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Prophecies in relation to the hostility that has come against this ministry

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 08/02/13 



“As Moses went before Pharaoh, asking release for the captives who were continuously hard working as slaves, so we too have been victims of a group looking to place us under slavery & letter of law, rather than have us move towards our Promised Land that is not only designed to save ourselves, but to save millions of others.


“Our dream now is to have the ability to move forward; but we are being held back by those who would keep us in slavery; working hard to continuously defend ourselves to the official channels our Pharaoh has bound us to.

“We as a Board of Trustees need now to have the freedom to move forward towards our Promised Land. This Promised Land includes setting up our radio studio to benefit those in the local community & overseas. This Promised Land includes initially the setting up of three television studios: (1) in Sri Lanka, (2) in Rhos on Sea, & (3) in Kenya. Alongside our profession of the gospel comes a humanitarian care programme that involves self-sacrifice in relation to our care of others, our inspiration being the author of our faith, Jesus Christ.


“The negativity however of our always having to defend to our Pharaoh who continuously makes false accusations against us, has brought serious health implications on members of the Trustees. “The letter of the law killeth; the spirit giveth life.”


“One of our ministers has been accused of terrible things in Blaenau Ffestiniog, from where this Pharaoh spirit has originated, leading to a serious heart attack from which he has miraculously recovered. Such is the grace of our God.


“One Trustee went through a nervous breakdown, from which she has miraculously recovered, this recovery being noticed by carers & social workers alike, including one senior social worker who is prepared to witness the freedom we give, rather than the chains of bondage of control & manipulation, which is what our Pharaoh has looked to put on us; the same senior social worker being prepared to witness the capability of our Trustee, who has been through so much that her ability to be a Trustee has increased rather than declined.


“The founding Trustee has had to face many Pharaohs before, but has looked to bring life to the people, inspiring the nation to keep to, rather than remove, the ancient landmark of our Constitutional Acts that protect the people from the chains of international Pharaohs who would look to burden the people with over-regulation & law.


“Our Promised Land therefore is to be released from the constant burden of having to defend ourselves continuously to a constant stream of government departments, to who our Pharaoh has reported us [to].


“Our Pharaoh is relentless in looking to keep us in these chains of bondage; whereas we are simply to act out the vision of the Charity, which we describe as our dream.


“You cannot build radio & television studios if you are living under a constant attack of abuse, false rumour, & complaints to government departments who have been understanding & pleasant to us, but nevertheless have to act out their obligation to visit us; but nevertheless the time we have had to spend on continual defences, which could have been the time when we could have crossed our Red Sea towards our Promised Land that includes setting up mission houses in the north of Sri Lanka, which has been so oppressed by 18 years of war, widespread atrocities, & also a major tsunami.


“These so-called ‘terrible Trustees,’ who have been accused of being for self-interest, have on one occasion crossed a minefield; another occasion prayed for the sick in a hospital without medicine & doctors.


“These Trustees, who have been accused of not providing pastoral care, were seen weeping & crying over injured war victims who had no natural medicine to ease their pain.


“These Trustees, that includes the one who is now being accused of being mentally unfit to be a Trustee, was indeed mentally fit to bring life to the injured, in the capability she has in Christ Jesus, those capabilities being still there; which is why she is still a Trustee.


“She was then prepared to give up her life for the vision & dream she has, & that we all have; that dream involving in us all the willingness to give up our earthly resources, so that we can fulfil, in our Promised Land, the dream God has given us.


“Of course we are prepared to cooperate on procedures, with government bodies, solicitors, accountants etc.; but what we are lifting up our rod of authority against, is the constant bombardment of false accusation; & constant negative work defending ourselves.


“We now ask for the liberty for this group of Trustees to collect wealth & transfer  it to the poor people of Sri Lanka, that will be part of proclaiming the gospel Great Britain’s monarch promised to God to propagate; to set up organic farms to bring healthy food to the people; in this & other professions training local people to be able to feed their families; to bring sound theological training that yes, has excellent academic standards, but more importantly has spiritual conviction, training ministers to fulfil the gospel call of self-surrender, rather than being proud academic achievers.


“This Board of Trustees now needs to cross its Red Sea, by-passing the wilderness of distraction, crossing its Jordan by lifting up its Word of God, knocking down any walls or barriers before it, to enter its Promised Land of reaching out to the world, not burdened by the chains which have been placed upon it through the constant having to deal with our Pharaoh who has become the accuser of the brethren.


“Finally, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; the ethos of the Bible being that you have to become a fool before you can become wise; the Trustees having a strong passion of God on what He has called the Trusteeship to do; that passion often defying human logic, the biblical criteria being whether there has been fruit. The Trusteeship, when not bound with law & regulation that has been put on it by false accusation, for the law which bound the Trusteeship was based on falsity, rather than the truth; there being obligation in British law to tell the truth; hence the transparency & openness of the Trustees, who have not held anything back.


“So we ask now for our freedom to fulfil our purposes; for the College & media operations to grow, there just being contact with a television & radio station in America, showing great passion to work with us.


“How can we do this, if we have been overburdened? We need now to be free.

“Now, as regards to the health of the Trustees: this vendetta group, to whom we have referred as Pharaoh, we having texts to show their ambition to destroy us, we now needing to attend to the words of our God, knowing that if we do this, in obeying His will by fulfilling the aims of the Charity, we know that by doing this, instead of the death of false accusation, by attending to the Word of God, we move into His life; & health to our flesh [Proverbs 4].


We need now to move in this, which is why we appeal to the government bodies to whom we have been reported by our Pharaoh, to allow us to move forward from the exhaustion our accusers have put us under, to not only bring life to ourselves, but also to the millions we are about to encounter with the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ.”


Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Rhos on Sea, 31/05/11


“There is a Name above every other name - & at the name of Jesus, every knee must bow. This is because this name has won the victory for thee.


“Satan’s forces are defeated: defeated, completely defeated. Thou hast the victory in thy hands, & thou art to manifest this victory in all that you do; for the rulers of this earth have no such victory. The rulers of this earth have chosen to go along a path alien to that which I have called thee to; for they run their councils, & parliaments, according to that which is of the final moves of Satan.

“With the expansion of thy tent-pegs, men & women will witness the increase, & will see that I am blessing thee.  Thou art to hold out a hand to those who are called to the heavenly place in Christ Jesus; & as so many are coming into membership of what I have built through thee, so specific jobs are to be allotted; specific jobs which have bee brought together by Me. For thou art to be separated from the feelings & anxieties of men, to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“The enemy has sought to put you off the road; yet, in the face of battle, thou hast looked to go forward. Thou art called to be victorious; thou art called to walk above all the attempts of the enemy.


“Representative of large organisations will want to know how you are achieving such growth in what they see as a recession. They will want to ask thee questions over how you can do this, & how you can do that. You are to be victorious in all that thou doest. Whatever you put your hand to in My name, the victory will manifest.


“So rejoice; the victory has been won. Praise God the victory has been won.

“So rejoice; exoand; set out thy tent-pegs. Rejoice; the victory has been won.

“The victory has been given to thee; so rejoice.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 6/02/12 “The Great Falling Away”


“You have heard of the great falling away. You heard last evening the preaching of Maynard James in regard to the end-time apostasy.


“There are certain areas Maynard preached on, which come under the banner, in today’s world, of ‘politically incorrect.’


“Remember, I called you back to portray the preaching of Mission Hall days? Preaching that convicted, & made the sinner uncomfortable; but what has occurred since then, has come a comfort zone “Church,” where no one is to be offended; where God loves all, even to the point of accepting their sin; whereas the truth that was portrayed by Maynard James, was that his God loved all so much, He gave His life to enable the true preacher to show this supreme love, so that the preacher through the Holy Ghost, can convict of sin, to save the sinner from an eternity in hell.


“Certain subject therefore, in this apostate church, is never covered. They never preach on the reality of hell for the unrepentant; they never preach on the consequences for those left behind at My coming again; they never preach on the subject of sodomy, which is great sin, rather than a chosen lifestyle. They never preach on non-covenantal sexual relationships, which was at one time called “living in sin.” This is never mentioned in this apostate church.

“There should be a huge outcry over the number of babies the nation has slaughtered, & the breakdown of law & order in society; but how can a government pass laws to bring order in society:-


1)     That are against the Constitutional base on which the society was built;


2)   Laws against violent activity in the society.


“They (the laws) do not mean a thing anymore, because they are made by those guilty of supreme violence against society, through the crime of abortion; the cure for this, bringing all those to justice who instigated the Abortion Act, or allow it to flourish, as present-day politicians do. They are breaking the law constantly; & so, the vast majority of what are known as churches in thy land, are part of this non-offending, politically correct entity of ecumenical fellowships that have no idea of the true gospel.


“This is why I took you back, initially to what the early Pentecostals of the 20. century stood for; & then I took you back to your Mission Hall days, & asked you to combine the two, to continue the two, to combine the two; & in Maynard James last evening, you heard the excellent presentation of what I have called you to preach: Pentecostal  holiness, to continue it.


“Those in the system of non-offending church, strangely enough, get offended. ‘You can’t talk about Romanism, as we’re all one together now,’ they say. But Isay, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal?’ ‘You can’t bring politics into church,’ they say. But I say, ‘I called My Church to go onto the whole world, & preach the gospel. I called My Church to bring division in all aspects of society, between that which is of Me, & that which is of the devil.’


“And I have called you together, as a small group at this stage, to test if you would compromise My Word, so as to get people back, who have been offended because of My call on you all, to go back to the principles of Mission Hall days.

“You have shown Me that not only are you prepared to stay in the position you were in, that you have asked Me to deal with your 80% differential between how the Early Church was, & how you are. So many perceive Church as a spokesman of this apostate society; simply accepting the end-time falling away. But you see yourselves as an Acts of the Apostles Church, asking Me how you can get closer to being as they were.


“So, I have called you to make your stand. I have given thee directions. Do not be moved or motivated by this end-time operation of Satan, that comes to kill, steal & destroy.


“There is a conviction of sin upon those who have made commitment to thee, & have broken the covenantal agreement.


“Go further in Me, saith the Lord. Do not look back, except to the ancient landmark of belief, on whose foundations you are now growing.

“In a time of the great falling away, you have shown you are not prepared to compromise to the system, but to seek Me.


“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For thou hast portrayed the Rock on which the Church is built; that is not moved by modern immoral acts of Parliament, but is portraying the higher laws of thy nation; laws that have to take precedence in court, over the modern laws of successive governments, who have failed to hear from Me.


“So continue to stand, in My Name, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”

Note from David P Griffiths on 8th. October 2014:  This prophecy has clearly caused quite a stir. Being from the Spirit of God it is meant to be understood by revelation of the Spirit - not through the natural eye.


It also needs to be understood that the three figures are not named, there seeming to be an assumption that one of these persons is me.


It seems that one person has responded by reporting concern to Conwy Social Services who seemingly reported concern that self harm may be a risk here to North Wales Police. Our Studio and College here were woken up late at night with dear Police Personnel showing concern for our safety.


Whilst thanking the Police for acting on Social Service concern, it needs to be pointed out that overcoming is very much part of the Christian Walk and that THE LORD raises us up as is in all the Psalms after often being at the depths of anguish and despair. Lindsay and I have experienced this throughout our Christian Walk and there needs to be no concern for our personal safety.


22 November 2014: This has now been followed up by a Police Report to Penrhyn Bay Surgery where a wonderful Indian Doctor understood where we are coming from - spirituality - not the secularism of Western Countries and their protocols!

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/09/14

“The Gethsemane Experience”


“The hymn writer summed it up, in the words led of My Spirit: ‘For me it was in the garden He said, Not My will, but Thine. He shed no tears for his own grief, but shed drops of blood for mine.’


“The spirits have gathered round 3 key figures to destroy them. They have been intent on destroying these key figures for some time. They have gathered round in swarms to harass, to destroy through mental torment, the torment being of imminent destruction; destruction so great that there looks no way out.


“For many years, these 3 key figures have taken the brunt of what the enemy has to offer. Great strain has been upon their minds & their bodies, even to the point of death.


“These 3 key figures have lived constantly under the attack of the enemy; & whilst others around them have felt under attack too, these 3 key figures have faced a barrage of demonic attack, that even they find it difficult to place into words. Under this barrage, even they have looked to step aside, because the strain is so great; & after anguish & pain & torment, they have looked to be as transparent as they possibly can; be led of the Spirit as best they can; with distraction after distraction affecting their minds to such a degree they have even contemplated taking their lives voluntarily.


“Such has been the strain upon them that sometimes even those around them, who love them so much, have not realised the strain & pain that has been upon them.


“All of these 3 have been under hospital care, as a result of the bombardment of devils they have had to face. They suffer day by day under this bombardment. They have cried out to Me their innermost needs. Yet they still walk under the shadow of the Almighty. They still proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord; but in amongst it all they have realised that under the strain & pain, they have made mistakes. In the pain & strain of distraction, they cannot claim perfection; but what they can claim is weakness, from where comes perfection. They openly admit their weakness, & the massive strain they have been under; strain so great they have churned from their innermost beings. They try to explain the extent of this strain, but feel what they say is going on deaf ears.


 “But I have heard their cry, saith the Lord; their cry of torment & being placed under condemnation.


“What then can they do? They have visitation after visitation of demonic spirits. They have chosen to expose that which the devil does; & the devil fights back, because he does not want the world to see that he is a crook & a liar. But these 3 have been transparent, & have overcome by their openness & admission of their own weakness. These 3 need to be loved & cherished, encouraged & built up. They need a special place, for they have been called up high to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; & those around them need to understand that the cost has been massive, & this has gone on for years. 


They have gone through times of rejection by family; hurtful times, so hurtful that they wonder even if those around them can truly support what they have been going through; for they live an almost constant Gethsemane experience. The torment of the garden is there, just as it was with Me. They have not compromised to this world, but the world has chosen them as guilty men. Yet they have been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. The angel of death has visited them on more than one occasion; yet My word has come, & by My Spirit they rely to overcome, but still cry out their weakness & strain & pain.

“Each one has a prophetic ministry, for they fight for justice. 


Yet those in the governments of the world fail to understand the nature of the prophet. Just as Moses felt the wounds of slavery, they today face spiritual Pharaohs who have placed the people under the bondage of Satan in taking away their liberty & freedom. They take on the spiritual Pharaohs who have placed the people under letter-of-the-law bondage, a bondage they constantly fight, & as Tessie wrote, ‘Yes, the enemy of souls is powerful;’ but these 3, in proclaiming the Lord Jesus, have put their trust in a mightier one than Satan, & through their weakness have overcome the enemy in the strength of the Lord.

“These 3 know who they are. They male their stand through transparency; openness over what has gone on & what they have been through. 


The Gethsemane experience is still on. They await constant harassment, day after day. They stand in the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness; but they need the comfort of all the troops. They need to be able to be completely up front & open with their peers.


 “Oh! What saints they have followed over the years. They are prepared to go to their cross, but long for fellowship & company who understands, rather than condemns.


“The 3 know who they are. They constantly work to overcome. They never stop. They look for that glimpse of bright sky, instead of the constant strain & pain they are under. They need the help from their peers, yet they have their trust entirely in Me; but those around them need to understand they are the manifestation of Me. They are 3 who have been picked out for the slaughter. They need the help & support of their peers. They need love & support. Yet even though they have made mistakes, they have not done it for selfish gain, but for the extension of My kingdom, & as such are not guilty of all charges. Yet the accusers are all around them.


“The Gethsemane experience is real to them. Around them have been those who have played the role of Judas. This has occurred over many, many years.


“The 3 know who they are. They suffer constant anguish & pain, yet have experienced the clouds lift & the bright sky shine, but long for this forever experience, to be changed from glory into glory. For as the weakness is confessed, so the glory manifests, & these saints of God overcome.”


Word from the Lord to David P Griffiths, 21/10/14

“The Gethsemane Experience, Part 2”

“Those who go through the Gethsemane experience, who do not compromise, but hear the Father’s will & are still prepared to suffer, are still prepared to put all on the line for the Lord, are still prepared to go anywhere for Me, are still prepared to act out the principles of the Beatitudes& the Sermon on the Mount, in reality what I am describing is one who has been prepared to go the Garden, & give up everything for the will of the Father.


These are those who walk not by natural sight, but by the Spirit. These are those who are apostles & prophets, the foundations of the Church. A foundation cannot be compromising, tossed about to & fro.


A foundation stands firm in amidst the greatest storm. A foundation cannot be offended,& moved by feeling; but as with Peter, he made mistakes, but was prepared to be corrected, prepared to admit weakness, so that the solidity of Christ the Lord stands through the empty vessel.


“You see, this foundation is so strong, it is built through the greatest torment & attack the devil can conjure up for My chosen apostles & prophets.


My apostles & prophets are not of the New World Order plan of equippers & organisers; those of business technique & philosophy; & in the last On Firemeeting it was said I cast out spirits with My Word, & My Word alone, & do not run an industry out of this. “The counterfeit apostles & prophets are highly organised, resourced in the same way Romanism was resourced, through collecting the indulgences of the people.


My true prophets & apostles are as nothing in the sight of the world, but are mighty in valour; & as Gideon saw the worldly might of the Midianites, so you in My remnant see the highly-resourced& organised counterfeit Church, who are thy Midianites today. “Have no fear. Speak the Word.


Walking in love means the setting free of the people by exposing & destroying the works of the devil. You have gone with the army of the Lord behind thee; you have gone with legions of angels. For I have called that this counterfeit Church be exposed for all it is: the Higher Criticism of Satan; the faith-destroying control of the enemy through the philosophies of men, those philosophies moving into business technique, with that which came out of Pasadena & Saddleback.  


“None of this is of Me, but of man’s philosophy; & as Paul stood up to this at Mars’ Hill, so you must stand & pull down that which has stolen My movements. These false philosophers with their philosophies have removed the Foursquare Gospel from Elim; have removed the absolute faith of the Assemblies of God; have removed the sound doctrines of the Apostolics; have removed the Wesleyan holiness of the Nazarenes; have removed the Romans 6 baptism concept of the Baptists (I speak in general terms, for there are many Baptist groupings holding fast to their original call. I speak of establishment Baptists only – not of the remnant): of establishment Methodists, with their good works rather than their Wesleyan passion for perfection; of Anglicans who have given up their Constitutional authority in the British Constitutional Acts, for embracing Rome & its Alpha Course, a course that has made the narrow road wide, the side road leading to hell, the narrow one to heaven. “All of these examples are of movements of resources of their pioneers, which by right you have access to; but in reality they are controlled by instruments of Satan rather than vessels of God. “So, back to Gethsemane.


My apostles & prophets are humble people who have gone through the Gethsemane & Calvary experience, but are risen up with Me to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; & even through adversity they are confident, for they walk with their God; & they walk as their God in this earth.


They are spiritual being, not of natural gender, for in this walk they are neither male nor female, but in the spiritual sense they are My bride, joined as one with Me, with all authority.


Whatsoever they bind is bound; whatsoever they loose is loosed. But to be this vessel, they need to have gone through not only Calvary, but also Gethsemane. For they know what it is like; for from Gethsemane came this compassion for the lost that is beyond all understanding.


They have no fear for their own life. They have put on Christ, & as such are the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ, there being apostles & prophets, the foundations of the Church, with evangelists, pastors & teachers around them; this stability being My rock, from where the perfecting of the saints takes place.


  “Those who say, ‘We can never be perfect’ are those who have not faced Gethsemane; for in Gethsemane is the place where one’s entire life is given up for the will of the Father; & from here comes the manifestation of perfection through My body on this earth.


“This is My Word: go ye, walk ye in it.”  




Words:Charles H. Gab­ri­el, in Prais­es, by Ed­win O. Ex­cell (Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: 1905) (MI­DIscore).  


I stand amazed in the presence
Of Jesus the Nazarene,
And wonder how He could love me,
A sinner, condemned, unclean.



O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
Is my Savior’s love for me!


For me it was in the garden
He prayed: “Not My will, but Thine.”
He had no tears for His own griefs,
But sweat drops of blood for mine.


RefrainIn pity angels beheld Him,
And came from the world of light
To comfort Him in the sorrows
He bore for my soul that night.




He took my sins and my sorrows,
He made them His very own;
He bore the burden to Calvary,
And suffered and died alone.




When with the ransomed in glory
His face I at last shall see,
’Twill be my joy through the ages
To sing of His love for me.




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Lead Me to Calvary Jennie E. Hussey, 1921

  Copyright: Public Domain 


King of my life, I crown Thee now,
Thine shall the glory be;
Lest I forget Thy thorn-crowned brow,
Lead me to Calvary.


Lest I forget Gethsemane,
Lest I forget Thine agony;
Lest I forget Thy love for me,
Lead me to Calvary.


Show me the tomb where Thou wast laid,
Tenderly mourned and wept;
Angels in robes of light arrayed
Guarded Thee whilst Thou slept.


Let me like Mary, through the gloom,
Come with a gift to Thee;
Show to me now the empty tomb,
Lead me to Calvary.


May I be willing, Lord, to bear
Daily my cross for Thee;
Even Thy cup of grief to share,
Thou hast borne all for me.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/10/14

“Growth through Turmoil”

“Through all this battleground of enemy after enemy trying all it can to destroy the ministry: on one hand, in relationship; on another hand, with injury; on another hand, the confusion that comes through trying to sell so many houses; for so many now are involved in this Sri Lanka to Tibet project.

“For years the devil has not wanted you in Asia, & has done all he can to keep you from ministering to a people capable of reaching every creature. These are the people you are to hand the ministry over to,& you simply need to be there.


“But what you have are properties to sell, issues to deal with, a huge work schedule, & attacks of the mind the devil is trying to destroy you with. 
Even now, you battle & struggle with lack of resources; for not one house has been sold at this time, for thou will need the hundredfold to complete the task; for the giving up of houses brings more houses.


The giving up of resources brings more resources. Such is the nature of My hundredfold.“And what is really going on here, & what you really need to get excited about, is the word I gave through brother Grubb, & also the word I gave you at the beginning of thy ministry.

The Grubb word & the Griffiths word are working together to bring the necessary growth.“The Grubb word was simple: ‘growth comes out of turmoil;’ & turmoil you have. Agreed?“And what is the word given at the beginning of thy ministry? Oh, how it is important for this time, as the devil does all he can to split you up, take offense! In amongst all of this, My rhema is given to thee now.

My rhema is twofold, involves 2 parts of Scripture, 2 parts coming together as the shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit.“From the very outset, I gave you this shield, to overcome in the circumstances that thou are facing now. This word is significant in relation to the hostile group against you. That word, given above Capernaum, is Matthew 5. 

That is thy shield: the ‘extra mile’ word. “But what is significant about this word, is being blessed as men revile you. In this reviling has to be an understanding in the sense that you have rejected the thinking of men, & even stood against such philosophy.

You have seen it in the so-called ‘Church’ & exposed it. It is the reason why so much persecution came against the early Church.“Lindsay, thou art trained in Greek philosophy. How important is it amidst the culture?

You have continuously blasted an idol, that blasting bringing about such a reviling. You have rejected man’s ways for God’s. You have seen it manifest. It is the idol which has taken over the movements which were once called of Me; & it was in the context of overcoming the philosophers that Matthew 5 was given.“But a Christian is not to have the logic of men, but the logic of God. 
Remember the principle, when the man with the photograph demanded money from you, & you offered him double?


This reaction totally amazed him, convincing him you were different to the thinking of men.“You see, the religions of the world have ‘great & mighty deities.’ They do great things. They are high above everybody. Followers have to bow down to their gods. In some religions, they are in great fear of their gods.

But thy God came as a little baby, losing all reputation, took on the sins of the world, becoming separated from the Father, & crucified on the cross.“You see, the Sermon on the Mount is about taking up thy cross, coming as Me, with the attitude of the Father, not taking offence, but taking the road to Calvary; & through this road, for the followers of Christ, is the Gethsemane experience of torment, ‘Lest you forget Gethsemane.’

“You are going through a Garden experience of torment. But what comes out of this? Growth through torment – even turmoil – is My glorious Church, without spot nor wrinkle, unoffendable, having gone the extra mile to the Cross. “And as I give you My resurrection sword, remember to not be offended by each other, for the enemy would look to bring offence.

Walk the extra mile. Give the other cheek. Be not moved by what you see & feel; for in amongst all this turmoil, is growth. Thy programmes are having a major impact world-wide, & locally too, for they come with a passion that is only from God. “Now, this sword that I give thee this day, is one of the resurrection.

For out of this turmoil will come My strong Church, knowing it is to carry this sword into the Promised Land. In effect, you stand before that Promised Land. By sanctifying yourselves – what was the promise of God? The Lord would do wonders amongst thee.“So this is My rhema word.

As My children lifted up the Ark, so thou must lift up My Word, boldly proclaim it. Now, in amongst all of this, you look to face the philosophers, as Paul faced them up at Mars’ Hill. There is to be no philosophies of men in My Church, & as you face these philosophies up in strategic sites in California, thou art to show this Mars’ Hill strategy, calling it the Mars’ Hill Strategy.

As you stand on these sites, My sword backed up with My shield, not taking offence, but out of the compassion of the Lord, to save those bound by these philosophies, there can be a great team effort, facing these philosophies of men, with the intercessor too, bringing the understanding of what is happening in this Mars’ Hill project; quoting the warning through Paul of the philosophies of men.“You see, there has been a lot going on.

As you have been building the foundations of this phase of thy ministry, so the enemy has looked to destroy this work through usual technique of taking offence. The Sermon on the Mount covers that.“But thou must now go forward, with a great sword of the Spirit, so strong that the enemy will not know what to do.

“On one hand, you will have resisted the devil by not taking offence, & on the other, you take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. And as you lift up My perfect Word, they try & say My Word is not perfect; as in Nestle Aland’s foreword, they say it is a working text, to work on, to one day get right through philosophy.

“Oh no! My Word is not perfect because of philosophy. They look to find the errors in the KJV, but the KJV, which I am calling thee to uphold, is not perfect because of men’s calculations; it is perfect because of a man’s blood at the stake.“You see, what they have forgotten, through taking blood out of their ever-changing Bibles, is that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission. And as the children of Israel lifted up the Ark, you can say we are lifting up the Word of God without an error – inerrant, without error.

For it is this that will save the people. For as you lift up My blood-bought Word, you lift up Me, the great I AM, the one that liveth & was dead; & behold, alive for evermore.“Oh, how you will go forward with that Word! Remember in the Garden, there was opportunity to take offence.

You too have had that opportunity in thy Garden. Instead, I chose the cross, to fulfil the Father’s will; likewise you will do also. For once these foundations are built - &you are nearly there – you will go forward with My sword, with a Bible unaffected by the philosophies of men; a Bible that came out of the results of a man’s death; a man who prayed that the King would authorise a Bible; a Bible straight from the throne room of God, in translated form not through the cleverness of man, but through the shed blood of a man.

That is the difference. “But the philosophers’ Bibles lack blood; but the sword thou carrieth has come through the shedding of blood, not the working text of man.“So, be excited. What does My Word say, but rejoice when men shall revile you. For thou has a great reward in heaven.


“But the will of God in heaven is the will of God on earth. So rejoice today, for the foundations have been built by those carrying My shield. The time has now come to take up My sword, & cross into thy Promised Land. Having pulled down the Jericho Wall of man’s philosophy, take My Word into the Promised Land, the land of milk & honey, where thou shalt prosper, to fulfil the call of God on thy lives.

“Do you understand it now? The shield & the sword. Remember too, the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, helmet of salvation, the emphasis here being on this shield, the Sermon on the Mount shield, & the taking up of My blood-bought Word. Thou art more than conquerors.“Study this Word together, & allow My Spirit to bring healing into what has been a tough situation.“Now you can look forward, taking My shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/11/14

“The Accuser of the Brethren is the one who has already been Found Guilty”


“You in My name commonly preach I John 4:17, ‘As He is, so are we in this world,’ the ‘we’ being the body of Christ. “Some years ago, My evangelist Manuel Scott Jr. preached, ‘If they crucified Him, they’ll crucify you.’


“You commonly cry out for the nation to repent. But instead of this, those who need to repent become the accusers of the brethren. But the accuser of the brethren has already been found guilty, destined to spend eternity in hell, along with all those who accuse My body on this earth.


They too are destined for an eternity in hell; but unlike Lucifer, they still have opportunity to repent, the victory of Jesus being on those who have abandoned their lives to follow Me.“You laid down your all to follow Me.


Sheila laid down her all to follow Me, at given times led by the Spirit; but she had also fallen to ministries promoting the lust of the flesh, in that if she gave it to them, she would gain honour in the kingdom of God, position in ministry, & be in effect as they are, rather than the persecuted body on earth, which you are.


“It is this thou art called to San Diego to deal with, the accusation being against thee rather than them.“You declaration of weakness is the key to thy victory, won 2,000 years ago. Your openness brings light into situations, for how the devil operates is behind closed doors, with underlying spirits looking to bring damage to all those who have abandoned their lives to Me.


“See what the hundredfold guarantee brings, ‘with persecutions’? So you are living out the hundredfold return. You have given up everything to follow Me. You are planning the building of mission houses, to benefit the cause of My kingdom.


You have accepted My commission in Jeremiah 1:10, to dig out the corruption. Yet the corrupt look to expose you, & you are held back from going forward, but continually having to defend yourself from persecution.  


“In effect, Lindsay, you have taken on this role; that in effect, Lindsay, you are not a procedures secretary, but a secretary of persecution defence.“How much more persecution can you take? You sing the hymn, ‘For me it was in the Garden, He said, ‘Not My will, but Thine.’


You see, to be a true believer, a true member of the body of Christ on earth, to be crucified with Christ (Gal.2:20), you have to be prepared to lay down thy life, even as Stephen did, for the persecutors to become true believers. That is how the early Church grew.


The persecutor became the apostle of faith, & this needs to be your prayer for all those who come against you.“You see, your charity is founded on those prepared to give their lives to enable the lives of others to change into the likeness of God.“So, you are living out the hundredfold.


So, what is this trip to San Diego all about? “


(1) Facing that which affected Sheila & many others, who have given offerings on the basis of false hope.“


(2) My minister Ringgold has faithfully preached the hundredfold message. You are there to take this to incredible levels in the Bethel Baptist Church; to bring this fellowship to the point of walking united in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principality & power.


For I have called thee to this place to preach My positional truth; to declare the baptism of fire & to bring about the conditions for the hundredfold return to come upon a people determined to reach the lost in Third World conditions.“I have called thee to California at this time, to dig out the emerging counterfeit; to bring the conditions for true world-wide revival.


 So stand firm on My Word at this time. Be open & transparent about all your business dealings. For truth will always conquer the lies & false conclusions of those who seek to accuse My brethren.“So, what does it say in the Sermon on the Mount, when men revile you &speak all manner of evil against you? Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. Thou hast a world-wide vision.


That which has come against you has been very narrow accusation, out of line with the context in which you have been operating.  


“So go forward with what I have called thee to do. Be exceedingly glad. Be overwhelmingly glad. “I have called thee to walk high above all the manipulations of man.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths. 31/10/14

“Tired, but not destroyed; Broken, yet victorious; Crucified, yet resurrected; Hit from every side, yet not fallen; Legalistically oppressed, yet overcomers; Forced to do things in the natural, but still spirit beings; Kept Indoors by overwork, yet walking on top of the world – the ministries of God – My Remnant Church – My Overcomers. Now Rejoice, & be exceedingly Glad.”


“The devil has tried everything he can to destroy you. Yet, I have risen you up from every seat of oppression. Thy story needs to be told. My prophetic words can form the base of a book called ‘Exposing the Infiltrations, & Restoring the Mantles.’


“Thy story needs to be told, of how they have tried to destroy you through legalism & oppression, the letter of the law killing, but the Spirit giving life.

“They say you have not had a quorum, yet thy quorum has come from heaven. For you have simply heard from heaven, obeyed, & been as one in Me, rather than each other initially. That is why in all things I must have the pre-eminence, & it is from this that you have the quorum allowed for in the British Constitution. For you operate from these Acts initially; these you have kept, for these are covenant Acts with God, which is the over-riding quorum. Indeed, every Act of Parliament should come this way. That is the British Constitution. Why is it they meet in prayer before every sitting of Parliament, but to hear from God?


“But since the illegal placing of Parliament under a foreign power, & that the law itself has to take the precedent, it has brought a stranglehold on the people rather than a liberation. For it is the Spirit that brings life, not the latter. The letter brings death; & it is that which has been against you in thy charity over the last few years.


“So all you have been through can come out in this publication as a freedom for the people. It will be a best-selling book for any who dare publish it, for in its pages can contain the prophecies I have given thee.



“Yet you need the time to write it. I am the one who can redeem the time. I am the one who can give supernatural strength; & already have. For in thy brokenness, thou hast become strong. And as the angel of death touches Britain, I have promised thee, it shall not come nigh thee.


“You have seen nations of the world ravaged by plague, plagues that have spread throughout the world. But it has not, & shall not, come nigh thee.

“I name you the greatest plague in Britain, is stress caused by over-zealous application of law. That is by far the reason why hospitals are not coping. Remove the stress, remove the strain on the NHS. It is so simple.

“Obey & adhere to the Constitution of the land, & remove the foreign infiltration & the illegal application of law through the EU.


“Restore Commonwealth ties, remove European bondage. The Commonwealth countries still look to Britain, for Britain was once stable, but now worn down by the stress of foreign law; of having to hand over its resources to a foreign power, rather than giving heed to the One prayed to before every sitting of Parliament.

“In the government sense, you are exposing the infiltration & restoring the mantle of Elizabeth the First & her Settlement.


“Oh, how you have given heed to the first Elizabeth, rather than the illegally signed treaties of Europe that have brought so much stress to Britain, that it has been right to adhere to the first Elizabeth, rather than the second.


“So, what is required in Britain? Politicians to come forward & say, ‘We have not listened to the God of our Constitutional Acts,’ & repent before Me, an act that would not only remove the oppression of the European Union, but also act as a barrier to the rise of Babylon.


“Now, can you hear Me, Great Britain? Not only remove the stress from thy land, but also remove the threat of Babylon. One simple word to the political world is, Repent.


“So you stand as joint heirs, crucified, yet resurrected; tired, yet strong in Me; constantly harassed by legalism, yet still moving by the Spirit, by which there has always been a quorum. For it is by having a quorum in Me that thou art legal in the British Constitution.


“So, in effect, it is the modern Acts of Parliament that have been brought in without there being a quorum, for the quorum, by thy Constitution, is to be by Me first, rather than with each other; which is the Protestant Religion established by law the monarch promises to uphold.


“So, who has the quorum? Thy charity, or government? And this can be the title of a chapter in thy book: ‘Who has the Quorum?’ Through the pages of this book, My Spirit will set captives free all over the world.


“So, what you have been through in thy Gethsemane experience is on that indeed has taken you to the cross, but one that has made you a more than conqueror as you have been resurrected to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“Oh, rejoice, My children! Be exceedingly glad, as the victory of the resurrection is upon thee. Thou hast been risen up with wings like eagles, & thou art soaringabove the oppression.


“Your youth has been renewed, & as you soar as the eagle, the devil is under your feet. What a ministry you have, reaching every creature from a residential front room, in a little town on the North Wales coast. And, just as I reached the world from a little town, so thou hast done also. For the little one shall become a thousand.


“And here you are in the Madoc Project, bringing attention to this little town, from where cometh the gospel all over the world.


“I have not changed. Because of your size, they have dismissed you; yet thy quorum has always been with Me.


“So, what looks small has always been big; & what looks big, is actually small; for this quorum has been with each other, rather than in the pre-eminent One.

“Well, thou art liberated, My children. The grave-clothes of legalism are no longer on thee, as you expose the truth of the rightful quorum, well established in British law, the truth to come out in the pages of this book, a book full of the prophecies of God, which My Spirit will use to set free the people.


“More than conquerors!”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/11/14

“He Came at the Right Time (not called to share your Gethsemane experience)”


“The intercessor came, not with My calling to share your Gethsemane experience, but indeed to bring the conditions for death & despair to be turned to life.


“The figures who experience the Gethsemane are now experiencing, through continued persecution, through those trying to undermine that which you have done, through those who speak all manner of evil falsely about those who experience the Gethsemane; even now, through giving false accusations, as they did on My journey to the cross. These figures who indeed experience Gethsemane, these figures who indeed have reached the end of despair, all needed a resurrection, all needed a position in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“Throughout the Gethsemane experience, was the intercessor; not a man, but Christ Himself. But this Christ Himself, as the Head, needed His body. As the intercession is spoken in heaven, it needed speaking on earth. Such is My body.

“So, the intercessor (not man, but Christ) came as an empty ve4ssel, as the Temple of the Holy Ghost, standing & screaming in Blaenau Ffestiniog & Maentwrog, pulling down the stronghold of Romanism & subversion, there being a system right at the root of this, of seeing churches in Wales coming under its control, of that also which has come against the missionary leaving Wales syndrome, to give his or her life for the lost.


“Such has been the sacrifice of one of the figures, who stands, yes, on the one hand with international status, but with another now being rejected with the emergence of the new occult ‘church,’ based on the philosophies of man, & business techniques, rather than the Word of God.


“Conditions came, through the resurrection of this Gethsemane warrior, to fulfil that much more of his call – a fulfilment to increase over the coming years.


“He too has had false accusation against him, such as is happening now to all those of the Gethsemane experience.


“But these Gethsemane warriors needed lifting up in Wales, at Blaenau Ffestioniog, the heart of the occult infiltration.


“But there is more than this: the restoration of the Bible College of Wales, which man cannot understand. Man cannot understand its rejection of Satan’s Higher Criticism. Man cannot understand, it being part of the homely university prospectus, ‘homely’ because it is a family club that meets together, enjoys each other’s company, as they pull down the Word of God to destroy ministry after ministry, by taking movements over into a family that destroys, rather than gives life.


“There had to be intercession coming against this. The community church is giving its emphasis on ministering to the people, is one that I could never use. I needed a restoration for the people who has reached the end of despair; a people so weak there could be only one place for them to go: in true reliance on Me.


“And so the intercessor, even though on this occasion had not experienced Gethsemane (I speak not of other occasions), was here to bring the conditions for a raising up to the high place in Christ Jesus.


“The shouting & screaming at Blaenau & Maentwrog was key to this; places where legions of demons are worshipped in so-called ‘church.’ So, the intercessor stood & declared the word of the Lord.


“You see, where there is a Gethsemane, there has to be a Calvary. Where there is a Calvary, there has to be a resurrection; & it is in this role the intercessor comes. For the figures of despair were to be lifted up & brought to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“No, the intercessor was not called to the Gethsemane experience on this occasion, but to bring the conditions for the lifting up of those who had experienced this Gethsemane. For out of it is coming My thriving Church, to overcome Satan’s Emerging Church, the thriving being higher than the emerging.


“So, the figures of the Gethsemane experience no longer are in despair, but looking up, are in the high places, with the world continuing to place false accusation against them. But there is a heavenly place position, above all this evil report, there now being the report of God.


“You see, the world will produce its reports; but who hath believed My report? You see – who hath believed My report?


“Thou hast opened thy hearts out, telling all, but who is the accuser of the brethren?


“The intercessor pulls down the stronghold to enable the truth to come out for at this time, those of the Gethsemane experience are more than conquerors. For from the edge of despair, they were lifted up. The word has been spoken. The glory of the Lord must now fall, & the understanding of Satan’s Emerging Church come out.


“This has been the intercession of those holding on to the ancient landmark of movements, witnessing them stolen by Satan’s Emerging Church.


“The intercession has been spoken out. These figures of the Gethsemane experience can now move forward in resurrection power, Satan doing all he can to destroy their callings in God.


“But the intercessor has come to raise these callings to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, from where Satan & his cohorts can be stood upon, as the realisation of the Emerging Church comes to light, as the thriving Church that has come out of Gethsemane & Calvary can really restore back the movements of the past, like the Bible College of Wales.


“This is the intercessor’s work. Oh, he has had his place. But now, the figures of Gethsemane can move forward, the intercession now being for the thriving Church to take back the movements stolen by Satan’s emerging operation.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/11/14

“Those of the Gethsemane Experience Are Living the Hymn of Bunyan”


“They live outside the protocol. Now, let Me explain what the protocol is. The protocol has been set up by Satan to have a list of values that look so good that, if anyone is out of that protocol, they will indeed be in effect ‘crucified,’ in modern terms.


“His values include a self-righteousness which is so of Satan that it is from within these values that a political correctness has come about.


“They slaughter Ched Evans, & indeed, sex out of marriage is wrong. Yet, those from inside the protocol actively promote immorality in the schools, through sex education lessons that promote such activity. So, who has the beam & who has the speck? The root cause of this kind of activity is the state itself; a state which suppressed the activities of the prophet & prophetess (Oxley & Whitehouse) when they found the evils going on behind the scenes of those of the protocol. Yet Ched Evans has said his apologies; but that is not good enough to the protocol.


“You see, to the true British Constitution, those who repent are washed white as snow; & indeed that opportunity for Ched Evans is there continuously in the kingdom. For by being born again, Ched Evans is released from the past, & can stand pure through the blood of Jesus; whereas in the protocol, there is constant rejection whatever he does. Yet those in the protocol have committed greater crime in secret than what Ched Evans has done in the open.


“You see, those of the protocol love to deal with the specks of others, rather than the big beams of their own eyes.


“Let’s deal with racism: there is a massive code built up about racism within the protocol. If you say this, like Mr Whelan has done, you get slaughtered. If you say that, you get absolutely battered. But let’s look at the beam in the eyes of the protocol, rather than the specks in the eye of a man in his 70s, over the Jewish people. What about preventing the ships from landing from the Mediterranean? What about upholding the scriptures of the Jewish people? What about fully understanding the great suffering of the Jewish people?



“Now, the Jewish people are great business people, which is what Whelan was referring to. This is a compliment, rather than an insult. What is an insult, is the protocol’s complete lack of understanding of the Middle East situation, not knowing the spiritual background, & placing all knowledge into the realm of the intellect when it comes to spiritual nations, which indeed all Middle Eastern countries are, is a far greater insult to these nations than what Mr Whelan has even considered.


“You see, those of the protocol love to crucify those with specks in their eyes, rather than look into the beams in their own.


“The way the Middle East is being treated by those within the protocol, because of the protocol’s lack of understanding of spirituality, is far more anti-Semitic, far more anti-Moslem, than what Whelan could ever dream about.


“Now, when it comes to racist comments, the body of Christ is one in Me, of whatever natural colour the individual may be on earth. It is all one body; all joint heirs in Christ. They can be African, British, Asian – the Saviour died for all, to make all joint heirs in Christ Jesus, of equal status.


“The racism within the protocol, however, is massive. They say nice things, of how everybody is equal, & should be respected. But let’s look at how the protocol relates these values into practice. Are the African nations of the protocol treated equally within the British Commonwealth? Have the poorer nations, often black & brown, been given the same opportunities as the white developing nations? Has the issues of Commonwealth been addressed? Have the suffering people of Commonwealth nations under dictators been helped fully by developed nations? Have the developed nations seen the Third World as one of their own? You see, this is the beam of racism I see; Whelan making a comment over one group of people; yet you would find he would give to those people if they were in need.


“But those who condemn him from the protocol, condemn him with his words; yet I see racism of not acting to save the lives of others, it being a racist act for not standing with your Commonwealth brethren when they are in need. That is how I judge racism; not by casual remark, but by not taking action to support Commonwealth brethren.



“Would Whelan help a suffering Chinese person? Have those of the protocol from the developed nations fully helped those of the un-developed ones? That is how I judge nations; not by the standards of the protocol.


“Those of the emotions can come to Me & cast their cares upon Me. That is the Biblical opportunity for all of the people; the beam in the protocol’s eye being in not teaching the Bible on which the monarch gave her promises to God on behalf of the nation.


“This is a massive beam in the eyes of those of the protocol. By not teaching the Word of God from infancy, men, women & children release their emotions on to others. Malky McKay is a victim of this. He is an emotional guy, who releases the pressures of life on to others when he should be releasing them on to God. When lads get together, they do this all the time. For they are not taught to release their pressures on to God, but do so on to others. And indeed, this is wrong. But indeed, this is only a speck when it comes to a beam in the eyes of the protocol. For it is those of the protocol who have brought the conditions for people having to release their stress. The protocol blames Malky McKay; yet I see the deepest sin in those who have over-stretched the people, & then the people respond, commonly like Malky McKay has done. The people need a release. That release is Jesus. Yet His name is not taught by those of the protocol.


“You see, those of the protocol have a self-righteousness which, if you examine, you find far greater sin than the people who the protocol blames.


“The protocol has old men in jail for child abuse, which is absolutely wrong. But the beam in the protocol’s eye is in babies who are apparently legally sucked out of wombs in great pain, & placed into buckets, making those of the protocol abusers of children far worse than those old men they place into prison.


“This has become the self-righteous generation. On the surface, it looks so pure as it judges those outside the protocol. And yes, we have identified sins outside the protocol. But when we examine the protocol itself, we see the one who has created those sins. We see the root of it all, the devil appearing as the angel of light; the self-righteous devil, judging others with their specks, whilst he sits there with those under his control, with beams in their eyes so big, that their judgements on those outside the protocol look totally ridiculous, when you examine the root of where the protocol is coming from.


“We have named some victims during this word; & indeed, those victims need to come to Me & be saved, washed clean & move by the power of the living God. That opportunity is for them all.


“But for the god of this world, the god of the protocol, there is no such opportunity. For he & his cohorts will suffer for eternity in the everlasting fire; the self-righteous protocol being the manifestation of the gates of hell, that shall not prevail against those with specks who have them removed by the power of the blood of Jesus. But the beam in the devil’s eye, the beam of his own self-righteousness, & the beams in the eyes of those who control the protocol; they too will live eternity in hell. For it is they who have given their lives to Satan, to produce a new protocol all over the world, where sin is glossed over & made to look beautiful, the sin of the mass slaughter of innocents, the undermining of the marriage covenant – I speak of Christ & the Church – the undermining of other races, by ignoring Commonwealth obligations; by not helping those under rule of dictators – all these are ‘beam’ sins.


“And that is before we start on those who have held the money supply, who have made it so complicated for legitimate business to operate, the banks in their self-righteousness condemning businesses & charities who are battling because of lack of resource; yet they got bailed out themselves, by the taxpayers them condemn.


“You see, the protocol; of self-righteousness is a destroyer. It steals from the people, bringing about such a stress, this protocol is responsible for the over-stretching of the NHS in Britain, & other medical organisations around the world.


“So, who is the protocol? The one who kills, steals & destroys. But I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance.


“I invite Ched Evans, Mr Whelan, Malky McKay, & all others with specks in their eyes, to come unto Me & I will wash you clean. But as for the god of the protocol, & those operating under his control, they cannot cast the first stone; for like the Pharisees, they sit there with massive beams in their own eyes; they of the protocol needing to take the place of the old man in prison; & whilst what the old man did is wrong, his sin is not in the same league as those of the protocol who judged him. For those of the protocol have to answer in relation to the innocent blood in the wombs, which they have attacked & shed.


“So, what is the solution? A National Day of Prayer & Repentance, where the beams in the eyes of the protocol are inspected, rather than the specks of the victims.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/11/14

“Breaking Through in Britain”


“When they attack you, they attack Me. When they make false accusation against thee, they are making false accusation against Me. Thou hast broken the protocol, by speaking out My Word. My Word is truth; & thou hast stood against the protocol. This demands a behaviour contrary to My Word; for what all the rules & regulations within the protocol do, is suppress the Spirit. For what they have done under foreign powers, is to produce a protocol which if you do not fit in it, they come after you as law-breakers.


“But your righteousness is in Christ Jesus & their righteousness is in self-righteousness. No admission of guilt on their part; for they live in the protocol. There is no cross in the protocol. It is their ability that makes them righteous, through their keeping of law.


“However, My prophets throughout history have broken the protocol. They know what is going on, of how law hides the serious sin; & for years you have had prophecies about this. For within the protocol, there are many secrets; and so, they lumber the country with lots of laws, & prohibit enquiry into the protocol.


“This happened in Israel. For what happened to Israel has happened to Britain. Israel came under a foreign power, & was in slavery to rule & regulation. A protocol was set up, & decree after decree was passed. My anointed did not adhere to such a protocol. Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego stood in the fiery furnace, more than conquerors. Daniel sat amongst the lions; all this going on at a time of protocol & ungodly decrees.


“Thou hast kept the Constitution of thy land, but not bowed down to the modern protocol, which rejected the Constitution for foreign treaties.

“So, as there was idols in Nebuchadnezzar’s day, the idols of Rome abound today. Incredible, isn’t it? After all these years, a protocol & decrees. And the ones who get picked on, the one who refuse to bow down to the behaviour of governments that have a new decree, rather than the Constitution, are My anointed.


“Even as in Joseph’s day, one’s own family turns against thee, for one has failed to keep the protocol. And neither will you bow down to these false gods. So they think there is something up with you. They think you are mad. Well - not altogether sensible to go into a fiery furnace, & sit amongst lions.


“It is also not sensible, in the world’s thinking, to take on everyone else’s sin, & place it on the pure Lamb of God, & nail Him to the cross.


“You see, thou has given thy all to follow Me; & those with a form of godliness that deny the power, don’t like this. For they are pure through the protocol. They have their Church fellowships nicely polished & set up within the decrees of the protocol. Anyone who rocks that boat must not be allowed in & disturb the apple-cart.


“And there is the point. The have eaten of the tree of knowledge, rather than embraced the fountain of wisdom from the Father.


“’If we let you preach, they’ll walk out, & no longer have a Church anymore.’ For instead of embracing the protocol, you passionately attack it.


“They have their community churches, instead of the body of Christ. They are self-righteous because of their works. They have false signs & wonders, asking their God to do something, rather than recognise what He already achieved 2000 years ago.


“Fitting within the protocol are the ever-changing new translations. Thou has pointed out they are not of God, but of Satan, making thy ministry a dangerous one, for it does not fit into their protocol.


“So, who is the God of this protocol? Who has blinded the eyes of those entrenched within its boundaries? Thou has exposed Lucifer & all his ways for many years, but within the protocol, they are blinded.


“So, what is the solution? You stand up before Baal. They go to places of constant deliverance; but their troubles are based on living within the protocol.

“The victory does not come by going to places of constant deliverance. The victory comes by standing on the Word that has already been given.


“Elijah waited his time, as did all the prophets of God. And thou art now facing the protocol – the prophets of Baal.



“Have no fear. Just as the victory came to Elijah, Elisha, Daniel & Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego, even so more today. For I have already overcome the world, & all its protocols.


“Stand confident in the faith. For as they come against thee, they come against Me; & just as I stand victorious, so do you. For thou art joined unto Me. Thou art one spirit, & cannot be beaten.


“I tell thee, the walls of the Jericho protocol are coming down.


“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for just as they chased after the prophets of old, thou stands on My Word; the Word that cannot be beaten.


“Thou art victorious. Thou art in charge. Prepare for government.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/11/14

"The Reason Why You have Suffered so Much -  This also Relates to Those of the Gethsemane Experience – the Reason for Your Great Sufferings; Why You have been so Rejected; The System has constantly Attacked Your Resources & Refused to Back You”


“Really Prepare for My Glory; for Thou hast Shown Faithfulness in not Falling into the Protocol, as nearly All of My Movements have Done; but Thou hast Chosen the often Lonely Path of Suffering, to Reach the Point of Glorification with Your Walk with God, as the Begotten Son on Earth”


“Now, I raise this issue of My ministry now based at Rhos on Sea, with My intercessor entrenched in this process too; that there is a significant part in your lives, David & Lindsay, where you rejected the protocol.


“From that moment, the protocol has pushed & pushed to have you on board. When you were running meetings in Cheshire & North Wales, people came with a view to get you into the protocol. When they saw you were unchangeable, they said all manner of evil against you; for you would not bow down to the protocol.


“You see, they were getting you into the system by harmless mixing with ‘other Christians;’ but you refused to do it, for you saw these ‘other Christians’ were under a foreign power which would bind the anointing. You constantly looked to protect the anointing. It has been a theme throughout thy ministry - & this can be said to those of the Gethsemane experience too. For those of the Gethsemane experience will not bow down to the system, & will indeed lay their lives down rather than bow.


“So I now have, with those of the Gethsemane experience, the intercessor being brought in to raise this. For where there is Gethsemane, there has to be a Calvary; where there is a Calvary, there has to be a raising up. For the intercessor to do this, he needs his own Calvary, he needs his own raising up.

“But these three of the Gethsemane experience have each said, particularly at one time in their life, that ‘I refuse to join the protocol.’


“All the time, the system is forcing those of the Gethsemane experience to join the protocol, to make life easier for us.


“The devil will provide all kinds of ‘goodies’ to get you in there with the other so-called ‘Christians.’


“Now, David & Lindsay, I am going to deal with specifically your case here. I come to the specific time you rejected the protocol. The Manchester University degree you refused was full of the demons of the Emerging Church. This Emerging Church has practically taken over every movement I brought into existence.


“Had you been graduated by the Elim of George Jeffreys, you would have gone out with the anointing of God so strong, as indeed so many left the Bible College of Wales, the Nazarene College – Emmanuel in particular – likewise in America, the Fuller Seminary, the Moody Institute. In those days, the students with the power of God & full surrender.


“Now, I speak to you specifically, David & Lindsay. You had to a degree rejected the system in Scotland. You refused to be part of a business system corrupted by its own secrecy.


“So before we come to the main specific point, you had history of rejecting the protocol, before the big choice. That big choice was to reject Manchester University. Manchester University was, & is, the centre point for movements that have rejected the Word of God in favour of Higher & Textual Criticism.


“Your knowledge of this wasn’t great at that time, but you knew to obey the Spirit when the Spirit said, ‘Have no part in this.’


“It was important for you to reject the evil spirits coming out of Manchester University.


“My prophetess came a part of this, by giving you a copy of the early Assemblies of God Magazine, which is why My prophetess became a part of your ministry. But you have to understand the powers upon you all, looking to get you accepted in the protocol, have been absolutely massive. This is why she is where she is. You see, when someone is rejected, they look to be accepted; & the devil can play into that. He knows that. He has no hold on those who are prepared to accept this rejection from the protocol of the god of this world.

“There are however ministries who encourage giving, so that individuals feel accepted. This is why they give out certificates & presents, so that those that feel rejected can feel accepted.


“Now, within this equation – which is why those attacking you now in relation to the prophetess simply do not understand – within this equation came a massive move of God upon your life, David & Lindsay. The test was there: Would you accept that degree? Had you accepted it, you could have lived a normal life. David could have been a good school teacher, teaching in the system, embracing the manuscripts of Egypt, known as NIV & all the rest of it. He would have qualified for a nice pension, holidays during the school breaks. But you rejected this degree. This was your platform for greatness within the protocol. Your family would have treated you normally. You would not have had the years of rejection. You would now be going to see them all, with friendliness & normality, within the protocol.


“The rejection of Manchester, however, is very significant. For this had become the home of the UK spirit of Higher & Textual Criticism.


“Manchester was significant in bringing about a new breed of Elim student, Nazarene student; & yes, other universities became a part of this; Sheffield & Bangor in particular; & previously, Cambridge had had a hold with the higher critics.



“But you, led of My Spirit, said ‘No.’ You wanted to be associated with the Nazarenes of old, not the Nazarenes of today. I took you back, David, to your Mission Hall days, where you remembered Maynard James, of the old school of students. You wanted to be associated with that, not the new breed of students, under Manchester & the rest.


“You wanted to be associated with Stanley Banks, & all that they did at Emmanuel, before the bowing down to Higher Criticism.


“You remembered the insignificant woman on a box – Gladys Aylward. And yes, this is what you wanted to represent. This was above the bowing down to Manchester.


“And with the intercessor had come a grieving; for the Bible College of Wales had bowed down to this evil spirit as well. The College, with all its values of full surrender, had bowed down to the god of this world; & the god of this world is nicely providing for those who have bowed down to the system.

“The Bible College of Wales has all the money it needs, but has paid with its heart to get it. The powers pushing the anointed to be accepted are massive – understand this.


“The prophetess had been taken out because of this; communication after communication from the Emerging Church, forcing her to be accepted. The protocol blames you for it, but the fact is, they have no understanding of what the prophetess was going through. She would give a tongue, & interpretation too. But the powers of acceptance were constantly at her mind – understand this – with the Emerging Church looking to meet that need. They come at the prophetess now & say, ‘She should have done this, & she should have done that.’ But the prophetess did ultimately give of her resources into the unaccepted; if you like, as a penance for having given previous resources into the establishment system.


“You need to explain to her what has happened; for she can be risen up to full health, by grasping the anointing upon her. But this anointing is for those who understand their rejection by the protocol.


“You simply are called to tell the whole truth about this situation. The root of all this battleground you have had is because you rejected the protocol of Higher Criticism.


“This is the significant word. By rejecting that degree, you rejected the devil, who is nicely providing for those that bow the knee. This is why you have got your respectable Elim, AOG & Apostolic pastors. They protect their pulpits from the old guys. For if they let them in, they will destroy their fellowships; & rightly so, for their fellowships are the work of the devil!


“They have let in the Alpha Course of compromise; an Alpha Course full of Higher Criticism. For Higher Criticism is their provider. But would George Jeffreys have questioned the Word, like the higher critics? Would Rees Howells have embraced a philosophy so obviously of Satan? But as I say in My Word, those who have bowed the knee have their reward already.


“But there is now coming a new season, for those who have not bowed the knee to come out of their caves & face the prophets of Baal. You can face up to those running these movements & say, ‘You have stolen from the body of Christ. The stronger man has overcome the strong man.’ Each time you pick up the microphone on ECCTV, the anointing is enormous. The little television channel, the stone which the builders reject.


“It has been the same over the centuries. The stone which the builders reject becomes the headstone of the corner.


“Prepare for a great season ahead. Not only will you take the Bible College of Wales back into the fold of the kingdom of God. Movement after movement will be restored to you. And can you see, Martin Luther rejected the protocol, didn’t he? And to him I gave 95 Theses to bang on the door of the protocol. Just like you today in modern terms have placed 95 Theses on the internet.

“Prepare for government, not only of the nation, but also of My movements that have been lost to the system.


“I am bringing unto you from all over the world, those who have not bowed to the system. It is a significant remnant – My army – just as I spoke to Gideon, ‘Mighty man of valour.’ Your Midianites are the higher critics. It is time to destroy their work, for this work is the work of Satan.



“Now do you understand? The accuse you of being after wealth; yet you refused your opportunity to be wealthy by not bowing down to the protocol.

“You therefore qualify for My provision to establish My covenant; & re-establish this not only with the Bible College of Wales, but with My movements world-wide, which were once of Me, but have now bowed down to the protocol warned about by the early members of the Assemblies of God.


“These movements who bowed the knee, just like Adam & Eve, ate of the tree of knowledge, whereas thou hast kept thyself pure, & as such, you have been called to lead movements back, so that I can have control rather than the Higher Criticism of Germany which the Assemblies of God warned about all those years ago.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/11/14

“The Issue of Justice: Dealing with the Protocol System of Western Nations”


“Quite simply, the accused has become the accuser; & this has to change. The present system is this: those of the protocol look down at the specks in the eyes of those who indeed are victims of the very actions of the protocol.

“Let us take this with issue after issue:


“Number (1): the Issue of Racism. The protocol have set up a system of discrimination against those of Commonwealth countries, who are now lesser citizens in Britain than those of Eastern European countries.


“So in this equation we have the apparent membership of the EU, it being chosen to trade with above Commonwealth nations. Who set this up, as government servants, have not only broken the 1534 Act of Supremacy in allowing Britain to be a bigamist when it married into Europe, when it was already married into the Commonwealth nations & the United States of America. Spiritually therefore, actions were always to be within the context of the United States & the British Commonwealth. Yet, the British government has discriminated against its own people - & this statement relates to the Commonwealth & the United States of America – this making it discriminatory, & indeed racist, against those countries, of every colour, with whom we have affinity.


“The protocol, therefore, is guilty of the greater sin.


“(2) Banking: In the bail-out of the banks, those running the banks were not asked for personal guarantees in relation to the money they received from the taxpayer. Yet those banks place this criteria on businesses & charities, when the money they have received from the taxpayer involved bankers getting bonuses, rather than being asked for personal guarantee.


“The burden therefore they place on businesses & charities, is illegal within the context that they are placing criteria which they did not offer themselves to government.


“The banks therefore show themselves not fit for purpose; not capable of running the money supply, which needs to be put back onto the hands ofthe taxpayer, yes; but the taxpayer under a government that honours God, rather than the love of money ethos of the banks.


“Bankers must be brought to justice. They are the greatest criminals of all when it comes to money supply.


“It is not shortage or lack in Britain that is the problem. It is the gross sin of the banking community, these bankers needing to be brought to justice rather than being given bonuses.


“Number (3): Immorality. Those who took the childhoods away from the children of the nation need to be brought to justice. The nation teaches its children about sex, without it being seen only within the confines if marriage. I therefore declare every teacher, every government official that is responsible for teaching about sex out of marriage, needs to be brought to justice above those who are the victims of this teaching of immorality.


“They now look to put into prison those who took advantage of thus immoral teaching; & indeed what they did was wrong. But the greater wrong was a nation teaching sex to its children; that is, sex outside the confines of marriage.

“So we are now finding out who the real criminal is. Where do we find this criminal? His is the god of this world, the god of the protocol.


“(4) Security: The protocol says, everything needs to be open & transparent. Yet those in charge of the protocol have secret meeting after secret meeting. They use Official Secrets Acts to hide sin, rather than protect the security of the nation.


“Now, you have run your business affairs like an open book; & it is noticeable that the accuser against you hides its secrets, which are festooned in sin. The accuser of the brethren is guilty of the most sin of all.


“You open your heart; yet, the accuser guards its words very carefully. So, who is the most guilty, the accuser or the accused? It is the accuser every time.

“We could go on into every area of life where the accuser constantly blames the accused. Yet the accuser is guilty of the most sin.


“The Lord has led thee into public life, & you are refreshing to those in government, because of your openness. People who are under a system in government of gross secrecy & protection, see a refreshment in what you stand for. A government has all its laws to protect people from violence. Yet the government in the protocol is guilty of the greatest violence & child abuse, with its programme of slaughtering the innocents. How can governments who are responsible for the murders of millions of children police those of lesser violence against children? How can governments within the protocol responsible for the sexualisation of children, police those who are guilty of taking advantage of these protocol programmes? Yes, the paedophile needs to come to court. But the greater crime is in the hands of those who have sexualised children in the first place.


“Every time, the greater sin is within those who keep up this Western country protocol, it being rigid in its rules against the people it controls, but fails to deal with the massive beam in its own eyes, that now those outside the protocol need to restore Western countries back to the moral & ethical standards I ordained, certainly through the British Constitutional Acts & the Mayflower Compact.


“Praise the Lord! The thief has been found, & has to restore sevenfold.


“Prepare for government.”



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