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Prophetic Warnings 2

Ephesians 1:18-23 King James Version (KJV)


The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,


And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,


Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,


Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:


And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,


Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.


Ephesians 2:6-22 King James Version (KJV)


And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:


That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.


For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Not of works, lest any man should boast.


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.


Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands;


That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:


But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.


For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;


Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;


And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:


And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.

For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.


Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;


And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;


In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord:


In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.


“Show the picture on the internet of Wayne’s waterfall, that is in fact a milk-fall depicting overflowing blessing.


“Oh rejoice, My children. This is the day of the Lord.


“Now, show to the people the blessings if Deuteronomy 28. This is My covenant blessing.


Deuteronomy 28:1-14 King James Version (KJV)


And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:


And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.


Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field.


Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.


Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store.


Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.

The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.


The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


The Lord shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways.

And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee.


And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee.


The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.


And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lordthy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:


And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.



“Rejoice! The harvest is here.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/07/14



“A covenant was drawn through the Pilgrim Fathers between Britain & America, & this established a Body Politick, which in effect means a Politick for the Body of Christ.


“Now, this Body Politick affirms Christ Jesus as head of these nations, thus placing these nations (Britain, including its once Empire & now Commonwealth) to have Christ as its head, thus placing these nations under the principles of Deuteronomy 28.


“Now, in this word I concentrate on Britain. I will speak of America later.

“Now, Britain, get a hold of the fact that you have disobeyed God. These are your crimes before God:-


“(1) Placing thy nation under ungodly rule – even thine own referendum gave no allowance for political & legal integration.


“So the first step is recognise that this European integration is thoroughly illegal & correct it accordingly to only be a free trade agreement.


“(2) A complete repentance is required for the removal of the moral fabric of society, which went along great strides in the 1960s. The actions now needing to be taken, is to restore the innocence of childhood ; to understand the serious error of government at the time to bring in sex education to minors & even bring access for contraception for minors, rather than the teaching of God’s Word, which is the greatest contraception.


“(3) To move from the sexual liberation of the 60s & 70s to the self-righteousness of the present era: this era is passing judgement on actions of the 60s & 70s, when it needs to be looking at itself on its actions, which will cause greater chaos 30 years on, should the Lord tarry. One thing it is to make perversion legal; but to bring the principles of Ephesians 5 into same-sex relationships is not only an abomination to society, but also an abomination to God, who made all things that they might increase.


“So the actions of legalising decrease will impact upon a nation which is now spewing out its people to such an extent that within 30 years, Britain will be the third world country; for those it is spewing out are those who are standing up for the old moral principles, which the nation now rejects to the point that within 30 years, it will become a wasteland.


“(4) Rejection of My prophets: when a prophet speaks, he speaks Me. Throughout history, the religious establishment has gone mad, the religious establishment of Britain embracing Baal rather than God.


“My prophets have pointed out that there is ‘another Jesus’ who is ‘like the Most High;’ who has his own bibles, those embracing this false God placing great emphasis on the physical feelings & emotions of men, rather than the Spirit of God.


“As you have discovered, this establishment looks to crucify the prophets of God. My judgement is upon it; & thou hast discovered by My Spirit the Jezebellic root of this establishment.


“As they look to arrest the street preachers of today, tomorrow they will look to crucify the prophets of God.


“So you have done well to separate yourself from this false kingdom of Satan. He is the one who sits in holy places made with hands. He is the one forcing his followers to build on sand, rather than the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“But as with the story of the wise man & the foolish man, the wind eventually blows.


“(5) The obsession with dealing with the sins of the past, rather than the present day sins of man. My judgement is on those in government today, which is far greater than it ever was in the 60s & 70s. The crime of hypocrisy is so great that government is failing itself, preferring to examine governments of the past.



“All governments have to face Me & My throne. I deal with the un-repented sins of the past. What you must do now, is examine the sins of today.


“Yes, it is sin to take perverted actions with minors. But what about the sins of today that in tortuous conditions kill a minor before he or she is born? What about bringing to justice all the politicians who support such an evil? You jail the pensioners today for the sins of the past; but what about jailing those today, all those with a record of supporting the widespread slaughter of the innocents? What about dealing with the internet giving easy access to perversion? Who is responsible for that? For what it is doing is great harm to minors roaming the internet. Where is government action on that? Instead of looking to the past, they need to look at the present. For far greater harm is occurring today; because of the greater use of technology than the 60s & 70s, all this evil has got easier access.


“You hypocrites! You look at the sins of the past which today, evil as they were, are only specks to the planks of today. You fail to look at the fact that present governments have sold the soul of the nation to the devil.


“Now, unless this is repented of, you will have no nation to govern; & what will happen in 30 years’ time, should the Lord tarry, is that governments then will look to blame the governments of this present era, rather than dealing with its own crimes.


“So the pattern will go on.


“So, Britain, what are you to do? The answer is to prioritise the dealing with the crimes of today rather than yesterday. I want to see so-called ‘doctors’ in court, who torture innocents before they are born. This is far greater abuse than the abuse you are seeing in the courts today; wrong though it is, but nowhere nearas wrong as slaughtering an innocent before he or she is born.


“To abuse Ephesians 5 is a far greater crime of perversion than the perversions you are seeing in court today – wrong though they are. The marriage is as Christ & the Church; the bridegroom & the bride as one spirit in Me; & your nation is offering the seed of Sodom to Me, rather than the godly seed of My Word & the Body Politick, which you drew together with My Pilgrim Fathers.

“Oh, your crimes are far greater today than the 60s & 70s; but you concentrate on the specks of the past rather than the planks of today.


“What happens to a nation when it offers up to Me the seed of Sodom, means you will have no nation at all.


“Time has come to repent quickly, & repent of the seed of Sodom, & embrace the Word of God once more, as a nation; the Word authorised by the monarch, thy monarch authorising too the great covenant between thy nation & America.


“Oh, Great Britain, repent, before it is too late!”



“This is a very serious word, saith the Lord, for thy nation has had government after government keeping secrets from the people.


“It is one thing to keep a secret under the guise of national security, but it is totally another thing to keep a secret in relation to deceiving the British people.

“I want you to put forward an Act of Parliament that will bring forth the understanding that official secrets are not there to hide the lies & deception of government, but are there at times to protect national security. There is a huge difference between the two. The British Constitutional Acts protect the people from lies & deception, the government dishonesty in Great Britain being that these Acts are not taught to the generations growing up, for they give them all the protection they need from organizations like banks, who have deceived the people for years, governments working with them, rather than regulating them to stop them abusing the British people.


“The abuse & deception the nation has suffered under the hands of the banking institutions, if exposed, will set many people free from bankruptcy orders, from having lost their homes & businesses - the list is endless. For banking institutions, instead of serving the people, as old-time bank managers did, have placed the people under manipulative banking systems which bring death rather than life.


“Your own banking cases are clear examples of this, of banking institutions hiding under laws that are influenced by global powers rather than democratically elected MPs of thy country.


“So within this equation of secrecy, is the god of this world’s plan to hold the people in fear & bondage to unknown dictators who have hidden behind Official Secrets Acts which are there for national security rather than hiding the sins of unknown dictators.


“One needs to praise the Lord that secrets do not exist in the kingdom of God. I have opened the veil to bring understanding of the glories of God’s kingdom; & I have called thee to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, & given you My spiritual gifts, that you may discern what goes on behind closed doors.


“I use the term ‘you’ as an expression, rather than a literal ‘you;’ for thou art one in Christ Jesus; & nothing that is done in secret will not be uncovered.

“So I am calling you to expose by word of knowledge & word of wisdom & discerning of spirits, what goes on behind closed doors.


“Now in relation to national security, you need the wisdom as well as the knowledge of God in relation to these matters; but the people should not have to wait a number of years to read government papers in relation to deception. 

These need to be open now; & this includes all government papers in relation to the apparent banking crash, which you know was one of maneuverability, to place people under greater laws of oppression, rather than the Constitutional demand that all law needs to be applied with law & justice in mercy.


“It is for this reason the ministers of God in thy country to uphold the demands of the Constitutional Acts, which clearly declare all law is to be applied with law & justice in mercy. Yet the banks have even defaulted those who have had the gall to take them to court, with government backing them up by taking away the demands of those who have worked to protect the people, from edicts which have come from the Upper House, these edicts bringing liberty & justice from British peers, rather than unknown global powers.


“Through My Spirit thou hast exposed the secrets of corruption, it being known today through release of papers relating to the Miners’ Strike that a government can lie to the people, yet by My Spirit thou can expose today the lies of government hidden in files that you can demand be opened up.


“Thus saith the Lord: that unrepentant spirits that come before God are destined for an eternity in the fires of hell. And your call is to point this out, & bring them to the Saviour, who died to set all men free, that there no longer be activity in secret to deceive the people. On One hand they say everything must be open & transparent, yet they cover their own deception in the name of national security. That deception My ministers are called to expose.”


Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/10/14



“When a prophet speaks, people within a secular world analyse what is being said, & criticize it; for they speak from the narrow perspective of their own understanding & culture, rather than the wide perspective of the prophet, who through Me is able to place all things into perspective.


“The fact remains, the EU was never legal in Britain; & consequently, all the laws that came out of it have never been legal, the people looking for a trading union, not political & social integration; & what is worse, legal integration.


“There has never been a referendum in which the voice of the people has come out for such a change in the British Constitution; indeed, such a change would be illegal in itself, with the monarch’s promise to uphold the Protestant religion established by law, there being a key phrase in this title, ‘established by law!’ EU integration never was.


“So, your operations in upholding the Protestant religion established by law, are legal. That which has come against you in the areas of legalism, because it has its background in EU integration, is neither established by law, or ever allowed by the vote of the people. Indeed, you are dealing with such a rebellion by successive governments that indeed what you face is the sin of witchcraft, which is why you were never ‘led’ to co-operate with government bodies operating under such a curse.


“This is the sin of witchcraft, the context being all the warnings as spoken by My prophet over many years; & now you see the imminent collapse of the EU institution, collapsing just like the Roman Empire, which allowed immorality & legalism, the Empire destroying itself through over-burden of law, cruel application of law, corruption in high places, particularly against Christians, who upheld a moral stance in law, rather than the immorality the Roman Empire became famous for.


“Such immorality abounds throughout the whole of Europe, even in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, a ‘church’ where for many centuries, anything goes.


“Oh how, Britain, you have forgotten your heritage! And how government bodies have forgotten the heart of the reformers. Charities grew in Britain with a high moral stance, not placing people under law, but setting them free through the sacrifices of charitable pioneers, who stood up against the cruel culture of their day that placed children up chimneys, & so on; that took dear people out of their African homeland to shackle them with chains, so that they would never see their families again.


“Indeed, the sacrifice of those involved in your own charity, who risked their lives in the Sri Lankan war, to enter a hospital without medication, to bring the healing balm to suffering victims of a war the British Commonwealth should never have allowed. You placed your lives on the line. Givers have given all they can, yet is thus considered in government reports? Nay; only the narrow perspective, not the wide perspective of the prophet.


“A nation that allows immorality & over-regulation is one akin to the Roman Empire, which collapsed in its own self-righteousness. Such is happening to the EU & all its member states; nations of immorality & over-regulation, bringing immense suffering for all the people of Europe, the EU having removed the ancient landmarks of nations, to bring a control that is grossly out of line - & I speak for Britain at this time – certainly out of line with the Constitution of the nation.


“It is for this reason you have not been ‘led’ to co-operate with such a rebellion; for the heart of the nation’s Constitution has not been heeded in the enquiries, both hidden & public, that have come to judge thee.


“For within the Roman Empire there were underlying societies looking to destroy that which was of Me. Such societies, within the context of the EU, have been running their secret agendas within the EU format; agendas alien to those who stand for openness & transparency, which really means to bring the darkness into the light.


“But all this political & legal integration has been found out; for will they go back to thy ancient landmark, the contents of which are seen in thy Constitutional Acts? Or, will they follow the religious integration that has continued alongside the political, social & legal integration of the EU?


“But running alongside this EU agenda, has come the religious manifesto of Satan. If he can have ‘Churches Together,’ then the Biblical doctrine of one body can be removed.


“If he can have Jesus as ‘a son,’ then he can allow for inter-faith unity, one prohibited under the British Constitution. If he can have ‘community churches,’ then he can have social counselling to the people, rather than worshipping God. If he can promote his separate priesthood, then the strength that comes through the royal priesthood of believers can be removed. If he can have adherence to the capstone, then he can bring in Egyptian slavery all over again, My Church being called to set the people free from the schoolmaster; & everywhere you go in Europe, you find people chained by these shackles.


“No wonder the system has come against you; & how these evangelistic programmes on ECCTV are so liberating for the people! There is the Saviour coming soon; & this is portrayed in The Midnight Cry. Letter of the law has placed overwhelming burden on the National Health Service in Britain, with the strain & pain of over-regulated society causing illness after illness, & sickness after sickness.


“And yet, I can speak through a lady whose own body has been miraculously healed; who cries out to the people to come unto Me.


“Oh, what is the benefit of ECCTV? The answer: to set the captive free, by the landmark you are again upholding; the landmark that came out of the Welsh Revival: the Bible College of Wales.


“How it interceded for the men of Dunkirk! How it took faith to extremity through personal sacrifice; & this is the mantle thou hast picked up, the eccentricity of the College being legendary; eccentricity because of a peculiar people. They were so strange to the world. The handed over their possessions for the sake of the gospel. The trusted God, & distrusted human logic. Yet they changed the world.


“In the 1930s, there was the threat of fascism. Today on the horizon comes an even greater threat; for Babylon is arising, to take over from the EU collapse. And how you must intercede, for I have brought unto thee an intercessor of the Rees Howells breed; & how on ECCTV he has cried out that the Protestant Reformation is increasing; that the great holiness Convention is continuing; & that even though Rees Howells & Samuel are in glory, the double portion of their calling can manifest through My continuing College.


“It has not been given the resource of My original College; that has been given to those of Higher Criticism. But what it has, is men & women of sacrifice, prepared to pay the price so that all may come unto Me, & not perish. But have everlasting life.


“The intercession group, declaring the peace of God, continues. They cry out now on television. Yet one of sacrifice has been taken out, reacting to the wiles of this world rather than the calling of God. My calling is still upon her, & she can return on her hearing from Me. For thou hast been called to be overcomers, this manifesting in the On Fire Meeting, during which the wiles of the devil are duly exposed, for My glory to come down.


“Oh, & how you are to expand ECCTV, with the recordings of the saints of old; those who have stood on the landmarks of movements which today have been stolen from you, into the chains of multi-faith bondage.


“Oh, how I have called you to ‘be ye separate!’ Yet they see that as being cult-like. For you are joined unto Me as one spirit; & as such, you are joined unto Me to have authority over the chains of legalism that has come in through the god of this world, who has not only blinded those of religious, political, social & legal integration. He has blinded those who have failed to take up the mantle of the Elizabethan Settlement in Britain. He has blinded those who have failed to take up the mantle of the Christian charities who brought great social reform; & he has blinded those who proclaim unity with each other, instead of oneness with God.


“Now, the warning. Babylon is on the horizon, for Britain & also Europe. My plea is you take heed of the prophet’s warning; for failure to do so will bring in the slavery of Babylon, such as occurred in Old Testament times.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/01/13

 “VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Tell the people of Zion: ‘Sound the alarm in God’s Holy Mountain’ [reference to Zechariah]. God is Speaking to His Church”


“Be warned, My children; for by thinking in the way you have done for years, you have built up in your mind a society norm. For example: you buy property & it gains in value; that your family will live a decent life; there will always be available food, from a variety of sources.


“In other words, in your mind is a society norm; & you live by those norms, because that is the way you have always lived. You then have the Spirit of God as an additional factor to those norms.


“I am, however, a jealous God, & demand the first attention in all things.


“Now, this is particularly important at this time; a time of collapsing society norms. And in these circumstances, where do you go, but to the Lord?


The nation’s economic position is getting worse, not better. Biblically, how can a nation prosper, when it goes so much against God? (Deuteronomy 28)


“If the nation therefore is under a curse, how can you continue to rely on the society norms? Those on state benefits are finding out the norm is changing; so where is the stability?


The stability is in the One who never changes, rather than in the god of this world, who promotes constant change & instability.


“So, do I have your attention? It is important that I do, because your society norm is about to let you down. So, where do you go but to the Lord? I have always longed to be your provider, but your society norm has provided for you & to a degree successfully, until now.


“So, where do you go now, but to the Lord? Am I the Lord, who has always been called to direct thy paths – if you let Me. Am I the Lord, who has promised in My Word to prosper thee to fulfil & establish My covenant? Am I to be given pre-eminence in all things? Or are you to continue by your society norms?


“Well, they are not going to be there much longer. Jehovah Jireh is here; & the society norms of the god of this world – they are changing; many of which have already disappeared. How can you rely on your government to provide welfare when in its welfare programme is the death of innocents?


In its welfare programme has been an operation that originated in Liverpool (physical origin; it has different spiritual location of origin) to kill patients, rather than give them life.


With your natural children, would you have let mass murderers babysit your children? Yet you are still expecting government to babysit you!


“Do you trust government to look after your elderly & disabled, or trust Me? This year there is a huge change in UK government’s benefit structure, with professional advice declaring that there would be a huge culture change. Banks have already collapsed, & bailed out by the god of this world to promote their New World Order agenda.


“So I simply say: Let Me direct your paths; but My advice will be alien to your society norm.


“So you have to choose this day whom you will serve. So, allow Me to direct thy paths; & whereas in the past, you have just lived by those society norms & placed Me on top, that system is not going to work in future. I demand pre-eminence in all things. The solution is to come unto Me, & obey what the Spirit is saying.


“What you are setting up has been a move of My Spirit; & once you have the word out, people will come to Me, rather than their society norm.


“So I ask thee to come unto Me, all ye who are heavy laden; I will give thee rest, & direct thy paths.


“So, you can truly give Me the pre-eminence, & remove the society norms in your life, to be totally reliant on Me.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/01/13



“Throughout history, God has chosen prophets to speak through. These prophets have lived a life dedicated to hearing from God, & giving the word of God to the people.


“Words from God have come in all kinds of situations, the important thing to understand being that this is the word of the Lord that is coming.


Those words will affect those with earthly ambition; those who have the love of money syndrome; & those with a form of religion that denies the power.


These words particularly affect apostate nations, whose leaders will simply dismiss these words as figments of the imagination.


“Thus accusation is always a cover-up for sin. Prophetic warnings come when a nation is about to be taken over by a foreign power; for the warnings come in quantity when the covering of God has been removed.


Failure to heed the warnings always leads to the break-down of a nation.


“Yesterday I gave warning to My Church in relation to society norms. This relates to the break-up of the United Kingdom as people know it.


“Now, I am warning Great Britain in this prophecy today. You have dared to try & touch the ancient landmark of thy Constitution, giving yourself to other powers, thus making yourself a puppet of the god of this world, rather than an obedient nation under God, as thy Constitution demands.

“Laws which you have passed that have brought death rather than life, must immediately be dealt with if you are to avoid disaster.


Attacking the messenger (prophet) is not the solution to your problem; for bringing in the prophet to produce a document embracing the Constitutional Acts, calling on days of national repentance to cover the vast amount of sin that is destroying the nation that has forgotten God.


“The prophet should be seen as the one who can practically bring the nation back to where God wants it to be; whereas the present system of ignoring the prophet is one which will bring imminent disaster.


“Behind-the-scenes activities are seen by God; & trying to get around the ancient laws of thy nation by behind-the-scenes deals, is not appropriate in a land that is called to be obedient to God.


“The warnings have come over the years in relation to the moment that is about to come, unless the nation repents. Allpolitical parties must recognise the Christian heritage of the nation that has been undermined because of not hearing from God Himself.


“Who has bewitched you, Great Britain? You ask My Spirit to guide you in your Commons prayers, yet pass laws of destruction, not life.


“You cannot have situations where foreign legal systems stand together in a nation that has made promises to God. You cannot do this. You cannot take court cases out of court through behind-the-scenes deals that only involve one side of the argument & not the other.


That is gross manipulation, alien to all the principles of British law. Great Britain, as a nation, is in a constitutional mess, the foundations of a Christian nation being prophets & apostles, Jesus Christ Himself being the head of the corner; & it is Jesus Christ Himself who speaks through the apostles & prophets.


“It is time now to bring in those who are hearing from God in relation to the nation, & act accordingly; the first step being to stop every Health Service activity of death, to save the innocents about to die.


“Now, because of the imminent judgement on Great Britain, I have told My Church to forget its society norms, walk in the heavenly places, & be led solely by Me.


So they are safe. ‘The Word of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, & they are safe.’ But what about the rest of the nation? The nation must take heed, to avoid disaster.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 12/03/13



“There is to be a great outcry from the East, with nation marching upon nation, with outcries in the United Nations about the possibility of war upon war.

“Economies of the world will crumble, as the threat of war becomes imminent. Sorrows will increase in the world, as the world comes under the plan of Satan to cause instability world-wide.


“But these wars have been carefully plotted to bring forth the reign of the Antichrist; and even now, many antichrists have come, causing havoc to economies, suppressing economies down, as in Great Britain, with businesses and charities afraid to expand, in case they should break the rules and laws of the Antichrist. The Antichrist looks to control, in an unstable situation.


“Governments will argue that they need to apply laws with vigour in an unstable situation; but that unstable situation is caused by Antichrist himself, and he looks to regulate the situation when he is the cause of it.


“This is what is happening to you now. As you are looking to go forward, they look to hold you back with 0ver-regulation, seeing in you an instability which is not there. It is in their minds but is not true. For they look at the outwards appearance, rather than the heart; and the Word says, ‘Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world.’ For the world in under the instability of the Antichrist (to come), there being many antichrists already,


“So, you have organization after organization, country after country, suppressing populations with new surveillant, suppressive society norms,suppressing the ability of charities and businesses to move forward. For they spend their time getting their affairs into the order of the Antichrist, rather than the progressive leadership of God.


“Even now antichrist has come. Over-regulation, over-surveillance and suppression has come; but you must not fear. You continue to challenge every rule of the antichrist with the rhema word of God that includes reference to My Word used in the Constitutional Acts.


“Thou art to set up the studio at Bellwood, which will broadcast right into the instability of the East.


“Yes, there is the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet, the northern part of these countries being affected by this phenomena from the East. For there is a rising of the East to gain control. For they have the control over manufacturing, and they believe they can gain control over the world, through controlling the markets of the world.


“A message for Great Britain:


“Instead of constitutionally hearing from God and acting accordingly, successive governments went after their own lusts, closing down the manufacturing bases of thy nation, beginning the instability that you see now; which the present government will say they have to monitor with over-aggressive surveillance, the surveillance covering ordinary people as well as hardened criminals.


“I am causing those in government that love My Word to resist the surveillant society, and restore the Word of God to My schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons. For governments have failed to act on the Queen’s promise (she is the head of state) to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.


“For now, Antichrist is coming. You can look no further than Rome, where you signed a treaty to put oneself under the rule of the antichrist. For signing a later treaty put yourself under the previous treaties, signing away your Constitutional Acts to the restoration of the H.R.E. (Holy Roman Empire).You indeed have placed yourself under Caesar, the rule of the Antichrist, and under the dangers of this world, rather than the protection of God you enjoyed during World War II.


“Why should the people vote for antichrist governments, as they do time and time again? It is because that these governments rule by fear! ‘Unless you vote for me, these terrible things will happen,’ when the reality is that it is these governments who put themselves under the antichrist that have caused the problems that they now say they can deliver the country from.


“O foolish country, to vote for such imbeciles!


“Now the country sees themselves as being in charge of thee; that they can order thee about. O foolish country! Since when has My foundations ceased to be the apostles and the prophets? And now you as a nation face the outcry from the East. Had the nation had its foundations built on the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, then whatever the rest of the world did would not matter.


“You have faced, weather-wise, a cold spell from the East. How much more can the nation the blast of Antichrist from the East, when it is not built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone?


“The monarch promised God to keep you in the place of stability, yet government after government has ignored her promise and the Constitutional Acts of the nation, and looked to isolate the prophets who have raised up these Acts which have been taken away from the memory of the people.


“No foreign power is to influence this Protestant Nation, according to these Acts. Yet they place themselves under the Human Rights courts of Europe.


“Since when in My Word, which the monarch swore on in 1953, has there been human rights for anyone? [Galatians 2:20] You are to live, yet not you, but the manifestation of Christ Jesus from within you. This is what takes charge of the Antichrist. Norman Grubb called it the Liberating Secret. How much does thy nation need that liberating secret today!


“Prepare for a mighty harvest. This is why you are setting up the television studio at Bellwood; further ones at Rhos and the Hebrides, South America and Kenya, so as they all can move out of the controls of the antichrist into the liberation of Christ.


“A word about the East:


“As the forces of Antichrist increase, be in position to proclaim My Word through the media stations I have told thee to set up; and let no man tell thee not to do it; for such a declaration would be the surveillant voice of the Antichrist.


“In thy nation, thy ministry has been one of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, warning and warning and warning. Yet they scoff, and accuse you of being crazy. But you do not look to them so crazy now, particularly in the context of the outcry from the East.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/04/12



 “With droughts & famines come prophets; for in My Name, prophets can even control the weather. For I have given them the rod of authority.


“They can even control the positioning of the sea; & thou hast warned the nation of drought & famine, if it continues to turn from Me. For, if the nation continues to remove the on-going seed in the mother’s womb, & blaspheme against God for re-defining marriage, then the nation shall see the seed removed from the ground; for without water, how can the seed grow?


“Now, the Government is grand, with all its international contacts, & can bring food in from other countries. The Government has its emergency plan.

“But I say to Government: by having faith in Me, you need no emergency plan. You have sinned abominably against God, & so must now pay the consequences as a nation.


“My prophet is here to lead you out of the mire; but he has only got My Word to do this, once you have called National Days of Repentance, re-established the nation’s Constitution, & saved the lives of children in wombs; & understood the very simple point of the Ephesians 5 passage; for, Great Britain, you are in bigtrouble.


“You refused the theses of God; you attack & persecute the remnant Church; & you need to understand, by breaking the Constitution of God which you have in your nation, you are breaking the ability of your nation to grow.


“Now, My prophet is to have meetings to teach the Constitution. I warn you not to ignore these meetings. For as you come towards the Diamond Jubilee of thy monarch, My prophet is to explain exactly what she promised, & expose what has come in opposite to the promise.


“The consequences of breaking an oath to God are there for all to see in My Word. You politicians look for your sound-bites. Well, you have one today: it is drought & famine. You dare go around looking for votes, from a population that are disheartened, when you should be wearing sack-cloth & ashes.


“Our prophet warns you to repent before the people. My prophet, with his rod of authority, can take the Christian to a place of provision. But the so-called “Church” has abandoned My prophet, & so must bear the consequences with the rest of the nation.


“Thus saith the Lord: take note of My prophet. Now, do not be silly & say, ‘prophets are finished.’ They are the foundations of a Church. What can stand without foundations?


“So, Great Britain, you have your way out. Great Britain is to be the land of famine & drought, unless it comes back to Me. And how does it come back to Me? After repentance, you leave the seed in the womb, & you allow the population to increase, by having marriage between a man & a woman.

“You have been warned.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 02/12/11



“At My disposal have been prophets I use to warn & give direction. This is under the five-fold ministry heading of prophet, whose role is to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry. The prophet’s heart is always to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.



“The prophet sees what is going to happen before it happens, the prophet giving warnings to ministries & individuals alike, prophets also giving rebukes, so as to bring the body in line with God’s purposes & will.



“For some time thou hast warned & warned & warned about Llandudno & Conwy; about gathering in these areas. And thou hast heard there have been those that gathered in seats of masonry, where thou hast seen spirits that thou hast warned about.



“Thou hast also warned about analyzation. The Word of God is not to be prayed about – simply obeyed. The Word of God needs to be understood, within the context of its being a living Book – a Book from which the Spirit gives direction & impetus; & where the Word says “Go,” this is in the context of the Spirit giving direction as to where to go; or even, where not to go.



“Thou hast spoken word of warning after word of warning over what spirits are doing in Llandudno & Conwy. They have their “Churches Together” movements, which thou hast warned about. Thou hast warned about the false translations; thou hast warned about the covenant-breakers & the gossipers; thou hast warned against the speaking in the flesh, rather than by the Spirit. There has been warnings, too, given through Apostle Owen in relation to the judgement of believers; & within the context of these domes of freemasonry, false “words from God” will manifest; false assumptions will manifest; & even a counterfeit glory will manifest; that those under the spell of these spirits will genuinely believe they are hearing from God themselves.



“The life of a prophet can be a very lonely one; for he sees things others do not see, & sees people walk into the traps of the enemy. If he had not warned, they would come back & say “Why didn’t you tell me?” But you have told them, time after time after time.



“So now, you have a ministry being attacked by rings of Jezebels. The darts of the enemy are getting greater & greater; for, not only have they not heeded thy warnings, they now seek to starve the ministry out into submission, so they can lure you with their loving-kindness into the hands of the Jezebel.



“You have seen this happen so many times before.



 “On the subject of direction, thou hast given word over what decisions people should do, which they argue is not in line with Scripture. And how can they understand Scripture, in its form of revelation, in its form of rhemas?



“You see, Joshua gave direction; & prophets give direction to enable believers to enter their Promised Land. So the prophet’s direction word is in the context of edification, exhortation, & comfort. Studying Joshua, you will see that warnings were given in line with the direction. Looking in the Word, you will discover these warnings were not heeded, the warnings being not to syncretize the Word of the Lord with the word of other spirits. This is exactly what has been happening in Llandudno & Conwy. That evangelical/Pentecostal Christianity is syncretized with Catholicism & masonry.



“On top of that, there are high places where satanic rituals are spoken in relation to the control & manipulation of so-called “churches.”



“I have told thee not to start Church in Llandudno & Conwy; but I have also told thee to have warning meetings, where people can come & be set free from the cult-like activity of those under the spell of bringing together Christ & Baal.



“Oh, how thou hast warned & warned & warned! Continually thou hast warned. But they enjoy their freedom. They enjoy having fellowship one with another in the land of false fellowships. They do not understand how you keep out from mixing with such company.



“You have sought to protect the flock from devouring wolves; but they have chosen to go into seats of Satan, to bring down the work God is doing.



“You see, the prophet’s warning needs to be heeded. The prophet’s direction needs to be acted upon, the prophet taking the people to a place of sanctification, which thou hast been preaching week after week after week in relation to I doing wonders amidst a broken people.

“Thou hast announced a revival, which I have seen already they laugh at & scorn. But I have seen already brokenness within thee; a crying out; a weakness, which I can turn around for My purposes.



“Thou hast warned & warned & warned; but the prophet’s warning goes unheeded, through the flesh impulses of those with opinion, rather than those who are broken, like thee.



“I have warned through thee, time after time; & thy role has been to listen to Me, & simply act on what I have said; & around thee, there has been given a thorn in the flesh, because of the revelation thou hast been receiving, the grace I have given thee being sufficient for thee.



“One must continue to speak from the heart, rather than the reaction to flesh responses. Give the warning again this Sunday; for they are crowding thee out.



“The prophet receiving the Word being on the mountain with Me continuously, whilst the others enjoy their golden calf of entertainment, fellowship & amusement; thou hast heard how serious the time is; so serious, they need to understand the prophet & his warnings. As Babylon comes to bring the whole nation under bondage, the prophet, with his direction word, brings the Church to its rightful place: the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; the spiritual Promised Land of My Church.

Now, I want to give another prophecy under a separate heading; & this heading is entitled:




“I realise how much you need to fulfil the call of God on your lives. It is as if you need the resources which you can only dream about, rather than get a hold of. With money in thy nation, comes control. Ministries suffer so much; resources are quickly lost, to bring ministries under the control of the Jezebel. That way, they can control ministries that have reached brokenness point; but instead of being drawn by God, they have been drawn by the physical lure of the Jezebel, who offers to help them through loving-kindness; & whilst you are being broken at this time, you are encouraging the confession of faults one to another. The Jezebel lingers to give comfort to that confession. That is why so many Christians hold back from making themselves vulnerable – because they have witnessed the Jezebel making the most of that situation.



“This is why I have prophets to give warnings, & give direction, the drawing of the Jezebel being one of destruction rather than life. This is what has been happening; & thou hast warned & warned the consequences of being lured by the comfort of Jezebel.



“The prophet stands firm; but who shall be with him? He lifts up the Word of God; yet they ignore his direction.



“So, continue speaking out My Word; continue giving the warnings; keep giving the warnings; keep giving the direction; for by doing this, thou art telling the believer; yet now, believer who ignores, rather than obeys.



“You are living in awesome times, when the ministry of the prophet needs to come to the fore. You are doing this by giving warnings & direction."



Word from the Lord through DPG, 31/08/11



“Take heed, take heed, saith the Lord: do not muzzle the prophet’s words, saith the Lord.


“For as I spoke through the prophet in days of old, they spoke & murmured against the prophetic word, & picked up their golden calf of dead religion. But the prophet came down, shining abundantly with My Word; so My prophets today are climbing the hill with the Lord, & coming down that hill full of the Lord, to bring the message of the Lord to bring the people unto Me.


“As the day came for the prophet to lift up his rod, so today this same thing is to happen. Behold! I am calling the people out of Egypt. But as in the days of old, the people have found their security zones within the pyramidic systems of slavery. The prophet has cried, ‘Come out of this land of pagan worship & activity.’ Thy prophet has cried in the courtrooms of the land, to let My people go. To this day, if anyone should be under the oppression of Egypt, thy prophet stands for them, not giving heed to the personal circumstance; not even giving heed to the personal cost. Thy prophet is to stand in the highest courts of the land. With the apostle, he is to stand & contend before Caesar. Thy robes are to be the robes of righteousness.


“Thou hast stood on thy stone, & called the people out of the world; but they have lingered, saith the Lord. They have held on to that little bit of luxury that the world system has to offer. But I tell thee, My judgement is upon that system. I am the Lord – I change not. Just as judgement came upon the Egyptian courts, so My judgement today is upon the courts of what I will describe as Egypt. For thy nation has been observing the same courts of the ancients of the pyramidic land. They profess to be Christians, yet they worship before altars made with hands. They worship under pyramidic high altars. They worship before statues said to be of the Lord. But thou hast not been called to worship before statues made of stone. Thou hast not been called to place incense before the altars of Baal. Thou hast been called to listen to My prophets & apostles, the foundation stones of My Church, I being the chief cornerstone.


“But thou hast cried from the high place, to come & follow Me. Yet they have clutched to the strands of Egypt; the security zones of flesh; the god of the physical senses. For as in days of old, even though the prophet led the children of Israel out of the land of slavery; & even though the prophet lifted up his rod & set the people free; so when things got tough, before the place Shittim, so the people murmured & rumoured. They started following their own way. They started forming their own little fellowship, of which the prophet took no part.

“O, thou hast a murmuring people, saith the Lord. ‘You should be doing this,’ they say. ‘You should be doing that,’ they say. ‘Oh, we have heard the prophet’s words, but we are going our own way. We will have our own little fellowship.’

“Praise Him on the loud trumpet! Praise Him on the loud cymbals! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”


“I have not called thee to react to the human apprehension. I have not called thee to listen to the murmurs & gossips of a people holding on to their traditions. ‘Oh, we do things this way. Oh, we do things that way.’ As they murmured against Moses, so they murmur against thee. And in the spirit comes the thrust. An idol is built, of the ways of this world – so a new golden calf is built, of the way things are to be done. So they come to the prophet & say, ‘We need to do things this way; we need to do things that way. We need to do what the murmuring people ask for. O! we have our own calf; we have our own way.’

“Yet the prophet cries ‘Come to the high place.’ He quotes My Word, forgetting those things which are behind, & moving ahead into the high calling of God.

“ ‘But we don’t do things that way. We have our own way. Egypt offers us plenty.’


“Thou hast taken the people into Shittim, knowing that from this place, the Word is to be lifted up. My Word is to separate thyselves. ‘Oh – but we must be nice to the people. We can’t go without them.’ Yet, I have brought thee a Joshua, to face the walls of thy Jericho; but going through those walls demands a price. The longings of the golden calf is to compromise to the needs of the people.

“ ‘Thou must visit the people, & show them love, & embrace the benefits of their calf. One must have tea with them. Thou must compromise towards this calf, who is quite prepared to accept your religion, as long as you accept his. For the god of the calf is very accommodating. ‘Oh! You can have your life in the spirit.’ And one becomes accommodating to the spirits of other gods too. ‘We must show them love. We bring in the gods of the J.W.s [Jehovah’s Witnesses]; we bring in the gods of masonry.’ For this calf is all-accommodating. ‘O! we don’t want to cause any trouble or any difficulty. We want to be accommodating to all men.’ The calf of one world religion is all-accommodating.


“But I am the Lord: I change not. My prophet climbs the hill of the Lord. He comes with the Word to forsake the calf; with My Joshua calling the people to consecration. But the people did not know what to do. They just said, ‘Yes – we accommodate thee. But I can’t leave the strands of the calf. O Lord, I can accommodate Thee – but I have my own feelings, my life in this world – I cannot forsake that.’


“But My Joshua called for the people to repent of the calf. But there is excuse, problems, difficulties. ‘Can I give my life to the one God? I have got to give honour to my other gods too. I have got this to do, I have got that to do – I must not forget this. But the price is too high. I’ve got my life to lead; for these gods will bless what I have got to do. I pray for them to bless my plans.’


“But the Word declares: ‘If you hearken unto the Lord thy God…’ You see, the message of the prophet & the apostle is to hearken unto the Lord thy God. The God of Deuteronomy 28 has not changed; & the prophet & the apostle declare, ’Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’


“You see, the prophet & apostle are here, not to bow to the all—accommodating god, the god of this world, the architect god. For this is the god of physical buildings. Oh! How they honour & worship their building. O! they have their cathedrals; they have their places of the pyramid.

“ ‘O, but we must respect the god of these buildings.’ They go quiet as they open the doors, & they bow towards the altars of Baal.


“But My Word declares, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal? ‘ My Word declares, ‘Be ye separate.’


“And so, at the place Shittim, the people had a choice, to separate themselves, to sanctify themselves, because tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders.


“But are the people prepared to pay the price to enter into the Promised Land?

“The prophet cries out to the people, to sing out praise unto the Lord thy God. He goes into trances, not wanting to heed the backbiting & rumour; wanting to stay unto the place of the throne of God, where He sits equally, as joint heir with Christ. He brings from the throne room the message of God, they will not heed.

“Yet, there are those who will not heed. They say, ‘I have an all-accommodating god. I can do this, I can do that. I have my own free choice.’ Yet My Word declares, ‘Ye are not your own. Ye were bought with a price.’


“Yet I have thee, saith the Lord; as thy hast cried out thine own inadequacies, I have filled thee with My Spirit. You see, I have seen thee cry out before God, in intercession for the people. They will not leave their worldly security zones, to cross int the Promised Land. They have this, they have that. ‘God will bless us,’ they say.


“Yet, I have called them to Shittim, but the things of the world have their hold. My Joshua gave the consecration word. They have to discuss it, ‘We have this; we have that.’ Will there be a people willing to forsake the workd, so that thy nation can be saved?


“Revival only comes through broken people, who have broken away from the claws of this world.


“Yet, the ‘phone calls have been going on; the texts have been written; e-mails too. Oh! Can the people forsake Egypt, to wholeheartedly give their lives to God?

“In the Promised Land, there are principles those holding on to the world can not accept; which is why they have to forsake the world.


“My warning to those entering this land, is not to give heed yet again to the gods of Egypt.


“Thou hast warned of the vagrancies of the Alexandrian verse; yet in thy land, they still hold on to the bibles of Egypt. They still hold on to the strand which makes them feel secure. For thou hast been called to hold on to the one true Word, of the call of God out of the land of Egypt, & into the Promised Land.


They murmured against thee; but thou still hast called for the people to sanctify themselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among them.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 26/03/12



“You are being prepared, My children, to expose those who preach another Jesus. Now, this is a very important point: The canon of Scripture is complete. But this does not mean I no longer speak through My prophets; for My prophets speak in line with the completed canon.


My prophets explain the completed canon. I give Rhema Word from the completed canon. For the completed canon, though completed, is alive & living; & My prophets turn Logos into Rhema. The definition of a cult is when extra writings are turned into holy books. The definition of a cult is a grouping which has what they see as the completed canon, but is not, because words have been taken out, & words put in.


“So, there can be no Rhema for such material; for I have not inspired the Logos, so how can I inspire the Rhema?


“So, another Jesus is being widely presented. At the root of Mormonism, is another Jesus, declared to be the spirit brother of Lucifer. Well, I have news for you: that ‘Jesus’ of Mormonism is Lucifer, who has sought continuously to be like the Most High, & has a variety of cults, calling him Jesus, causing damage to many.


“The Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, Alexandrian cult refers to its Jesus as ‘a son of the gods,’ a heresy of immense note; & you have been right to expose this cult continuously, as it binds so many into dead religion. This includes the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult, who use too the codices of Satan, Satan being the master of deception, this world-wide taking so many into its clutches, the deception you have been prepared to expose, even at the cost of your life.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/04/12



“Tax allowances, i.e. gift aid, is only there for charities who fully support the Constitution of the nation, & its stated heritage, which is Britain is the Protestant religion established by law. Constitutionally, no religion or organization can claim gift aid, unless it is of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. You do not give tax- back to religions opposed to the national religion. That is very obvious, saith the Lord.


“There must be no government funding for science that opposes the Word of God the monarch swore upon. There must be no funding in the NHS for cosmetic surgery (unless after accidents, etc.). There must be no funding for sexual health matters, unless a victim, those with sexual health issues having money taken from their wages, etc. to cover their costs. There must of course be no funding for abortions, except for the CPS to bring all those involved in abortion, to justice. The killing & torture of children has always been illegal under the nation’s Constitution; & all those who have supported it, must be brought to justice as accessories to the crime, including those who have practised it, who must be classed as murderers.


“The modern law seemingly that allows this murder, is under the Queen’s promise to God to keep the laws of God.


“Those who have practised euthanasia must be brought to justice.


“These are important statements, to bring understanding to the nation that it cannot continue to flout God’s law the way it has.


“Now, there is a warning for Scotland: Unless you deal with the abomination of Dunkeld, the abomination will destroy thy land.


“The nation of Scotland is in great danger at this time. Thou hast forsaken Me for other gods, there needing to be an understanding of the Protestant heritage of the nation, & the sacrifice of those who have gone before. The spiritual heritage of Scotland involved the shedding of martyrs’ blood. Your turning away from the heritage, is one that will destroy you, unless you repent & come back to the one true God; & the re-defining of marriage is the trigger that will bring forward the judgement.


“And this is a warning to the Scottish government: running roughshod over the Constitution of the United Kingdom, will destroy your nation, rather than bring it life.


“Take heed, people of Scotland; take heed now, of the consequences of putting your nation under a demonic stronghold which you have not dealt with, despite the demand of the prophets, who said to remove the abomination of Dunkeld.


“And this is My warning for England: You have removed your national identity to such a degree, you do not know who you are.


“I am calling you as a nation to put aside your love of money, & remember the God of your ancient landmark.


“Now, as regards to Ireland, from where came apostles, years ago: You have forsaken the heritage; & as well as being in serious financial trouble, more importantly, it needs to be understood, that your nation, along with Wales, has a revival coming; & where it will be coming, will be along those islands of the West coast, from Ireland all the way up to Lewis, where My prophet is to base himself, having built up securely the operation in the North, the apostle doing the same in the South.


“I will speak to My prophet, walking the beaches of Lewis, from where he will send Holy Ghost fire throughout all of the Highlands & Islands. The dead religion shall be removed, saith the Lord.


“And now I say to those in Wales: Your dead so-called ‘national Church’ has no Constitutional base in Wales. What set the landmark was the Non-Conformist chapel movement. The English so-called Church needs to be removed from the land; & the chapel movement uphold the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, of the UK Constitution. Bowing down to altars in Wales is abomination before God; & My judgement is upon all those who practise this evil abomination.


“So rejoice & be glad, My remnant, & prepare for the revival to come.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 15/04/12 



“There is a factor here you need to know about, which is warned about in My Word. This is the factor of many antichrists. They wander, & they roam, looking to place on others their Pharisaic, & even Jezebellic, form of Christianity on to others.


“They look for those whom they can devour. They are obsessed to try & make people come under their particular form of religion. This is the overpowering form of the antichrist, who looks for a commitment from others, to come under them.


“So, what they do is promote their own particular form of religion. They have their own way of doing things. They are obsessed with their own religious order.

“The Christian’s complete knowledge is in knowing that he is the body of Christ, connected to the head. The antichrist activity is connected to their own selfish head; in other words, they operate through their own feelings & emotions – their own way of doing things. Just as it was in My time on earth, they would come with a whole heap of accusations against those anointed of God.


“Now in Great Britain, this antichrist spirit is running riot within government circles, because they have not given heed to that which was written in relation to the nation.


“Now, this means this spirit makes laws, which makes those in government manic to see these laws are adhered to. For example, with these apparent road offence issues you have successfully dealt with: they issue an edict to say a machine is infallible. That is an edict of antichrist; for it is Constitutional in thy nation, that if an offence is committed, it is dealt with at the time; but antichrist will set up a whole legalistic machine, based on what a machine says, which can never give the context of the offence. For example, a lady may be giving birth, & her husband “breaking the speed limit,” yet under British law, not breaking the speed limit. For the law has to be applied legally- with mercy.


“You see, antichrist takes away the mercy element; & that is what is destroying thy country. The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.


“Such as it is in ‘Churches.’ They jump on those moving in the anointing, by quoting all manner of Scripture against them; & Scripture was never written like that.


“But these are the antichrists of the letter of the law; & I have warned that even now, many antichrists have come. This is the problem in education. This is why you have problems with ACE. It uses Scripture to bind, rather than set free. It uses Scripture to tell the child, “You do this, or else.” That is a burden of antichrist. What the Word of God declares, is little children as the kingdom of God. It is what the child hears from God, in a personal relationship, that is encouraged in real Christian education – not the letter of the law that kills.


“You see, I have warned many antichrists have come; & you have them all around you: manic, obsessed people; contending for the faith, they say; yet they place people under the schoolmaster, rather than the freedom that comes through Christ Jesus.


“Your critics are those of antichrist; that is, those of the anti-anointing. Antichrists insist every letter of the law is kept to. The Christian insists he cannot keep to every letter of the law, & confesses faults, that he/she may be healed.


“But in Christ, the Christian is faultless. He or she has had every stain removed through the blood of Jesus. But those under antichrist are chained with their doctrines of ensuring that everyone else keeps to the letter, just as they apparently do. But what antichrist does, is ensure his followers suppress their sin, & place burdens on others, & have the form of religion on the surface, that suppresses all the filth of the antichrist underneath.


“Antichrist is ready to pounce, to put the sin of their own selves on others, as they continuously look for a scapegoat, instead of having their personal relationship with Christ. It is the religion of dealing with someone else’s specks, rather than the planks in their own eyes.



“This is the spirit of antichrist. It is all around you, ready to pounce at any moment; of a nation obsessed with the letter of the law (look at the nonsense come in with Europe), rather than the law & justice in mercy your Constitution demands.


“Now, here is My instruction to you. You are to run, as councillors, lessons in the British Constitution. Invite all the councillors to come to it; & during those lessons, expose the spirit of antichrist, & set the nation free, in the Name of Jesus.”

Word from the Lord to David P Griffiths, 27/09/14 “The Signs of the Times”


“It is all there, wars & rumours of wars; & Babylon has come up again on the horizon, with nations coming together to take on the Babylonian threat. But the Babylonian threat is united, whereas the nations that have come together, lack the openness & trust between them; & so the Babylonian threat is very real.

“And all this is part of the build-up to the Tribulation. You are living in the very last days.


“Just look at what you have been witnessing. Brother would turn against brother, sister against sister, nations being overrun by global rule, doctrines of lack rather than the doctrine of plenty. Little is said of the God who is more than enough; & plenty is said of the Green movements of lack.


“The end-time apostasy is all around you. What was known as My Church has become a mishmash of philosophy, business technique & witchcraft. For too long My remnant has hidden in a cave, bursting to get out, but without the resource to do so. My ravens have fed thee, but you have needed more than this; for thy movements have been stolen.


“Your nation fails to acknowledge God the Creator, with made-up theories of man using human logic rather than the Spirit. This has meant whole generations have been educated by fools who do not acknowledge God, fools who do not acknowledge the signs of the times, because they have failed to read My Word.


“Thy College has been set up so as to teach the people the fundamentals of My Word; yet they reject you. Yet you minister life, & the fools now have taken on Babylon without the covering of God. Self-righteousness is what they are all about. They have their intellect, they have their education, they have their military, they think they have what is required to defeat a spiritual force. The immorality of Western countries, the amount of babies whose blood has been shed, the formula of decrease within their new marriage ceremony – what does My Word say about sowing & reaping?


“They say they are taking on a cult of death, when they wear those clothes themselves in relation to the slaughter of the innocents. They seem to know everything, yet the simple principle of sowing & reaping seems to be unknown. You sow death, you get death. You sow decrease, you get decrease. But I have raised you up as a ministry, yet they attack you with law after law, accusation after accusation, you being pinned down in a quagmire of policies, procedures & regulations. Yet in your hands, you have the key to defeat death.


“Thou hast given prophetic warning after prophetic warning over these things, but they fail to acknowledge those warnings.


“And so, the cry from My heart this time, is for thy backsliding nation to come back. Consult the prophets, not the military, over the defeat of Babylon. What will the prophets say? Humble yourselves and repent: to save the babies in the womb, have marriage of increase, not decrease, acknowledge the God of plenty, rather than the Green doctrines of lack, & no longer be a nations of the letter, but rather of the spirit, as thy Constitution demands.


“Overcoming in the end times means complete reliance on Me & thou art a remnant, whose resources are used for the gospel. What I have said, the price has already been paid. Yet they choose to spend their money on military action, when a repentant nation would have the covering of God & come to no harm.

“With man’s ways, the price has yet to be paid. By coming to God, the price was paid 2,000 years ago, the blood was already shed. But today, they choose to spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. They choose to shed more blood. 


By coming back to God, He has already paid the price & already shed the blood, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


“It is all there in the Coronation Service of thy monarch. It is there in the monarch’s promise. Yet, as in the Scottish Referendum, you failed to acknowledge your Constitution. What happens to a building that fails to acknowledge its foundations?


“The way is clear. I am the way, the truth & the life; the only way. Will you acknowledge the God of thy Constitution, or run on sand?

“The warning through My prophet has been given. Come back to God, the Creator. Thou spends millions on research on how the earth was formed, when all you ever needed was the Word of God.


“You see, it is all about foundations. The Rock on which the Church is built has never changed.


“And now, with these signs pf the times clearly evident, thou hast a mission to fulfil. Be ready. Work through the jobs thou has to do; but remember, what is around you is on sand. The professionals around you have been taught the foolishness of man rather than the foundations of God. Yet there is a big difference now; that unlike the Second World War, thy nation is in conflict without God & His protection. In World War II, there was no slaughter of the innocents in the womb. In World War II, there was no marriage of decrease, only increase. In World War II, National Days of Prayer were called.

“You see the difference? You even acknowledged the weakness of your military, thy acknowledgement bringing such a covering of God that even the weather at Dunkirk was changed in your favour.


“You go on about global warming, yet the weather at Dunkirk was changed in your favour. Do you not see? If you came back to God, the weather would be changed in your favour. Yet you choose the Green movement’s doctrine of lack & over-regulation rather than the God who changes weather in your favour.

“You foolish people! You fail to see the signs of the times & act accordingly. You have been warned, again & again & again. Those warnings remain on the web-sites of this ministry. They spent a whole day in Parliament debating whether they should go to war. Yet let Me tell you, the war was won 2,000 years ago. Yet thy Parliament begins sessions in prayer; yet they do not give the God they pray to the pre-eminent position in their debates.


“The monarch & Prime Minister can call you. You can go to Buckingham Palace & Downing Street & tell them what I am saying. It is not complicated. It is the gospel message; it is the words you commonly quote. You say, ‘Attend to My words; they are life unto them that find them & healing to all thy flesh.’

“Come back, oh backsliding nation! Thy military in World War II was covered. Where are they now? Under a nation that kills its innocents, that over-regulates its people, has doctrines of lack rather than increase, & has re-defined Ephesians 5.


“How foolish can a nation become? These are the most fundamental of issues. Acknowledging these issues, repenting before God, is the key to defeat Babylon.


“Now, a message to My Church. Thou hast already defeated Babylon in My Name. As you stand in a nation that knows its own ways are best, there will be casualties of the present conflict; & be ready for those who are coming to Me for My rest. Be ready for the harvest. Keep preparing. Remember the words through Bunyan of labouring night & day. Thou art in preparation for the great harvest of souls. For as man’s comfort zones are taken away, they will look for the answers. In the anointing of God, thou shalt populate heaven with souls [=spirits] previously destined for the abyss.


“Oh, thou art preparing for a great harvest! Be not discouraged. As I wrote through the hymn writer, as I declared in My Word, ‘It is finished; the battle is over. The prisoners of war must come home.’


“Oh! What a message thou hast, of a Saviour who died that thou would have life, & life in abundance.


“Behold, I am alive for evermore. And this is the life thou hast. Be prepared for the harvest.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 31/05/15 “The Signs of the Times”


“The sinners have become the prosecutors, the pure in heart the defendants.“All over the world, the sinners are taking over as the prosecutors, & the pure in heart have become the defendants. Those in the past who would have been convicted of gross indecency, are now winning cases against bakers looking to uphold family values.


“The sinner has become the prosecutor, the pure in heart the defendant. Those who are upholding charities in the name of love, ‘charity’ meaning agape, sacrificial love, have become the defendants, whilst those who uphold the letter of the law that killeth, they have become the prosecutors against those who sacrifice in the name of charity, which means love.


“Letter of the law has become more important than sacrificial love; a concept unknown, for example, in the British Constitution.“Prophets are being persecuted all over the world, for speaking the word of the Lord against those who are speaking politically correctly in the name of a legalistic Lucifer who is taking his opportunity to suppress righteousness that only comes in submission to a holy God.


“In Britain, the Parliamentarians swear on the King James Bible to become an MP. Yet they make laws to put those who uphold its contents behind bars. Those who do not conform are imprisoned, suppressed & rejected. Those who speak out are alienated, as people who are ‘not quite with it.’


For they do not fit into new politically correct societies, equality & diversity laws that make sinners more equal than the righteous. “Those with the religion of Guy Fawkes, a religion that has slain the righteous for centuries, have now become the prosecutors against those who protest.


Yet protesting is what the monarch of Britain promised to do in her oath to God. Yet those who protest have been the defenders rather than the prosecutors, as in Guy Fawkes’ day.“Those who speak out the word of the Lord in the Middle East are being crucified, beheaded or burnt alive, as in Tyndale’s day.


The criminalisation of the righteous by the sinner, is taking place all over the world, the foundations of decency being destroyed, in the name of a legalistic god of this world that continuously torments those who uphold traditional values, the only perspective that is not included in equality & diversity legislation.


“The sinners look to manipulate scenarios to win over those who have not been educated in righteousness, as old Education Acts used to demand. In the forthcoming referendum in Britain, economic policy will be manipulated to give the benefits of European membership, which is exactly what happened during the last referendum over Europe, so that one year can show the benefits of being in Europe, at the cost of many tears of slavery to an organisation of corruption from top to bottom.


“Yet, if the righteous speak up, they become the defendant in front of a sinning prosecutor.“Do they not know, righteousness is about to appear in the sky – the coming of the Lord Jesus? Are they not in fear at His very name? For the tables are being turned. For I come quickly, saith the Lord; for all shall have to meet a righteous God.


“For the sinner who has prosecuted the righteous, faces an eternity of torment & hell-fire. For what they sow against the righteous, the will reap in an eternity of constant torment in hell.


“Yet, the sinner has removed hell form the Scriptures in the hands of so many ‘churches.’ To remove this word from Scripture will bring eternal damnation on those of the Nestle-Aland Committee that have brought the conditions for the sinner to become the prosecutor, & the righteous, the defendant.“Behold! I come soon, saith the Lord.


You do not know the hour or the day; but thou hast the signs of the times all around you, to know that My coming is imminent, when the righteous shall be filled with My glory, as indeed they are, even today, under the persecution of the unrighteous judge.  “For I have made them strong. From their cries of desperation & weakness, they have become as Me on this earth already.


For upholding the Book the Parliamentarians swear on to become MPs, is an action that makes null & void all laws contrary to the pages of this Book.“So, who are the real prosecutors? Only those who uphold that which the Parliamentarians of Britain have sworn upon; which is why Constitution Keepers must have its own court, & pass judgement on those not upholding the pages of this Book, whilst giving opportunity for a pardon through the blood of Jesus, that makes the prosecuting sinner a defendant like you, upholders of righteousness of the Spirit rather than the letter.


“Thus you have the whole of the Word of God on your side, & the Constitution of Great Britain. In America, tell them you have the Mayflower Compact, to free those that used to bake cakes from being bankrupted by those ignoring the contents of My holy Word.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 02/12/15

“The Armies of the World are Gathering in the Middle East”


“My dear Lindsay, the song you sing, ‘The Midnight Cry,’ is now more relevant than ever; but what to look out for is the man of peace. He will come with all the solutions to the turmoil of the Middle East. At this time, you will know that the time of the Lord has come.


“They will be saying, ‘Peace, peace. We have a solution to all this turmoil. Things will be getting back to normal.’ But the armies of the world will still have gathered in the Middle East. “By not looking at things spiritually, thine own nation has reacted to the potential of violence against it. Instead of seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, a fundamental mistake has been made, to react to a circumstance rather than to pray & listen to God.


“The men of war will increase the threat to bring violence to thy nation; & a thousand shall fall at one side, a thousand shall fall on the other; but I have given My Word unto thee that it shall not come nigh thee. “By removing prophets from the seat of government, which is what the clause in the Coronation Oath is all about, where you read ‘bishops & clergy’ really means those with spiritual understanding are to oversee the affairs of state, which is why those government agencies which have come against you, have looked to muzzle the prophets at a time when the nation needs all their spiritual insights. But what the agencies that have come against you need to understand, is that the Second World War was not won by those of procedure & policy, but by those of intercession & prayer, unsuppressed at that time by the state as you have been.


“Wars are won by those prepared to forsake their lives, rather than those obsessed by health & safety issues, & best interests of the individual. Progress in the world has always come through those of self-denial, & being prepared to give one’s life for another. “So thy nation is falling into a trap, which will be lapped up by thine enemies. A plan has to be made over what to do after the air strikes, & so there will be armies on the ground; & you will see this in the country surrounding the plain of Megiddo.


Isn’t it interesting how this gathering is coming about? Through the lady of Valdres was spoken the word over vast movements of population; peoples of the Middle East moving to the West; & you will see peoples of the West moving to the Middle East, to rebuild Syria after its air strikes. And they will be saying, ‘Look at the good work we are doing.’ At that time you will know that the time of the Lord is very near, & peace initiatives will be well advanced, & you will know that time you have been waiting for.


And as they looked up towards the blood moon, a shadow of crimson which is to come; for what is to come is the bloodstained garments of the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & I will be there, & the body of Christ shall rise up. Bodies will be seen lifted up all over the world, to come & greet Me, & you will see legions of the Lord’s army all around; & the enemy of souls will know his time is up – his time is up. And he will have had the world believing what a nice fellow he is, with his initiatives of peace.


But the One who is thy Shalom will have appeared in the sky. For the man of peace upon the earth will have been the counterfeit; & because Western countries are removing spirituality from government, they will realise that the letter of the law killeth, & it is the Spirit that giveth life. “‘Policies & procedures! Policies & procedures!’ they cry; & you will have said all along, ‘Passion, sacrifice & vision.’ And they will see who is right at this time. For only those of sacrifice, of forsaking, of giving one’s life for another, will be caught up with Me in the air; & those left behind will be those who have worked for their own best interest, left to face the vigours of a tribulation so great.


“But the Lord will come to rescue His people, His people being one body, the Church triumphant, persecuted, yet strong. For this Church has overcome by the blood of the Lamb, & the word of its testimony. “What is happening in the world today is continuous deception; but you have within you the real truth, ‘The only Real Peace,’ as you sing, Lindsay. For the man of peace to come, is the counterfeit, who declared himself to be ‘like the Most High;’ like the Most High, with his own bibles of Higher Criticism.


Like the Most High with his own peace initiatives, the question today needing to be asked in thine own country that has been destroying its future generations by attacking the child in the womb, by not training & nurturing in the understanding of thine own Constitutional Acts, is ‘Who has bewitched you?’ that message originally going into present day Turkey, so closely linked with this conflict in Syria, Galatians 3 being the passage for government of thy nation to read. And for My body suppressed by that same government, Psalm 91, ‘For it shall not come nigh thee.’


“This is the word of the Lord. The warning has gone out. Look for the man of peace, the man of counterfeit peace. But you have, as you sing, Lindsay, the onlyreal peace.”  


Prophetic Scripture: II Timothy 3, 10-17. 


But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience,Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me.Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.  


Hymn: ‘O Boundless Salvation’ by General Booth 


O boundless salvation! deep ocean of love,
O fullness of mercy, Christ brought from above,
The whole world redeeming, so rich and so free,
Now flowing for all men, now flowing for all men,
Now flowing for all men, come, roll over me! 


My sins they are many, their stains are so deep,
And bitter the tears of remorse that I weep;
But useless is weeping; thou great crimson sea,
Thy waters can cleanse me, thy waters can cleanse me,
Thy waters can cleanse me, come, roll over me! 


My tempers are fitful, my passions are strong,
They bind my poor soul and they force me to wrong;
Beneath thy blest billows deliverance I see,
O come, mighty ocean, O come, mighty ocean,
O come, mighty ocean, and roll over me! 


Now tossed with temptation, then haunted with fears,
My life has been joyless and useless for years;
I feel something better most surely would be
If once thy pure waters, if once thy pure waters,
If once thy pure waters would roll over me. 


O ocean of mercy, oft longing I’ve stood
On the brink of thy wonderful, life giving flood!
Once more I have reachèd this soul cleansing sea,
I will not go back, I will not go back,
I will not go back till it rolls over me. 


The tide is now flowing, I’m touching the wave,
I hear the loud call of the Mighty to Save;
My faith’s growing bolder, delivered I’ll be;
I plunge ’neath the waters, I plunge ’neath the waters,
I plunge ’neath the waters they roll over me. 


And now, hallelujah! the rest of my days
Shall gladly be spent in promoting His praise
Who opened His bosom to pour out this sea
Of boundless salvation, of boundless salvation,
Of boundless salvation for you and for me.


The example of General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, over social reform needs to be pointed out. Without having this passion, commitment & sacrifice, the Wales Wellbeing Act has no opportunity whatever of being successful.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/11/15

“The Call to War has not primarily been against Islamic State, 

but against the Nation’s own Protection”


“The protection of the nation relates to those ministries, those charities, those NGOs, who uphold the nation’s Constitution.


“Instead of uplifting these institutions, Act of Parliament after Act of Parliament has been set up to destroy the very foundations of the nation.


“I begin with the Abortion Act. By destroying your unborn, by destroying the very foundations of Education Acts of old, what you have done is remove a population that would have been educated in the training & nurture of the Lord. That is an act of war that primarily not against Islamic State, but has been an Act of Parliament that has brought about a ‘holocaust’ of British citizens, far greater in number than Islamic State has ever considered.


“The nation is in a vulnerable state today, because if a nation sows death, it will reap death. If a nation shows life & self-sacrifice, a nation will prosper before God, & have prosperity for its people.


“Likewise in Paris, if a nation shows discord instead of love, it will receive discord. By unnecessarily offending parts of the world population, by singing rock songs to the devil, which is what the eagles of Death metal cult was all about, then you will reap death & discord, & on the back of this, nations are going to war against Islamic State, instead of addressing its own war against its own people in the womb.


“Keeping to policy & procedure, along with the world’s new socialist order, brought about from the high point of Highgate, has now brought nations of the West into such a fear of keeping policy & procedure, that those of passion & vision are now suppressed & living in fear.


“The ones who the nation suppresses, are the ones who can save the nation from the vagrancies of terrorism. For it is those who the nation suppresses, who have the ability to return the nation to the protection of God.


“What the nation has to learn, however, is that the world’s greatest act of terrorism is the daily terror it inflicts on the unborn child, is the lack of training & nurture of the Lord, all this being dressed up into Acts of state that apparently look after the wellbeing of future generations; an act of gross hypocrisy, when future generations are being destroyed day by day in the womb.


“Now, the conscience of the nation is coming under constant attack from the agencies of legalism. For if you do not say the current jargons, then persecution will follow. They will look to find you out in relation to the most petty of procedures, knowing the letter of the law will destroy you, the destroyers coming from agencies of government who refuse to answer questions relating to the Constitution of the nation, choosing rather to destroy those holding the conscience of the nation, through the processes of laws that have no life in them, for these laws are not laws at all, for they lack the Spirit of God, which is a Constitutional demand in the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain.


“The war is not primarily against Islamic State, but against the unborn child, the young generation deprived of the Word of God, & agencies of self-sacrifice that uphold the very Constitution of the nation.


“These have been the first target of government, rather than Islamic State. It is therefore time for government to save its own people & stop the terrorism against the unborn child, & educate its people in the training & nurture of the Lord, which is the Constitutional demand? That way, the nation will move under the protection of Psalm 91, after it has repented of its own terrorist acts, towards the unborn child, the young generations needing education of the nation’s own Constitution, & the ministries, charities, & NGOs upholding the Constitution of the nation.


“These organisations are now declaring they are virtually bankrupt, & that they need so much money to pay next week’s bills. So, we get personal appeals, desperate appeals, for money to come in to cover the bills, when those who would have been giving offerings have either been slaughtered in the womb, been uneducated in the Word of God, the organisations that have been faithful to the nation’s Christian heritage being bound up by letter of the law regulations, that even in the case of the Bible College of Wales Continuing &, are now being forced to pay back offerings, to a lady who had decided to give her all, for the sake of restoring a nation that has forgotten God, & to reach every creature with the gospel. What a crazy set of affairs - & the solution seems to be, to bomb Islamic State! What has bewitched you, O once-Great Britain, that you think you can deal with the speck in the eye of another, when you have a whopping great beam in your own eye, relating to the slaughter, over many years, of thine own future generations, which were once educated in the training & nurture of the Lord.


“Now, this message is a message from the throne room of God, who hears your songs related to a land of hope & glory; but how can you have a land of hope & glory when you sow death rather than life?


“It is time to restore the organisations that walk & move in the old paths, for it is they that have the relationship with God that can bring about national repentance, & the salvation of the innocents in the womb, whom thou hast been at war against for years.


“Isn’t it time to remember those victims of war, as well as those who have laid slain on the battlefields of previous wars? For this present war is primarily not against Islamic State, but against thine own unborn child, & those in educational establishments that no longer receive the training & nurture of the Lord.


“On the back of this, lies ministries, charities, & NGOs who are crying out for resources to continue, for government has slaughtered generations that would have given to their cause.”



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