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Supplement to the Annual Report 19-20 of the Life Changing Ministries International Church South Cheshire Trust operating as The Bible College of Wales Original Vision & ECCTV.ORG




PART 15 of 18-19 REPORT in relation to our ministry at Barry, South Wales led by Clive Stanley Bate








It is the view of trustees that we were strongly misled by former trustee Clive Stanley Bate in relation to the purchase of a shop lease in Barry, South Wales. As we have proven in our SERIOUS INCIDENT REPORT enclosed with our accounts last year, we clearly showed that the assurance given by this former trustee had not been fulfilled, as indeed he had not completed standard accounting practices in relation to our Ministry Centre Offices he managed here. The Charity has now asked Dylan Moore, Solicitor, David Jones Solicitors, 22 Trinity Square, Llandudno LL30 2RH to bring this matter to a close with the landlord Cllr Vincent Driscoll, Vale of Glamorgan Council as well as Clive Stanley Bate himself.



THE THREATS HAVE HOPELESSLY FAILED – but note we were warned by a Senior CID Man in North Wales of a genuine legal plot against us – yet we have survived very successfully despite of these ten years on –

but the truth needs to come out of it all, now being the time with the exposure of what is known as “woke” culture, prevalent in all aspects of society.




Dylan Moore, David Jones Solicitors, 22 Trinity Square, Llandudno, LL30 2RH - 01492 874336


Recently employed on this matter, the Charity being known by Dylan for some time.


Zoe Devenport, Henry R Davis & Co Ltd, 33 Chester Rd W, Queensferry, Deeside CH5 1SA  01244 831277

LCMI Trust Accountants


2.  Despite of approaches – still no responses from Clive Bate.


It is our view that former Trustee Clive Bate has failed to uphold his assurances, failed to take up his clear responsibilities for his time as a trustee leaving the charity with a very difficult situation.


IT IS CLIVE STANLEY BATE WHO OPENED UP THE SHOP for two weeks without trustee permission, (information from Vale of Glamorgan Council) be it that he gave us assurances of no business rates, yet for these two weeks, we are being charged £6,007-07 by The Vale of Glamorgan Council in non-domestic rates. It is our view that as it is Clive Stanley Bate opened up this shop, purchasing goods for the shop on the Charity Credit Card yet did not pay into the Charity any income whatsoever from the two weeks the Council have told us he had it open, then it is clearly his responsibility.


Very strong letters showing the severe losses the actions of former trustee Clive Stanley Bate has caused were sent on 24 01 19; 22 03 19; and 04 04 19 to the same.


These letters point out the fact of unreported accounts, not sending in takings from two weeks of opening (now revealed by Vale of Glamorgan Council) yet purchasing goods for the shop on the Charity Credit Card.


In addition to this, a Spiritual Overseer, Rev Dr Suresh Ramachandran was appointed to assist Clive Stanley Bate in view of looking to sort all this out together. The invite was ignored.


The Ministry has extensive Policy and Procedure Manuals for ministers, Clive Stanley Bate in our view breaking the whole principle of Biblical Ministry as outlined in the Manuals.  


These have been pointed out to Clive Stanley Bate.

3)  PAYING OF RENT TO VINCENT DRISCOLL, LANDLORD: we have ceased to pay Vincent Driscoll, Landlord (D Moore, Solicitor letter informing asking for response). It is our belief, backed up by witness statements that we were falsely drawn into this lease with miss-representations, former trustee Clive Bate being the front-line instigator, who we believe was heavily influenced by a Jezebellic Spirit..


We believe there to be a three-way collusion here between Vincent Driscoll, Clive Bate and a controlling person, named in the original report. We believe it to be our duty to prove this and we believe we can.


As Christian Ministers we move in what is called “word of knowledge,” and we are experienced in successfully moving in this remembering every British Law begins under the title “Lords Spiritual and Temporal”, the spiritual coming first and so we use the spiritual gifts!


1 Corinthians 12:8 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

We were in process of moving the Charity from North Wales to South West Scotland and so had little natural knowledge of what was going on at Barry so by spiritual insight asked three questions to Clive Bate:


i)  Have you been ministered to by a woman? Please note we are not against women’s ministry – this was a rhema that means in context a Biblical word to suit a specific situation) question in relation to the following scripture:


Revelation 2:20 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.


ii)  Has the woman had “words from God” for you? There has been eyewitness statements of this going on, also she had admitted this to me.


iii)  You have made accusations but not in front of witnesses. Are you prepared to do this?


It is commonly known in Church circles that there are those who give words from God to others, in a bid to control their lives. This “god” however is not the God of the Bible but one that removes free will and causes massive damage. This has happened here.


Now the asking of these questions is absolutely consistent with the witness statements we have received which I believe lead to some realities:


a)  THERE HAS BEEN COLLUSION HERE THAT HAVE COST THE CHARITY THOUSANDS – false statements made, an attitude change by Clive Stanley Bate since the coming in of an outside influence, for since her arrival there has been no accounting for charity expenditure, no giving back of charity goods, no annual reports of activity and there has been clear evidences of controls here, borne out by the witness statements, there being clear threat to vulnerable people here.


We believe there to be a personal interest here leading to a control that to date has cost the Charity thousands of pounds, which we believe we should claim back from Clive Bate, in addition to any compensations due to us from false assurances.


b)  Our original report we believe gives proof of a mis-sale to us. There are inconsistencies proven by the witness statements particularly in the selling on of the shop equipment. We provide a first-hand statement statement that we believe proves a very strange background to the lease deal. Part of given witness statements back up one of the assurances from Clive Bate that Vincent Driscoll had said to him that he would release the lease - I can confirm that Vince will have stated that he would not hold you to a 3 year lease....just 2 months to find a new tenant as he said exactly the same to me.


We have a verbal witness statement given by the Commercial Department of a local business that the lease could have sold on the lease several times but that there was a barrier to this occurring.


We have a further verbal witness statement too backing this up from another local business who had shown great enthusiasm in taking over the shop from November 2019 but hit barriers. We were told by the Landlord Vince that he wanted a Rachel to take over the shop but we suspect the COVID 19 scare has prevented that, so we believe evidence is showing a collusion here.


We strongly smell A CONSPIRACY HERE, our business being in FACT AND NOT THEORY, and we believe that what we have gone a long way to prove a conspiracy, which is our duty.


As a Charity and a Christian Ministry we have had enough of the actions constantly taken against us to destroy us in line with text threats we received in 2010, we believing this a part of it and we are going to fight and win for the benefit of the stated 7 year plan we have put forward to save mankind.




It is therefore our view that we should be claiming back from Clive Bate the following sum, as he made written assurances to us, actively persuaded trustees to take out the lease, then walked out on us. It is our view that in collusion he had sold a lease to us on behalf of Vincent Driscoll with assurances he has not fulfilled, not only that, but not give proper accounting of his expenditures, and not inform us of where the stock he bought went.


The sum we present is what we believe he owes the Charity before we start talking of the compensation required, for his actions has prevented the continuing building of our first international mission house in Sri Lanka.


All rental returns and compensations will go to the cause, none to personal gain.



SINCE MARCH 2018 =                        £13,000-17

£36,118-27 owing from non-accounting of 17-18 plus 18-19 period plus £13,000-17 = £49,118-44



a)  One Barry Business Person has intimated


i)  Local harassment towards her preventing her operating her business properly in Barry.

ii)  As regards to non-domestic rates in the Barry area, has intimated an inconsistency in relation to council billing.

iii) Past history in relation to the business deals of the Landlord.

iv)  Extreme concern in relation to the ministry activity of Clive Stanley Bate – now reported to our Solicitor and accountant.


b)  Rev Barry Trayhorn – Trustee and Minister of LCMI Trust


STATEMENT by Rev Barry Trayhorn


During 26/27 May 2018 I visited the ministry of Clive Bate at Barry, South Wales with my friend and ministry colleague Steve Henkle.


This is what I discovered .......


1) Words from "God" of Control rather than Edification, Exhortation and Comfort: our ministry ethos is to bring the conditions for people to hear from God for themselves, but this was very different, through a lady from Sierra Leone direction words were being given that manifest through the ministry of Clive Bate who looked to control us into being in our view cult members, having to do what he says.


2) Community Services rather than Christian Mission: being a blessing to the community is very important but what I saw here was very different with a targeting of vulnerable homeless people, it being interesting to note the provision of mattresses in a commercial office in the centre of Barry which in my view is illegal. At the time there was a Polish man there coming under this kind of ministry. I found this concerning. If he was looking to take over our lives then how much more would this be a threat to the vulnerable?


I have worked in a Sex Offenders Prison at HMP Littlehey, Cambridgeshire and saw the techniques of sex offenders in buttering people up. This is clearly how the grooming system works and I see a parallel, and whilst I have no evidence of this being the case, I did witness the signs being there, it particularly concerning me of his plans to take children to North Wales.


3) Strange Behaviour: we were assured of accommodation for our ministry visit but this was far from satisfactory. We arrived at the house of the lady of Sierra Leone at about 12-1 in the morning being offered a double bed for us both, the bed however having been wee weed on! One meal was strange too with everyone eating off the same plate, Clive being quite grumpy, irritable and difficult during what was a difficult weekend.


4) Attitude towards the Charity shop was very disturbing. It was not open even though Clive Bate had the key, a key he has never handed over on resigning as a Minister and Trustee. His excuse for not opening the shop was that the Charity had not allowed him to have volunteers. As a current trustee I know that this is far from the truth, I hearing from David Griffiths that he could not digitally sign a government volunteer recruitment website because it demanded that the Charity take on volunteers of all faiths and philosophies. However, Clive Bate had named the shop as the "Holy Ghost Snak Bar" as an evangelistic as well as profitable exercise, and so it was obvious that only Christians could work in such an operation. A Muslim will not get the job as Pope, a Christian an Imam and so on, the decision was taken in that context that Clive was looking for Christian ministers to run what he showed to be an evangelistic crusade.


5) Use of the title "Reverend": He emphasized this and can see that he still does. He clearly used the title as a way of control, and the Ministry to which I belong withdrew his ordination. I understand Clive has not intimated his current body of ordination, it being my view that the ministry at Barry is far from Christian. I view the ministry as unqualified to offer a 24 hour helpline and be of help to vulnerable people, indeed I see Clive Bate as a threat to them, it concerning me that he has not accounted for Charity expenditure or shown any compassion towards, me, our Charity or towards others.




i)  Barry’s Point 1 gives evidence again of a controlling figure, alien to our Ministry Manuals.


ii)  There is an alignment here with the concerns of Witness A and vulnerable people. It is not legal to house people in commercial premises so why were there mattresses in offices??????? We as a ministry did however take out a CRB check on Clive and found it clear. Barry’s experience however working with sex offenders gives clear alarms bells in our view.


iii)  Strange Behaviour – we believe the whole story is strange!


iv)  Report of not caring less about the shop – our evidential e mails show the enthusiasm from Clive to trustees to get us to take on the shop – yet now with an excuse given to Barry Trayhorn – the shop was not to open despite of stock being bought! It is true to say that we would not sign a government volunteer form demanding we take on anyone, but an Christian evangelistic outreach as stated requires Christian volunteers, an Islamic outreach requires Muslims, an Hindu outreach requires Hindus. It is not that we are prejudice but to run for MP for the Conservative Party you need to be a Conservative and so forth.


The question to be asked therefore that as a Christian of Barry for many years, why could he not get Christian volunteers? It is all very odd, and the testimony of Witness A gives clues to this.


v)  This ministry uses the term “reverend” as an activity rather than a title, but clearly this is not the case with Clive Bate. This is a ministry supported by government agencies but without credibility and we believe there are dangerous signs of control here. We see him as a serious threat to vulnerable people. We also believe he has been collecting funds from Tesco Supermarkets, as we have told Tesco that he is no longer part of this Charity, he still using our Charity name on his notice on 50 Holton Road.



i)  Vale of Glamorgan Council – Non- Domestic Rates


The Council have issued bills now amounting to £6,007-07 despite of being assured by Vincent Driscoll and Clive Bate that there would be little or no charge and the witness statement of previous tenant Carole MacIntosh:


I can confirm business rates at zero....I paid nothing in 4 years.


There is a strong custom for charities in UK not to pay rates on properties or very little. For our shop in Scotland now a studio, we pay nil. So why a £6,007-07 bill from the Vale of Glamorgan Council for a property we have no key for, have none of our equipment in – for we have not fully paid for the equipment in there?


We have issued appeals to the Council but still battle on to have the bill withdrawn.


In addition, how can we be expected to pay a tax on a property we have never had a key for, never taken any income from it but have had massive losses. For much of the last months, we have not been not allowed out of Whithorn, never mind drive hundreds of miles each day to open a shop and try and take money for the Council – even if we did do so, government would fine us for travelling so far in the lockdown!


It is in our view a crazy situation.


ii)  Payzone

Without the agreement of charity trustees Clive Bate took out a deal with Payzone for a PDQ machine. He got under false statements to fellow trustee Haroon Masih to sign the agreement with him under our Charity name. Payzone have tried to get the machine back but Clive Bate fails to oblige. Some money has been taken out of the Charity account but not much. It is shown in our letter to Payzone intimated here:


04/04/2019 14:22:47

Payzone UK Ltd.,

Payzone Credit Control

4th. Floor

Highbank House

Exchange Street




Dear Sir or Madam



Your Invoice No. PZ10012530

Bill to Customer No 844268


I have just received a letter ref no. B44268 from you, yet not addressed to us but to CLIVE STANLEY BATE – for some reason he passing this onto us.


Copies enclosed and the envelope and comments.


Whilst pointing out to you emphatically that we are Life Changing Ministries International, we are not the Life Changing Ministries of Clive Stanley Bate.


We have never authorised a contract with you at all but understand that a contract was taken out by Clive S Bate but it was never passed by the Charity trustees as a whole. Indeed we have invoiced you for the following and await its return, funds you in an unauthorised way took from our account without our permission.


£70-45 taken out of our account on 17th. August 2018

£25-20 taken out of our account on 19th. September 2018


TOTAL owing to the Charity - £95-65.

On saying this we are happy to work with you in relation to the activity of a ministry at Barry, South Wales run by Clive S Bate. He was a trustee with us, but it would seem went out as a loose cannon taking decisions without full trustee approval.


Like with you, he has failed to return equipment to us belonging to the Charity, we like you have invoiced him in relation to accounting practice outside of our policies and procedures.


We are about to take legal advice in relation to the activities of Clive S Bate, at the same time looking for him to meet his responsibilities on an amicable basis. If legally possible we are happy to share with you progress we are making.


You will find us attentive to you, looking to work with you to produce a positive result, but this charity never signed a contract with you, at all, at any time, at the same time realising that your situation and ours is somewhat similar, if we can we share the results of the legal advice we receive, we will.

Yours sincerely


David P Griffiths


Cc LCMI TRUST Trustees


iii)  BES Utilities


Previous tenant Carole MacIntosh has intimated harassment from the utility supplier. It is clear she has suffered a great deal with threats from a utility supplier known for its hard-line tactics.


It is clear this is the utility supplier to the property, we having nothing to do with them but Carole is being pursued for paying the bills on the property – yet she has no key – as indeed neither do we!




The Charity received threats by text in 2010 to be “destroyed through official channels.” We believe this to be a part of this and that we have been deliberately trapped into expenditure by false assurances and promises. We believe normal people do not behave like we have witnessed at Barry and that there is an underlying agenda here to destroy us!




We believe we are providing a case here which we can show once the case has been settled. As regards to the ministry of Clive Stanley Bate, we hold evidence showing what in our view are controls out of line with our ministry manuals.



David P Griffiths


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