have the practicalities out of the way, & this thou art working on now. Thou art working on getting into position to be free of earthly possession, so thou might obtain Christ in all His fullness. Is it not this that is in My Word, neither Greek nor Jew, neither male not female, but Christ, & Him alone?


“But where the world has got equality wrong, it sees that male & female are equal with each other. For the equality is not with each other, but in Christ Jesus, & Him alone. For thou art crucified with Christ, yet you live; yet not you, but Christ.

“This is the true Welsh pulpit.


“The religious spirit draws a distinction with the natural mind, but the true revivalist, as in the Hebrides, as at Loughor, knows that the empty vessel was used to bring revival.


“Where are those empty vessels today? What thou art doing is stirring up the Welsh revival spirit, of men & women crucified with Christ, who are to be the empty vessel for God to speak, & Him alone. In this context, the sons & daughters prophesy. There is no distinction. This is the true welsh pulpit; for it is God speaking, & Him alone.


“The religious spirit crept into chapel life. Many of this generation were forced into a religious routine. But in the true chapel of Wales, there was a hungering & thirsting after righteousness, & from the true chapel pulpit, the people were filled.


“Oh, how the Welsh speakers will flock to thee! Whether the Word be given in Welsh, or in English, is not the point. What is the point is that from the true Welsh pulpit, the language of heaven is spoken.


“For there is neither Jew nor Greek, Welsh nor English; but the true revivalist chapel culture of Wales sees no distinction. Yes, I use the oratory of which Wales is renowned. But I use it not in the academic sense, but with an impassioned spirituality. This is the true pulpit of Wales. ‘Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land.’ It was not a man that wrote this. ‘Open Thou the crystal fountain, whence the healing stream doth flow.’ It was not a man who wrote this. ‘Thou hast conquered sin, & Satan, & the grave’ – not a man who wrote this.


“Yes, the hymn books show William Williams, but I can tell you, it was not him who wrote this. It came from the throne room of God, & it is from this throne room the true culture of chapel life in Wales, truly comes.


“Oh, have I called thee to restore the true pulpit of Wales! For that oratory has not its origins in the physical, but deeply in the portals of power, where in one sense both men & women walk, but not men & women, but the empty vessels through whom God speaks, so that from the true pulpit of Wales, there is a message from the Lord, Hallelujah!


“And I have called thee to restore this wonderful chapel of Wales, from where both black & white shall meet, the Bible College of Wales in its infancy saw no difference between black & white, & even the royalty of Africa was drawn to come into this most sacred of places. For the Bible College of Wales broke all cultural norms. At that time, blacks were seen commonly as inferior beings; but never in Christ; & the true revivalist culture in Wales saw no distinction between black & white. For in Christ there is a Common Wealth. And what thou art doing is bringing an understanding that in Christ there is no distinction between male & female, black or white. Thou art all one in Christ Jesus.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/10/15

“When the Non-Conformists Conform, they are no longer Non-Conformists. When the Non-Denominationals form themselves into a Denomination, they are no longer Non-Denominationals. Those who are of the Original Call are the embarrassment to the New Conformists. Those who hold to Non-Denominationalism are seen as rebels, for they continue not to conform.”


(Please note: Rev Hughes referred to was Minister at The Tabernacle, Colwyn Bay, North Wales)


“The whole principle of being a non-conformist, is not to conform. Yet organisers infiltrate into movements based on this principle, to bring about a conforming to worldly ways.


“Now, this is what has happened to you. You have not conformed, & those who do conform, chase after you to demand that you do conform. When you do not conform, their system will look to destroy you.


This is what happened to Rev Hughes in Colwyn Bay. He was not naïve financially, as has been reported. He was a victim of non-conformists who did conform; & because they did conform & he did not, his resources were suppressed.


“Non-conformists conform to the mind of the Spirit, & do not conform to the mind of the flesh, Satan.


“Rev Hughes did the unrespectable of the day. He preached from the heart & brought conviction. Yet those who refused the conviction looked to destroy him. He died a broken man, suffering the torments thou art going through now.


“Thou has sought to bring life to that brokenness, & thou in the form of thy intercessor have spoken life in the physical building of the Tabernacl, & all principalities & powers are in fear. ‘Not this again!’ they cry. ‘Not this again!’


“The difference, however, to your situation & that of the Rev Hughes is this: thou hast the power today to bring the darkness into the light, through going on-line, & expose that which is happening.


“Look at those who are opposing you. The BBC, once with high moral values, a non-conformist operation under the nation’s Constitution, began to conform to the god of this world, who now rules this Corporation with a passion.

“Non-conformists began charities in thy nation; yet there are those who have come in who have made movements which thy forefathers set up, to conform to the regulators of the god of this world.


“These movements lose their power, & become efficient bastions of society. No longer with the blood & fire of General Booth, a non-conformist preaching machine has become the bastion of social welfare, rather than preachers of blood & fire.


“The landmark has therefore been removed; & just as you look to restore the mantle of General Booth, his movement now looks to minister to people primarily, rather than to God. General Booth’s principle was to minister to God first, who then supernaturally provided the needs of the people, in contrast to today, for that army bows down & conforms to the god of this world, & has procedure & regulation above blood & fire. You can see that in its logo. The blood & fire has gone.


“So it was with the Baptist Missionary Society & Rev Hughes. It had bowed down to regulation, & Rev Hughes did not conform, & a schism formed between that which stood for the old paths, & those who stand for the god of this world. Those who therefore have taken over the movements of the non-conformists, now hold the purse-strings. They say, ‘If you conform to this, & you conform to that, the resources will be yours.’ The non-conformist, hearing from God, replies with My Word.


“You see, those who conform hold the purse-strings. Lucifer conformed, & showed Me the kingdoms of this world. For those who conform have eaten off the tree of knowledge. Knowledge & reason is in charge, rather than virtue.


“It is this that came against Rev Hughes, & comes against thee. It is this that brought about a broken man, for to the end, he would not conform. He did not bow down to Satan, like My once-great movements have done. They have passed not their Mount of Temptation experience. They have not replied as I replied, choosing the path of the cross, of complete brokenness, rather than the path of earthly success.


“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. The non-conformist pays the price, with the conformist holding the purse-strings, & in thy case, they have even taken away the purse-strings of thy non-conformist prophetess.

“For the path of reason is the path of ‘best interest,’ & the path of non-conformity is the path of ‘mental incapacity.’ This is their thinking, & as thou has spoken out, unconstitutional.


“For those of reason now run thy country, & those who do not conform, being put on a path of destruction. This is the reason for thy suffering.


“’If only you conform,’ they say; just as the devil offered Me on the Mount of Temptation, & so thou hast refused his invitation.

“In the place thou art in, comes massive anointing of the Christ who died for thee, & the blood & fire conviction of thy preaching, brings fear into thy adversaries. For in their bowing down to conformity, they have much to hide; & thy openness, transparency & honesty brings the fear of God to them.


“This is the situation of Rev. Hughes, & this is thy situation.


“But let me return thee to My Word.


“As you now act by My Spirit, having forsaken all to follow Me, then the promised of My Word is clear, ‘Now, in this time.’ Hence thou are to continue with the building of houses, in Sri Lanka, Great Britain, all over the world. Media missions houses – it is all there before thee. For that which is built on sand is about to fall. The thief of Rev. Hughes has to pay back. For up to now, the thief’s goods have been in peace; but now that which is stronger has come upon him.


“You see, the stronger man has already overcome the strong man; & thou art to expose with vigour the corruption of the strong man; & yes, Lindsay, thy time has come to reveal that sword. Thy intercessor has stirred up the socialist antichrist, whose goods are no longer in peace, & thou art called to knock down the Jericho walls, & enter the Promised Land of milk & honey at this time. For it is My will that thou shouldest prosper & be in health; & thou are to take back the goods of the strong man.


“Go forward therefore, having established the rear guard action of having thy affairs in order. You can then go forward with My sword, & claim back all which the devil has stolen, by taking over movements that have conformed, so as to restore the non-conformist banner of blood & fire, of ministers who have not conformed to the god of this world, & have taken over the resources of those who have stolen movements into the hands of the antichrist.


“Thy call is to make that which has conformed into that which has not conformed to the god of this world. For thou will stand again in the pulpits of blood & fire, & take back from those that have conformed, the goods they have stolen in the name of antichrist.


“For thou, in the name of Jesus, will restore movements of non-conformity to the conformity of My spirit, rather than the god of this world.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/11/15

“By the Blood of the Lamb & the Word of thy Testimony”


“A testimony is complete transparency, complete openness, of the weakness of man & the strength of the Lord.


“There is clear example of testimony in the Scriptures. Testimony is opening up from the heart. It tells the whole story, holding nothing back. It shows one is prepared to be vulnerable, so as to be My empty vessel, so that I can fill thee with My purity. For all human frailty has been healed, & freed by the blood of the Lamb.


“Oh! How you have become a threat to the enemy, for he cannot cope with thy openness & transparency. For his dependency is in pride, fronts, secrecies & underlies. These underlies are the haunts of devils, who separate families, separate fellowships. For underlies are haunts of secrecies, protected by human pride. What you have brought to the arenas which thou art involved in, is life, & life in abundance. You have not brought self-righteousness, a common mark of the religious system.


For instead of saying what you can do for God, you are saying you can only do things through recognising one’s own inability, rather than natural skills. For there is a difference between working for God, in apparent good works, & working as God, having admitted thine own frailty.


“This is the overcoming of testimony. ‘Oh, wretched man that I am!’ declared Paul. The hymn-writer declared, ‘that saved a wretch like me.’ For until one admits one’s own wretchedness, one is in no position to take a seat of government, whether it be in a nation, a charity, N.G.O., business, organisation, or whatever. You are in no position to be in any seat of power; for without the admission of wretchedness, there is pride, & protections to that pride. There are cover-ups, & underlies, the haunts of devils.

“What you have done is say you will tell your whole story, & by doing so, you have placed the fear of God into those who are holding on to their underlies.


“The fear of God is old-fashioned conviction, from where either spirits get saved, or cast into eternal damnation. From the underlies comes a dog-eat-dog culture, which thou constantly witnesses around you. Those of the underlie will look to destroy you, for these underlies are the haunts of devils.


“How do you overcome, therefore? By the blood of the Lamb, & the word of thy testimony. What power you have in thy weakness, through thy open expression of weakness. For it is when thou art weak that thou art strong.


“You see how strong you are? Read Romans 8 again. That’s how strong you are.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/11/15

“7 Year Plan Information: The Open Confession Movement versus

Those of the Behind-the-Scenes Deals, to protect pride”


“There is only one winner here. Those who come together to protect their pride, those of the secret deals that have already affected banking in thy nation, already affecting the justice system of thy nation, already affecting the politics of thy nation & the running of government: all this is coming out into the open, saith the Lord, & it is the time when the weak will say, ‘I am strong,’ when the poor shall say, ‘I am rich, because of what the Lord has done.’


“The weakest upon the weakest will rise up, saith the Lord. The ones who are not afraid to confess their faults one to another, the ones who have not only placed their wealth on the line, but also their lives – these are the ones who shall rise up, as God’s army without spot nor wrinkle. For moving in the fullness of God requires that abandonment to the cause. As soldiers have laid down their lives for their nations, how much more therefore is Christianity the faith that has a Saviour, crucified & risen again, so that men in their frailty may have life, & life in abundance, the army of the Lord, without physical weaponry, but weaponry of the Spirit that knock out every device of Satan. For this weaponry is the whole armour of God, this army being God’s body on this earth, connected to the head, hearing from Him constantly, & obeying the call of the Spirit.


“Oh, what a mighty army this is! Yet it constantly admits its own frailty. It openly declares its call of God, acknowledging its own weakness; & to the world, it looks a forsaken, defeated foe; but it is the army that is crucified with Christ, the army that lives, yet not of itself. It lives by the faith of the Son of God. It is as Christ, crucified & risen again.


“Openness & transparency is its creed, in sharp contrast to the fronts & secret deals of those who hang around in the places of secrecy so as to protect their pride.


“This end-time army of the Lord exposes the works of the evil one, & thus moves in the calling of God, & takes all the spoils of the opponent, so as to benefit the whole of mankind.


“This end-time army loves its neighbour, & by the conviction of the Spirit, brings all men to the foot of the cross, to the Saviour who died so that all men should be crucified with Christ, to be rise up in resurrection glory.


“This is the army of the Lord.


“But a warning to those of secrecy, of secret sins & of pride: you look so grand in your positions of power. You have protected your own interests rather than the interests of others. You are as snakes in the grass, looking at whom you may devour.


“You demanded adherence to your law, rather than the laws of God. You have allowed laws that give credence to the immorality of man, so that the apparent mistakes of activity outside the marital bed, can result in the death of an unborn child.

“So those of secrecy look to place death even on an innocent child, so as to protect a lifestyle based on the selfishness of man, rather than the care of others.


“It is for this thy opponents chase thee. For they see in you an openness & transparency that they are afraid of. For you bring everything out into the open, especially your faults & frailties, which God nails to the cross, & raises you up as Him on this earth, the victor over the one of the secret trial,, who has agendas that have come out of the master of secrecy, the enemy of souls, whose plan is to kill, steal & destroy, whereas I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance.


“It is time for the weak to say, ‘I am strong,’ & the poor to say, ‘I am rich, because of what the Lord has done.’ “


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 30/12/15 Pt 1

“The Entrapment of a Vicious Circle, & Satan’s Offer of an Escape Route

 (Analysis of how the Rings of Satan Operate)”


“You have heard the expression ‘a vicious circle’; but where does it come from, how does it operate? Well, it operates around the saints of God, to entrap them, Satan seeing himself generous to offer an apparent escape route. But as always, Satan has an ulterior motive. But what the saints need to understand is that he always overplays his hand.


“Make no mistake. The restoration of the Bible College of Wales in North Wales came from the throne room of God, the throne room free of the religious spirit that entraps you into the rings of Satan.


“There seems to be no end of these entrapments, for Satan is looking to destroy you through official channels, as the text message said. Around this threat of some years ago, there was a vicious circle, a ring of Satan, deep rooted in the activities of Jezebel, whose sexual flirtations are at the root of your difficulties today.


“O, there was a romance between a Jezebel & a warmonger, whose lusts of the flesh were seemingly being thwarted by thee, & your control over the Jezebel. But what Jezebel does is reflect the blame of control on to My saints, My body, the body of Christ. Jezebel operates in apparent lovingkindness, & control, what Satan has looked for you to take the blame for. Jezebel sees your vineyard, & wants control of thy vine. Who is the true vine? Jezebel wants what you have, & you have My inheritance.


“David & Lindsay, Jezebel has stolen the inheritance of both thy natural parents, yet looks to put the blame of this on you. So, a vicious circle of blame gathers around thee, full of false accusation, full of abuse, full of condemnation; & so, this ring of Satan gathers around thee, which we call today, a vicious circle, so vicious that you sit in wonderment over what to do next.


“But Satan is here to ‘bless you,’ with one of his classic escape routes. ‘If you back down, I’ll leave you alone,’ he says. How often has he said that? ‘I’ll make you a king,’ he says. ‘I’ll give you position,’ he says.


“But what is breaking him about you, is that you are prepared to admit your weakness, before climbing the heavenly staircase in walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“You are prepared to admit thine own wretchedness, thine own weakness, thine own faults one to another, that ye may be healed. This is a strategy Satan rages against. For his escape route is one of pride, ‘Where is the prince in you?’ he says. ‘I can make you respectable.’ But when you take positions of power in the community, you admit your own weakness, rather than build yourself up to be something; & you are taking seats of government Satan had for years, & people are responding to your admission of weakness, & humility, & love for the Hindu, love for the Buddhist, love for the Moslem, love for the Sikh – even the atheist & the pagan. You love them as I have loved thee.


“Even the homosexual thou hast loved, with the agape I have given thee. Even the vilest offender thou hast loved, with the agape I have given thee. And you have taken this into seats of government, into the seats of self-interest, & love the nation with all your heart, even to the point of being prepared to die for it.


“So, in amongst all this persecution, & stealing of inheritance, you have resisted pride, & promoted humility & meekness, My statements above Capernaum having major influence over the whole of your life, so great that the principle of My Sermon on the Mount thou hast not only embraced, but lived by, day by day.


“What a threat you are to the enemy of souls! So he looks to hem you in to his circle even more.


“You have laid down your life for others, but the others now look to crucify thee through the letter of the law that killeth, whereas you portray the Spirit that giveth life.


“So, this whole vicious circle Satan has looked to entrap you in, came about through a Jezebellic flirtation, came about through a woman of not one husband, but many, a woman so fast-bound in sin that no repentance was going to come forth.


“Along came My apostle of faith, & the munching of sandwiches took place. The apostle exposed the signs of the Jezebel, & the Jezebel, fast bound in Jezebellic sin, designed her plot to destroy thy ministry.


“In thine own family, thou art showing fruits of thy labour, children not bound up by religious control. One of them I have with Me. No control can touch him, & thou hast sought for thine own children on earth to have the liberty by which Christ has set them free. Thy humour with Matthew is noted in heaven; & his knowledge of the Word is noted too, & his hunger for the righteousness of Biblical accounts is also noted; & even though his mental inabilities prevent him from studying the Word, this has not stopped him hungering after it. He wants to know the accounts of Moses & Esther & David, & so on. Oh, how this is noticed in heaven!


“And thine other son, with his fervency of youth, loves exposing the conspiracies of Satan with all he has, has a group of mates fascinated by all of this. Mates who would resist a normal form of evangelism, are now seeing there is a Saviour who can save them from all the vagrancies of the New World god of this world. Even Satan’s god of this world’s title is a lie. This is no New World Order. This is his old world disorder, as the wars & rumours of wars prove.


“So, in thine own family, you have this fruit. Yet, the fruit of the Jezebel who attacked thee, lies in religious immorality, & suppression of children, & from here has come the vicious circle around thee, of immoral child abusers who surround thee, for you expose their immorality, their corruption, & their viciousness, which is what they look to expose you for, rather than taking the blame themselves.


“This is the vicious circle of Satan. Agencies of government whose root comes out of the killing of baby after baby, & allowing of immorality in society, protecting those in sin rather than those of the Constitution.


“So, the vicious circle gathers around. Satan says, ‘We cannot allow these people to speak.’ Satan will do everything he can to stop you speaking, & remove those who have given resources into thy ministry. For through Jezebel, he wants the fruit of thy vine, he is holding the seat of authority (Jezebel’s palace – look at it now in the physical realm, & you will understand what it looks like in the spiritual realm today). But it is that vineyard he is after, & you are not giving it up very easily, because your vineyard is bearing fruit, even though Jezebel has taken much of thine own inheritance. Satan is mad.


“I sent unto thee a prophetess, to give her resources unto thee ‘for Bible College & mission,’ was declared. But were you allowed to say this at the Court of Caernarfon, the threat being that if you did, they would take even more of thy resources, some of which were given by the prophetess.


“So isn’t it interesting that the threat through the barrister was in relation to the resources I had given thee through the prophetess? In the same way, Jezebel was chasing the resources of Naboth & his vineyard, the parallel being remarkable. As Naboth resisted, so have thee.


“And what is gathering around Britain is what gathered around Jezebel. A ruination for not following God, a ruination for looking to steal from My prophets.


“Europe is being overrun by the forces of darkness, because instead of elevating My humble prophet into position, they gather around them in vicious circles of law & suppression, having children of violence & sexual immorality. As with the Jezebel who attacked thee, so it is with forces of government, upholding violence against the unborn child, & immorality in society, against those who are upholding the Word of God.


“Now are you understanding the vicious circle around thee, & Satan’s escape route? That you can run away from this, & back down, & live a quiet life, & have your personal pride back, with a little personal fortune? For they will let you have some proceeds from the sale of the vineyard, as long as you keep quiet, do not train students, do not impact society. For the fruits that are seen in your own children, are not seen in the children of a state that has removed God from the training of its children.


“So, what is My word to you this day? Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has set you free. Understand the vicious circle of Satan. Understand that the choice of the prophetess has been stolen by a Jezebellic system, has placed her into a corner whereby even now she cannot make her choices in God. For Jezebel has decided she is not capable of this.


“Likewise, gatherings of demonic power have gathered around thy intercessor of the Swansea College; & like with thee all, opportunities of escape seem attractive.


“But My Word to you all is to stand fast. Confess thy faults one to another, that ye may be healed. Even thy frustrated healing evangelist cannot get going, because they have decided she needs to behave in a certain way, the renewing of youth with wings like eagles not being in the social service log-book. She wants action. Oh, she wants to be released all right! But she finds herself in a vicious circle, as do you all. She has decided not to apply for the job as an old lady, but as youthful evangelist, full of the Word of God. But she now physically can’t read like she could, but instead has the Word in her heart.


“Yet you can’t help her, for you have got all the legal & financial stuff to do.


“Also, you have an evangelist in South Wales knocking on door after door so as to bring the conditions for the captive to be set free, now proclaiming Jehovah Rapha in a land festooned with earthly benefits rather than the benefits of God, the reality being that it is thine own family that is bearing fruit rather than the families under the control of government agencies bound up by the regulations of Satan rather than the liberty of the Holy Ghost.


“So therefore, who has kept to the Coronation Oath? The agencies of government, or this Bible College of Wales Continuing, who have shown fruit in amidst the stealing of its inheritance by Jezebel, the vineyard still belonging to the ministry, yet its resources being stolen by agencies of state that promote violence & immorality rather than the liberty of the Spirit.


“So, who then has supported the monarch’s promise to God? You, or successive governments? The answer is known by the fruit, for it is by the fruit you will know them.


“Look at the chaos in Europe today! Look at the chaos of the family of Jezebel who opposed thee, & you will find where the fruit is: in a little ministry of those who have given their all, including the prophetess, & the little intercessor in the little room of Parkway. Oh, how you have confounded the mighty & great of this world, & still are doing! Even her inheritance they have looked to steal with their rules & regulations. Yet you are still bearing fruit.


“Now, I have a message for the Charity Commission: Understand what charity means, & place this as thy priority. For those working in a charity of God give their all, are self-sacrificing rather than those who are to be bound up by letter of the law policies based on intellect rather than heart.


“For in the British Constitutional Acts, passion & vision & agape, which is what charity means, is high above the letter of the law that killeth. For unless this realisation comes, you will maintain your position as a tool of Jezebel to destroy, rather than bring life to the people through those who have carried their cross rather than their administrative rule-book.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 31/12/15 Pt 2


What you represent is by the Dwyfor, what you represent is in the unkempt burial ground of Old Colwyn, what you represent is in the vast public burial ground of Nabwood, what you represent is in the national Church ground of Penllergaer, what you represent is in the non-conformist ground of Bunhill Fields – for all those represented here would not conform to the demands of the ring, would not conform at any price to the demands of the god of this world, and like you were tempted and on occasions had to come back to the fold but they did stand fast in the end, they did not compromise but stood in the gap so as to set the captive free.


So then, though tempted they stood in the gap and although tempted did not take the escape route that was so attractive to them – as Satan offered the Kingdoms of this World to Christ, so he refused and paid the price for the sins of this world – so you do likewise and refuse the attraction and move in resurrection power upon this earth.


Opposite to the burial grounds I mention is the one of the intercessor who paid to go in at London’s high point to see a monument of apparent equality but this scam of Satan is no equality, some are more equal than others and the socialistic control takes over, whereas by being saved by my grace through my blood so your equality IS IN ME THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD that comes through the non-conformist ethos of self-sacrifice, this sacrifice being the whole base of Constitutional faith in Great Britain – what the Courts as with Bunyan have looked to suppress – but what your opponents have failed to realise is that IT IS WRITTEN always overcomes the whims of ever changing practice that is the ethos of the world’s god!

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 12/01/16


“My power surges will manifest in cataracts & torrents of My manifestation – the pure waters of My Spirit will wash away all the filth & obscenity of idolatry, witchcraft, poisons, incantations & dead men’s bones. Their sin has found them out. My peace will flow like a river. Light & life & power will follow in its wake.


“Remember My prophecy to you way back in the time when you flew over Trichy in the very South? ‘Risen with healing in His wings’ over India. The time has come, the veil of darkness has been & is being & will continue to be lifted, with great manifestations of miracles, signs & wonders as never before, arising as the Sun of righteousness.


“Darkness & foul spirits & the stench of death shall be put to flight, never to return.


“Hanuman the monkey god & all his devious devices shall come to naught. Diminished his power, pulled his teeth, he shall depart in terror to the pit of hell.

“Descending into the chasm shall be all the children of wrath.


“My time for vengeance hath come, saith the Lord. I will raise up a people of the truth & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.


“Those rivers of the Spirit will rush as a torrent, sweeping away all iniquity. For I the Lord will arise & Mine enemies be scattered, never to return.

“Only watch & pray, & I will bring it about, saith the Lord.


“My tabernacle is with men & My Spirit will move as never before & put all darkness & evil to flight.


“For the devil is under My feet & always has been. Do not be afraid. I will restore, saith the Lord, all the enemy has stolen, & set the captives free; free indeed.”

Confirmation Scripture: Psalm 106, esp. verses 28-40.

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 13/02/16

“Times are Changing”




This word came to me as a kind of ‘meditation’ on a hymn whose melody I had heard last Sunday, but did not know the words or the title – just that there was something very special about it. DG researched it & found its title, ‘Jerusalem the Golden’. It is translated from the Latin, written by a 12th. Century monk called Bernard of Cluny. The theme of this beautiful hymn is the New Jerusalem & the joys of heaven.


“My child, I set you over the nations – all nations according to My Word.


Jeremiah 1:10 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)


10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.


Jeremiah 1:17-19 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)


17 Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command thee: be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound thee before them. 18 For, behold, I have made thee this day a defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brasen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priests thereof, and against the people of the land. 19 And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.


“Power, praise & worship are Mine. I have set you as a strong fortress, with gates of brass, & sharp threshing teeth against the enemy. He batters at the gates & you sense & feel the battering – but he cannot get into this vineyard, fenced, walled & with a watchtower in the midst & a winepress too. For the grapes of wrath are already been treaded out among the nations.


“Behold! My presence goes before thee & in thee. Be in the palm of My hand, the centre of My will. For I am not burdensome (my commands).


“I made thee a prophet to the nations. I will male all nations bow before Me as King. The times are in My hand. Only look up! & see the salvation of the Lord.


“Brothers & sisters in Me will be re-united. Children will be birthed – My spiritual children - & a symphony of praise to Me.


“Childlike innocence will return to My kingdoms in the earth – sorrow & sighing will flee away, as I promised. You will rule in My name on the earth, & all the curses will flee away. Eden will return, paradise, the true paradise as at the beginning (Genesis) & the end (Revelation) for true paradise is walking forever with Me in trust & total abandonment to My love & My will.


“My will be done – will be done – on earth as it is in heaven. GLORY!



Part 2 of Prophecy


“He that calleth thee is mighty: mighty to save, mighty to heal, mighty to deliver from all pestilence, vices & chaos of the enemy.


“I will revive thee in the midst of the years. ‘My table thou hast furnished in the presence of my foes – My head thou dost with oil anoint, & my cup overflows’ (Psalm 23).


“Anguish shall fall on the swords of the enemy & blast them, break them.


“I have pity on all the suffering people of the earth through all the ages. I see them all – I weep over them all. Man’s solutions of bitterness, hatred & revenge are not My ways, for all My paths are peace.


“I am life to all who see me. & healing to all their bones, for I am the living Word.


“I am the flood that breaks through all man-made barriers – as the Red Sea swept away the Egyptians & their chariots of iron, so will I by the flood of My Spirit sweep away all man-made devices to chain & entrap. I will set the captives free, to tread on the high places of the earth & proclaim My name to the nations, in power. Enough is enough, saith the Lord. Vengeance is Mine – I will repay. Only show divine patience – one of the fruit of the Spirit, & wait for My coming, move at My Word & My Word alone.



Malachi 3:2-3 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)


For who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: 3 and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.

The Lord, pavilioned in splendour.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/02/16

“Thou Art Bringing Forth Life”


Thou art bringing forth life into Colwyn Bay, in a town where thou were threatened to be destroyed through official channels. Instead of responding with death, you have responded with life.


“Now, it is important you recognise from where the threat of death has come. Now, you all know from My Word that the god of this world comes to kill, steal & destroy; & one of those Words is included in John’s gospel in relation to the enemy of souls. ‘But I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance’; & it is this life you have brought into Colwyn Bay.


“To analyse therefore from where the threat of death has come, is a very simple exercise that affects small communities all over the world. The god of this world is an overseeing eye, looking to remove the heart of small communities all over the world. Thou has counteracted this in Colwyn Bay by bringing forth life, & life in abundance. Yet they still look to control you, the ‘they’ being those controlled by the god of this world, who is looking to complete his global take-over.


“So, who are the ‘they’? It is those who look to impose control, to suppress local initiative & drive. The do this by over-regulation, fear of the letter of the law, & suppression of those with vision. For without a vision, the people perish.


“So, this global control is what in prophecy after prophecy you have exposed for years. The threats you received to destroy you was from one connected with establishment Christianity. The establishment was important to him, & you were a threat to that establishment, so you had to be destroyed. It was this establishment that took Me through Gethsemane, & has given you your own Gethsemane experiences. For establishment Christianity has been one of the biggest killers of all time, particularly if combined with the establishment Judaism which came against Me.


“There is a difference between the establishment Judaeo-Christian tradition that brings forth the letter of the law & death, & those who hear My voice & obey it. The letter of the law establishment is the establishment that either calls itself Christian or Jew, but are really of the synagogue of Satan.


“This is what has sought to destroy you. A new global order is being established at this time, & just as it has been global religion looking to destroy thee, likewise it is global business, corrupt to the core, looking to destroy the local heart of communities by controlling high streets & retail parks with Satan’s global identity.


“The small businessman is over-regulated, if in profit over-taxed, & suppressed from growing his or her business.

“Likewise with charities, burdened down with over-regulation, volunteers suppressed from fulfilling their vision, in favour of global charities with highly-paid executives receiving grants from global government to enable these charities to adhere very easily to Satan’s global code, rather than the heart of the local community from where real charity comes.


“In your Charity, you were attacked over your heart, passion & sacrifice, even to the point of removing the choice of one of thy intercessors. Thou has worked for nothing, & given your all, yet those of the global order, with high wages & pensions, have sought to destroy you.


“Yet, thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & brought forth the Bible College of Wales into this small community. Just as Rev Hughes brought forth a College, so thou has brought forth a College to bless the whole community. For it takes intercession to break down the effects of globalism that has control & manipulation right at the heart of its thinking. And what is it the establishment accuse you of? Exactly what they are doing on a global scale, the establishment accusing Me of blasphemy; yet what were they doing, but blaspheme the name of the Son of Man?

“You see, one thing that comes out with the New Global Order is what they accuse others of doing, is actually the plank in their own eye. For what they accuse others of, is exactly what they are doing themselves.


“Hasn’t this been the case in relation to thy latest legal dealings, in which you were accused of irregularities? For what they do is exaggerate the speck in your eye to prevent you from exposing the massive beam in theirs.


“So, I have brought thee to Colwyn Bay to protect the small business person, the small community groups & charities, even political parties, who are very different on the ground to those of the global order controlling their national parties.


“I have chosen thee in this community to bring forth life, & life in abundance; & what thou hast been losing in terms of resources, has to be restored, for thou hast found the thief, the thief of intrigue & mystery, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub – all expression of the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy.


“But thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & will bring forth revival by exposing initially the god of this world & his establishment ways, & that the chapels of old can be restored again, not with establishment religion which destroyed them, but with the demonstration of the Holy Ghost & power, proclaiming Jesus Christ first, & His righteousness.


“Thou has been brought here to establish the covenant of God, so expect the resource to fulfil the mission to reach every creature. For I have called thee to bring forth revival in communities all over the world.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/05/16

“Lucifer Cares so as to Gain Control, whereas God Protects those who Obey”


“At this time, wildfires are overwhelming vast areas of Canada, a nation once under God, but now under the curse of those who care.


“You see, caring is the Western strategy of Lucifer so as to gain control. If he has a nation festooned with social care & welfare programmes, he can bankrupt that nation, for people don’t have to work to eat, they can rely on the state for all their needs.


“So, what you are seeing in Canada, you will see all over the world, when a nation takes its eye off God, & places that eye to the care of individual people, now devoid of God’s protection.


“This is the socialist agenda, an agenda which on the surface is caring & loving, but in reality kills, steals & destroys. There needs to be added, a nation, an individual, an NGO, a fellowship, needs to have Christ in the pre-eminent position. When it makes that move, to place the care of others into that position, then it falls into the category of Lucifer’s plan to kill, steal & destroy.


“Thou hast seen it in Great Britain with social services & part of the health service. In their case against thee that had the emphasis on the best interest of Sheila. One can see the fruit of that, for thou in thy Attorney-ship did not resort to the care plan of Lucifer, but to the care plan of God, that always has Christ in the pre-eminent position. So thou used Sheila’s resources for the kingdom, which is why in her right mind, she did the same; but those who place man’s best interests above God’s, have placed her in a system that kills, steals & destroys, which is why you were threatened, having cared for Sheila under God’s command.


“And so, as you lift up the banner of the Lord, so you are seeing thine enemies all around thee scatter. For thou art taking prominent positions in society, to bring a nation back to its God of its Constitution. By doing this, thou art honouring the God that provides through obedience. As the nation honours God, so the fish stocks return, for with the care policy of the EU, the fish stocks have diminished. For placing care of the fish before the honour of God, brings about destruction rather than life to the fish stocks. When Scotland honoured God, its sea lochs were full of fish. Since the care package has come in, the fishing industry in Scotland has been diminished.


“So, when a nation places care above God, so the nation is destroyed. EU regulation after regulation is destroying the businesses of thy nation, to enable global business to take over, that has all its government care packages installed, placing the people under the god of this world. For is they say anything against the system, they believe their security will be removed.


“So, at the root of this new caring society is fear, so that those who illegally proclaim ‘Remain’ are placing fear over the people, so that they will remain under the social charters of the EU, rather than elect parliamentarians who have to pray before any law-making session.


“Psalm 91 talks of the protection of the Lord; & thy nation is under great danger as it is being taken over by people who emphasise care rather than God. The societies of Lucifer declare, ‘Look at the charitable works we do.’ They emphasise care rather than God.


“So, when it comes to the EU immigrant crisis, the emphasis is on caring for the immigrants, rather than seeking first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness, which would get to the root of solving the problem, it being the strategy of Lucifer to play on the socialist policies of the EU, so that Lucifer can gain complete control of an institution that is a replica of how Rome controlled its empire so many years ago.


“At the root of this Roman Empire was sexual immorality. What is at the root of the problems of the EU? Nations that kill the offspring of those who place their own lusts before God & the stability of society.


“So, what you are seeing in Canada with its wildfires, you will see all over Europe. For Europe is under the one who cares, before he destroys.”


“Scripture Verses:


II Corinthians 3:6 – “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”


Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”


Proverbs 4:20-22 - “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.

“Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.

“For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”

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