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So many today discuss whether there not there is a plan for a one world government, one world religion etc.etc. but despite of all the conjecture, the Word is clear - there is a conspiracy - Jesus seeing Satan falling like lightning from heaven, a being that has said he wants to be like "the most high".


The Bible describes him as "god of this world"; II Cor. 4:4 - the true Church celebrating Satan's defeat and Jesus VICTORY 2000 years ago! I John 5


Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)


And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)


Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/05/14 



“The incoming of global law, global policies & global procedures, is exactly what the devil has always wanted. He sees himself on the throne of all of this. This way, he can control the world, in line with his vision to destroy it. Quite right; he does this to kill, steal and destroy, which is his world-wide mission.


“Stress levels are at their all-time high. This has been achieved by over-zealous application of law. It is with this policy the Pharisees constantly monitored My actions, and in the same way the Pharisees are constantly monitoring you. ‘They watch my steps,’ declared the psalmist. For what is behind all this is the devil’s ambition to control every human being and he does this through fear. Councillors, MPs, MEPs, AMs, are afraid even to speak about it; except those anointed by the Holy Ghost, who have no fear. They are the ones chosen to be My Elijahs, whose task is to face Baal & remove his chains from over the people through over-zealous application of law.


“You indeed are in the last days, & you are a challenge to this New World Order. You are here in Great Britain to apply the Constitutional Acts of the nation, which forbid under God any part in global integration.


“My Word declares to love thy neighbour; but constitutionally thy nation is married to Me, not thy neighbour. It is My will that you both face these prophets of Baal, right before the heads of government, to ensure the Constitution of thy nation is kept to, & all those who have looked to take thy nation away from its original vision, as outlined in the Constitutional Acts, should be brought to justice before a Constitutional court.


“In wartime, the word ‘traitor’ is used; but that is exactly what a globalist is to thy nation: a traitor. Many died in two world wars to bring about the freedoms you enjoyed under God. You no longer, in practice, have these freedoms; & present-day politicians have betrayed those who gave their lives in two world wars; & as such they are guilty of high treason.


“I have taken thee into the political arena to bring all parties back under the Constitution of the nation. Thou hast taken on the banking community with the Constitution of the nation. Thou has asked them if they will uphold the Constitution or not. They do not reply, for they are pawns of global law, brought in, not by the New World Order of man, but by the old world order of Satan, who presents this order as being new; but as you know, Satan is a liar, & what he presents as the New World Order is in reality the old world disorder, symbolised by a pyramid of an all-seeing eye of Orwellian proportions.

“Big Brother is indeed watching you, but the bigger God is far bigger. He has His remnant, walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above this old world disorder.


“It is time for thee to make thy stand. Thy television channel is to make a huge rumpus in the world, for thou will expose the infiltration into thy society. The captive will see his chains, to enable the Wesleyan hymn to be sung with gusto, ‘My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, & followed thee.’


“For as you expose the chains on the people, as they find there is a Saviour, so the end-time revival will come; a revival the devil has tried to counterfeit with translations of the Bible that deny the deity of Christ; that deny the oneness of the Godhead; that deny My injunctions against perversion. For thou hast done well to study the ethical positions. For thou hast done well to stand. But now My command to thee is to take over the seats of government. The strategy to do this I shall reveal; but be open to take back into the fold of true Christianity, not Christendom. For I am calling thee to promote the divide between the sons of Zadok & the sons of Eli; between those who see themselves as Christ [I John 4:17] & those of Christendom, who have the communion rails of bondage rather than the equal sitting at the Lord’s table [Romans 8].


“For thou art members of My body, flesh & bones. Thou art the branches, to reach out to every creature all over the world. The devil cannot stop you. His strategy of global legalism will fail. Thou art called to be more than conquerors.


“So rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for as they persecuted the prophets, so they persecute you.

“Be not alarmed at the size of the task. Be not alarmed at the resources required to fulfil that task. I am Jehovah Jireh. I am Jehovah Shalom, & with My peace you will gain the resources to fulfil what I have called you to do.


“You see, as you expose the chains, you bring the freedom for men & women to hear once more from God.”

Word from the Lord through DPG 19/11/11 “The Subject is ‘CONSPIRACY’”


“The world doth talk of its conspiracy theories – but My Word has written conspiracy facts.


“It is written ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.’ My Word declares him saying ‘I shall be like the Most High;’ & he has developed his own “Church,” which is easily identified from My Word that any “Church” with an altar of any description – stone or wood – a physical altar, is a display of Satan to rebuild the veil between God & man.


“So, whenever you see the workings of Satan before thee, make sure you have thy sword in thy hand; be ready to plunge the Word at every opportunity. I will give you the words to say.


“When you therefore advertise “Church” as a place without holy places made with hands, you bring a conviction so great that people become either mad or glad.


“My Word is thy sword to plunge into the enemy, & its great conspiracy to isolate those who are the manifestation of Me into a corner, so he can manipulate those who operate with physical sight, rather than spiritual.

“Such is what is known as “Church” in Britain.


 St. Paul’s Cathedral is an abomination before Me. It represents the high kingdoms of Satan. The dome & the high altar is a particular abomination towards Me; & judgement has been placed on that abomination of thy nation.

“Just as I acted against the abomination of York Minster some years ago; such as I acted against the abomination of Durham some years ago; so I am acting against the abomination of St. Paul’s. The abomination has no relation whatsoever to Paul the apostle, but is a satanic counterfeit.


“Just as the Catholic “Church’s” “Mary” has nothing to do with the virgin Mary of the Bible, but has everything to do with being a spiritual manifestation of the physical Jezebel. This is conspiracy fact; it is in My Word.


“There have been other buildings built in the city of London as abominations towards Me; & My judgement is upon thy land at this time, for neglecting the words of the prophets; neglecting the warnings of the prophets, in that past denominations of Christianity have come under the claws of this great conspiracy.


Thou hast warned, & exposed the infiltrations over many years. I have called others to do this, but they have come out of My calling, so as to embrace salaries & pensions of the New World Order, the New World Order being a term that represents the kingdom of Satan, that is clearly shown in My Word.


“You have shown you are clearly prepared to go all the way, even to the point of losing all you have; even to the point of admitting your own weakness; because with the satanic church comes pride, rather than weakness.


“There have been those who have left you because they cannot stand you admitting your own weakness, because it means they should do the same; & these great cathedrals of thy land represent pride, rather than weakness. They show off these great buildings to tourists as a sign of the greatness of thy land; yet when thy nation prayed to Me; when thy nation was at its strongest, was when its buildings were on the ground, when thy people were underground, with the buildings coming down, was when thy nation showed its strength. You see, holy places made with hands are an abomination before Me. You have them in North Wales: altars made with hands; false bibles being used by past godly denominations.


“Thou hast warned them continuously of the folly of their ways. You have warned them continuously of what goes on around these edifices of stone: sin, gossip, & despair. Around the abomination of Chester comes the nightlife of a decadent city; as it is with Bangor. These edifices of stone in these cities are an abomination; & around them comes the world of Sodom & Gomorrah.


“Thy young people around these edifices of stone, have been taught by those who worship the god of stone & of wood; & thy nation has produced a youth generation of Sodom & Gomorrah.


“Thou hast been right to bring a boycott of Tesco, an activity which will bring about a humbling of that business.


“You see, all these organisations have been built up around altars of stone. They meet around their altars of stone to bring about ways of keeping financial resources in the synagogue of Satan; whereas you have shown to Me you are prepared to lose thy wealth, they have shown to Me that their satanic altar is one of the love of money.


“On the personal front; I have heard thy admission of your own fears; but what has made you strong – you have not come under them. Thou hast recognised that thou art the temple of the living God. Thou hast faced the organisations of the altars of stone, with My Word. You have faced up to these organisations of Satan’s altars with My Word; & when thy monarch gave her Coronation oath, that was thy nation saying to Me that it would uphold the laws of God, for which it has been an utter failure.


“Thy nation passed an apparent law to kill children. My wrath & My judgement is upon this nation because thy Parliament has allowed this abomination, & disobeyed its oath. My wrath & judgement is upon this place. Thy present Prime Minister is selling out thy nation to altars made with stone, & whilst it is right to recognise Christians in Parliament, it is also right that once these parties had a Christian base to them. These parties have now bowed down to organisations of the altars made of stone.


“Today, thy Government bows down to an organisation unable to even manage its own accounts. The old ways have become ways to scorn at, rather than to embrace. You gave a sword to one organisation to ‘remove not the ancient landmark thy fathers have set.’ My Word said the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.


“Thou hast stood before banks with the Christian law of thy Constitution; & they have replied with laws that show norewspect to the Rock on which thy nation was once built. Thou hast already won the battle against them. The stronger man has already overcome the strong man; & it is your role to plunge the opposition camp, & bring into the kingdom of God the resources to fulfil the call of God on your life.


“You stand strong in Me. You are strong in Me; & what you will be laying down before these organisations of Satan will be My Word: the Word that cannot be returned void. For they have told you you cannot beat these organisations of the altars of Satan; but I am saying unto thee, Plunge My Sword; plunge it hard; I will give thee the words to say on the internet; on media; & most of all, straight into these altars of stone with My Word. That is what My prophet does: plunge My Word straight into the altars of the evil one.


“My apostle seems isolated & in a corner; & he is living in a land under judgement & fear; & so he will rise forth, above the clouds of despair; he willhave his dreams & visions manifest before him. He is seeing so many bow down to the altars of stone; but I say unto thee: he shall rise above all this; & I am bringing forth My apostles & prophets together. This will continue to manifest in thy Church meetings, with apostles & prophets.


“Thou art planning the evangelist to operate; the pastor & the teacher’ preparation being the course on The Anointing; & the course on Zadok; & all should attend – there should be no excuse. For My Word is being spoken, & My people need the sword in their hands to fulfil the callings of God in these days.

“So, yes, the altars of stone seem to have the upper hand; but in reality, they are just dust crumbled to the ground; a Church without foundation. For I tell thee, the wind & the storm has come, & only that stood on the Rock would stand.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/08/12 “CONSPIRACY THEORIES”


“Conspiracy theories are the conjecture of men, in relation to certain facts:-


“(1) There is a pyramid with an eye in American currency.


“(2) There are pyramids in Israel.


“(3) There is globalization, & the removal of national identity.


“(4) There is instability in money markets, in spite of the fact that wealth of the world stays the same.


“(5) There is internet, where information passes around far quicker.


“(6) There are groups that meet in relation to ruling the world.


“And from all this & more, comes conjecture over what will happen & what will not happen. But none of this is important.


“This is what is important:-


“(1) Make sure your nation is right with God. Now this is a word for your operations in England. You are setting up in Wales Chapel Pentecost, the Bible College; in Scotland, Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & once you have completed this, you are to set up in England 2 groups:


“The Reformed Church of England, which will be the national Church, operating in relation to the Elizabethan Settlement: no altar rails; the 5-fold ministry, & the use of plain crosses, not ones with crucifixes, & circles that represent the sun.


“The other grouping is what you have already started in Rhos: the Pentecostal Church movement, replacing the so-called “Christian Centre” ideal; for the emphasis should be on Christ, not the community; & by giving Christ the pre-eminence, the principles of the Beatitudes in relation to people can take place.


“So there has been conspiracy, in relation to the national Church & the Pentecostal Church movement, to bring them in line with the god of this world rather than the God of heaven.


“Now, as regards to conspiracy, & disasters at the Olympics, etc. etc., the issue is not whether there will be a disaster at this event or that event. The issue is that because the nation has sinned against God (this is the issue), the nation has lost the covering it once had. This is exceedingly serious. By killing its unborn, the nation has sown death, on a massive scale, leaving a massive hole in relation to national security, oh yes, it has natural security, which is not perfect, the nation replacing perfect spiritual security for imperfect national security, leaving the nation spiritually defenceless.


“Where is the belt of truth in the nation? People lie, & look to get one up on each other.


“Where is the breastplate of righteousness? For, if that was manifesting, people would trust each other. And because they do not trust each other, a kingdom divided cannot stand. The shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace: was the nation called to Afghanistan & Iraq, or to protect its covenant partners in the Commonwealth? Or did it move to protect its financial interest, or its moral obligation, the conspiracy being mammon ruling over heart. The helmet of salvation: has the nation protected its children against violence & immorality? It used to. Has the nation protected young people from excessive alcohol & drugs? And as for the sword of the spirit, has the nation encouraged Bible reading, which the Spirit can use as a sword?


“And so there has been a conspiracy, no need to use the word “theory;” for what I am saying is fact. The nation has lost its spiritual covering; & the first step to get it back, is to save the next baby due to be aborted. This is abominationtowards God. To destroy life, brings death upon a nation; & until the mass slaughter of innocents is stopped, there will always be a curse on the nation, leaving the nation wide open to mass attack; remembering of course to My remnant who have not bowed the knee to Baal, the protection of Psalm 91.


“It is obvious that imperfect national security is not the same as spiritual perfect protection.


“It is on that basis you warn the people. Going to well-attended events, unless led of the Lord, is a dangerous activity. Being in a high-profile public building, unless led of the Lord, is a dangerous activity. My remnant is to be led of the Lord wherever it goes; for My protection is upon it. You can rely on this protection, for it will sweep you out of situations before they happen, or miraculously rescue you, if they happen. For My Word declares “thousands shall fall at thy side, but it shall not come nigh thee.”


“For this is the way you are to see conspiracy theory: not to rely on the conjecture of men, but to know that I have already overcome the world, & the great conspirator, Lucifer.”

Word from the Lord through  Lindsay Griffiths, 28/08/13

[Background: The Lord has been telling me many times over the last week or two to read Ezekiel, chapters 10-11 – having already studied chapter 9. This prophecy came to me this morning after reading these chapters]


“These are the times ye are entering at this hour: speaking to a rebellious house, who have ear to hear, but do not hear; eyes to see, but do not see; mouths to speak the truth, but refrain from speaking. Lies &deceit are all around you. Speak from the heart: not your heart, but Mine. For ye are My vessels, filled to overflowing with My words of power, love & a sound mind.


“For this is a generation of fear: not of the Lord their God, but of unknown fears; a foot step in the dark, a camera overhead, surveillance machines unseen. They fear each other as well. Betrayal & darkness are all around. Bondage to sin is everywhere: drink, drugs, pornography, mammon, greed, which is idolatry.


“This generation is full of idols, which My apostle John warned against. ‘Little children, keep yourselves from IDOLS,’ he said in My Word. Bow the knee only to Me, saith the Lord. For My Word says that ‘at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.’


“Therefore lift up the feeble knees, & the heads that hang down; for ‘My salvation is far closer than when you first believed.’ Strengthen yourselves in Me & in My joy –for the joy of the Lord is thy strength. Who can stand against the LOVE of God? For I drew you out of many waters by My loving-kindness which is better than life.


“I am the Lord: I change not. Hear Me.


Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/09/13 “WARS & RUMOURS OF WARS”


“This prophetic utterance has 2 categories:-


(1) Wars


(2) Rumours of wars.


“To deal with number (2) first:


“As many people know, there are deliberately manufactured scenarios to bring about rumours of wars. They are not real wars; simply manufactured scenarios to increase surveillance on the people, to suppress people down, so as they can be more reliant on the state, and thus be under its control.


“Entrepreneurship becomes impossible in these scenarios, with high taxes, suppression of endeavour, and government control, enhanced by rumours of wars causing unsettlement in the financial markets.


“That is this second scenario of rumours of wars, and out of this comes loads of conspiracy theories that again cause unsettlement.


“Thou art called to be a government that does not play these games on the people, but instead sets the people free, in a nation under its Constitution, its own laws and not those of foreign powers.


“Now to the first category: the global agenda that is of the kingdom of Satan (II Cor. 4:4) is one divided against itself; and as they play these games to survey the peoples of the world, they are in fact more divided against each other than the world has ever known.


“So when you hear of the rumours of wars, remember not to look at the outward appearance; that is, the news reports. In other words, rely on heaven news rather than Sky news.


“As they work to make the world a surveillant society, they are in fact divided against themselves; and so genuine war becomes a possibility within the context of rumours of wars. This is what is happening now. The so-called world super-powers are at odds with each other, and it is all gathering around the Middle East. Syria is simply a pawn in this process. Real countries to be involved in this process relate to those coming down from the north; the land of slavery; the land that was known as the land of milk and honey; the latter land being strangely quiet at this time. Within this whole area are huge mineral reserves, and the love of money becomes the over-riding factor in a new world order determined to survey the peoples of the earth.


“But within this context of co-operation are major divides between nations now part of a group called United Nations, the very name being a lie from the kingdom of hell.


“So what you have is a scenario building up, and the time of My coming is near.


“Be excited. Be not afraid. For it is only thee, in union with Me, who shall overcome these last-day scenarios of wars and rumours of wars.


“So be ready, as the kingdom of Satan collapses and the conditions for My latter-day revival occur.


“Prepare now for the harvest. Thou hast not backed down. Thou hast stood on My Word. You know the story of the wise man and the foolish man? What happens when the wind and rain come? That which is stood on the rock stands firm.


“Thy time has come, for Satan has over-played his hand, and as more and more people know the game of manufactured rumours of wars, so Satan’s plan will be thwarted.


“So stand fast on the Word of God. Rely on it (the living Word; the word ‘it’ can be used in relation to the living Word); so rely on it. Be not disheartened. For thy time is coming for a huge harvest, for people to once more have stability in their lives, rather than be under the manoeuvrings of the god of this world.


“So go ye therefore, make disciples of all nations; make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


“Go into the whole world to preach the gospel. Move by My Spirit; and thou will see the coming of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through  David P Griffiths, 28/12/15 
“Christian Ministries that become Industries, & Copyright their Material”

“I have not called any ministry to become an industry, & copyright its material.

“Yes, I have no complaint over copyrighting material to the world, for I object to the tunes of heaven being used for worldly advertising, & so to this restriction I approve.

“But what I do not approve of, is Christian ministries being suppressed by other apparent Christian ministries who have copyrighted their material.

“You cannot copyright God, for God gave His begotten Son freely, to be proclaimed to the world; & if a song or word has come through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, it is to be offered freely, without restriction.

“Thus you have a situation where Christian ministries are being restricted from using copyrighted material, a copyright contrary to the Word of God.

“So, where you see a copyright restriction in your Bible, this means it has been changed sufficiently so as to be different from the scriptures of Antioch.

“So, where do you find the copyright? From the Bibles that have their origins in Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, one Pharaoh refusing to let the people go.

“So, be warned! Copyright is enslaving My people, & if My Word has been freely given, either in song or prophetic word, then you cannot restrict this from My Church.

“It is time for My prophets to kick out the money-changers from My Temple, My Temple being the body of Christ, who are not to be held by the chains of Egypt.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths 04/05/13



“You already have it. They are building up to a tribulation within the context of a continuous indoctrination of children; a continuous sexualisation of children so as to remove their childhoods; a breaking down of parental – child relationships; an encouragement to join the homosexual agenda; indoctrination of the god of this world, forcing governments to obey him rather than be servants of the people – servants of the people at best, within this culture – for constitutionally in certain lands, governments are to obey God first; & Biblically, all governments are to obey God first.


“So you have the build-up to the Great Tribulation. In Christian nations throughout the world, you can no longer have constitutional justice; there is a totalitarian approach to law, alien to the constitution of these lands. They have been brainwashed to support the global approaches that are completely run by Satan, in a letter of the law manner.


“And so when you take your cases to once Christian institutions, you now find you lose these cases on the basis of a narrow understanding of law. For legal institutions are restricted from taking the full context of a case.


“So what you have is communism, totalitarianism, fascism; for Satan is the instigator of all of these things, binding up the people into a New World Order of restriction, surveillance, & fear. This Satan wants to control everything, taking houses, lands & businesses away from the people into his hands; even businesses are now under franchises under the New World Order.


“And so here we have a situation where nations are coming under Satan, rather than the God of their Constitutional Acts. Christian nations have accepted immorality to such a degree, they kill the babies that are the result of out-of-marriage sex. So the baby pays the price, being delivered to Me in heaven.


“The god of this world is evil, & the people need to know they are being put under his control. But what you know is, that by exposing his ways & his actions through your Justice & Financing web-sites, through your stand in the political arena, you are exposing Satan & all his ways; & that by exposing a thief, he has to restore sevenfold.


“You stand victorious above Satan, proclaiming the Saviour who shed His blood to set the people free.


“My name must be lifted up above any other name. My Word must be used as a sword to plunge into Satan & all his evil ways; & as all men come unto Me, so they shall be lifted up above the vagaries of the god of this world.


“The build-up to the Great Tribulation is on; but I tell you, My Church, My true Church, which has not bowed down to the ways of the New World Order, that has not embraced the so-called scriptures of textual change ; My Church which stands on the Word which has been for ever established, triumphs magnificentlyover the god of this world, who has according to My Word, blinded the eyes of the people.


“Your role has been in opening the eyes of the people, & when I say, ‘your Pentecostal Continuing site,’ all of your sites are indeed Mine, for they are for My glory. For you have been My empty vessel, so I can write the content of these sites; & indeed on the Bible College site & its subsidiary sites, I have spoken through the vessel of Brian Mason the words of intercession impacting the whole world. All of these sites are to grow enormously; as you link them into modern media, so shall men come unto thee with their eyes open, saith the Lord. They will ask you question after question, as thy brother Donald asked thee today; & you will give the answers of the Lord; & you will show to these people who have realised what is going on, the triumphant place of walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; more than conquerors; the royal priesthood of believers, the holy nation, giving all of its praise to the Lord. For oh yes!Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.


“That is My Word: greater. My Word is that the stronger man has overcome the strong man; & what you did at Knock was a complete confrontation against the New World Order; for the New World Order is based on idolatry; the idolatry of physical signs; for the Green movement is based on what is seen physically; & what they see is lack, rather than plenty.


“The truth of My Word is, I have provided magnificently. They say there is not enough food for the people. This is opposite to My Word. For they declare that because of lack, there must be population control. I declare I have come to bring life, not death; & so through the Green movement there is a form of totalitarianism so evil that it involves the culling of mankind rather than the increase of it.


“Now My Word cannot be returned void, & Psalm 91 is clear it shall not come nigh thee. But it involves a continuous hearing from God. My promises are yea & amen to those who hear Me & obey Me. But there are those who call themselves Christian & live a life of flesh. They base their lives & opinions on what they see rather than what is in My Word. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, & those who have come against thee paid no heed to the sufferings of thy lives. They simply saw an apparent affluence which they believed was the result of corruption. Yet they did not see the total surrender of thy ministry to Me. They did not see that you have laid all thy goods on the altar for Me. But those who came to inspect thee were amazed by thy surrender to the cause, & indeed were afraid of it. For their security commonly is in their home, their houses, their pensions, which are now being removed by the New World Order in preparation for the Great Tribulation.


“What will they have then? Nothing. What will you have? Glory; victory; more than conquerors.


“Rejoice, My children. I have overcome the world. Hallelujah! But it requires a total surrender; a total surrender to Me.


“That is how to become the Christian seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.


“You can now rejoice; for the victory has been won.”

Word from the Lord to David P Griffiths, 28/08/15 

Do not Seek the Practicalities, but Seek Ye First the Kingdom


“When situations arise, do not move by human reaction, but be moved by the Spirit. This is why I said to ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness,’ for whilst wearing the clothing of righteousness, you move.


“Do not consider things in the natural senses, for this is the common mistake in prayer. For reaction is not how you move. You move by the Spirit, & the Spirit & the Son intercede for you constantly unto the Father.


“Yes, I still say to cast cares upon Me, for the kingdom of God is unto righteousness, & the glory of God is for those who are led by My Spirit, rather than their human reaction.


“You see, thou hast named the spirit responsible for what the world calls the New World Order; & whilst the primary spirit is that you all know well, his aim is that you react to that which he is doing to bring the world under his control. That is why he uses his symbol on the dollar bill, for this is the all-seeing eye that watches, so that he may enter, affecting your lives based on your human reaction; for he is the god of this world.


“Yes, you resist him – but not in your strength, but in Mine; & through all these trials over the last years, I have looked to place you on the higher plane, the portals, as Fanny J Crosby referred to them; & it is here thou must be ready to walk. For in the higher plane, thou must be able to walk according to My Word.


“So fear not. In My name thou hast taken on the New World Order, but not in one’s own strength, but in Mine.


“You may ask what is so new about the N.W.O.? It is nothing new, for I saw satanic order fall from heaven; & so he took upon himself a desire to control mankind, & he did this by mankind’s reaction to him.


“So there is a philosophy behind this world order, & thou hast identified it as socialism. Socialism as depicted by Marx, is an order without Christ. It has a false doctrine of equality, based on human thinking, rather than God’s, for only in Christ can thou be equal with the Father.


“And this message is all about bringing understanding. Nations will only prosper by being joint heirs with Christ primarily, rather than socialistic equality, which is of man-made thinking only, which results in some being more equal than others, at which point the philosophy fails.


“This is why in the British Constitution you have the word ‘virtue,’ for it is only with virtue (meaning the anointing) that the yoke of bondage is destroyed, the true gospel in the Constitutional Acts, referring to a Saviour who died so that man may be equal with Him today.


“So why seek first the practical solutions, when you can seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, & have all the practical solutions added unto you.”



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