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2015 to 2022 Ministry Plan towards True Revival

Part 4 -

The Understandings

of the last 30 years!

The Seven Year Plan is Concluding this year (2022) - now being followed by ​"THE IMMINENCY PROGRAMME"

We are bringing it right out into the open - for Christians in Great Britain (and other countries too) have lived through three eras of becoming victims to a society steadily being taken over by foreign forces -

alien to the nation's Constitutional Acts and Christian Heritage........

“Era Number (1): The Protection of the Criminal, the background to this being the integration of foreign interference into Britain’s political & legal processes, when situations were manipulated in relation to the European Referendum, as can be shown in the figures presented by Daniel Hannan, MEP.


“Number (2): The Removal of the Gospel from Church & State, the Queen having promised to propagate the Gospel, yet movement after movement was taken over by outside forces, to bring about the universalism of the community church today.


“And the final Era: The Criminalisation of the Righteous, who have become the defendants, & the sinners the prosecutors, there now being no heed to the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the promise of God on oath by the monarch, whose crest now meaninglessly sits above a judge’s chair.

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/06/15

“The 3 Main Eras of the Last 30 Years”


“Era Number (1): The Protection of the Criminal, the background to this being the integration of foreign interference into Britain’s political & legal processes, when situations were manipulated in relation to the European Referendum, as can be shown in the figures presented by Daniel Hannan, MEP.


“Number (2): The Removal of the Gospel from Church & State, the Queen having promised to propagate the gospel, yet movement after movement was taken over by outside forces, to bring about the universalism of the community church today.


“And the final Era: The Criminalisation of the Righteous, who have become the defendants, & the sinners the prosecutors, there now being no heed to the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the promise of God on oath by the monarch, whose crest now meaninglessly sits above a judge’s chair.


“Today, let us deal with Era Number (1). The background to this era is such: the nation had suffered the sexualisation of its children. New Age was abounding. Eastern mysticism was fascinating the youth. Music & stage plays played a vital role in this, particularly the musical ‘Hair,’ which presented the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. British government, instead of supporting the gospel of the Constitution, allowed all kinds of foreign religions & philosophies into the nation. In spite of the warnings of My Parliamentary prophet, whole areas of the country was taken over by foreign powers, philosophies & religions. Britain became a haven for those who would not uphold its Constitution, & did not get agreements from those coming into the country, to uphold what the Queen had promised God.


“This has affected election results ever since. The people who uphold the Constitution of the nation, of whatever race, colour & creed, now vote in those upholding foreign powers & beliefs, contrary to what the nation has always stood for since the Reformation.


“So, conditions were rife for what we are describing here as Era (1): The Protection of the Criminal. The greatest crime under British law has always been the non-upholding of the Constitutional Acts of the nation. There is no greater crime than this, for this crime is a blasphemy against God, & high treason within the nation. The reason why this is the greatest crime is because these Constitutional Acts bring protection to the unborn child, & the massive child abuse against the unborn, that has occurred in all these eras we describe here; it provides protection for the child that had suffered under the hands of the paedophile, these paedophiles being protected by those in government, social services, & law enforcement agencies of the time.


“So, within this era was protection for the criminal, the victims being laid aside. For it was their lives that were shattered, whilst the criminals prospered.


“At this stage, as now, the righteous were not being prosecuted, but laid aside to suffer the consequences of serious abuse.


“In your own case (referring to David & Lindsay), you were financial victims of such an era. They accuse you of being careless with money, this being completely untrue. For you had fallen victim of a system that protected the criminal. It was you by word of knowledge that found out the sins of those protected by the system of this era. All kinds of Parliamentary deals had gone on behind the scenes, to protect all manner of criminal. Instead of protecting the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, as insisted upon in the British Constitution, deals took place between Rome & Great Britain, not only to have Britain in the clutches of what is now known as the EU, but also to settle the conflicts that had occurred in Ireland, the practice of having a no-prosecution list being well known in the North. Whilst the British Constitutional Acts gives allowance for free choice, it does not give allowance to attack the very heart of the British Constitution, which is the convicting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as you have discovered, is deeply rooted in the Coronation Service of the nation.


“By doing all these deals behind the scenes, to protect the criminal, the nation was in effect ignoring its foundations, which is why now we have had the following eras, even to the point where today, you have the criminalisation of those who uphold the Constitution.


“Oh foolish Britain! Prophets in nations around the world can discern similar eras to those you describe for Britain; & so, what I am calling thee to write here, is relevant all over the world.


“This is Era (1): The Protection of the Criminal; & you had all the evidence in this era to convict a sinner protected by the no-prosecution list; which has resulted in financial battles for thee; has resulted in ruined lives of victims of the paedophile; but for the unborn child, an eternity in heaven, of children awaiting the coming home of a repentant mother, who was allowed to sin by Parliamentary law that did not uphold the Constitution, & the oath of the Queen to God.


“So, to sum up: Era (1) is about victims. Era (1) was about secret deals behind the scenes, this Constitution Keepers web-site being designed to bring all things out into the open, the darkness into the light, the only solution being National Days of Repentance, in line with the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain that declare that only through the blood of Jesus Christ can there be redemption. Those in authority are afraid of offending those who have come in with foreign philosophies & religions; & whilst the British Constitution allows them freedom of choice & belief, these behind the scenes deals of this first Era, to protect the criminal, still has a major impact today. For there are generations that have followed this era which have brought in ideals into schools which have brainwashed these generations away from what the monarch promised God on behalf of the nation.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 10/06/15

“Era Number (2): Satan’s Masterpiece – 

The Removal of My Word from the Church”


“This is what you witnessed, David & Lindsay, during your time at Elim Bible College. The taking over of movements to make them swordless, was well on the way. Founded in Satanic spirituality, philosophy, & Eastern mysticism, the Emerging Church had well & truly begun. This was to be a Church that would have many victims; & they are all over the world today, a stagnant army without a sword.


“You are to return that sword to these people; & I will tell you how to do it. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God; & this sword must come out as a rhema of God. But My Spirit can only turn a logos into a sword if the Word has not been tampered with, had words removed or added to. Also, My Spirit cannot use material made that is there in the market-place for commercial gain. For My Spirit to speak through the saints, there has to be the full surrender, something the Emerging Church has no idea about.


“I have given word in My business plan (the economy of souls) of a ministry of tears; & how I weep over My lost Church; of victims afraid to go to once-great sanctuaries; of movements now stolen, & in the hands of those who manipulate & control; of pastors who kill, steal & destroy; of many parts of what was once My Church. You feel the very presence of Satan himself. For he has pulled off the great masterpiece, in his thinking. For to have a Church of another Jesus, to have seminaries & colleges teaching through the codices of Egypt, as you witnessed at Elim, is Satan’s dream come forth in these last days.


“His cohorts are running riot in these Charismatic churches which you expose. They come seeking a spiritual sign. Yet you declare by My Spirit that it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

“For thou art the Church of the ‘thus saith the Lord.’ For though it be reduced in size in this generation (in comparison with the world’s population), thou as the remnant Church are far more powerful. For thou holdeth My Sword, My rod of authority; & the victims of the Emerging Church are help under the Pharaohs that grasp the codices of Egypt.


“There are antichrists everywhere in this Emerging Church; & as Gideon looked on at the Midianites, you look on at the vastness of its size, & its vaults of stolen resources; & am I calling you to take on the mighty Midianite army, O mighty Church of valour? With so many of My movements taken from thee, & its resources, what can you do?

“My Word declares unto thee to rejoice, & be exceedingly glad, for so they persecuted the prophets before thee. For thou art to lift up the flaming sword, & having come out of Egypt for the first time, they went out of Egypt to be sanctified, to the place Shittim.


“For My Word was to be lifted up over the Jordan River, & the walls of Jericho surrounded. For this second era, thou witnessed the taking away of My sword from much of the Church; & now I speak unto thee as the remnant of God, that they may have all the natural resources, but what they do not have is My sword.


“So, what is My solution? Number 1: Take them out of Egypt; that is, out of the Pharaoh’s clutches, of so many Pharaoh pastors who have hurt the people. Let them understand the covenant promise of God, that ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee,’ taking them to the spiritual Shittim, to be sanctified wholly.


“For My Church is not only to be healed, but to be made whole; that is, walking in the fullness, without spot nor wrinkle; & as you lift up My sword over the Jordan River; as you face the Jericho wall of the Emerging Church, there are 7 intercessions – that is, 7 understandings – that I will reveal to you, once I have sanctified an army, ready for the task of pulling down the walls of the Emerging Church.


“Movement after movement will come back into thy hands. Resource after resource will come back into thy hands. Prepare for this, My children. For behold! I am coming quickly; & this task thou must prepare for.


“The launch of KJVTV, with its flaming sword logo, is My plan to take back My Church. For in Era (2) you witnessed, David & Lindsay, the taking away of My Church into the hands of the Pharaohs of Egypt; & so many have been dying under the hands of these false pastors, who make huge fortunes for themselves rather than for the kingdom. And so, one must prepare now for this new TV channel, running alongside ECCTV. This is what thou must share with Suresh when he comes. For thou must take this message all over the world, of the 3 eras of the last 30 years; & this Era (2), of the Emerging Church – now you must prepare now to remove it from the face of the earth, so I can come back for the glorious Church without spot nor wrinkle.


“Now, prepare for this in August, where one can take a month off from live-streaming, but not from recording, as the Spirit leads.


“For there are resources needed for the KJVTV channel. So this is to be a time of great triumph, as you expose Era (2) & the damage it has done.


“Stand together; love one another, as you make this stand to return My Church to the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.


“The declaration to repent, & the preaching of the Word, is to return. This is a powerful word I give unto thee this day; & the ECCTV channel is not to be neglected. For on it can go the lectures that match up to the written courses.

“So, huge preparation needs to go on here; & even now, I am drawing in helpers from all over the world. Some will see the task as too big. But I will bring you Gideons, mighty men & women of valour, who in My name will take on the Midianite Emerging Church, to bring so many to the point of sanctification, in preparation for My imminent coming.


“This is Era Number (2); & My solution for exposing the thief, & restoring sevenfold back to My true Church, the body of Christ, the branches of the vine, members of My body, flesh & bones, joined unto the Lord as one Spirit.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 10/06/15

Era Number (3)


“In dealing with Era Number (3), When the Sinners became the Prosecutors, & the Righteous the Defendants, one has to say that it is plainly obvious that if those in government do not even consider the monarch’s oath to God, then the laws which they pass are not only going to be out of line with that oath, but also the whole of the Elizabethan Settlement, particularly in the context of selling out legal & political processes to a European Union that has its roots not only in hell, but in Satan’s plan for the entire world.


“A clear choice is being given to the people in Britain, between the satanic rites & treaties of the European Union, & the righteousness of the monarch’s oath to God, & of what the Elizabethan Settlement was all about.

“To make the crooked path straight, the nation not only has to fully support the monarch’s oath, but also have National Days of Repentance, which is the cry of My prophets all over the world, in nations like Britain that have a Christian heritage.


“As you see from My Word, the rebellious ex-anointed are dangerous to the righteous prophets of God. But My Word is more powerful than what a rebellious nation has to offer. My Word is supernatural, whereas the laws of a rebellious state just disintegrate into the sand on which they are built.


“The rebellious nation will look to always suppress the speech of a prophet, for it does not want to be convicted of the miry slope it is on; of a nation that once hung the murderer of a child, it is the child now who suffers capital punishment, the sinner applying this code in the name of an immoral society, that has its throw-away babies that have come, not out of marriage, but out of the lust of the flesh.


“The murderer has become the prosecutor, & the righteous child, not even a defendant. For a child cannot plead its cause from the womb.


“It was once that homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain; but now, a baker has been found guilty for not promoting this once-illegal lifestyle, marriage being the marriage of Ephesians 5 only under British Constitutional law, with the recent act permitting homosexual marriage being completely out of line with the monarch’s oath to God.


“And so, if you are a Christian hotel owner who does not want this lifestyle practised on his or her premises, then that person has to become the defendant in this new era, with the sinner the prosecutor.


“And so, the state is turned upside down, literally. If one teaches one’s child creation, then the school to which you send your child, will completely remove the teaching of the Bible MPs swore upon to become MPs, with the Christian lifestyle being looked down upon by many social workers, in your own case, the recent case with the Office of the Public Guardian, is there any idea of the concept of Christian covenant; for covenant is at the heart of the British Constitution.


“And so, those that keep covenant become the defendants, whilst the rebels become the prosecutors. And so, this appears in case after case, all over the country, of the righteous having to defend, with the sinners sitting on chairs of judges who have no idea what the crest above them really stands for.


“All kinds of foreign philosophies & religions have affected the seat of that judge. You yourselves have pointed out the use of utilitarianism in relation to banking cases, the banks having turned around your position as claimant to finding you guilty, from their position of defendant, the cases you show on thy Constitution Keepers web-site being there to show how this process occurred, with rebel leaders behind the scene in effect overturning an edict of the House of Lords; & the action which occurred after this, made the claimant or the prosecutor in effect guilty, by being black-listed with credit reference agencies, from a position of being claimant.


“How crazy if that? But typical of an era that has made the guilty innocent, & the innocent guilty.


“Now, rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft. The removal of the ancient landmark of the Protestant Reformation from law-making in Parliament has removed the protection of Habeas Corpus, to having to come under a system of Corpus Iuris, under which one is continuously forced to prove one’s innocence from accusations that come from the narrow mind-set of actions, rather than under the wider aspect of the understanding the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, which every public servant by law has to keep, yet in most cases has not even been taught.


“The Bible College of Wales Continuing has been brought about by God to offer its course of this subject to the nation. All public servants need to sign up to this course, which you can offer free of charge on-line.


“How strong thou art, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to stand above the rebels of thy nation, in their actions against the righteous.

“For I have called thee, saith the Lord, to pick up thy sword in these crazy days of persecution against the righteous; & from seats of government thou shalt make the crooked paths straight, from where you will let it be known that it is not the immoral that inherits the earth, but that My nation needs to understand the great Charter of the Christian faith, spoken above Capernaum; & that the Beatitudes spoken high above Galilee, are the foundations of a Christian nation, of its morals, & of its legal & political actions. For without taking note of this great Charter, without taking not of one’s own Constitution, then the significance of the priesthood of Zadok, spoken about in the Coronation Service, will not be understood.


“For I call thee as a ministry into the seats of power, to re-instate God once more as the Head of thy nation; the God to whom the politicians swear allegiance, thy nation being a theocracy rather than a democracy. And thou must bring this understanding to the whole of the nation, so as to reverse the roles once more, with the righteous becoming the prosecutors, & the sinners the defendants.” [That’s the 3rd. Era dealt with].

By exposing the thief and his actions there has to be a return for the people of God, God's people keeping to the Constitution and Heritage of the Nation - whilst rebels look to kill, steal and destroy  and take away that which has been precious in Great Britain for centuries


Proverbs 6:30-31 King James Version (KJV)


30 Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;

31 But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.


John 10:10 King James Version (KJV)


10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.


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