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* National Day of Prayer and Repentance in the Nation

* Constitutional Demand for Dependence on God

* The Nation to Admit it's failure (including politicians) before God

* Abide in the Anointing and resist that of human logic


Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/12/11 “THE WORKINGS OF ANTICHRIST”


“Antichrist is that analytical spirit, which looks to analyse, discuss, & decide upon, the anointings of God. How I long for My people to abide in the anointing! How the cry-out at Gate Beautiful to Peter, & in Peter’s very shadow the yoke was destroyed because of the anointing!


“That is My desire for thee, that in thy very shadow, yokes will be destroyed. Yet, this analytical spirit that thou hast discerned is indeed Satan, who is destroying, rather than allowing the anointing to destroy the yoke of bondage.

“Satan places grave-clothes upon those who analyse the callings of God. You have warned & warned & warned of this, constantly, in thy presentations of the Anointing.


“In the anointing, you do things without human perception. In the anointing, you say things without human apprehension; in other words, you say the words of God, without human calculation.


“All of this ‘human’ stuff is Satan, & is not of the anointing. You were disturbed in thy spirit on hearing on Revelation TV about striving & letting God. Why this was not in the anointing is the general perception of God in heaven, suddenly taking over from you on earth. Ah no! In the anointing, God in heaven manifests through thee in earth, for you are My body. It is thee who has the arms & legs of God. It is thee who has the resources of God on earth. So I expect those to obey what I have called them to do, because they are not themselves. Being themselves is the antichrist. Being dead to self is the Christ, the Anointed One.


So, Antichrist is there every day, to take the individual into human perception. So, for example, if there is an anointed meeting on the Sunday night, & a man or woman is healed, antichrist is there to take that healing away; & how he does that is take that person away from the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, & introduce human perception into the equation. That is antichrist. Antichrist is all around thee. You walk in the anointing of God, & there is antichrist to take the benefits of My kingdom away from the people.


“Remember My Psalm 103, ‘forget not all thy benefits…who healeth all thy diseases’? Now, the reason why people do not receive it is because of antichrist. Their lack of reception to My Word is their analysation of their own physical state to what the Word says.


“They have no perception of climbing the hill of the Lord; for antichrist has convinced them otherwise.


“So, the spirit of antichrist is all around thee. My Word declares that many antichrists have already come. So Antichrist will come to get the physical world out of the global financial crisis, which has been well & truly analysed all over the world, when the truth is, there is no global financial crisis. What there is, there is a sin crisis in relation to money: the spirit of mammon – men’s greed; the solution in Great Britain being to call a National Day of Prayer & Repentance, &, as is written in thy Constitution, have a dependence on God.

But, as with antichrist, there will be a grand solution that has come about through human endeavour. This is antichrist.


“A nation becomes great before God, not by human endeavour, but through admission of its failure before the Saviour. The hearing from God, the acting upon what God says, is the anointing. The human endeavour is the antichrist. For the Antichrist will arise, & have all the brains of this world behind him. He will have solutions for this, solutions for that; & the people, because of their analytical spirit, will fall for it; just as they have fallen for it on a smaller scale, in thine own fellowship. They analysed, & acted upon their own analysation, instead of acting upon what God called them to do.


“Such as it is on the world-wide scale. Antichrist will come, & win over the people with human logic. The tensions of the Middle East will be solved – as they see it. Peace treaties will come. There will be no need for the Word of God any more. They will have their peace. But such as it is with a small Church fellowship: everyone gets on at the beginning. But their getting on is based on their talk to each other, rather than their oneness in Christ.


“In the small Church fellowship, this works for a period of time, until the wind & the rain fall. That separates those who have been standing on the Rock, & those whose Church membership is based on human endeavour. The divide comes, such as what has happened in thine own Church fellowship. But I tell thee this: greater is He that is in you  than he that is in the world.


“So, a split occurs between those of human endeavour (antichrists), & those who move by the Spirit of God (the anointed). But on the world-wide scale, the Antichrist has initial success. People become affluent & start to flourish again – until the wind & rain falls, & the world comes into a great tribulation. There are those who say, at this point, I come; those who say, I come at the middle of the tribulation; those who say, I come at the end. But can’t you see, that by analysation, they are misunderstanding My Word. My Word declares they can be with Me now, in the heavenly place in Christ Jesus. Walk high, saith the Lord. The hill of the Lord can be climbed by thee today, so that thou can be the very manifestation of God on the earth (I John 4:17). Thou art married to Me (Jeremiah 3:14). Thou art members of My body, flesh & bones (Ephesians 5).

“So, abiding in the anointing is having the mind of Christ, not the analytical spirit of man. It fears not the coming of Antichrist. It stand firm on My Word.

“And yes, as prophets you give out warnings. Let this be a warning to those of the analytical spirit: analysation leads to sin. Abiding in the anointing is perfection.


“Be of the anointing; of the Anointed One & His anointing; & do not heed the ways of man. For the analytical spirit is the spirit of antichrist.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/07/12 



“In setting up the Bible College of Wales Continuing, you are in days different than the original setting up of the vision.


“Satan has gained a foothold in British society which he did not have in the early days of the Bible College of Wales. Indeed, there was a widespread reverence for God, & a widespread understanding amongst evangelicals & Pentecostals, of the inner witness.


“This foothold Satan has taken, in relation to the minds of the people, manifests in so-called Church life, & indeed family life. The system of the Antichrist is being built in relation to what is prophesied in the Word. The Great Tribulation is coming.


“But what you have done in taking out the strong man of Great Britain, is remove the blindedness from the eyes of the people, who were going to be open to what the Antichrist has to offer.


“You see, all these austerity measures, all the squeezings of financial resources, all the increases in regulation, are deliberate measure to make the people desperate for a solution. The Antichrist was to be that solution.


“But thou hast given Great Britain another opportunity. You are giving back the people, the opportunity to return to the Christ, of whom the monarch is constitutionally obligated to increase the virtue of.


“Those who have thought to bring in the global agenda, are the ones who need to be in prison, rather than those who have fought to keep the Constitution of the nation.


“This present move to so-called “reform” the House of Lords, is one of the Antichrist. But see how it is failing after your activity in the City of London? By pulling down the Dome of St Paul’s, what you have done is pull down the dome of the Antichrist. There are series of domes throughout the world that relate to the system of Antichrist designed to be brought in by the devil.


“These thrones are well-known structures in their respective countries. Study of the domes will give you understanding of the system of Antichrist designed to come in for the Tribulation.


“There are a chain of domes designed to do this; & the primary spirit you pulled down at St Paul’s was Antichrist, the pulling down giving the people the opportunity to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.


“Now, consider the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem. Who is known as the Rock? (Jesus) What is the symbol of the Antichrist – equals the dome. Because the dome signifies the realm above the earth. So St Paul’s represented the Antichrist affecting Great Britain, which thou hast removed, to give free choice opportunity for people to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.

[II Corinthians 4:4]


“Now, in Jerusalem, there is the Dome of the Rock. How similar is that to the St Paul’s Dome? So is quoted within this dome, that God had no son – equals Antichrist. You see? Dome against the Son of God=Antichrist.


“So these domes are significant. They are throughout the world, in preparation for the time of the Antichrist world-wide; the Antichrist who will offer solutions to its deliberate squeezing of the people. So the Antichrist caused the squeezings, & now the Antichrist will present solutions to the squeezings.


“But what you have done in Britain has brought an open heaven for the nation to return to Christ, rather than bow down to the Antichrist. So as you consider the domes worldwide, you will see there are significant domes of the Antichrist, where Satan himself sits; or in the case of St Paul’s, used to sit.


“You have brought the conditions in Britain for the true gospel to be understood & received. By taking out the thrones of the Middle East, intercessors having already started the work there, resulting in huge numbers coming to the Christ, the numbers rejecting the Antichrist.


“The Antichrist forms religions that separate man from God. Hence you have communion rails, symbols of restoring the veil between man & God. Hence you have the religion which makes people bow down to a far-off God, rather than manifest the God from within.


“Now, what has happened in Britain has been a move of the Antichrist to intellectualize Christianity. In the case of the Primitive Methodists, they moves from simple faith in God, to having to grasp complex theological issues, a complexity that moved them away from their original calling, they being culminated back into the Antichrist system.


“So where you see domes, Washington, Rome have similar seats of Satan as what you saw manifest at St Paul’s. What do you see in Washington, but a dome? What do you see in Rome, but a dome? Domes are symbols of the Antichrist. Speak to them, & pull them down, & bring the conditions for theChrist to manifest in the respective societies, & foil the global plan to present solutions for the problems the Antichrist brought in himself.


“Christians should never meet under domes, ever; unless of course, it is to pull down the Antichrist, the bigger domes being indeed seats of Satan, whilst the smaller ones will have principalities & powers operating within the symbol of the earth.


“Thus the dome is a symbol of the created, rather than the Creator, thus making them places of witchcraft rather than Christian worship.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 15/10 11

“I refer to what is known as the acid cloud prophecy, in which there are those drawn into a mist, unable to see out, unable to think within. They enter a cloud, where their lives are taken over, becoming zombies to a spirit. Within the cloud, there is an air of respectability within the thinking; what is outside the cloud is seen to be “not right”=”Anathema.”


“Within the sphere of this acid cloud, Jezebels move & minister, to the degree that individuals cannot think or see in the natural mind – never mind look to hear from God. There is little point in holding natural discussion, for they are taken away in a cloud; a cloud that holds particular perspectives. These perspectives are as follows:


“We leave everything to God. He does everything for you. All the individual has to do is pray, & it shall be done for you.” There is no understanding of hearing from God & acting upon it, for they are in a mist; & in a mist, one cannot see, either naturally or spiritually. For in this mist, there is this continually being prayed for. There is no understanding of standing on the Word, as the Word is not looked at in any particular way.


“Emotions & feelings are expressed within the mist, as the mist holds to it situations that brings reactions. Within the mist, there are controlling spirits, who then can look to kill, steal, destroy, within the framework of reactionary activity.


“The mist also holds to it condemnations for those outside the mist, for within the mist there is a way of thinking that becomes the uniform norm, that becomes the basis of being in a cult.


“Uniformity, that is behaviours, activity in relation to emotions & feelings rather than the Spirit of God; being able to have security zones which, if chipped at or even taken away, cause serious mental reactions.


“Satan is god of this world, according to the Word of God; & he presents himself as another Jesus. He relies on taking people into the mist, so that he can control situations. Behavioural patterns are normal, within the setting of the mist; for within this mist is an understanding of total depravity of the individual, who then has to rely on a greater power. This is why people are continuously prayed for. Within the mist, there is no understanding of who a believer is in Christ.

“This mist is a mist of Jezebellic control. Individuals in it are without husband. They have ups & downs – one minute built up by the Jezebel, next minute pulled down. So what has happened within the mist, has been the development of a web of intrigue, unhappiness, & even desperation. For they are unable to get out of the web.


“Those moving by the Spirit of God come under the attack of this web. They must stand firm on the Word of God; using My sword. It is right for those in My five-fold ministry to stand firm, & await the rhema of God, this rhema of God being called of My Spirit to be plunged at a set time – the timing of God.

My rhema of God will be set forth to fulfil purposes of setting people free from the web.


“This is the Word of the Lord: stand firm; be not moved by what you see or feel. For I will release My sword through the prophets of God, who will set forth My Word; My Word which cannot be returned void.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/11/11

“The Catholic Jezebel” “The Catholic Jezebel is the title. The Catholic Jezebel is of course this Mary.


 This Mary is not the Mary of the Bible, but a spirit who has taken over the affections & adulation of people, drawing them out from worshipping the true God, by providing comfort. Around Mary worship are rosary beads – there to provide comfort – taking a whole vast religion under the domination of jezebel.


“The Catholic Spirit is a Jezebel spirit. For its Jezebel, Mary, provides the loving-kindness you have identified from the etymology of the name. Literally millions look to Mary for comfort; & spiritually, she provides this, setting people up to lose their inheritances to the Catholic Church.


“So Luther, in his 95 Theses, was facing the spiritual Jezebel that stole inheritances from the people, which were described as indulgences.


“So, there are two aspects of Jezebel going on here at this stage: the comfort of its Virgin Mary (this is not the Virgin Mary of the Bible, but a counterfeit, who provides comfort, but steals inheritances).


The moves of your present Government to allow Catholicism into your Royal family is an open door for Jezebel to steal the wealth of thy nation. Jezebel has used the structures of the European Union, to have this well on the way.

“The stars of Mary represent the inheritance stealing of nations. Without the European Union, thy nation today would be a wealthy nation under God, as indeed would so many of your Commonwealth members; for the EU not only cut off Britain’s inheritance, but the inheritances of those associated with Britain.


“In effect, Jezebel has cut you off from your own family inheritances. Jezebel has entered into your own family through comfort & inheritance stealing. And so, what thou hast had to face in national & international, government-based Jezebel infiltration.


“Jezebel has crept into the Pentecostal denominations, which has isolated your ministry, & isolated your ministry from being a wealthy ministry. Likewise, it entered into the holiness movements, through holiness movements bowing down to higher criticism, that is the Nazarenes to Manchester University, as indeed so did Elim.


“So, the wealth of the holiness movements, the Pentecostal movements, which are indeed your inheritance, has been given to Jezebel. She has stolen your vineyard; for if you are portraying the same message as the Pentecostal & holiness people, then you are entitled to their wealth, which they brought in to establish My covenant. That is your inheritance.


“So, to place this in a framework of understanding:-


“(1) Government Jezebel:


“As your Government has opened its doors to Jezebel, so the wealth of your nation has been eroded. So the inheritance of a Protestant nation has been kept away from thee.


(2) You come from the Pentecostal holiness realm. The Jezebel of the university system, under the Mary of Rome, has used the resources to make proselytes of Mary, rather than God. So its resource is kept away from you, & given to those taking the movements under Mary, with Mary’s bibles, & Mary’s comfort, to all those who come under her spell. So in effect, your Pentecostal holiness movements are under the Jezebel.


Your vineyard has been stolen. Thy Government vineyard has been stolen. So, at Government level, Church level, the resources to fulfil your calling have been given to Jezebel.


“Not only in these realms are you witnessing the stealing of Jezebel, the spiritual host being the Catholic Mary; for she’s infiltrated family too.


“The monarch of your nation is obligated under God to preserve the heritage of your nation; but doors have been open to steal the Protestant heritage of thy Royal family. It is clear for anyone to see how this is happening. The loving-kindness approaches of Jezebel have stolen great resource from the Royal family, that resource being a Protestant heritage – not Catholic.


“Within the history of Britain, there have been times when thy government has been aware of the Catholic Jezebel. The Gunpowder Plot was all about bringing thy nation under Jezebellic control; & thy nation stood against it. And today, the objectives of the Gunpowder plotters are  being achieved, by placing thy nation under Catholic Jezebel control. What Jezebel has done to thy nation is isolate thy nation. One of the meanings of Jezebel is husbandlessness. So what did Jezebel do in the process of taking away inheritance, but isolate thy nation from its Commonwealth partners? Husbandlessness.


“Protestant Christianity had a huge influence throughout the Commonwealth & Empire; & what EU membership succeeded in doing, is isolate Britain from those spiritual connections.


“Much of Britain’s wealth was associated with trade within Commonwealth nations; but now its wealth is controlled by the stars of the European Union, thy nation being lured in by the loving-kindness of Europe – a loving-kindness which would steal thy inheritance & thy Protestant nation.


“So, what do you do about it? You are well aware what My Word declares, & the authority I have given you. In exposing the Jezebel, those under the spell of the Jezebellic Mary will become a danger to you. So you have Government, Church & family, isolating you into  a corner & starving you of all resources.


There is scripture, of course, that shows what the prophet should do: that is, bring thy nation to its knees. A National Day of Prayer must focus the people’s attention to the Protestant heritage that God has given thy people. Thou art to bring the movements of Pentecostal holiness origin to their knees before God.

“I have declared before the roles I have for you to remove Catholicism from the Pentecostal denominations. As well as exposing Jezebel in the Royal family, you are called to expose Jezebel in individual families – for Jezebels are rife throughout the land. You know, when a thief is found – so your “Beat the Bully” advert is very profound.


“You are My Davids, to face the giant of Catholicism, as the physical David faced the physical giant of the Philistines. The Midianites were faced up by Gideon, who was facing overwhelming odds against him, yet took on those overwhelming odds & overcame the Midianite army. For here you are, facing your present-day Midianites, claiming back the inheritance of Government, Pentecostal holiness movements, & of course, from the Royal family into your individual families, Jezebel has stolen your inheritances, isolating you into a corner. You have Government inheritance, Church inheritance, & family inheritance –all of which has been stolen, placing you in a position of wondering where the next penny is coming from.


“So praise the Lord. So rejoice; make disciples of all nations; baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. But be ready to obey Me for every move you take.


“I have called thee to bring thy nation politically back to God. I have called thee to use the resources that thou still has, to bring the gospel of salvation to the people, remembering My Word that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for thee. So you know, you are overcomers.  You know the security you have in Me. But what the opposition has, is adherence to a Jezebellic spirit that has provided the loving-kindness; that has promoted the pride. Come & look at the pride your nation manifests in relation to human achievement.


“All this is as nothing; for its pride is as a result of its adherence to Jezebel, that pride now manifesting false humility in the light of recession, the EU Jezebel being one to leave all these movements without a husband, lost to the infiltration of the Catholic Jezebel.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/01/13



“The opportunity is now, David & Lindsay, to tell you a story.


“You have been suffering enormously from the Jezebellic activity, both from the south of England & from north Wales; & you can tell your story of what has happened since that meeting Suresh gave at the Scout Headquarters.


“The notes of Suresh that day can go in the “Intercessor” magazine; & all that has happened to you can be told, including the scam e-mails, threatening texts, the log of David Owen, the nights you have spent, wondering if you will be in prison; the understanding of your own weakness; of how the Lord took you back to your mission hall days, David; the missing of the stability of your Dad,

Lindsay, & how you have had to rely on your heavenly Dad; the days of weeping & crying; how the Lord has vindicated you both, that you can now tell your story of how you have been crucified to self, & how you no longer live, but Christ; that through it all you have been broken, & can manifest the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; that the victory is His; that being broken so much, God brought an intercessor to gain the position for us, so that we can tell our story today of the agonies of the last few years & the glories that are to follow.


“The Jezebel is well & truly bound up, saith the Lord. She has laid claim to your vineyard, but that vineyard now has to flourish in My Name. The inheritance is My inheritance; & that it is My job to look after your family.



They can all see the result of Matthew, of how happy he is; & it is now the turn of Sheila to become happy, as you establish the same principles as you have done with Matthew – of putting things into her life, of stimulating her; & you are looking to establish the same principles with Sylvia; & that is only right, as it is to offer your brother Paul the escape route he so desires; & that by showing him the love of Christ, of the call of God upon his life, he can shake off the chains of the Jezebel, & set his whole family free.


“He however must understand the brokenness of man; of how all this is God’s achievement; & that it is the Lord, not David, as in the time he faced Goliath. It was David who faced up to his weakness, that brought him the strength to save Israel; & that he must understand David & Lindsay love him in the Lord; & his family, with such intensity that they have put their lives on the line for them, by offering & his family this position in the kingdom of God. But it is he who has to has to release his family from the chains of the god of this world, to enable them to have the free choice, to either accept or reject the Saviour, which was the choice given in Paul’s case, of his father’s banner; & in his family’s case on the grandfather or great-grandfather’s banner. Choosing this day whom they will serve, is the choice they now have.


“David & Lindsay, you have been exhausted through all this. You are to receive the balm of Gilead; a peace that passeth all understanding; & you are showing love to the whole community around you. You go in shops, & show the love of the Lord, & cheer people up. You are encouraging to owners of businesses, & show them love. You have done this to Lisa & Caroline, who have taken a big step in their life; & they know you are there for them if anything went wrong.

“On the Council, you have shown the love of God to all the parties.


Other councillors were concerned that the Christian Party would be religiously heavy; but have found this not to be the case. You have been found to be trustworthy, open & transparent; & when you run your prayer meetings in the Committee Room in the Town Hall, you will project your love to the whole community.


“You have shown the qualities of the good Samaritan, giving help to all; & the Charity Commission saw that attitude in you, that you have not compromised your faith; but at the same time, if you saw anyone in need, you would be there to help them, whatever background they come from. You have shown love, whilst no compromising your position, & brought conviction to those who have lifestyles incompatible with the Biblical pattern, in which you are saying, ‘Come to the Saviour; of how He so loves you, He died for you.’


“David & Lindsay, you have been broken to manifest the love of Christ. Your trustees throughout have loved you & supported you, that the Charity Commission saw that they were not under the control of one man, but under the control of one God. Yes, you are all under the control of one God, who sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.


“Now, this intensity of love is to manifest throughout thy ministry throughout the whole world. The brokenness revival of north Wales is to impact the whole world.


“Those who have stood against thee have been exposed. Their wicked paths are to be exposed to the nation’s authorities; & thou art not to show malice or hatred, but honesty to the authorities of what you have done & where you come from; just like you did yesterday; an openness & an honesty, & how much you care & love the nation where you were brought up in; & that you need the freedom to expose how the nation has moved from its landmark, & that how much you desire to return the nation to its Christian roots.


“Your dear friends in the Lord, Jeff & Sue, have the same heart, & are going through processes you have been through & know well; & how you love them, & others in the Party; that you have not used the Charity to promote political gain; but to emphasize the pre-eminence of Christ, so that all parties can grasp of how much God is calling the nation back to Him. That has been your emphasis.

“So this great move of God, which will expand all over the world, will bring you face to face with government leaders, exposing where man has self-interest in their running of a country; & the promotion of your belief, that leaders of countries, instead of suppressing & killing their people, instead should be prepared to die for the people they serve in government.


“David & Lindsay, I have prepared you for this time. The trustees of thy Charity, those have seen what you have been through, & are going through; are seeing that your interest has been in the gaining of Christ, not just for you, but for all those who come in contact with you, either on the ground, on the internet, or in radio & television, your aim for all those who come in contact with thee, is to bring a contact with the Saviour, with the Healer, with the Baptizer, not only with the Holy Ghost but with fire; & with the deep submission Sanctifier, who demands a complete surrender to Him. So you can proclaim the Soon Coming King; for you are not only proclaiming the Four Square Gospel, but the Sanctifier too.


“This is the calling on thy ministry: of death to self, to enable thee to manifest the love of Christ Jesus, who gave His life that all men should come unto Him.

“Go ye therefore; make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Reach as I gave to Rees Howells, every creature with the gospel.


“The Every Creature Commission is pulsating from thy hearts; of how you love the Saviour, & of how you are willing to give thy lives in the reaching out to every creature.


“Thy trustees have gathered around thee, & My ministers too, to fulfil this great ambition. The college at Bellwood shall expand saith the Lord, as you work together on the media activity you are setting up here, & in Kenya, with Hiram & Emmanuel, to reach out to the whole of Africa, where you have faced up to the fiery god of Kenya, who thought he could take that nation for himself, even to the point of burning alive the people. That god is a defeated foe, & you are to proclaim to the people of Africa the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & the vision I gave to a former student of the Bible College of Wales, I give to you, of a blood-washed Africa.


“Oh yes! The Every Creature Commission shall reach the whole world; & your vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet is alive, saith the Lord. These contacts you have will come to you. The great Tamil contacts you have, will want a hold of this, saith the Lord. They will want to hear your story; & yes, you will be on that stage with Jacob & Solomon again; with all those Tamil praise songs.


“And ye shall take India – make no mistake, ye shall take India. The devil is defeated. You shall take India.


“You shall see the devils of India fall. This is My analogy. You know how dominoes are set up, to fall down one after the other, almost instantly? The devils of India are set up like a domino collection. You shall touch the first domino – meaning the first evil spirit – in My name, & they shall all fall, like a set of dominoes, to bring the conditions for people in their millions to turn to Christ.


“That television station you set up in Sri Lanka is a part of all this; where the allegiance to the offshoot of these gods shall fall in equal intensity, so that there can be a coming together former enemies to serve the one true God.


“This has been the season for thy suffering, saith the Lord; so you can bring the truth of My suffering on the Cross to all the nations of the world, who will now be able to reach out to the one God, whose begotten Son suffered intensely for you all.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/01/12



“You give up all to follow Me; that is, your secular work, your homes, your family. Yet, in thy nation, you see Church as a separate entity. Church is a place you go to. It runs its affairs, & you run your affairs. Where is that in the scriptures?


“My disciples declared, ‘We have given up all to follow thee.’ My requirements have not changed. My hundredfold promise has not changed. But because you have not given your all, you fail to hear from Me.


“For example, in Llandudno the spiritual alarm-bell is going; but you fail or Church is a separate entity to you. You have your clever people as your elders & ministers, some ministers taking salaries they can bring home to their separate entity family.


“But Church is not a separate entity like that. Church is not the building of men. Church is not run by committees of clever people. Church is My body; requirement being to give up all to follow Me.


“You remember what came through the hymn-writer, ‘demands my whole, my life, my all’? You see, those who have given up all to follow Me – they hear from Me. They hear the spiritual alarm-clock. They would know you are sitting before their strong man in Llandudno. They would know the declaration of the disciples that they had given up all to follow Me. They would know My promise, to those who have given up homes & families for My sake & the gospel’s.

“They would be constantly hearing from Me. They would have heard the spiritual alarm clock in Llandudno. They would not be building up treasures on earth, but using that for the end-time declaration of the gospel.


“You see, in Britain, thou hast the separate entity to the Church. You have Church, & the individual person in it. In the scriptures, Church is the Body of Christ, joined to the Lord as one spirit; & those being joined to the Lord; members of My body, flesh & bones, do not see themselves as a separate entity, but one in Christ, having given up the world.


“But what you have in Britain, is the separate entity “Christian.” They go to Church as the separate entity, put one foot into the kingdom, yet keep another out. For that is their life; that is their finances. But the requirement for the New Testament has not changed. They gave up all to follow Me. They laid their possessions down at the apostles’ feet. The ones in the scriptures who held back some for themselves, were in effect the separate entity “Christian.”


“Thou knowest My coming is imminent. There are those who still hold back. Their work takes precedence over the Great Commission. They hold on to their resources, for they see Church as a separate entity.


“But let Me remind them of what Church is. Church is the place where it is known I gave My all, remembering Church is the place of covenant, that is, if I have given My all, then the requirement is for you to do the same.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/08/11

“Be inside the showers of blessings, & outside the darkness of doubt & unbelief."


“Thou hast been right to expose the mark of freemasonry upon thy society; for what freemasonry does is form a shadow, to prevent the light of the glorious Gospel from reaching the people.


“I have called you to bring justice, love, peace to thy society, & thou hast been right to proclaim the Name of Jesus, despite the enemy’s attempts to cause a shadow upon that which I have called thee to do.


“That shadow of masonry has formed a shadow; has brought in intellectual organisation to what was once My Church. There have been those who have tried to bring a shadow on the operations of what I have caused thee to do; & thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel to thy operations. There are those who come who have the shadowed form of Christianity; a kind of Christianity that has no joy or peace; the one that will continuously defend itself, for admitting that there is a proclamation here of another gospel.


“Thou art to continue to form a divide between flesh & spirit. Thou art right to cause there to be an exposure of what has caused the shadow. My Word is life; I am the Light of the world.


“Thou art right to proclaim the glorious Name Jesus & remove the shadow from the people. One exposes the sins of the people, for the light of the glorious gospel is an ever-shining light, & within it, one brings life – the life – Jesus Himself.

“I want thee to proclaim Jesus in all that thou doest. The sins of the people are being found out, according to My Word; for I am a God of order.


“Just as thou hast been called to bring your things together into one place, the name Jesus is to be glorified & magnified. And as one does this, the sins of the people will be there for all to see.


“Yes, the light of the glorious gospel is to shine. When one brings the light, there needs to be an invitation to fully accept the Jesus of the scripture; the One who thou hast worshipped. For thou hast restored My landmark in thy nation. The masonic chain has been exposed. Thou hast proclaimed Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & what this has done has exposed the sin.


“Continue to proclaim the Jesus of the Scripture. This Jesus of the Scripture brings conviction of sin; yet thou hast found there has been a hardening; an inability to confess sin. For thou hast brought light upon those who have endeavoured to hide their past life.


“There should always be a longing to give testimony at thy meetings; for thy preaching has brought forward a conviction; a conviction that exposes the unrepented sin.


“From this shall come the base for many salvations to take place.


“When thou shinest the light of the glorious gospel, one will bring forward the manifesto of the Lord. As men & women repent, so My healing power will manifest to bring deliverance & freedom.


“Thou hast been right to be conscious of personal inability; for thou hast been ignored in certain circles. For thou hast given the prophet’s warning, yet thou hast been ignored by people who have been desirous of frivolity, rather than the seriousness of repenting before God.


“For thou art witnessing the manifestation of My wrath. For thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel; but thou hast brought forward this gospel.

“Look at the havoc it doth bring! Men have weeks to decide, yet they live in their comfort zone!


“PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! O come to the Father through Jesus the Son, & give Him the glory; great things He hath done.


“Indeed, come to the Father through Jesus the Son; give Him the glory – great things He hath done.


“Proclaim the God of the Bible. Thou will find the conviction of the Lord coming through.


“The glorious light of the gospel, as thou preacheth from its pages, will bring conviction & salvation into the lives of many.


“Hallelujah! And as thou introduces those in sin to the Master; as thou proclaimest the glorious light of the gospel, one can be free to … the conviction of My Spirit upon people who have had the shadow form upon them.

“The glorious light of the gospel shall be preached, & people will respond. Hallelujah!


“Preach the Word without  compromise. Proclaim My Name, the Name Jesus. Remove the darkness wherever thou goeth.


“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel; the gospel without compromise.


“Thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel.


“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel. Those failing to bring the glorious gospel…..


“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel to the people. One has brought the light of the glorious gospel into a land that resisted the glorious gospel.


“I have anointed thee to go to the highways & byways to bring the glorious light of the gospel.


“And during the conviction of the meetings, people look for natural ability, whereas I look for the empty vessel, to fill up gloriously.


“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel, the true gospel - & as thou proclaims the real Jesus, so shall the miracles manifest in thy presence.


“For the glorious gospel has brought conviction. We are to bring forward the light of the glorious gospel. For I  am looking for the empty vessel to fill.

“Thou hast brought forward the glorious gospel to the eyes of the people. Continue to proclaim My Name.


“For I am come that thou should have life in abundance. The light of the glorious gospel should shine upon them. The light of the gospel brings life.”

Word from the Lord through David  P Griffiths, 04 09 11

“You are to appeal again, David Owen, for full consecration of the people. The Joshua 3 message must be preached, as indeed must the Joshua 1 message in relation to My Word. For it is My Word that separation from the world must take place. Even leisure activity must be led by Me.


“I am calling a people to be sanctified, set apart; a people who will not complain of the physical entity, but will ride apart. For I have called thee to be a separate people, saith the Lord; not one that compromises to the world. The world has had its input. There are those who used to preach the separation message, who have now bowed down to the antichrist. It is antichrist who speaks of the physical entity, ‘I want this, & I want that.’


“I have given thee authority over antichrist. Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, whatsoever ye shall loose on earth – all authority is yours, saith the Lord,  in My Name.


“Thou art to warn the people of natural prayers; praying that somebody does this, & praying that somebody does that, is not the intercession of God.


“Every prayer is to be led of My Spirit; for My Word declares that thou dost not know how to pray. Accept that reality; wait upon Me. My Word declares that in all things I must have the pre-eminence.


“At this time, the sins of governments are being found out. I know thou hast plans to take to court great institutions of thy land; for they have been led by the love of money, rather than by the love of the Constitutional God.


“Let Me tell you; you say ‘boo!’ to them at this time, & they will fall down. You know the hymn ‘The Solid Rock?’ The wind has blown, the rain has come down – the house on the sand has fallen down.


“I know you have had a lot of work to do in setting up the rooftop studio; but thou art to broadcast from here around the world. Thou art to produce programmes of high quality; I am talking about technical high quality, for thou hast learned to speak the words of God, rather than the words of men.


“I am providing for the best. I will provide ultimately opportunity to extend from thy rooftop studio; for in Chapel Pentecost, there will need to be a video & audio production area. For thou art to broadcast from here not only live programmes, but recorded programmes. Chapel Pentecost is to be a place where people will come from miles around.


“Thou art to ask thy people at this stage what they are hearing from God. If the answer is ‘naught,’ then they are to remove the blockages which are preventing them hearing from God – hence the need for full consecration meetings.

“Thou art to rejoice abundantly; abundantly. You see, the spectator sport syndrome is one of lack of separation. I am calling a people of power, to be separate from this world.


“One is right to expose the Alpha course, & its embracing of multi-faith. Tell the people I am not pleased with this course, for it leads people astray rather than bring people to God. I will let you know the point to really expose this phenomena Satan has used to bring the world into the Church.


“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; read the Beatitudes to find out the progress thou hast made; & as for the issue of present day Israel, I am still the only way, the truth, & the life. By being born again, one becomes of rhe seed of Abraham – a joint heir with Christ. The born-again experience turns one into being a full child of God; one who sits at the table equally, not apart.


“There is great danger for those who proclaim a nation over Me. In other words, they have in their life the love of a nation rather than love for Me.

“Remind them that in all things, I must have the preeminence.


“Expose what has been happening in Israel. My Word declares to sound a warning, particularly in the context of the Middle East. For there are those in power who are not Jews, but call themselves Jews & are of the synagogue of Satan. There are those in power who embrace the Kabbala rather than the Torah.


“You see, the key is to be led of My Spirit rather than natural knowledge. One is to teach the rhema over the logos. You know, I have called thee all to be a separated people. This is My message for today; a message that was the same yesterday, as indeed will be tomorrow. Be ye separate, saith the Lord.


“The lovers of higher criticism have taken over My colleges, saith the Lord; & David Owen, I have called thee together with David & Lindsay, to bring these colleges back, into the fold of My kingdom.


“I have called thee into Bangor to do just that. They learn academically in this city, but know not of My Spirit. They have swept away the colleges of My kingdom, & replaced them to colleges of human thinking, rather than the call of My Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for as they persecute thee, they persecuted Me. I called those of the antichrist whited sepulchres. Be not afraid to challenge as I challenged. Be not afraid to use phraseology as I lead thee. John 14:6, ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, & the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.’


“I have called thee a separated people. Declare My agenda, not man’s agenda. And be prepared to have a people of missions heart, for with holiness there comes a people set aside of the love of the world; a people who are prepared to go to the four corners of the earth.


“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; go forward; be not alarmed by human reaction; & proclaim My separation message.


“In My Name, thou wilt speak to mountains. In My Name, thou shalt cast them into the sea. The Spirit of God is moving upon thee now, to proclaim this message of being led of God, rather than by the god of this world.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 2/11/11

“God is at War against Sin Forever”


“What you are facing in the lives of people is sin: the old-fashioned word, sin.

“You have had so many come through your Church meetings, hardened against the Spirit of God, hardened against the preaching of My Word; living a double life. The more thou hast convicted of sin, the more they are communicating against thee; for they look to protect their own lives of flesh, rather than being the supernatural beings My Spirit has called them to be.


“Protecting their sinful lives is their pride. They stand before the world , wearing the clothes of being Christian. But these are outer clothes only; they give the appearance of goodness, but the truth is, on the inside there is nothing but malice, bitterness, & wrong thinking.


“When you preach the holiness message, there is the demand for complete dying to self; the demand to be pure, holy, of the royal priesthood of believers. Yet they gather in groups looking to slay thee, & as in the days of Harlech, starve thee out. They use their contacts to deal with specks in thy eyes rather than the planks in their own. Yet these specks they continue to comment about, have been removed because of being born again.


“You know, so many cannot walk the path of holiness, because they have never mourned. They have the form of godliness; they have said the so-called sinners’ prayer; but have not come to that mourners’ bench of old. They have come to that new Calvary, where one can simply say “sorry” & carry on the old life.

“But the Calvary of old is where thou hast been; the place you admit your inadequacy; the place where one’s filthy rags are washed clean.


By preaching the Cross, you convict of sin, & all over the world, this is going on. Man is choosing his own pleasures, rather than God’s; & there is a new form of Christianity that into that. It is that form that you see manifesting around thee; & the preaching of My Word has been all about taking people offthis road to destruction, & placing them on the highway to heaven.


“Continue to preach My Word uncompromisingly. Do not hold back. Instead, preach the conviction of the Lord; preach the conviction of My Spirit, & bring men & women to the front to mourn at My bench, to accept the Saviour, to live the new life, & reject the old.


“A Christian is a supernatural being, washed completely clean. What thou hast witnessed around thee are those protecting the sins of the past, & living a life without repentance; having the form of godliness that denies its power. That is, having one life up front for all to see, but behind the scenes, an unrepentant heart, on its way to eternal damnation.


“You can print this Word on your website, with the chorus, “There’s a way back to God…” & invite those living the old life, even calling themselves Christian, to repent before Me, & receive eternal life.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 02/04/13



“The counterfeit has been prevalent in Britain over many years; & it is a form of apparent adherence to God, without any submission to God’s will. It involves church-going on a Sunday, & living one’s own life the rest of the time. There is no understanding of hearing from God, not gathering possessions on earth, but using one’s resources for the gospel, & bringing one’s children up in the training & nurture of the Lord.


“None of these adherents have a place in the kingdom of God.


“Counterfeit (2): Those who give adherence to the scriptures of Alexandria have been taken away from Biblical Christianity & are therefore under a curse, for giving adherence to scriptures that have taken away & added to doctrines that do not have their base in the inspired Word of God. Commonly this group is known as charismatic, that base their operations on experience, rather than the Word.


“This group also are not a part of the kingdom of God.


“The third group are those who surround themselves with liturgy, & bow down to altars made with hands. I abhor the bowing down to across made with hands. I abhor the keeping of festivals. Christianity is about a  person; not altars made with hands; not the keeping of dates; but complete surrender to Jesus Christ, the resurrection being represented by coming out of the waters of baptism, & not through the goddesses of Easter.


“My Word is clear about those who preach another Jesus. This counterfeit Jesus is related constantly to the physical element, for I do not live in altars made with hands. I live in the hearts of true believers.


“So the counterfeits are there in great numbers. They give respectability to their operations by gathering in their respective Churches Together groupings.  Yet they are not apart of Me.


“Where is the Church that gives its whole life to Me; that does not consider ownership as part of the criteria for existence? Where is the Church that has grasped & understood the Sermon on the Mount? Where are those who will come down & lay down all on the “altar” (not made with hands) for Me?


“You carry with you a full surrender message. Those of the counterfeit will call thee a cult; for you do not carry with you the chains of centuries of counterfeited Christianity. What you do carry with you is the Passover of God; for you are protected from being a part of the counterfeit; for you have been washed clean by the precious blood of the Lamb.


“This washing clean demands a reaction. It demands a handing over of one’s life to the Lord; the Galatians 2:20 activity, pulsating from the heart of the genuine Church.


“You are aware that those in the counterfeit need the saving grace of Jesus, & this can only come through handing over earthly lives, to move into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“This is the Word I have given thee: to declare My Sermon upon the Mount as the criteria for Christian living. Who will come into the kingdom of God, & resign from the world? Who will give up their own will for Mine? This is the real Church; for flesh cannot exist in the presence of the Lord.


“Come unto the holy God, you sinners. Be ye separate. Be led of the Spirit to fulfil the demands of the Isaiah 61 call. For each missionary yof God is to be free to go when I call, the individual to go into the whole orld, & preach the gospel.


“The Every Creature Commission was never part-time. It is now your place to present real Christianity to the people; &you do this by relating Christianity to a person, rather than a philosophy; a person who gave His life that all may be saved – on condition that the whole of a life is brought to the Saviour, to fill with God.”



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/02/15

“The Prosperity of God”


“Word of faith is a Biblical term; yet it has been used to breed corruption. Likewise, the word ‘prosper’ is a Biblical word; yet it has been used as a word that has bred corruption, rather than the resources to fulfil the call to reach every creature.“So within this climate, I call you to use the term ‘word of faith’ & ‘prosperity’, but in the way I have called you to use them.


“Now, let us look at the term ‘word of faith.’ Two words stand out here: ‘word’ & ‘faith.’ The Word is the seed, from where faith grows. As you sow the Word, so from the Word comes faith; & through faith, so one prospers, to establish the covenant of God. This is the power to get the wealth.


“What has come in is personal ambition. The belief has been there that the wealth has been there for the ‘I’ or the ‘me.’ But Paul declared, ‘I live, yet not I.’ The Early Church gave up everything to follow Me. They prospered, but not through the material lusts of the flesh. They prospered because all of their lives were caught up in the gospel. Possessions were laiddown, rather than sought after. But what they did need were the resources to reach every creature; & this came through sowing the Word.“You see, the Word of God cannot be returned void. What the Word does is bring faith; & faith brings abundant fruit; overwhelming fruit, far above what human comprehension can think about. Through thy television station thou art sowing the Word; & the Word of God cannot be returned void. And they are coming to their ‘tables of the Lord’ with their attitudes of selfish lust, where it is clear in My Word Abraham came with his tithe, holy & precious to the Lord; & the prosperity which followed, if you look at My Word, was used for the establishment of My kingdom on earth, to establish My covenant.


Hence we have the Abrahamic Covenant, with all the fruit that accompanies this. But in that equation came supreme sacrifice, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice a son. “So, what has gone wrong with the Word of Faith movement, has been the introduction of selfish ambition, that has come with the seed being the wallet, to individual ministries backed by commercial companies that market publications that are contrary to My Word; & they proudly portray the wealth they have. Y


et this wealth is built on commercialism rather than My Word. “My Word is very clear: ‘The wise man buildeth his house upon the rock.’ Who is the rock? Iam the rock. Who am I? I am the Word. So the wise man buildeth his house upon Me. So when the wind doth blow, it cannot fail.“But the foolish man of selfish ambition falleth continuously. This is why, in the Emerging Church, they keep coming for prayer. What is their prayer? For selfish ambition.“But thyministry is different. Instead of saying ‘yes’ to their cries for prayer, you are saying, ‘Study to find yourself approved unto God.’


‘Attend to My words. It is these that are life to those that find them.’“So, it is the Word that giveth life. It is the Word that giveth faith. So above all things, it is My desire that you prosper & be in health. It is for those who have laid their lives down, to manifest the life of Christ that this prosperity, this health is all about. For it is for those who hearken to the voice of God. It is for those who become doers of My Word who will prosper & be in health.


To prosper, one lays one’s possessions down; not to demand more out of personal ambition, but to have the resources to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.“It is with this heart you come together as Trustees, to establish the covenant of God. Peter declared, ‘I have given up all to follow Thee.’ The reply of the Lord was clear; & thou has gone through the commitment & sacrifice required, to move in the hundredfold of God, which is all the resources you need, to bear the fruit required of a true saint of God, who is as I am on the earth, who walks with Me in the heavenly places, high above principality & power; empowered of the Holy Ghost; who is honest about the buffeting he goes through.


For within the life of the true Christian is the removal of pride. For within the Word of Faith movement, there is a showing off of the possessions they have, as a way of getting people to give money to them. “This is the mark of the foolish man, who has built his life on the sand of realised possessions.


Only those built on the rock, built on My Word, who have sacrificed & suffered, will gain entry into My kingdom, to be true ministers of the Lord. “These are the people, yet not people, but the manifestations of the Christ on this earth, who are in prosperity & health in My thinking, rather than in the thinking of the god of this world, the god of pride & selfish ambition, which is so much of the Word of Faith movement today.


“And I have called to thee to be as the Early Church, giving up all to follow Me, the seed being the Word, which is never returned void. “This is Word of Faith Increasing. This is the establishment of My covenant, for which you have been given the power to get the wealth, so as to fulfil the call of My Word, rather than the lusts of the god of this world through man.” 



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