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7 YEAR PLAN Stage 2 - THE MINISTRY OF TEARS and what it means to be "soundly saved" to an ex Hindu High Priest
The Testimony of Suresh Ramachandran, now Principal of
Mount Carmel Theological College, Sri Lanka affiliated with
The Bible College of Wales Continuing
The Seven Year Plan is Concluding this year (2022) -
now being followed by

God has ordained this channel to be one in the Spirit with Suresh, with whom David P Griffiths trained for ministry. 

The Ministry of Tears has already began with the calling of God to work from South to Norths all over the World. the College and Television facility herebeing ordained of God to reach every creature.


Stage 2 of this 7 year plan is so important as we reach out in the Isa 61 Commission to build up waste places. places that have been devestated by war and strife and also in Sri Lanka a giant tsunami. this is the heart of this ministry, the compassion of the lord as we reach out in tears.


Hear Suresh's story and what it means to be "soundly saved."!.

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