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1)  The Prophecies & THE CONFERENCE - including Intercessions, Exposure of Elim's Corrupt Greek & the Word for the Future - all through Brian Mason, E M Lindsay Griffiths & David P Griffiths

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/03/18

“The Restoration of the Elim Pentecostal Church”

“Over many years, I have called you to do this; & now is the time for all that which has crept in, The Alexandrian line of scripture, Jezebellic witchcraft, the spirit of rebellion, the taking away of the landmark, the teaching of Higher Criticism & Roman Catholic theology, the emphasis of ministering to each other rather than God, the desecration of the pulpit through demonic rock music, etc., etc. – all this I have called thee to pull down, in the name of the Lord Jesus.


“According to the Jeremiah 1:10 commission, over many years you have warned Elim of its rebellious root. But as with all rebellious movements, I’ve kept a remnant that has not compromised to this move of the evil one; & it is to this remnant I’m drawing thee by My Spirit.


“Now, if the landmark has been removed & you have been obedient to My Jeremiah 1:10 call, then it is obvious that the landmark has to be restored. In Elim, the landmark is a proclamation, the proclamation that came through Jeffreys & Macpherson. What a proclamation! Within the proclamation came devout & sincere use of the Antioch line of scripture. The Authorized Version of the Bible was preached powerfully in the anointing of God. Great miracles followed this preaching in Great Britain.


“What was the proclamation? ‘Jesus the Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, Soon Coming King.’ The result? Fetters, burdens, sickness, disease, infirmity, all fell off. Hearts were free, to obey & follow the Saviour of souls; fir in all things Christ Jesus had the pre-eminence. The very proclamation brings anointing.


 “I have caused thy movement to lead this movement back to its God-given call. As with Elim, so with the Bible College of Wales, so with the Apostolics, so with the Assemblies of God. The landmarks have to be restored; & I shall do this, through thy anointed Bureau, a ministry of the Bible College of Wales the original vision.


“And now, I have thee in Scotland, on the borders of Ireland; so I shall draw all men unto thee (when I say ‘all men’, it relates to women too, of course), so as to restore landmarks of movements which I set years ago, through anointed founders; & in Scotland thou shalt see the political landmark restored. For the present-day rebellion will be quickly swept away, as thou restores the Knoxian line of government to this once-great land; great not because of its clan warfares of centuries, but great because of the stability John Knox brought to what was then an unstable situation, due to a monarch who did not know the Antioch line of scripture.


“Hence in Whithorn, I have brought about the Antioch Christian Resource Bureau. For what the King of Scotland did, the King coronated at Stirling, was to restore the Antioch line of scripture.


“So you stand in Whithorn with all the authority of the King of Scotland who authorized scripture now used by the true Church all over the world. The use of the Alexandrian line is treason against what King James authorized in My anointing.”

06 07 19 Restoring the Elim Heritage Conference Session 1



With the heart of restoring Elim back from its apostasy, back from its bowing down to textual criticism, back from its bowing down to the Romanist codices of Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus, we now have the Bible College of Wales Original Vision standing in intercession to what looks like an impossible text but the landmark will be restored, the old paths walked in again!


This conference particularly targets Elim in Belfast and Northern Ireland where the once great movement began under George Jeffreys.

Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church. Love to hear from you .......


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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 30/03/18

“Who is on the Lord’s side in the Elim Pentecostal Church?”


“I’ve caused thee to form a divide. The message in My Word is that I’ve come to bring division; that is, the division between Christ & Baal.

“For many years, Baal has been ruling, with the exception of a remnant, the Elim Pentecostal Church. Baal is signified by the teaching of Higher Criticism in its college, the use of Alexandrian scriptures, the putting aside of the landmark Foursquare Gospel, receiving of the Emerging Church & its counterfeit healings & deliverances, the emphasis on ministering to each other rather than to God, & the playing of appalling rock music from so-called ‘praise bands’, festooned with the sins of a rebellious generation. What concord has Christ with Baal?

“So I’ve called thee to form a divide between this, & the Church without blemish I’ve called Elim to be, whose founder knew the path of holiness; whose founder knew the Antioch line of scripture, to whom I gave the message of the movement, that was never to change.

“Yet infiltration came in, as you witnessed at the College; infiltration so great that you had to study the Word separately to that which you were being taught. For what you were being taught was from the mire of Satan, the Alexandrian path of Higher Criticism & philosophy, rather than the revelation I had given to the founder.

“But thy ministry has found it out; brought it out into the open. One was given the warning that came through the Assemblies of God over the Higher Criticism that came from Germany. One has carried about with you ever since the warning I gave to the Assemblies of God to all the Pentecostal movements. I gave you the warning not to take the Higher Critical degree, established in the degrees of masonry rather than the portals of Almighty God.

“You have been called to bring about a rescue mission, to expose the sins of the movement, to re-establish the foundations of landmark. For once more, the message is to be ‘Jesus the Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost & Soon Coming King.’ A return to the heavy nights of con-viction, which the founder was open to bring. But not only was there great manifestations of signs, wonders & miracles; there was also souls coming to Christ, under the heavy conviction of the Holy Ghost.

“Instead of the bang, crash & wallop of the so-called ‘praise band’, there was the singing of hymns & choruses; of congregations dedicating their lives to Me. With this move of the Spirit within Elim, comes a great sword, a massive divide. The Jezebellic fantasy of the ‘love gospel’ is to be removed & replaced by the love that took Christ Jesus to the cross, the agape love of sacrifice, rather than the counterfeit love of Satan, that allows for sin, rather than the love of the cross that convicts men to give their all to Me.”




The Illegitimate Teaching of Greek in Elim & what I saw at Elim's College - Death!


E M Lindsay Griffiths Speaking as a Greek Scholar, Lindsay pulls apart Elim's teaching of Greek, that involves the taking away from the Church the true Word of God, and key doctrines George Jeffreys stood for.


The warnings are clear, the teaching being concluded by personal testimony of witnessing counselling that brought death, there having been too the practices of witchcraft in the College ground left unabated. This is quite a teaching, that comes with an appeal to Elim in Northern Ireland to come together with us so as to get Elim back on track with the vision of George Jeffreys.

Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church. Love to hear from you .......


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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/09/18

“Making a Spiritual Bid for the Heart of Elim”

“This is what you do: you bring together the ascension ministries, to restore what Jeffreys set up, bringing back the movement to the sound doctrine of the first edition of the ‘Elim Evangel.’

“Having made copies of the first edition, make copies of the first edition of ‘Redemption Tidings’, showing the warning about Manchester University, whose degree Elim had offered you, but you had refused under the direction of My Spirit, & have a ministry today of signs, wonders & miracles, just as Jeffreys had; for you carry his mantle.

“However, before this can occur in Elim, the Jeremiah 1:10 Commission has to be carried out, & seeds planted, so that the George Jeffreys vision can be restored, in alliance with other Pentecostal movements going the same way.

“The Protestant people of Northern Ireland have suffered enormously over the years, & that it is with the suffering that the movement is to be restored. The simple folk, who become the empty vessels, shall become the repairers of the breach. But they have simple faith that is high above the higher critics that dominate the denomination today.

“Print out Petts’ heretical teaching, given with a higher critical approach. Bullet-point the points, saying ‘I am bringing together the ascension ministries to build up the people of Northern Ireland to take over what was once a great movement.’

“I have key people for you to contact, to be part of the Elim ascension ministry team. Send them this prophecy along with enclosures, & invite them to be part of this movement. They are: yourselves, William Atkinson, Suresh Ramachandran, Bishop Lyn Evans, & others, as I give My lead. There will be some surprising people come into this, for there are many in Elim who have been waiting & praying for this day.

“Your key figure in Northern Ireland is Tom McCann; & get ready for well-known people to join you in this great mission. Place a page on ECCTV called ‘Elim Restoration.’ Put on word-for-word, the words of this prophecy, except the names you are inviting, & later, of course, you can include those names, once they’ve accepted the call.

“Your mission is to restore the Foursquare Gospel, & declare George Jeffreys was the man of the Authorised Version of the Bible, a finished text, rather than the working text of Nestle-Aland, that













13) DENY THE TRINITY, THE BLOOD AND THE EXISTENCE OF HELL and so on and so on .... heresy indeed! “

I told you many years ago of your role in Elim. Now it is time to take up that position.

“Thus saith the Lord.

“As regards to the College, not only have you restored the original vision of Rees Howells, but I am bringing back into the fold of righteousness, Elim’s Bible College too, away from the Luciferian order of the university system of Britain.

“The Deep State will no longer have its place in Elim, for you have been called to bring together the ascension ministries, to repair the breach, & bring forth a movement of righteousness, holiness, & Pentecost. “Thus saith the Lord.”


07 07 19 RESTORING THE ELIM HERITAGE OF BELFAST AND NORTHERN IRELAND - Session 3 - Restoration of the Elim Vision from where it first began David P Griffiths declares the spiritual abuse endured in Elim!


"As a former student who was called of the Holy Ghost to refuse Elim''s degree that was offered some years ago, through Manchester University, a heart felt plea is given to those in Northern Ireland, to those on the Elim "Churches" there to realise what has crept into thy "churches" that has taken away the original vision given through George Jeffreys."


The spirit of rebellion is thus exposed and opportunity given to those in Northern Ireland that long for the old paths to contact us at the Bible College of Wales situated in Whithorn, Scotland.

Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church. Love to hear from you .......


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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/07/19

“Being Spiritually Abused: The Declaration of a Prophet operating in Britain”


“Being a prophet does not mean you go around lording it over others with an ascension ministry title. For a prophet of Ephesians 4:11 & 12 operates like other ministries, to ‘perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.’ It involves giving your whole life for the cause of the gospel; yet it involves, as the apostle Paul discussed, against the forces of darkness who seek to kill, steal & destroy; & they have done it in Britain through charlatan governments, charlatan banks, charlatan ministries, & charlatan pastors.

“As regards to government & those in banking, they are very much in league to keep the people down, in breaking every constitutional law they can find, & suppress the people by laws undirected by the Holy Spirit, but directed by a new Holy Roman Empire (HRE) that today calls itself the EU.

“Business after business has gone down because of this institution; but large business after large business under the control of the Deep State has flourished, with a global agenda that is under the Deep State. Your God is not amused by your manipulation of financial resources, & the refusing to accept a House of Lords edict that set banking customers free from banks that had failed to protect the interests of their customers, abusing them with ridiculous charges, interests & accountability on customers’ accounts by failing to protect them. Instead of paying out to these customers, the charlatan banking system colluded with government, & put up a utilitarian judge to dismiss what the higher court had established.

“I was one of those victims of the banking crisis, where banks were bailed out at my expense. But this ‘my’ is not me; for as a prophet I live as Him.

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

[Galatians 2:20]

17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

[I John 4:17]

“You stole from me my resources which, on being a prophet, become His resources. For being a prophet does not mean having a fancy title. It means being constantly spiritually abused, by a nation that that has a Christian constitution, but is in effect the right arm of Satan, Lucifer the god of this world.

“Charlatan charities have benefitted from this new HRE, the EU; but charities that refuse to bow down to the EU-dominated regulations of Britain, but give their all for the restoration of the nation & its Christian ministries that commonly now are in the hands of this same Lucifer. From the abuse of Inverness when I first started to move in prophetic ministry, along with my wife Lindsay, we soon discovered the heat of attack. For our ministry is known as being Protestant; but government in Ireland had chosen in secret to negotiate with those called Roman Catholic in relation to the troubles of Ireland. Instead of having a peace agreement based on repentance before God, the so-called ‘peace agreement’ was based on utilitarian lies of government, Ian Paisley MP being thrown out for exposing the falsehoods, meaning that those akin to this utilitarian agreement could not be prosecuted, but instead flourish, my own brother Paul financially gaining from this, although he lived in a place where he knew the goods stolen from our business were going for the paramilitary cause, we not being able to prosecute because of the restrictions of utilitarianism that protected a certain part of the conflict, but in effect destroyed the other.

“Charities & ministries who gathered around these lies have flourished ever since.

……. After a while, the NGO realises that it is worth investing in a ‘Europe Officer’ whose job, in effect, is to secure bigger grants. As the subventions become permanent, more ‘Europe officers’ are hired. Soon, the handouts are taken for granted and factored into the organisation’s budget. Once this stage is reached, the EU is in a position to call in favours.

One example will serve to illustrate what I’m talking about. When he introduced the Bill to ratify the Lisbon Treaty in 2007, the then Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, made great song and dance about the fact that it wasn’t just Labour Europhiles who backed the text. A whole range of NGO’s , he told the House of Commons, had also come out in favour: ‘The NSPCC has pledged its support, as have One World Action, Action Aid and Oxfam,’ he said, looking pleased with himself. ‘Environmental organisations support the treaty provisions on sustainable development and even the commission of bishops support the treaty. This is a coalition, not of ideology, but integrity’.

Integrity? A few moments on the Internet revealed that every organisation he had cited was in receipt of EU subventions. Most of them, it turned out, had also received grants from the British Government. Hardly surprising, then, that they should dutifully endorse a treaty supported by their paymasters.

What was surprising was the extent of their financial dependency. When Mr Milliband sat down, I fired off a written question asking the European Commission how much money it had paid these organisations. It turned out that, in the previous year, Action Aid, the NSPCC, One World Action and Oxfam had among them been given 43,051,542.95.

Just think about that sum for a moment. Can organisations in receipt of such colossal subsidies legitimately call themselves ‘non-governmental’?  Can they claim to be independent? Can they even describe themselves as charities – at least in the sense that we commonly understand the word?

Why should any of us want to give money to a body that is already forcibly expropriating us through the tax system, and then using part of the revenue to lobby the government?

The other body which Mr Milliband cited, the ‘commission of bishops’ was a little harder to identify, but patient Googling revealed that its full name was the ‘Commission of Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community’. Far from being an episcopal body that just happened to back closer union, it was a Brussels based outfit whose purpose was to ‘promote reflection, based on the (Roman Catholic) Church’s social teaching, on the challenges facing a united Europe.

A Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe. Daniel Hannan. Notting Hill Editions pages 66-68.

 “These charities sold their souls to the devil so as to gain European subventions & grants, we as a ministry being victims of all this.

“So, when a prophetess called Sheila came to join us, & like us gave her all, she too had her choice taken away from her by those embracing the cultural Marxist Romanist social policies of the EU, embraced so strongly by charlatan councils in Wales, one of which even joined forces with the BBC so as to destroy our ministry.

“Our nation has been run by charlatan governments, charlatan councils, charlatan charities, charlatan business that attack those of the prophetic anointing. This has resulted in Lindsay & I being virtually penniless, without home, without car, & losing a whole sector of our family, who are blinded from seeing the evil of the establishment & what they have done to us. For by not exposing the establishment as prophets do, they have stayed safe in their establishment homes, establishment pensions, establishment wages, from government departments that do not attack those who do not attack the establishment charlatan practices.

“In addition to having to face constantly charlatan governments, & charlatan government practices, we now face an even greater enemy: those who have stolen Christian movements from those who uphold their original constitutions & tenets of faith. For the greatest spiritual abuse Lindsay & I have had to face, is from those who call themselves Christian, & the ministries to which they belong.

“The Elim Pentecostal Church no longer proclaims the Foursquare Gospel its founder stood for. In four years at what was called Elim Bible College, the Bible was not taught once; & so in effect, in today’s terms, we were miss-sold a deal, meaning we should be well compensated by this evil, decadent, rebellious organisation now in the hands of Lucifer.

“Instead of the Bible, codices of Egypt were taught: codex Vaticanus, codex Sinaiticus, & codex Alexandrinus; codices that describe its Jesus as having the same title as Lucifer, the age of reason coming in through Siegfried Schatzmann, an establishment figure that brought Elim under the hands of Lucifer himself, operating under a university system controlled heavily by Romanism, textual criticism, & devilish revivals like that of Toronto.

“From our fees, & inheritances of the saints of the past, Elim now can go forward flourishing, & controlling its members by a priesthood/ laity system that is far more akin to the indulgences of Romanism than to the vision of George Jeffreys.

“Now, finally for this prophecy: how our college, the Bible College of Wales, whose original resources were stolen by a person bringing about overseas investments rather than funding the gospel of Jesus Christ. Once this had happened, one coming out of the Elim system brought the college under the same university evil spirit that had stolen the vision of Jeffreys.

“Now the vision of Rees Howells had been successfully stolen, to bring the conditions for the modern pagan practices of the Charismatics to take over the ministry. Textual criticism, false spiritual practices had now taken over this once-great college.

“But away from this, God had given David & Lindsay Griffiths word to restore to the fore, the vision of Rees Howells; & up came one of his intercessors, Brian Mason, to join us in this great battle to restore not only the Bible College of Wales, but also Elim, & the other evangelical & Pentecostal movements; also the Presbyterians & the Anglicans, back to their original tenets of faith.

“Oh, the god of this world doesn’t like it; & we, instead of encouragement, commonly get phone calls of despair from Christian sceptics who say our mission is impossible. But there are those who have stood with us in this Mission Impossible. They are the now small people of the remnant; but is it not significant that the Word declares the weak to be strong & the poor to be rich? And as we give our all, God will provide.

“But what about the resources that the nation, its banks, & its now-establishment Christian charities have stolen from us? What about that resource? Is it not time that we, as the remnant, demand that which has been stolen from us, to be returned unto us? For the stronger man has overcome the strong man, & the thief has been found. With this returning resource, we will reach every creature with the gospel within the next three years.”

“When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: 22 but when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils.”

[Luke 11:21-22]

“Men do not despise a thief,
if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;
31 but if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold;
he shall give all the substance of his house.”

[Proverbs 6:30-31]

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