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Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/02/12 “FACING UP TO THE SINNER”


“Thou art facing up to the sinner. Do not back down. They look to find every excuse, every delaying tactic; but thou hast all the might of Heaven.


“They look to do their negotiations behind the scenes, to affect what goes on in the legal system; but thou hast stood up to the sinner, & hast not backed down.


“I have chosen thee to ask the questions to the nation, as to whether the nation has wholeheartedly kept to every line of the Coronation Oath, & the obligations of all the Constitutional Acts that are around that Oath.


Thy nation has thought, & it uses this term, that it could “modernize the monarchy”. However, this term is a polite phrase to mean “we can move the monarchy away from what was sworn to God, & the obligations of all the Constitutional Acts; which they think have been replaced by all the treaties of Europe.


“The sinner, under the guise of a politician, promised great prosperity by going into Europe; & indeed, had these negotiations been about trading alone, then mutual benefits would have occurred. But taking a monarch away from her Oath, by integrating legal & political systems, places the nation under the secondcategory of Deuteronomy 28. An oath to God is an oath to God. To remove the ancient landmark is rebellion against God’s Word. To fail to walk the old paths is a walk to destruction. In the equation, however, the sinner has walked an even more dangerous path; not only has the sinner looked to integrate political & legal systems; they have looked to integrate religion, the monarch promising to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. And so the sinner, under the guise of politicians, have brought in laws contrary to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law:


“(1) to overrule edicts of the Upper House, in which there are bishops that relate to the keeping of the Oath, is major sin.


“So, to use European law to overrule a House which is there to see the monarch keeps on track, is not only the sin of rebellion, which is witchcraft; for within witchcraft is rebellion & control;  it is also the sin of blasphemy against God.


“(2) To pass laws in the Lower House contrary to the ethos of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, that has brought in the teaching of immorality to school children; that has brought in the unnatural use of the body; that has brought in the slaughter of the innocents, has made the nation so much worse than that of Sodom & Gomorrah, that it must now face the judgement.


“(3) The changing of the education system to no longer teach the heritage of thy nation, has brought about a people so ignorant of the nation’s Christian heritage, that the nation can no longer have a democratic election, when the nation has failed to teach its people their obligations under God, particularly on the point that the nation is not a democracy, but a theocracy under God.


“The next part is for the United States of America.

“Remember the Mayflower Compact? Do not depart from this. Ensure the principles of that Compact are upheld, & whilst thy nation understands Constitutional principles better than the British nation, thy nation must understand its original Constitution, the landmark which the fathers set was that which came from the Mayflower; & the God in which the nation of America must trust, needs to be identified, in being the very God of the British nation; the God of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.


“There is one nation however, that is recognising this reality. That nation is Australia, that has demanded its people keep to the Christian heritage of the land. So that nation will continue to be blessed within the world of turmoil, even though that nation needs to go further in fighting off the world-wide forces of multi-faith, globalization, political, legal & religious integration.


“And back to Britain. The nation was once referred to as a nation of shop-keepers; in other words, the small businessman was encouraged. Today, the banks are suppressing his/her ability to trade. The one-world business, one-world religion, one-world legal system, one-world political system, one-world currency, is on the march; but the Oath to God by thy monarch, is higher than any signature that has allowed these integrations in.


“And thou art right to say; the Oath to God is higher, no man being able to modernize that. The ancient landmark is the foundation of thy nation.

“Thy modernizing the physical foundation of the house that thou livest in, by taking them away: the whole house collapses. It doesn’t look very modern, does it? The so-called modernization of the monarchy, therefore, has brought thy nation into being a heap of rubble.


“The solution: the putting back of the foundation, after a period of repentance & mourning before God, so the nation can return to the foundations of God; the babies can live again; the children can have a Mum & a Dad, & be taught that God created the heavens & the earth, rather than brainwashed by a ludicrous theory that has brought about confusion & despair, thy monarch having authorized a Bible from where all knowledge should come, it being wise to keep the landmark of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/03/12 “THE SIN OF THE NATION”


“Re-defining marriage: of all the sins of the nation in which you live, the definition which they are inventing for marriage is the worst of all sins; because I speak of Christ & the Church. The study of Ephesians 5 shows this: “that a man shall leave his parental home to be joined to one wife – I speak of Christ & the Church.”


“This is the Word of God; & the fundamental relationship between Christ & His Church; & even an attempt to re-define this, is the sin of blasphemy.


“The nation needs to deal with this immediately, the responsibility being on the monarch to state clearly the Word of God in relation to marriage. The monarch assured Me she would keep the laws of God; yet it is her government – note the title here of the government, being ‘Her Majesty’s Government.’ Even discussingthe definition of marriage is an abomination before Me.


“Now, the Christians are even organising petitions to put forward to government, & a great debate takes place. There is one problem with this: you cannot debate My Word. My Word is clear: “I speak as Christ & the Church - & to discuss this, & debate this, is also an abomination before Me.


“The Word is clear: “I speak as Christ & the Church.” To try & pollute this is major blasphemy.


“My Word warns that there will be signs in the heavens of My imminent return. Warn of the judgement of God. You, as a couple, have placed your reputations on the line, to stand for the old paths. You have had words of encouragement come from fellow-believers over the stand you have taken.


But what the devil knows, is that where a nation has re-defined marriage, he has that nation right in his claws, because I speak of Christ & the Church; & the persecution you have been under, has been one to eliminate you from the scene. For the devil does not want the Scripture brought into play, when government is re-defining marriage. The government you have is void of this responsibility, because it has not sought God, but human favour.


“Your government is in great danger, for it has even attempted to touch the relationship between Christ & His Church. The national Church is in danger, because of its building of holy places made with hands. Bowing down to altars is an abomination to Me. This, too, is alien to the Bridegroom & His Bride. To build a communion rail, is the same as having a rail between a man & a woman after they have got married. I speak as Christ & the Church.


“So, what you have in what was once Great Britain, is a blasphemy so great, so great, that there is action on My part already being taken. My judgement is upon Great Britain. Already you have seen the diseased upon farm animals. There will also be signs in the heavens above, of strange phenomena.


Thy nation has turned away from Me; & you are My remnant, standing for the old paths; but you are isolated into a corner; but you are about to have a great triumph. You will be given the opportunity to speak to a huge audience, on Ephesians 5, John 17, & to where I direct you in Genesis.


“Get ready for that, because I am speaking as Christ & the Church; & it is My prophet I use. This is the great mystery which I have revealed to thee to reveal to the people. Do not re-define marriage; study My Word; for I have designed man to be joined unto one woman, in holy covenant before Me; & to re-define marriage is such an abomination, that a nation guilty of such a crime, needs to be on its knees before Me.


“This is My Word. This is serious crime. I am calling thee to bring the nation to account; for I am the Lord: I change not. I declare My Word today, as a sword to My prophet, to preach Ephesians 5, John 17, & to where I take him in Genesis, to bring the nation to account.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/04/12

“Government: Dealing with the Specks in the Eyes of the People,

whilst Ignoring the Planks in the Eyes of Government Bodies – Scripture:

“The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life”


“How dare you, departments of Government, place burdens on the lives of people through over-regulation, & over-vigorous application of law, whilst ignoring the planks in the eyes of Government, which God is now set to judge.


“You are responsible, governments of Britain, for the immoral, decaying society you have brought about through over-burden of law, whilst you have completely ignored the promises given to God by thy monarch on behalf of the nation.


“You are responsible for not training the people in knowledge of the Christian Constitution & heritage, which thy fathers have set.


“You are responsible for ignoring the ancient landmark, that is the promises thy monarch gave to God; & you, the Government of Britain, must now face the consequences of ignoring the voice of God, by over-burdening the people, rather than giving them the liberty of the Spirit of God.


“You are responsible for:-


“(1) Passing laws for executing thy youth in the womb; & bringing in people of an alien culture to thy Christian heritage. This is not a racist statement; & do not dare accuse God of being racist. For God is not a respecter of persons; but what He expects the government of Great Britain to do, is maintain the Christian heritage, rather than bringing in the gods of false religion, that are now on hand to outnumber the population of the Christian heritage.


“You ignored the warnings given in your Parliament about what would happen, & it is happening now before your eyes, polluted by planks of rebellion, whilst all you can do, is go after the specks in the eyes of the people.


“(2) Your monarch promised to keep the laws of God, whilst you have brought up a generation that does not understand that a man leaves his parents to be joined unto one wife.


“Thy nation is full of broken homes. You teach thy children in thy schools, sex education outside the context of marriage. You encourage lusts in the youth of thy nation, then come down hard upon those convicted of sexual crime, when you have promoted the conditions for this to happen, in the first place, by your promotion of sex in schools. The kids then go on to social networking sites, which they never would have done, had you not promoted immorality; when those who fall for all of this lust commonly end up in prison, because you have promoted the immorality in the first place.


“My prophet is called to expose the root of sin; for, by pulling out the root, the branches cannot flourish; & government is the root of the immorality in the nation.


“You then try to re-define marriage; & I speak as Christ & the Church. You are defining the Word of God, as saying “The Bridegroom returns for the bridegroom.” So government becomes guilty of blasphemy against the Christ (Ephesians 5 reference).


“(3) Over-regulation of business & charitable activity: as regards to charity, the cross-fingered logo of the National Lottery, encouraging the people to gamble, rather than tithe unto the Lord: You decadent, evil Government! You have a nation depending on numbers, rather than a nation depending on God.


“My judgement is upon thee – you heard Me? My judgement is upon thee!

“You have banks that gamble the investments of the people. They lose it, & you expect the people to bail them out through their taxes, the result of which leading to small business, small charity, going bust, whilst you allow failing banking leaders to wallow in the bonuses of a decaying society.


“Thou fruitless, decaying society! Thy fruitless, decaying society is a result of the gambling philosophy of Government & its banks, which has been found out by the people, who are suffering under over-regulation & care.


“You then have the audacity to declare a Jubilee, whilst ignoring the true meaning of that word, keeping the people under bondage, rather than cancelling their debt, which is actually not their debt. For the reason they have their apparent “debt,” is because Government has over-burdened them with over-regulation; banks have charged them too high interest, those with flair, passion, & compassion being pressed down into a corner, without the resources to stand up & make a living; whilst you lend your money to the IMF, rather than financially support local business, & local charities.


“You have been found to have planks in your eyes, governments of Great Britain, whilst you spend your time dealing with the specks in the eyes of the people.


“The Lord God has spoken this day, & brings forth the judgement on Britain, to be followed by the liberation that can only come by the Government understanding the importance of the Christian Constitution & all it stands for.


“Thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/11/12 “MAN’S INABILITY TO TRADE”


“The nation failed to follow God in joining the European Union, seeking after riches rather than seeking after God. And so, there has to be a process of reaping what the nation sowed. By failing to keep its Constitution, the nation has failed to keep its solemn oath to God.


“A nation that turns away from God, has to face dramatic circumstances. This is clear throughout the whole of the Bible; & so, the nation is having to pay for its disobedience to God; failing to heed My warnings in relation to the removal of children from the wombs of their mothers. There are many severe circumstances coming in Britain at this time.


“The nation has failed to heed the warning of My prophets; & My prophets are now lifting up rods of authority; for there is a separation going on between those who have come to the place of sanctification, & those who have not. There is one reason, & one reason only, why Britain is in trouble: the word is, disobedience. Failing to have the Saviour run the nation, has enabled the witchcraft that has come out of Blaenau Ffestiniog to manifest itself, having impacts on whole areas of the nation, this having the nation run by war-lords of the occult situated throughout the nation.


“Spiritually, you have faced this in North Wales, & you are aware of the same situation in Cornwall; for these war-lords are manifesting all over the nation. But thou hast stood in obedience to Me, & showed thyself prepared to obey what I am telling you to do.


“And this is what I am telling you to do: refer the nation to My passage on blessings & curses. Tell the nation the danger it is in by disobeying Me. The principles of obedience & disobedience are the same throughout the whole Bible; & the nation needs to know it has gone too long disobeying God.


“And so, make your stand. Thou hast begun a prophetic ministry. The warning for the nation needs to be given, in that the nation has failed to seriously honour My Word.


“The other passage to give them is Galatians 3. Issue the warning again. There is a way out of the present situation: National Days of Repentance towards the God of the Constitutional Acts, the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. It is there for them to see in the Queen’s Oath: not multi-faith. You cannot change the promise of the monarch.


“Give the warning, & stand firm upon what I have said through thee.”

Word (2) from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/01/15

“Out of the Wilderness Goes the Cry”


“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The shouting is great. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!


“But the establishment is secure in its own future. This rugged man shouting by the Jordan is not one they should take notice of. In fact, we should look to shut him up. He is disturbing our peace.


“Today, thou has been shouting on the social media, ‘Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But the establishment is secure in its own way. They will not repent; for after all, those of faith will all have eternal life, & those of secularism will just die, with nothing nasty happening to them. They will just be not there. Nothing.


“The politicians go on about the wealth they can establish. They have their university degrees. They have their education on the best schools in the land. So they do not need God. They have it all sorted. They have worked it out.

“Before the first coming of the Lord, there was a voice crying out in the wilderness, to give opportunity to repent. Just as John was an annoyance by the Jordan, so you are an annoyance on Facebook, by email, & through thy web-sites. Prophetic word after prophetic word, thou hast put on the social media, on the web-sites, by email. But as with John the Baptist, the people do not want to change their settled ways.


“But now comes the warning. The prophetess sings ‘The Midnight Cry.’ The intercessor shouts, the voice of the Lord coming through the empty vessel, ‘The time is nigh! The time is nigh! Every creature must be reached. The remnant of the old-fashioned gospel must come together. The barriers must be removed.’

“But what about eternity? I lifted a present-day John the Baptist out of a hospital be where he was dying. I spoke to him to prepare young people to eventually take over the ministry. Legalism came in the way of him fulfilling his call. False accusation after false accusation has been flowing in, & those who have no apparent understanding that this time, the coming of the Son of Man will be the triumph of the skies. The book is about to be opened of all those who have kept the faith.


 “You see, those for whom I am coming back are for those who hear My voice. The being born again one becomes a new creation, one in Christ, as Him on this earth. You see, I come back, not for those who live their own lives, but for those who say, ‘I am not My own. I was bought with a price.’ You see, the establishment will be left behind. Only those who hear My voice & are obedient to it will be taken up. You see, I give instruction, & the barriers of the god of this world go up. But as with Joshua, thou has lifted up My Word to cross the Jordan. As with Joshua, thou has not given heed to the Jericho wall; to its size & impossibility. For thou has called those who profess to be Christian, to come to the place of sanctification. But they wallow in the beat of the demonic beat of the devil. They wallow in their immorality, where establishment sees strange flesh as normal; where establishment sees the killing of as baby in the womb as acceptable, whilst seeing a lesser offender of child abuse as appalling.


“They deal with those guilty of abuse by casting the first stone, whilst they themselves have condoned the on-going slaughter of the innocents in the womb. They themselves will suffer an eternity in hell-fire, whilst the child of the slaughter will enjoy an eternity in the arms of the Saviour.


“No wonder I lifted thee out of the hospital bed. But what placed thee there was the strain of legalism & the false accusation; & the curses of those who would look to place spells on thee. But they have been taken out for an eternity in hell-fire.


“But thy ministry is a conviction against the establishment, an establishment refusing to repent, for it looks to place its law upon you; its law not coming out of the Coronation Oath, as you have established; but coming from those who have ignored the Parliamentary code of practice, this code including the hearing the voice of God in law-making, which the monarch promised would happen. For the sons of Zadok hear the voice of the Lord, the Zadok priesthood being the heart of the Coronation Service; but instead, the establishment Eli brings the repetition of a people with a form of godliness which denied the power.


“So the cry from the sons of Zadok remains the same, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But this time, it is for the meeting in the air. And who will be there? Only those who have come to the spiritual Shittim. Only those who attend to My Word. For it will be life for those who have obeyed My call. Even though the Jericho wall is before you, thou art about to knock down the walls, proclaim My Word, & enter the Promised Land, having reached every creature with the gospel.


“Rejoice! The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Even though I have come, & reign within your hearts, in one sense I have already come, for thou hast become as Me on this earth. From being Satans, thou hast become Christ on this earth – the one Christ within you, the devil departing from you. For this is the hour of decision for the people. The establishment of death symbolised in the slaughter of the innocents; of political parties proclaiming the importance of money before the saving of the innocents.


“The people have a choice to join those who have kept the Constitution of thy land; or vote on the ballot papers for the murderers of the innocents, who entice the electorate through covetousness, rather than say, ‘We will keep the Constitution, we will keep the laws of God, propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ they hushing up the only main party saying they will do this – not being allowed into the electoral debates.


“If they listened to this obscure party from Ulster, then they will realise the importance of embracing what the monarch promised God. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, rebellion being of sin against God. For if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do, except walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus?


“But to do this, they must come to the place of sanctification, & not walk by the lusts of the flesh, but only hearken unto the voice of the Lord God.


“Thou as a prophet have warned the people. Will they scoff, & continue their false accusations, or will they come & join you in the command of the Lord, to reach every creature with the gospel?”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/11/11

“The signs of the times are what has become known as “conspiracy theory.” The signs of the times are there for you to read in My Word. The base of what has become known as “conspiracy theory” has been going on for centuries; from the point I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven, the conspiracy theories began; for around him came a conspiracy. A being looking to dominate others, to ultimate death; I coming to give life & life in abundance. Such is the scripture in John 10:10.


“He gathers to draw people out into his false “Church,” by loving-kindness; ‘where is the prince?’; false humility; making them ready, in their vulnerability of husbandless-ness, to face his world of conspiracy. People place their faith in the system he has built up, rather than Me. He then has them in his lure, & he deliberately proselytises to gain people under his domination, into a world of false security.


“The money supply he controls is a false one. The banks are not banks at all, as they are without foundation. As an individual is lured away from My Church, & becomes without a husband, so it is with the banking system. You see, the principle of a bank is that one puts money in, thinking it is there to take out at some time in the future. But as the system under the devil’s control is now without foundation, the ability of the person to take out has to be under question.


“Such is the base of conspiracy theory. How does the world operate? It operates under the principle of greed, the love of money. What does My Word say about that being the root of?


“So, when individuals talk of conspiracy theory, they are talking of sin. The truth is, that the earth is the Lord’s, & those controlling the money supply are guilty of such crimes against humanity; but most importantly, they operate under the one who I saw fall from heaven.


“You are to build an army of warriors in spiritual warfare. You are to teach the people in spiritual warfare. This is to be done from thy housetop.


“I know that thou hast been under tremendous pressure. I know there has been those who tell you, “You can’t do this, & you can’t do that”; & thou hast been called to place an advert with the subject of bullying as its theme. As Goliath bullied the Israelites, so the banks are bullying & oppressing the people of thy nation.


“Stone No. (1):


“Call the people back to God; the God of their fathers – the Christian God.

“No. (2):


“Teach them My true Word; not the word of the conspirators, who have manoeuvred scripture so as to bring in the New World Order (teaching is an explanation) i.e. teaching is explaining.

“Stone No. (3):


“Preach My Word. Preaching is a proclamation of My Word. Proclaim My Word.

Take them to Proverbs, “Attend to My words; they are life unto them that find them, & healing to all their flesh.”


“So many are suffering today from the activities of the conspirators, who have manoeuvred things to their own way.


“Only My Word will see thee through.


“Baptize them in water, the association between the death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptize them in the Holy Ghost.


“You have both been taking on the new way of things, by using the Parliamentary processes of old, the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, saying, “This is the landmark which cannot be removed.”


“The nature of the conspirators is to change things around constantly to confuse the people. One banking institution wrote to thee & declared, “The Acts you mention are archaic; & not relevant to your account.” Under the same basis, how archaic is My Word, the canon of scripture? But My Word cannot be returned void. My Word is always true.


“I said to Peter, “Blessed are thee,” for in revelation, he declared who I am.


“The New World Order systems come & go; their ever-changing ways to bind the people. What those in the world are looking for is stability. There is only one place to come; for I am the Lord; I change not.


“You see, to overcome, like you have overcome, they need the Saviour in their hearts.


“As you come together to overcome the obstacles of the New World Order, you have all of the armour of God, & in this, you will never fail. For I am the way, the truth, & the life.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 27/12/11

“The Going Cold of People’s Love”


“Thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers. Marriage is a thing which has become temporary. With so many people having broken covenant, children have suffered to such a degree, that they carry wounds into adulthood. They, too, become covenant-breakers. They take this attitude into all walks of life: in their employment, if things start going tough in their place of work, they walk out on their employer, leaving him to pick up the mess. Even with so-called Christians, if things start going tough, they walk out, leaving ministers to pick up the mess.


“It is as if there is no feeling of loyalty; for covenant has become a temporary thing in thy nation.


“Covenant-breakers have no place in the kingdom of God; for covenant is where one man lays down his life for another: a man being prepared to lay his life down for his wife; & a wife for her husband. It is called covenant. Covenant is a bond which should never be broken.


“So in thy nation, love has gone cold. So what they try & do, is have days where they can try & mend wounds. Such is the new-found pressure on what they call “Christmas.” They call it a family day, when really is has become a day based on trying to mend wounds. Demons find this highly amusing, for amongst covenant-breakers they can have their playground.


“You thought you had a group of people who had made covenant with you; but when the anointing increases, because of revelation of the Spirit, as Paul observed with is thorn in the flesh, things get tougher.


“So, the heat of the battle leads to those who find things too hot for them, walking out. The things that they said they would do, meaning nothing in a nation of covenant-breakers, thus leaving a remnant with the pieces to pick up.

“Thou hast felt the weeping connected with covenant-breaking.


Can you imagine, for example, the 11-year-old child who has put his trust in his Mummy & his Daddy, & witnessed the covenant-breaking between them - & thus, with the children too, because they bond with Mummy & Daddy in one covenant with each other.


“So, a nation of widespread family breakdowns leads to a nation of disloyalty to employers, disloyalty to Church fellowships, disloyalty to sports teams; in other words, in every aspect of life, because of lack of covenant, there is lack of trust, the consequence being failing families; children going astray; failing businesses, for successful business demands loyalty; failing charities; failing Church ministries; because the love in a nation has gone cold.


“So, great intensity is placed on days, to try & mend wounds, these days becoming minefields of tension, because around them there is demonic activity that defeats people’s efforts to mend wounds.


“So, what people do, is find their escape routes. Instead of making covenant, they escape to their screens. Internet shopping is having a great boom; Eros love is having a great boom; fantasy movies are having a great boom; for these have become the escape routes of covenant-breakers.


“There are even those who have broken covenant with Me, saith the Lord. They have made commitment to follow Me; & as I pleaded in the days of Jeremiah: ‘Turn, o backsliding children, for I am married to you,’ the same issue was important then: the issue of breaking covenant, marriage being the key to a society; & being in covenant with God, thou hast noticed that thy nation has broken covenant with Me.


“Thou art to present thy Constitutional Acts as Acts of covenant with Me, not to be broken. The reason why foreign powers are not to have any influence on thy legal structures, is because those legal structures, & political ones too, are based on covenant with Me.


“But because thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers, Parliament has run roughshod over the demands of covenant, & broken the laws of God, leaving the nation & its structures under a curse.


“So, thou hast had a succession of covenant-breakers in government, for many years of covenant-breaking in families, & right across society, that even a mother can abort her child, & break the bonds of motherhood, for the sake of convenience.


“So even now, man can lie with man, & woman can lie with woman. For the bond of a man being joined to a woman, as I am joined to the Church, means very little to a nation of covenant-breakers, a nation, unless it repents, that is bound for the fires of hell.


“Give this warning to the people: covenant-breakers shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, for I am a covenant God.


“The Word that I have given to thy nation, if you look at the page before Genesis, if you look at the page before Matthew, you will find the word “covenant” or “testament.” For I am the covenant God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 11/11/11

“Seek  Ye First the Kingdom of God, & His Righteousness”


“By doing this, you enter the throne-room of God, where the answers to your needs are. You know, stepping out, speaking out, as you have found out, involves speaking out from a place where others simply cannot get.


“Indeed, as thy Coronation Oath says, you are speaking the lively oracles of God. When a person comes against thee, he comes against Me; & I can trust thee to speak out My Word. I can trust thee to publicize My Word. Speaking out from the throne-room of God brings challenges to the world; so the world should quake at the sound of My voice.


“You know, seeking first the kingdom of God is an activity all should do.

“How thy nation has turned from Me. Oh for a Prime Minister who would seek first the kingdom of God, & advise the nation to do likewise! You see, you have found the key.


“Now I am going to tell thee, over the coming weeks, of places to put on meetings for the Christian Party, & also your Church meetings. I will tell thee what to say, what to do; & as thy home life begins to come back on track & everything gets settled in the manse, I will give thee ways to pay off the manse’s debts; also, to purchase the media equipment to get over My Word.


“Get ready for the blessings to follow. You see, My Word promises that. Get ready for the blessings to follow.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/08/12 “THE COLLEGE”


“You are involved in a massive world-wide move of God, which will involve taking on the issues as to how so-called Church got into a state into which damnable heresies have taken control of people under the philosophies generally known as seeker-sensitive & purpose-driven.


“In amongst all this, you have already exposed Jezebel & Absalom, & already you have exposed a massive spirit of betrayal; already exposed false revival. You have also shown what true revival is; & now is the time to go forward; expose those new philosophies & belief systems, as well as getting government back on track with the Lord.


“Government has no hold on you, because it has broken its covenant with God. To prosper again, Great Britain has to call national days of repentance (not prayer); for the nation has to turn away from false gods & philosophies; repent from suppressing the role of the Christian minister; & rather than modernize the House of Lords, go back to where it originally was, with the role of bishops being paramount.


“Now these bishops need to understand something very important: instead if coming under the New World Order, come under God’s established order of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. As a Town Clerk is to a Town Council, so the five-fold ministry is to you.


“You can look to rule Britain, & as the Upper House, you have responsibility before God to immediately do the following things; & this is My prophet telling you to do this immediately. This is My priority:-


“(1) You stop the slaughter of the innocents. How can you possibly deal – & I am speaking to the bishops; you constitutionally are responsible under God – how can you deal with youth violence, when you yourselves are responsible for the greatest violence on youth the world has ever seen? Now you bishops are higher than the House of Commons; higher than the other lords; because you are there to protect the Constitution; & you have left My prophet to cry in the wilderness, perceived by many to be out of line with society. Of course he is out of line, because he cannot respect a society that kills its youth! This is why the nation’s legal system bears no resemblance to the way it ought to be. This is why there are many miscarriages of justice. This is why you are looking for minor breakages of law in others, when you are responsible for a massive plank in your eye; for you are overseeing a House of Lords & Commons not capable of conducting its business, because it is guilty of blatant murder & disobedience to God.


“Now, My prophet knows he has to train the people in the Constitution of the nation. What kind of nation does not teach its people the Constitution? By teaching the Constitution, you bring stability to the nation. Do you not know, there are higher laws, & lower laws? Your monarch, who has ecclesiastical as well as national position, is obligated under God to keep the laws of God. Yet you have forced her to sign laws out of line with her oath to God. You have put the nation under foreign powers. What right have you got to do that? You are obligated to your Commonwealth; & whilst you are told to love your neighbour, you have not been told to marry your neighbour. Your marriage is to the Commonwealth of Nations, some of which you have allowed to come under dictators of suppression & oppression. Your army is to grow, not decrease; for your army, navy & air force are there to protect the Constitution of Britain, having a monarch not only head of Britain, but the whole of the Commonwealth.


“My prophet has recognized this, but you have tried to place him in a cave, by making him so unpopular within your modern culture, that he has had to rely on My ravens to keep him going. Have you noticed how the weather has been bad for business? You notice how the fish in the sea have mysteriously disappeared? Business often relies on weather. If it is raining on a bank holiday, business figures are down. There is only one way to prosper, & that is to obey God.

“And now, there is a world-wide move of God around Mount Carmel.


Now listen here, & listen now: you cannot run a country, & judge others, while you slaughter innocents, & reject your covenant with the Commonwealth. Now this is the Word of the Lord: your nation has to have national days of repentance. Those in the nation who will not accept the Constitution – that is the 1534 Act of Supremacy; the Elizabethan Settlement in its entirety; the 1690 Act establishing the Coronation Oath; the 1700 Act of Settlement – accepting these acts needs to be a condition of British citizenship. Oh yes, people have a free choice to believe what they want; but they do not have a free choice to slaughter innocents, & they do not have a free choice to come against the Constitution of the nation; for without foundations, the nation will fall.

“And you bishops are the ones responsible for that. For you have the Constitutional power to do it, & have neglected it.


“Now a word to you Church leaders in Britain: you have embraced Jezebel with your over-emphasis on ministry & control over others. You have embraced Absalom, in taking the prophets of God to authorities under a spirit that destroys the innocents, & suppresses the people through over-regulation.

“The nation is guilty of a great crime. The plank of the nation is the issues, not the specks in the eyes of the people.


“Now, I have authorized a massive move of God, to bring Commonwealth nations on their knees before Me. I have called there to be repentance in the national Church of England, for having one that stands around stones, rather than have one that embraces the real Word of God. My prophet has been crying in the wilderness, & is now bringing a move amongst Commonwealth nations, for the citizens of those nations to rise up, accept Christ Jesus as Lord, & come to Britain to clean up the mess of the covenant-breakers; to bring to justice those who have embraced the abortion massacre; & teach the nation its Constitution under God.


“This is the calling of God. No man can come against this & succeed. For the prophets of Baal are being exposed for what they are: covenant-breakers, & suppressors of people. By allowing the innocents to live; by restoring the covenant with the Commonwealth, Britain can use its title Great Britain again – but nor before it has repented before Me.


“Throughout the Commonwealth nations, colleges under the Mount Carmel umbrella will flourish & grow. All the Commonwealth nations must give freedom for Christianity to flourish. Many have tried to oppress it through persecution; & many Commonwealth leaders know the higher the persecution, the greater the growth. For within the context of Mount Carmel colleges throughout the Commonwealth, there is to be an understanding that God is counteracting the slaughter of the innocents nations, to bring them back to God; life rather than death.


“Now, I speak to the people of America, that you are part of this because of the journey of the Pilgrim Fathers. So get a hold of this move of God: that young people are to be perfected for ministry throughout the world. This is about to happen. Justice is about to return.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 08/01/12 



“As you now go forward in My strength, through the suffering you have been through, you can realise that the strength of Heaven is upon you, as it was upon the prophet Ezekiel.


“My Word is plain; that means clear: that there is a true house & a false house. This true house, even though it has been battered by the winds & rain trying to get it to fall down, has indeed showed itself to be of the ancient landmark of faith; that whatsoever the world may say, you will not compromise.


“You are certainly proclaiming My Word, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. Indeed, you have found out the inadequacies of the gates of hell. For by My Spirit, you are taking them on, one by one.


“Cry aloud & spare not. Demand substantial compensation from each of these banking institutions for not keeping the demands of Habeas Corpus; for finding you guilty, without trial. Demand substantial compensation for limiting your ability to trade, whilst awaiting a court hearing.


“Under the God of the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, this is illegal.

“Cry aloud, & spare not – for you have taken on the monster of the spirit of mammon; & as you get it in its weakness do not hold back in throwing the demands of thy Constitutional Acts against it.


“For thou art My warriors, saith the Lord. Thou hast been found faithful in My sight, saith the Lord; that even though there has been times when thou hast been found weary, thou has waited on the Lord to renew thy strength.


“Thou hast risen up with wings like eagles, to such a degree that those in the banking sector will now quake in their shoes, as you show you are not letting up, but taking them all the way, to the court of the original edict; an edict under the law of thy land, which they have looked to remove through behind-the-scenes manoeuvrings, which thou hast looked to expose, so all the world can see.


“Cry aloud, & spare not, is the message. For you have My strength, My power, My glory & My dominion, as you expose the evil which has infiltrated thy land.

“Go forth in My Name, saith the Lord; & once thou hast finished thy work of exposing the banking institutions of thy nation, we will then deal with what has infiltrated what is known as My Church, that has been infiltrated by the Higher Criticism so warned about by the Assemblies of God. We will be dealing with that.


“No wonder you have had to rely on the Lord; for you are taking stronghold after stronghold out of the equation, & you are doing that in the strength of Jesus of Nazareth.


“So rejoice - the victory is thine, in My precious Name.”



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