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11 01 15 THE ON FIRE MEETING with another stronghold pulled down! 

The scam of "financial seed faith" offerings is exposed here, so many big name ministries living off this exploitation - in that debt can be removed, selfish lusts of materialism granted by God - one such ministry saying this week that God likes the number 120 so give $120 or $1,200 and he will anoint this with oil in view of one's desire being granted.


However, the seed in the Bible is not the world's money and God will not grant requests based on the sins of covetousness and the love of money.


Luke 8:11 King James Version (KJV)


11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.


As we sow the WORD OF GOD with complete surrender to his will we realize that God provides the resources so that we can establish the covenant of God IN HIS NAME. Peter gave up everything to move in the 100 fold blessings of God, those blessings listed in the Word in the context of fulfilling God's will and interestingly has no mention of money as with the "financial seed faith" scammers.


A call for big ministries who play this scam to repent is included in this ON FIRE MEETING with David and Lindsay Griffiths.


Please contact - this was a massive stronghold pulled down tonight and also see the intercession through Brian Mason outside Morris Cerullo's in San Diego - on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Every Creature Commission TV.


Please contact David and Lindsay Griffiths who themselves in the past have fallen for this scam and repent before God as we should have always seen that the SEED IS THE WORD OF GOD - always seen that Christ Jesus must have THE PRE-EMINENCE. We believe there are so many like us who have fallen for this in the past - but now desire to move forward planting THE WORD OF GOD wherever we go and not be held back by selfish lust.


A cry too for established denominations like Elim who are linked now to those practicing this game in the Emerging "Church" is also given to come back to the deep surrender of founders who gave up everything to follow the Lord.


This is a powerful meeting led of the Holy Ghost in not only pulling down a stronghold but setting so many free from what can only be described as an abomination before God.


We love you, we love you all, the ministry we have by returning to the principles of the Old Mission Hall has been purified by the power of the risen Lord Jesus to move into those heavenly places in Christ Jesus who is calling you all up to him free from the scams of the god of this world.


Please contact David and Lindsay at or on FACEBOOK - 01492 544451; 0044 1492 544451

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