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The Seven Year Plan is Concluding this year (2022) - now being followed by ​"THE IMMINENCY PROGRAMME"

Word from the Lord to DPG, 22/06/15

“I Speak to the Church at Bethel, San Diego,

the Church that has kept Orthodoxy,

preached the True Hundredfold, & has a Passion & Heart for Mission”



“My word comes today, for I am well pleased with thee, Bethel, Southern California. For thou hast kept the faith amidst a turning away, not only in California, but in USA & the whole world.


“Indeed, thy state has been used by Satan to influence the world with false doctrines, use of the hundredfold to abuse others, & have the Spirit for self-gratification rather than empowerment for ministry.


“But thou, Bethel, has kept orthodoxy. Thou hast understood the hundredfold for what it means. Thou hast understood it too, that it comes with persecutions. But thou hast not turned away, even amidst times of trial. For thou has stuck to the faith delivered unto the saints. For I am well pleased with thee, saith the Lord; & thy ministry is to have a world-wide influence & impact. For not only has thou kept orthodoxy, taught the true hundredfold, & have this great heart for mission, but thou hast stood faithful in prayer, for the pulling down of strongholds, so that thou can say unto the Lord that I have stood amongst times of tremendous trial; that the intercession has never ceased. For thou is drawn to the Spirit & the Son, who forever maketh intercession. And I have been preparing thee, saith the Lord, for great times ahead, fulfilling the call of God on your hearts; & as you enter the time of world-wide influence, thou shalt not disregard these years of preparation. For I am calling thee to be the Bethel of the true Word, whereas the enemy of souls has used another Bethel in California.


“So thou shalt be seen as the true Bethel, proclaiming orthodoxy, the fullness of the hundredfold, & impassioned determination to reach every creature with the gospel; & in amongst all this, have an intercessory cry, a cry that I see has intensified over recent months, that that land I have given thee be a beacon to the world of the true light, not only the light that extinguishes the darkness, but a beacon of the fire of God.


“For thou shalt witness intense repentances, saith the Lord, that souls, saved in this revival that I give unto thee should be as in the old days, soundly saved; & with all of this has been the cry from thy evangelist, to be saved & well saved; to be prepared for the persecution; to have the restoration of family life, as the Word of God puts it; & that thy elders & deacons have stood with thee through tremendous trials, not looking to take thee from orthodoxy, from the hundredfold, from the missions call, but being one in the intercession with Me, not looking at the outward appearance, but going forward in the strength of the Lord.


“Oh how thou art to have world-wide influence, saith the Lord; to be the true Bethel from California. No wonder thou hast been given lands to build houses, not only in the Californian state, where thou will build this sanctuary, but also all over the world, with mission houses of the hundredfold, with those from the poorest environments moving in the hundredfold, the fullness of God, with all the resources required to fulfil the missions & callings of God; & that this will become a world-wide intercession, with ministries of the true hundredfold standing together.

“Thou hast stood firm against the abuse of the hundredfold doctrine, for in this comes the forsaking of Peter, the surrendering, the giving up of one's life to the Lord, & this thou hast shown, rather than have this doctrine used as a weapon of manipulation rather than have the freedom that comes with having the resources to fulfil the call.

“So, thou hast touched a key doctrine, Bethel, in relation to the manifestation of world-wide true revival. I congratulate thee, Bethel, for standing firm during times of extreme provocation, & determination by others to bring thee into the fold of what is known as the Emerging Church.


“Thou has not forsaken the poor, but has looked to fulfil the commissions of God, that includes the Isaiah 61 & the Mark 16; but there has to be now an overcoming of the extreme pressure to make thee world-respectable. For instead of this, thou has looked to move by My Spirit, to reach out to the entire world with My true Word.


“But thou has stood firm, Bethel. Be prepared to expand. For thou proclaimeth the way, the truth, the life, & that no man cometh to the Father except by Me.”


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