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2016 Prophecies

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/05/16

“The Foundational Ministries”

“The Spirit of God will strengthen you day by day, as you take on the task of rebuilding what is seen as being Church & state.

“The present scenario is of a Church of England, Church of Scotland, & Church of Ireland in complete disarray, in confusion & decline. A kingdom divided cannot stand.

“Such is the NHS & education systems. They are all finished as you know them. Kingdoms divided will not stand, & a nation that denies its oath to God, will collapse.

“I come to thy preparation. A nation that forgets its ancient landmarks is a nation gone forever. But should there be the foundational ministries, it is only these that can rebuild. So this is thy preparation.

“Lindsay, be aware that My Spirit strengthens day after day, & wants to use thy classical background to bring the understanding of the context of the New Testament. The history of thy nation needs to be understood within the context of its spirituality, & the Spirit requires thy knowledge. So be prepared to be re-establishing thy nation’s foundations within the context of re-establishing its spiritual roots. This is the area of teaching, so have prepared the courses on New Testament Survey, as well as being involved in the course on the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain. For in bringing about these understandings, there needs to be a part in that course, on how the Holy Roman Empire declined & fell.

“So, there are foundational courses to be brought to the fore, of the background to the New Testament, & the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, that needs to include the understandings of the Holy Roman Empire.

“This is My instruction. It is time to get prepared, for it is the prophets & apostles who I bring forward, to being the conditions for all the ministry giftings to operate.

“So be prepared.”

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 22/05/16


 “Separate yourselves from evil, & let righteousness spring up & rule thy heart & thy nation. For thy times are in My hand, saith the Lord. Whosoever desireth peace & long days of life, followeth My instructions. For My yoke is easy & My burden is light.

“Decay, deceit & destruction lieth at the door, like sin, waiting to devour. For I have made My will clear to My people, that My righteousness may prevail, bringing peace like a river flowing over your soul.

“Do not be swayed by the deceiver that accuseth the brethren. I will give you wisdom, & strength, saith the Lord, to walk with hind’s feet on the high places of the earth. For Lot chose the low ground of Sodom & Gomorrah instead of the narrow way, the hard way of the prophet that leads to life.

“Easy as it is to lie in the low place & do nothing – it leads to destruction & death. Be in your watchtowers – listen for My commands. Go forth upon all the earth at My Word. Pray unceasingly at this time, for darkness would prevail over the saints. Thy prayers at My command, dispel all darkness, doubt & fear. Be at peace – do not strive, & I will bring it – the desires of thy heart, which I put there – to pass.

“Watch & pray.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/05/16

“Sheila’s Choice: the side of Sheila’s Family that knoweth not the Lord”

“I am saying I am going to run a miracle in the side of Sheila’s family that knoweth not the Lord.

“You see, what has happened has been a group of people who have come against thee, determined to put the blame against thee, determined to accuse you of controlling & manipulating Sheila out of her fortune. Yet, as you gave, Sheila gave; & this is the crucial point: As you gave, Sheila gave. For the oneness in the spirit has been replaced by the Court’s decision that she was not mentally capable of doing this. Yet she was capable of reading the Word & understanding it. She was capable of speaking a tongue & interpreting that tongue. She was capable of casting out devils & laying hands on the sick so that they recover. She was capable of laying down her fortune for the Lord.

“So, if she was capable of all the other things, why was she not capable of laying down her life to the Lord?

“Sheila was, & is, appreciative to the Lord. She responds even now to the Word of God. Prophesying was, & is, natural to her. So, the choice of Sheila was never a choice for the love of money or self-greed. Sheila’s choice was, & is, for others first. Sheila was prepared not only to lay down her resources, but also her life for the sake of the gospel. The side of Sheila’s family who know not the Lord, know not the sacrifice He gave; & the fearlessness she showed during the war in Sri Lanka, in her enthusiasm to lay down her life – why should that now change, when it comes to her resources? For Sheila responded to the tremendous legal attack against the ministry, within the context of her family who know the Lord, rather than in the context of those who don’t.

“Sheila’s Choice now comes before Me, & I will judge, & every knee shall bow. For I am above every throne of this earth.

“So, be prepared for the justice of God, for I will restore her choice.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/05/16

“The UK Government Diploma: an Invitation to all Government Employees

to Study their Obligations under the UK Constitutional Acts”


“This diploma requires an adaptation of the existing work thou hast done. Evangelical Theology becomes The Theology behind the UK Constitutional Acts. The Anointing becomes The Virtue required to Operate in Government according to the 1534 Act of Supremacy. Another course: The Obligation of the Monarch & her Employees to Hear from God - & so forth. Another course could be Why Roman Catholicism is rejected in the UK Constitutional Acts.

“So, simply adapt thy existing courses within the format I have given you, & offer this to all government bodies as a free course to learn their obligations under the law.

“Those who lay their lives down for the cause are those led of the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, who must now prepare for government. For what thou will be teaching in this course is found-ational. What has come against thee from government is therefore without foundation, which is why the EU is collapsing all around you; & whatever the vote, the collapse is imminent. For nations to come together & neglect their sovereignty are nations without foundation, & you know the story of the wise man & the foolish man. And your diploma will be ready in season for those looking to rebuild their lives after the collapse Great Britain will experience should it fail to get hold of its ‘get out of jail’ card.

“So, Britain has its ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card. It needs to not only grasp it with open arms, but also to return to the God its monarch swore to, to uphold the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, that represents sola scriptura, & a monarch & her subjects that hear from God, & God alone, rather than the vagrancies of those who portray ludicrous economic reason.

“For what happened to Greece will happen to the whole of Europe, should it fail to understand that its sovereignty-destructive force is one of Satan’s pit, rather than one that gives honour to God.

“So, be prepared for thy Government Diploma & adapt it further for other European countries. For the aims of Satan through Hitler are exactly the same as the aims of the EU, except this time Satan appears as the angel of light, giving great prosperity to the peoples of Europe, rather than the legalistic spirit that comes from those without virtue, a legalistic spirit that destroys, rather than brings life.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 04/06/16


“By bringing the battle bus into Rhos-on-Sea, you witnessed a manifestation of evil spirits intent on manifesting the letter of the law. For what does My Word declare, but that the letter killeth? What you declare is that the spirit is above the letter.

“What happened one day when walking Sheila, is that there was a manifestation of the letter of the law; & likewise, you stood on the spirit. And so, an intercession must take place on the very spot where this manifestation took place. For what you did, was bring forth life into Rhos-on-Sea.

“What you have tried to do is make Rhos-on-Sea into a resort for all the family. But what you have met is the letter of the law that kills. Rhos-on-Sea needs to be a resort where families can come together in safety, where children can play on the sand, & the whole area of the harbour opened up for the enjoyment of all the family. My desire was always for Mum, Dad & children to play together & be happy. What has happened in Britain has been a force that has taken away family enjoyment. For surrounding the family is the letter of the law that kills. The schools no longer teach Christ, & Him alone, with a range of philosophies that place the child under law.

“And so, to counteract this, from Rhos-on-Sea will come a course for children on the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, with the basic points of what the monarch promised God in 1953. For what you do in Rhos-on-Sea is bringing attention to a village that the world will notice. For I am calling you to take the high ground, & to intercede at not only the harbour point, but also on Bryn Euryn, so that you bring the conditions for life to manifest in this village. For from here, you shall reach the whole world with the gospel.

“What you did yesterday was bring on a battle bus with a constitutional rather than political message; & as you take a higher residence in Rhos-on-Sea, you too are to have your own battle bus, & on it shall read ‘British Law that brings Life (the Foundations) – not EU Law that Destroys. (For the letter killeth, but the spirit brings forth life).’ What a message you have to portray from Rhos-on-Sea, for you are bringing forth life, & life in abundance.

“And on your battle bus, you have portrayed the One who is life. For I am the way, the truth, & the life, & no man cometh to the Father except by Me; & what you have done, is expose the destroyer; & thy ministry shall grow. For you are life, & life in abundance; & life always overcomes death.

“So your battle bus is to be bought alongside thy residence, & have these words on it. Around the country you will be invited to go, to bring forth this life, & the wrongs of EU law thou shalt expose. For not only did these laws take away Sheila’s choice; they’ve been taking away the choice of the people, to choose Christ & Him alone.

“My intercession for the Referendum is that the people choose life, & not death. For I’ve called you to the highest positions in government, to bring life to the nation, & bring to justice those who have brought to thy nation the policies of death, & fear, which has resulted in a nation of the letter rather than the spirit.

“What a mission you have! And on that battle bus, you portray life; & who is life, but the Saviour Himself? What a job you are doing, for as you bring forth life, so shall thy nation prosper & be in health. For it is the death of the letter that has filled the hospitals, & your battle bus will take away the fears & stresses, & you shall travel not only around the country, but around the world with this message. For the message of Satan’s order is to bring forth death by the letter. What you have done is bring forth life by the spirit.

“What a message thou hast portrayed! For life is the gospel, life is the liberation, life is the freedom, & it is this life that will change the people from the fears of an unstable world. For My kingdom does not change. It is the stability of Christ that brought forth the foundations in Scotland through John Knox, in Ireland via Patrick, in Wales through the revival of William Williams & Evan Roberts, in England & beyond through the revivals of Wesley, & in Great Britain as a whole, through the settlement of the first Elizabeth, who tolerated not the vagrancies of a foreign power, & established Great Britain on the rock of the Lord Jesus.

“That is My intercession, that these gates of hell shall not prevail, & that Britain shall have its Independence Day, a day of celebration under God, & not under the god of a foreign power.”

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 04/06/16

[Note: This word was received soon after the word to DPG titled ‘Rhos on Sea’]


“Reach the people – reach the people – reach the people. Bypass the churches, for they are but a stumbling-block unto Me, saith the Lord. Inhabit the whole earth with My praises – see the fulfilment of My vision, My purpose, My outworking for thee.

“Sit on the high places of the earth – stay there, stay strong there, in the place where I have put thee. For the desires of My heart are for a people of praise, thanksgiving & joy, who show My compassion to the lost & the fallen, to the little children & those of a tender heart, to refugees & the rejected by the system, to show My true heart of love & the acceptance of the Beloved to those who have known nothing but heartache.

“I tell thee now: rescue the perishing, bind up the broken-hearted, set the captives free, & love them with My love, & work, for the harvest truly is here, is plentiful & ripe for the picking!”

Scripture: Isaiah 43.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/08/16

The Spirits are out of their Cover, & thus Afraid


“The manifestations of evil spirits at this time, are the sure sign that they are screaming & shouting in their fear of the imminent coming of the Lord.


“For he cometh as a thief in the night; no one knoweth the time & the hour, except the Lord God, who demands total obedience to Himself. For He has set you on a pattern of New Testament Church which is shaking nations. It is bringing to the fore that the actions of devils, in manipulating man into actions, can no longer be hidden.


“As thou comes together for a Trustee Meeting, look not at the past, but moving ahead to the high calling of God. For from here, thou art destined to make great impact in the autumn, as the world is shaken by the revelations that are going to come out.


“For I have called thee as prophets to the nations. I have called thee to speak out the truth, & as that word goes forth, so the devils quake in their habitations. Sinners cry out as their security zones are removed.


“Thou art witnessing this already, in abuses, obscenities, & blasphemies. But thus saith the Lord of hosts: dramatic world events are to take place over the months ahead. Thou hast been going through a preparation period. Have these courses ready. I know the pressures on thy time, but take authority over the distractions. For the enemy of souls is afraid of you. For man has placed trust in the systems of this world, its banking, its social services, medical services, & the like. Yet you have brought out the corruptions in these organisations, saying that whilst it is important to have financial stewardship & care for one another, it is significant to note that the operations of man have sought to place the people under the control of a realm of evil, that in banking controls governments & the people of nations; that in health services takes away lives that are in the womb; & in social services, takes control over the lives of people rather than gives them support.

“Now, when it comes to what is known as ‘Church,’ thou hast spotted the role of big business & banks; & ministry after ministry have fallen into their trap.

“On one hand, they cry out for free movement of people, & free trade. Yet on the other hand, they restrict free movement of the gospel, & thy ability to bring in missionaries from around the world to save thy nation.

“Thou has found the thief, & he has to let go. To copyright My Word is to restrict My gospel from reaching every creature. Intercession is to deal with this & bring it into the open; & to place border controls against the carriers of My Word, is to restrict My end-time calling to reach every creature with the gospel.

“How thou hast found the thief! They thought they could be subtle, & have these controls in place without notice. It is time for thee to ‘cast the money-changers out of the Temple,’ to free the people, give freedom to the gospel, so that the monarch’s Coronation Oath may be fulfilled.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/08/16

“The Feeling of Inadequacy was Paul’s Thorn”

“The role I had given the apostle was to reach the whole world, not only in his generation, but in generations to come. This I succeeded to do, through a vessel that admitted self-weakness, a vessel that had been cleansed, yet was tormented by an enemy that we used to prevent pride.

“Such was Rees Howells. There is pride in ownership, pride in the way you look. Whilst it is important in the present era to look professional in presentation, it is more important to keep in touch with the common man.

“So much in the present era is based on personal pride, from the pride march that says, ‘Look at me! Look what I have done! I am liberated – I can do what I want,’ to the apostle who was bound in chains to the gospel. He lived not his own life. He lived the life of another. No congratulation was due to him, for the vessel that truly allows the Lord Jesus to take over, is a vessel that has no interest in personal pride, but rather exalts the Lord.

“I have called thee as the apostle Paul, to not only reach the present generation, but generations to come. An opportunity has come to expand the ministry, but in humility & humbleness - & yes, there are elements of the old season to deal with; but I am calling thee onwards, as cleaned vessels, to fulfil the Word of the Lord.

“And yes, professional presentation is extremely important, & television presentation quality needs to increase, in the manner stated of the Lord; but that thorn will remind thee of thy humbleness, & to a degree of being so open of thine own weakness, just as the apostle was. He, like you, got overwhelmed, but received so much strength to overcome. Hence I am calling in the season of the open confession movement. There will be those in Christendom who will call this negative confession, for without a negative there can never be a positive. For the weak (without pride) are to say, ‘I am strong,’ the poor to say, ‘I am rich.’ For this is the Lord’s doing, not the activity of man, but the activity of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/08/16

“The Rebels have Taken Over – What Shall We Do?”


“The resources of the Church have been stolen by those who portray a form of witchcraft known as rebellion.

“For not upholding the landmark which fathers have set, there is great judgement. For not only have these rebels stolen the resources of those who sacrificed years ago; they, as the ex-anointed, chase the current anointed so as to kill, steal & destroy them. They are the Sauls chasing the Davids. They hold nothing back.


They withdraw preaching from the people. They entertain rather than convict. They fail to convict individuals to come out of sin. They allow partners rather than husbands, wives & children. They have rejected the true landmark of Textus Receptus, in favour of Nestle-Aland, who changed script in line with social conditions.


They ignore founders’ visions: entire sanctification no longer taught in the Methodists; the Foursquare Gospel ignored in Elim; the sacrifice of Carter, Harthern & Wigglesworth rejected in the Assemblies of God; the holiness of Williams & his team ignored in the Apostolics; the Anglicans ignoring the national landmark, to which they are responsible; ignoring their Protestant obligations in the Coronation Oath, its Archbishop, ignoring the landmark of the nation, supporting a ‘Remain’ vote.

“So what do the righteous do? Number 1: When the thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. Expose the other Jesus. The Bible College Wales, with its Other Jesus course, does just this – it exposes the thief.

“The intercessors stand in strategic places & cry out as Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi cried out. You challenge on the street stalls the religious order that has stolen the landmark of centuries. You bring the people on board; for what happened with ‘Brexit’ is an example to you. For the ordinary people opposed those who had stolen the landmark of the nation.

“Now it is time to bring together an army to challenge those who have stolen My Church, the Church in which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

“The time will come when you will take back the resources from those who have rebelled against Me. Stand with intercessors outside the places of rebellion. Outside the so-called ‘Citychurch’ yesterday, demons rejoiced as you went away, but now worry as you will come back even stronger. For the Foursquare Gospel has to be re-established in Cardiff. For the rebels have taken it away from the City Church, in favour of an accommodation gospel that embraces the sin George Jeffries would have challenged.

“For you, My children, represent the landmark, as I represented the landmark before the money-changers in the Temple. The time has come when you will face these prophets of Baal, & bring forward their downfall, in the name of Jesus, Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, & Soon Coming King.”

Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 10/12/16: 

Instructions re My Calling in Education

‘Passage of time – rites of passage’

“Beware the lies of the antichrist. You have been chosen in this field, to preach My Word – in season & out of season* -

*this is the season

 - & to teach, educate, re-create My power in the world, to nurture & edify the children of the world so that I can make them My children.

“New creation, new beginnings, new season. The old has gone, the new has come: fresh shoots, green pastures, living waters, nourished by My Spirit & My Word.

“For ever My Word is settled in Heaven. I have given thee My footstool – the earth - & My fullness of joy is within thee. Let it go to every direction I send thee. I am the Lord & I have made thee a mother in Israel – a mother-hen in My image, to protect, nurture, teach, train, admonish & edify. Under thy wings, which are My wings that mount up as eagles – thou wilt protect & preserve My little ones & teach them to fly in My Spirit.

“Look not at the things of old – at the heartaches & the failures – for in Me is all the fullness of the Godhead bodily & I will bring it to pass.

“Never delay, doubt or fear – do not hold back – for I will give you the words of power & authority – I will open doors for you to walk through. Feel My heart of passion for the lost children of the world & bring them unto Me.

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

 [Matthew 19:14]



“Strategy will follow.”

MD additional word: “This is the way: walk ye in it.”

MB “Turn not to the right or to the left.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 11/12/16

“Behold their Threatenings”

“As the vultures gather to pick up the dregs of what they see as a forsaken ministry, it is important for trustees to see - & it needs to be seen from the beginning of thy Trustee Meeting – that you have not forsaken the true line of the Word of God.

“The god of this world has established his Alexandrian line, in every area of government, so-called ‘Church,’ the education system of nations, that to have an accredited ministry, one must bow down to the capstone, to the all-seeing eye, rather than the God of heaven. You have chosen not to do this, & all hell has let loose against you, & you have been told that if you are faithful in little, God will bless you in much. For in the New World Order ministry after ministry has bowed down to, it is the god of this world that is providing much, to develop the Emerging Church, with its bibles of Sinaiticus & Vaticanus rather than the Received Text of heaven, the resources being in the hands of those who have bowed to Baal rather than to God.

“You have received the Jeremiah 1:10 commission, to pull this down, & it is as if all the hordes of hell have come at you from every side. It was not different in the Early Church. They were jailed, tortured, & whipped, to such a degree that every natural resource was taken from them. For they were not prepared to bow down to the system, Protestant movement after Protestant movement bowing down to the Vatican, with the embracing of the Alexandrian script which continuously changes, which you have proven through the introduction of the Novum Testamentum text of Nestle-Aland. You have proven your case continuously, Great Britain being responsible for upholding its Authorised Version. Yet you have been persecuted for doing just that.

“So intercession has taken place outside where the establishment attacks have begun; & you have named the thief; & it is by naming the thief restoration will take place; & these namings will not only release you, but so many others who have stayed faithful to My Word.

“My prophet in Northern Ireland stayed faithful to My Word & was imprisoned, threatened & abused. My parliamentary prophet stayed faithful to My call, & was threatened & abused, & his prophecies have come to pass, your heart & his heart being for integration rather than segregation; & it is this you are looking to achieve in Cardiff, where people of all races & cultures can embrace themselves in Christ Jesus as one Church.

“Despite of it all, with limited resource, the ministry grows, with the message to reach every creature. Your resources have been taken away, yet you have stayed determined to fulfil the plans of the 7-year plan, the reality being a simple figure of £100,000 will take the financial pressure off at this time; & this is how you will achieve this financial requirement, to remove the pressure that has been upon you:-

“(1) Admit your weakness. It’s in the strength of the Lord you can carry on.

“(2) Continue to expose the movements that have been taken from you, for example the Charismatics who have stolen the inheritances of orthodox movements of the Antioch line, bringing in the practices of Egypt & the allowance for sin that brings.

“(3) Define the never-changing Word, & expose the ever-changing word, the false bibles.

“(4) Thou art preparing to work so as to provide for the ministry; but remember, the thief has to restore first. He has been found, & the threat is now on him rather than you.

“(5) So, in your Trustee statement, establish where the thief has operated from. Show where the intercessions have taken place, preparing this statement to put on-line, & to every establishment body that would look to threaten thee. The onus is on the thief to repay, & not you.

“(6) Tell the people on your mailing list how much you love them & appreciate what they have given in the past. But this is a time of going forward, & the climate in the world has changed, & you are right at the forefront of bringing about that change; & in bringing about that change, great resources are due unto you, in re-establishing My order in the world, rather than the order of humanity that is based on humanist education rather than the Word of God. The Word of God cannot be returned void. Yet the human world continuously changes, including the working text of Nestle-Aland, which you can provide primary evidence that this is the problem, right at the heart of the establishment, it being your accusers who are unstable, & not you. For My Word never changes; their word always does.

“So, behold their threatenings, will not prevail. Your word is to challenge them, as I challenged the Pharisees in their own self-righteousness; & this is one area that the Alexandrian line have stayed consistent, in that the whited sepulchres of the past remain the whited sepulchres of today.

“The threatenings be as nought. For as they look to touch thee, so I shall look to touch them with My judgement on the earth today. Just as I did with the Early Church, so I will do again.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 14/12/16

“Conspiracy Magazine: How to win Souls to Christ & at the same time Create Wealth”

“I know you have been talking about income streams. Well, the Lord Himself has come up with an income stream gainer, understanding My economy is in souls. Hallelujah! My economy is in souls, saved by My precious blood. That is primarily My income stream; & oh my! What an opportunity you have, in My name, to save souls from hell & at the same time massively increase the income of thy ministry, which I know on earth has to balance its financial records.

“This is why I have given you the power on earth to create wealth to establish My covenant, which us why I introduced tithes & offerings, so the people can honour Me with the first fruits of their income. The contents of Genesis 14 & the tithe at My table was acknowledgement of victory over the enemy. So this magazine will be the acknowledgement of victory over the enemy, who is the conspiracy – fact, not theory.

“You see, by exposing the thief, he has to restore seven-fold. Can you see how Conspiracy Magazine will work? My Word is all about exposing the conspiracy. I came to destroy the works of the devil. By exposing the devil in Conspiracy magazine, he has to restore seven-fold.

“You have loads of material at hand that My Spirit will use at given times, as this will be a Spirit-led magazine.

“Think of the headings for your magazine. I’ll give you some examples: ‘The Great Alexandrian Plot to remove My Word’; ‘The Impossibility of New King James’; ‘What Jesus Witnessed when Satan Fell like Lightning from Heaven.’ You have so much material to keep this magazine going for years. All the intercession through Brian; there is so much material there My Spirit desires to use amidst the people: ‘The Plot to Take out the Intercessor’; ‘What Really is Happening at Saddleback’ – these are all titles you can use from intercession. The prophetic insights over the years – this will be some magazine that the public will want to get hold of. It will be a huge evangelistic weapon, & you can charge for its publication costs. People will pay for it, & you can use that money to establish My covenant.

“What a magazine this will be! What an income stream this will be, the income being primarily in the economy of souls, & at the same time, the balancing of your books, which will enable you to invest in the ongoing work of thy ministry, which is all Mine, & not thine. For thine is the glory, the risen, conquering Son. For endless is the victory, is the victory of My resurrection, from death to life. And this shall be the presentation of the Conspiracy Magazine. For as people read its contents, so shall My Spirit lead them to the cross of Calvary, so that the burdens of the people can be laid at the foot of My cross, from where they can be resurrected into everlasting life.

“What a magazine! Conspiracy Magazine – get ready for massive interest. I know how much work that you have, but the promise of My Word is, I will quicken your mortal bodies by the Spirit that worketh in thee.

“So, be prepared for a massive business plan for the coming year, in line with the Seven-year Plan I have given thee; & oh yes! Thou shalt work hard, but at the same tine be given the rest promised in My Word.”

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