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10/03/2020 11:07:31

Miss Lauren Collins

Senior Revenues Assistant

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Civic Offices

Holton Road


CF63 4RU


Dear Miss Collins


Re 50 c Holton Road


Following is our appeal against your threat to take “recovery action” against us, against the invoicing of non-domestic rates on a shop we have not even had the keys for, our appeal placing your injunction alongside a line of un-constitutional legal attacks over the last ten years, attacks in line with threats placed on us by text that have resulted in what are often crazy actions against us.


We trust you study this appeal in great detail, our appeal going too – to your democratically elected councillors in view of gaining support for the notion that in this case – spirit can take preference over letter, a centuries old principle in the history of our nation.



Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/03/20

“Charitable Appeal to Vale of Glamorgan County Council”

“[or, are the threats given by text in 2010 ‘to destroy us through the proper channels’ really going to succeed?]”



You make me laugh 25 years in the ministry a congregation of 8 but I will have the last laugh how sad






I have done my background information on your so called church every minister I have spoken to think you are a disgrace and wired to the moon just look at yourelf ruining peoples lives all for the sake of I wonder why well good night mr gracious with 11 law actions I tell you something you have ruffled my feathers you are going to be totally plucked when I have finished with you and your joke of a church






Hh dave my mission is to destroy your cult along with (a named former trustee who has had serious mental breakdown as in my view a result of these threats) through the proper channels sue me if you dare





“‘Witchcraft’ is a word rarely used in today’s ‘politically correct’ society. Simply put, it is an activity that brings destruction, rather than life.

“The group that threatened to destroy us in 2010 - & we still have the text messages – (3 featured above) are a group strongly connected with what is known as ‘church’ in Wales.

“Since 2010, this ministry has had to endure legal attack after legal attack, with an eye to destroy rather than bring life. This Charity is about bringing life rather than death, destruction being something alien to the aims given in our Declaration of Trust in 1997. Yet from 2010, we have had to face legal threat after legal threat, (in line with the text threats) & added to these is the recent threat from Vale of Glamorgan County Council that if we do not pay them funds for apparent non-domestic rates, over £6,000, then recovery action will be taken against us.

“If this was the only action since 2010, then all would be well; but we as a ministry, with loyal trustees who have given their all, have looked constantly to keep the law. But there comes a time when it has to be said, ‘the letter of the law killeth, but the spirit giveth life.’

“This whole ethos has been entrenched in British law for centuries, from the Elizabethan Settlement. Do we not find that laws passed by the British Parliament use the term ‘spiritual & temporal’? So, can we not realise that in British law, the spirit is above the temporal? So, in our appeal to Vale of Glamorgan County Council, can we not say that further legal action against this Charity that has stood for righteousness, justice & fair play, would be one of extreme harshness, particularly when the premises in question, charitable Trustees have not even had a key for, or even used, or received any funds from sales at that premises? (could it be we have been set up in line with the text threats – please see enclosed story of the shop – 50c Holton Road)

“How can a Charity, therefore, be taxed under British law that keeps to the original tenets of the Elizabethan Settlement?

“Today, it can be argued that Wales has its own Assembly, the Senedd, Wales today making its own laws; but surely a Senedd has to understand the Christian history of Wales? It is one thing to wave the flag of David, & another thing to destroy those who uphold the principles of David’s ministry in Wales by the letter of the law that killeth, rather than uphold the spirit that giveth life. (All that is doing is bowing down to the text threatener who vowed to destroy us through official channels – it is now 2020 – we have survived ten years of these attacks)

“who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” [2 Corinthians 3:6]

“The whole history of the shop at Barry, we have given in our last Annual Report, the relevant passage being in Part 15, available on-line at .

“It is firmly the belief of present Trustees that a former Trustee who took on this Lease, actively encouraging us to sign it, giving us assurances there would be little or no non-domestic rates to pay, was infiltrated by those connected to this witchcraft group that promised to destroy us in 2010. His actions bear little resemblance even to human rationale, more effectively showing to us a lack of awareness of the group that promised to destroy us in the texts of 2010.

“One such method of this group - &  churches all over Wales are being affected by this – is the common practice, particularly in charismatic circles, of giving ‘words from God’, so as to take people out of their godly calling, & leaving charities like ours in great difficulty.

“We therefore appeal to Vale of Glamorgan County Council to read our story about the shop at Barry & how it came about; & to take seriously the consequences of taking legal action against us.



“We have an affiliate College in Sri Lanka that, like us, has had many actions of witchcraft come against it. On the grounds of this College, we have been building our own Mission House so as to build up the faith of those who call themselves Christian, in lands of great persecution.

“As a ministry, we do not persecute others. Indeed, it is our record that we show the love of Christ Jesus all over the world, even to the point of blessing those who curse us, a Christian ministry connected to us having been bombed by those who have caused the death & maiming of children, has been forgiven by those who kept their lives in that Church.

“Our ability to give into these situations has been severely affected by those acting on the text threats of 2010. Even the former Trustee, who took on the Lease at Barry, has been affected by the witchcraft associated with these threats.

“We have had an eye-witness account given to  us of ‘words from God’ flying around his ministry; & it is our experience that these words bring destruction in their paths, not only looking to destroy ministries such as ours, but we have had a further witness from Wales of premature deaths going on in relation to charismatic movements that embrace these ‘direction words from God’. Of course, the god being referred to here is not the God of the Bible, but from a god that masquerades himself as the God of the Bible; the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy; the one who declares himself to be ‘like the Most High.’

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

[John 10:10]

“How art thou fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
how art thou cut down to the ground,
which didst weaken the nations!”

[Isaiah 14:12].

“To sum up, therefore: we are asking the Vale of Glamorgan County Council, its government, its democratically elected councillors, to show us the old ‘law & justice in mercy’ so entrenched in the British  Constitution; to understand that the Bible College of Wales that we embrace, that the principles of the Welsh revivals, of William Williams & Evan Roberts, be again prevalent in Welsh society.

“Even today, the cry from Cardiff on the day of the rugby match, is to be guided by the Great Jehovah; that we be fed by Him. But if this Council is to maintain its position that non-domestic rates are due on this property, on a property that has brought great loss to this Charity already, then one has to ask, where is the heart: in the ‘letter’ or in the spirit?

“If you answer ‘the letter’, then are you denying the very Constitution of Great Britain & the heritage of a land that is entrenched in Christian history, in a town called Barry that in itself has a statue of one bearing the title ‘Christian’, who gave so much to the town. “Is that town now looking to be part of this witchcraft move to ‘destroy us through official channels’ which was the threat given to us in 2010?



David P Griffiths

 “P.S. If requested by the Council, a summary can be given of the official channel attacks against this ministry since 2010.

“We have survived all of these attacks, due to the dedication & commitment of Trustees.

“During one such attack, we can name one senior policeman who declared that we had done nothing criminally wrong, but ‘though we walk in high places, there are those in high places after us.’

“The effects of witchcraft in Wales needs to be understood, & realised not only in Christian circles, but across the whole of society. We can bear witness to so much being destroyed by threats like we received in 2010; & we ask councils throughout Wales to be kind to charities that bring forth life, rather than death.

“We are here to bring assistance to government. Indeed I, David Griffiths, have been voluntary Chair of Policy & Finance of one of Wales’ largest Town Councils; & it was a joy to see council funds going out to those bringing life to a community.

“I did not realise I would see a day when a Council would threaten legal action against a Charity whose members have chosen to give their lives for others, in the cause of bringing life.

“I believe this matter of how a charity can be charged non-domestic rates on a property it has not even entered, should be brought towards the Senedd, certain members of whom will be receiving a copy of this letter.

“It needs to be understood by the Vale of Glamorgan County Council, that we are here to help the Council in bringing understanding of a situation, the active Trustees of this Charity now based in Scotland, being over 65; other Trustees working amongst poor people overseas, & another Trustee giving into the persecuted Church in Asia.

“It is with this heart we ask your mercy, & for all the Councillors & Senedd members who receive this letter, we are prepared to give witness of all the legal threats instigated by those of witchcraft against us, so as to save others from the enormous stresses we have had to endure. That has been one of the reasons we have moved our College of Wales to Scotland, the land of its spiritual roots, where incidentally we have a shop on which we pay no non-domestic rates. For we are using the premises to bring life to others, which was our intention for the shop at Barry, but for the influences that affected our former Trustee.”


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