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28 09 23 ALL TO THE CAUSE ECCTV TELETHON for October 2023 - David P Griffiths

We Are Not The Only Ones who look to fulfil what God has called us to do!

Lindsay and I have never known a time like this. It reminds me of what the Priests of Malachi were going through before the first coming of our Lord.

On the subject of it not being only us, two other ministries are mentioned who too are crying out for the resources as the Priests of Malachi were!  So many of our givers have passed away over the last two years, so many others are really struggling themselves with the cost of living crisis and the effects of lockdowns.

We clearly are living in that small period of time before he comes again, the period in which Jesus asked if he would find faith on this earth.

Luke 18:8 Authorized (King James) Version
I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

On this October Telethon I share, writes David P Griffiths my heart in relation of being able to say what God is calling me to say like I did in DR Congo in 2018 - featured on a video here along with an intercession through my Auntie Tessie from 1936 in relation to my dad's mission to Africa then, interceding that this be our intercession for Britain today.

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Upholding the original vision of Rees Howells in reaching every creature with the Gospel, the Gospel of the true Bible, not the Alexandrian counterfeits of the Emerging Church.
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