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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/10/15

“You Can No Longer Sing ‘God Bless America’

-The Demise of a Nation”


“A nation that turns its unborn into buckets to die, will not be blessed by God. A nation that turns the ethos of Ephesians 5, of the real meaning of marital relations, is not only a nation that blasphemes God, but is also a nation that will fall into the effects promoted immorality will always bring.


“A nation where the family is undermined, where children no longer have a Mum & a Dad, will inevitably fall into a mire of violence; for it is through the stability of a Biblical family that a child is to be brought up, a child who will not go astray. Just as a house is built on sand, so shall it fall.


How can I bless a nation that ignores its foundations? How can Thanksgiving Day be blessed, when what the Pilgrim Fathers stood for is completely ignored?“The Compact of the Mayflower between Britain & America has not only brought stability to both nations, but has brought about conditions for stability throughout the world.


“I cannot bless nations that break their covenants unto God. One President said, ‘It is impossible to govern a nation without God & the Bible.’ Another President warned of ‘the coarse world of reason,’ that virtue had to take priority in all aspects of government life.


“Yet wat do I see today? A nation in turmoil, a nation that has forgotten its roots, & a nation no longer protected by the stripes of the blood of the Lamb. You are now on your own, America, without the protection of God, & so have to fight your own battles.


Thou has not protected thy borders from infiltrations that are coming in from all over the world. All over America are cells of those looking to bring harm to the nation. Yet you allow them their freedom, & criminalise the righteous.“You deny access in thy educational establishments for the true Word of God. Even thy seminaries have fallen under the spell of Higher Criticism. So you have so-called Christian ministers talking about God in a critical way, rather than manifesting the Saviour Himself.


“The debauchery of the Emerging Church has brought about a gospel of accommodation, of social enterprise of churches that help people, rather than minister to God. The ethos of seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, is lost in thy nation. So how can God’s provision apply in a nation determined to go its own way? A nation that makes up its own laws, with the argument that they bring freedom; but where is the freedom for the unborn child, sucked out of the womb in great pain?


“So you are a nation, America, that in its present form cannot be blessed; & the slavery of Babylon is upon thee. For thy businesses are over-regulated, thy people are under strain. For thou art no longer a nation with a vision, & so thy people are perishing all around thee.


“So, America, where is thy people who are making a stand for the old paths, for justice to return to thy nation? For I have a remnant who have separated themselves from the debauchery of the Emerging Church; who have warned of the tyranny of government, in no longer standing on the Constitution of the nation, of God & His precious Word.“However, thou hast chosen to persecute My prophets.


They are the sons of Zadok, who came over from Great Britain in the Mayflower.They are born again by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, bursting with the compassion of the Christ who died for thee. They look to restore the seminaries to the teaching of the true Word of God. They look to bring to government God & the Bible & the virtue so necessary to run a nation. Yet, America, you legislate against them.


Yet through them, I can bring life & not death. For through your existing policies, thou hast brought about the holocaust of dying babies that Hitler & Herod could never have contemplated, in their operations of death. For in the name of immorality, thou hast killed generations of true American people, & replaced them with infiltrations from outside.


“Now, the true American is one born again. It matters not the colour, the race, or the gender. For true Americans uphold the Constitution, & this was brought into the nation by the Pilgrim Fathers; & the warnings of Deuteronomy 28 are very clear for those who disobey God. “There needs to be a national repentance, a humility in all the seats of government, to restore the nation back under God.“And now to the Emerging Church.


There has never been a paradigm shift with God. He is the Lord that changes not; & unless thou returns to the preaching of the blood of the Lamb, then thou shalt surely fall. For thou art sending multitudes to hell with thy accommodation preaching. Thou art encouraging the love of money, rather than the love of God, the true minister forsaking his/her wealth, as Peter & Paul did so as to reach the lost.


“For there is a price that has to be paid, to be a true minister of God, & that price is your life. For as I laid down My life, so My ministers are prepared to do the same; & just as Abraham was prepared to slay Isaac, so I will save the lives of those who are prepared to do the same.


“You cannot hide your sin forever, Emerging Church. For the hour of judgement is nigh, not only for thee, but also for a nation that has forgotten God, & the Constitution of the Mayflower.


“Please no longer sing ‘God Bless America,’ until thou has returned to the fold.”



Word from the Lord through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 06/04/13



“Thou art in a mess, Britain & America. Thou hast forsaken thy covenant with Me. Thou hast lied to the people over recession,& need to tell the people the truth. “There is no such thing as lack in thy nations; only corruption, lies, & more lies.


“You cannot hide the fact in years gone by thou hast given heed to what the Word of God says. But now you pour scorn on My Word, with all thy satanic pollutions of scriptures not of Me. For thou hast forsaken thy Mayflower Covenant for the decadence of Rome, its syncretisation of Early Church belief with paganism; & this is related to codices that includes Vaticanus & Sinaiticus.


A nation standing on the true Word is standing on the Rock; & when the wind blows, it stands. But a nation built on sand can be blown down, particularly if the foundations have been destroyed. “This is why you are calling the nations of Britain &America to come back to the Bible of its covenant. “A little nation is threatening thee at this time.


Sure, you have sophisticated equipment of defence; but if it is housed on sand, these weapons will sink with thee.“You see, the Word of God is much more powerful than any nuclear weapon; & it is this defence you need to return to. You have lied over your banks. Do not continue to fool the people with excuses over recession. You know this is a scam, designed to control your people. Do not fool the people anymore; for you have designed the people to be zombies of the truth; for this truth is not My truth, it is your truth.


For if the people knew the heritage that had protected them from false recession & from warmongers throughout the world, they would be crying out for the Word of God, which you (& successive governments of US & UK) have taken out of the education curriculum to enable you, as liars & despots, to control the people.


“The Word of God is the foundation of UK & US; & so now, you have a young despot looking to control thee. Your little minds are going into the areas of diplomacy. Yet your nations were called to be the heads,& not the tail.


“My prophet has warned & warned & warned; yet he will be presented as being potty. But his house is built on the Rock. I am used over the centuries to have My prophets put down as potty. Just look at My Word. Interesting how nations fell all around them for not heeding their warnings. “US &UK: are you really going to ignore the lessons of history, by laughing at the prophet as they laughed at Noah? “This lesson is very simple to understand.


Tomorrow, you can come together as nations in repentance. Saving the innocents will take death from your record, with of course repentance for all those slaughtered in the womb. Removing your ungodly laws from your statute books would be the next step, & restoring the teaching of Constitutional history to the children; that is, history based on My Word.


“If you fail to do this, then the warnings from the East will become very real.Take heed & listen. Again My prophet has warned. He simply is giving the Word of the Lord.


As an empty vessel, I speak through him;& I give warning today, whilst giving opportunity for the nations of US & UK to repent before Me.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths 10/04/13

“The Mayflower Compact:” “A Message to Britain & America”


“Whatever you do, you cannot change this Covenant. The Mayflower Compact is set in heaven. “You say & behave as if it does not exist. You can have your Independence Day, as if it does not exist.


But whatever you do, or try to do, the Mayflower Compact is settled in heaven.“You can have your masonic symbols in places of power; but they do not change the Mayflower Compact.  “ You can slaughter the innocents in the womb; you can have your corruptions in your banking systems, & have governments that completely ignore Me. But that does not change the Mayflower Compact.


This was a Body Politick, designed to hold the peoples of US & UK together under God. You cannot change that. What is written is written. What you canchange, is your present blatant disregard to the Puritan lifestyles of those who signed the Covenant. What you can change is your murderous antics in slaughtering the innocents of the womb.


“You say you have passed laws to allow this. I say in America any law out of line with the heart of the Pilgrims is no law at all.“I say to you in UK: what you sent to USA was purity. Any  aw you have passed out of line with that God-given purity is not only no law at all, but is a breaking of a Covenant that will send all those who vote for ungodly laws in Britain & America to hell, unless they repent & change their ways in line with the body politick.


The Body Politick is being as the Body of Christ; & you once great nations have blatantly ignored what you set up here. You even prosecute those who stand up for Romans 1. You persecute those in your schools; those who stand for the principles of the body politick. You have taken out of your nation the true Word of God that never changes, but is established in heaven as indeed thy Covenant is; not that that Covenant is on a level with the finished canon of scripture; but that Covenant is consistent with the finished Canon; & that Covenant was made under God, who was honour bound to protect thy nations, as long as thy nations kept the heart of what was being said in those days, & indeed written down.


“And so, Britain & America, you have sinned against Me & become a Sodom & Gomorrah of immorality & decadence. And so you now fight your battles on your own. Oh, you have your nuclear protections,& how much more would you be protected, if you had kept to the true meaning of the Mayflower Compact.


Step 1

“In light of threats against thy countries, what you must do is call a national day of repentance, in line with the faith of the Pilgrims. Multi-faith has no place in this. This is an all-out repentance before the God of heaven: Father, Son & Holy Ghost – three persons who have always been in existence as one God. “That is who you repent to.


“Step 2:

“You give Jesus Christ the pre-eminence in both countries& both governments.


“Step 3:

“You act upon what God says, & remove all the ungodly laws, as the first step of getting right with God, & the promise made at thy Covenant between each other.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/05/13 “THE U.S.A.”


“The U.S.A. has lost its place in the world, because the god of this world has brought the nation into his order, his New World Order, rather than the order set out by who are known as the Pilgrim Fathers, &what is known as their Body Politick. This brought the conditions for a Christian nation; a Christian nation that would not only care for its people, but people throughout the world.


“Instead of following on from this position, the United States has become a nation of compromise, a nation at war with each other, a nation that no longer treats the Bible as the Word of God; & so a nation that has lost its way, because it has rejected the way, the truth, & the life.


“Behold, I am standing at the door of this nation, knocking; asking for entry into the seat of government so that government can once more follow Me, rather than the god of this world.


“What there is in the nation is a lack of trust one to another. There is no end of information over what might be happening behind the scenes. There is even talk of a communist take-over.


“But this is what I say: call a national day of repentance& prayer. Open up the books of government. For what goes on in secret will be opened up anyway, saith the Lord. Better this come by voluntary action, rather than being found out. For sin& secrecy will always be found out, saith the Lord.


“The military needs to know to which God it owes allegiance. Throughout the states of the U.S.A. there are groups of people out to destroy the nation, particularly now, as the protection of God has been lifted. Man is responding by increasing surveillance, where God is demanding allegiance to Him. An understanding of Psalm 91 is far more powerful than all the sophisticated technology in relation to crime protection can offer.


“So here we have a nation no longer at peace with itself –how can it give peace to the world? One thing that will close down all the web-sites of the conspiracy theorists will be a nation that opens its books. When that happens, God will heal this nation. Once this has happened, the people can be relieved, & hear from God.


“Warn the people that whilst their government fails to hear from the Lord, so the danger increases day after day.


“However, there is a move of God a-coming, to expose that which has infiltrated the Church. Thy work exposing Higher Criticism is a key factor in this. Examination of man’s ways in interpreting the scriptures shows the complete folly of producing a text that continually changes, whereas I am the Lord: I change not.


“U.S.A is going to have to get used to being a small nation on earth. So turning away from God has a price, & this nation needs to return to Me.


“So come back to Me, United States, & I will give thee rest; the alternative being a nation no longer at peace with itself.


“So come back to Me, United States; I am still knocking. Reject the Nestle text, & come back to what the Pilgrim Fathers brought; a Bible that rightly demands full allegiance to God; the God of heaven, rather than the god of this world.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 04/05/13



“By turning away from God, these nations have turned away from constitutions that relate to the Word of God. Hence you have situations which completely do not make any sense whatsoever.


“Gone is the wisdom & direct application of law. Gone is the understanding of the Christian heritage in both nations; & because of this, there is a crying out for something that makes sense.


“Successive governments have continued to slaughter innocents in the womb, despite warning after warning through My prophets. Such prophets are treated as people to be kept in a corner, away from society, because of the damage they may do. But the damage is already done through ignoring the prophet, who continually looks for the nation to come back to God.


“Now, America has been proud of being a nation under God; but now it is a nation under many gods, particularly the god Baal; & as such, America has been enduring the consequences of strange bush-fires, the result of strange weather patterns. For as the nation stirs up its worship of Baal, so Baal comes to kill, steal & destroy. Can you not see, America, by returning to Me, your land would be safe, your shores protected, & babies saved from further slaughter in the womb?


“In Britain, a false moral philosophy is coming out from the nation which is now deciding to visit the sins of a generation changed by the 60s revolution. Are the high profile legal cases against famous people in the media & entertainment business going to include investigations of the actions of government in initially passing an act to slaughter innocents, that brought the spiritual conditions for many people to act violently against children? These actions today has to include the politicians who voted to slaughter children in the womb; for the politicians who voted to sexualize children in the schools, taking away their childhoods, & have them screaming at their pop idols. No wonder many of them fell, under a Britain that was turning from God, & like America, coming under Baal.



“Today the courts of Britain & America are not recognising the importance of placing legal cases into context. They say to you, ‘keep things brief, & don’t be long-winded,’ meaning ‘do not place what you are saying into context, for we have the letter of the law that can get you.’


“Look at the communities of Britain & America. Under the letter of the law, they are dying. The prophet always puts things into context.


“Look at the prophecies in My Word. They are all into context; yet as these legal cases of high profile people are showing, they simply say a person did something, but not the context in which they did it, which was the free sex for all teaching of the 60s, which government allowed, allowing the moral decay which we all witness today. Visiting those who fell under the moral decay of the 60s with court cases relating to the 60s, 70s & 80s has to include the context which was the nations of nations of Britain & America, from previously showing high standards in government, bowed down to the new youth culture that included immoral behaviour, rather than the teaching of the Christian heritage of both nations.


“The solution for both nations today is to repent before God, & have those who perpetrated crimes under that moral stance, repent before God today, with the monarchy in Britain leading the way in this. For we know, if a government leads in immorality, there will be huge numbers of people who follow that lead; & this prophet is warning Britain that you have not got enough prisons to continue on this investigative road that you are doing; for the truth is, so many fell into immorality; so many abused children. But today I speak to the governments of Britain & America, for if you continue to slaughter the innocents,& take the high position against the abusers of the 60s, 70s & 80s,when government itself in both nations has been the biggest abuser itself, by giving children a painful death from the womb.


“You hypocrites & whited sepulchres! The wrath upon you will be far greater than what you inflict on old men in their 80s, preparing or time in prison. For it has been government action that has brought the conditions for this to happen.



“My prophets simply call for repentance; but rather than admit your sin, you would rather isolate them as being very strange. Yet it is not them who took these nations away from God; & by doing this, they have legal structures which call long-winded the prophets who put law into context, in ignoring the constitutional demand, under Christian constitutions, to apply law with law & justice in mercy. For without this application of law, those who have become victims because of government actions will simply die under the letter of the law, when the prophets are crying out for governments to repent, so that the victims of government actions can repent too.


“For governments, I speak to you today: you have not got prisons big enough for these people. For if you are to chase the apparent sinner of the 60s, 70s & 80s without examining government first, you simply are going to go bust, under the god Baal who has trapped you into his narrow thinking of letter of the law, rather than the wide aspect understanding that the spirit giveth life, the spirit being the God of the Bible, which is completely in context & needs to be read by government every day, the Holy Spirit guiding the paths of government, rather than bowing down to the New Age philosophies of immorality, which came into being in the 1960s.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 21/08/14

“The Rise of Babylon”


“Babylon is having its influence over the world. Those who are called into the Mayflower Compact have neglected their role in bringing Christianity into the world. So what is happening is that a destructive Babylon has come to take over that influence to bring terror & fear, not only to the countries of the Middle East, but also the entire world.


“Those of My remnant have laid down their lives for the salvation of the Arab nations, all of whom I call unto Me. For not only did I lay My life down for My chosen people; I laid My life down so that all may come unto Me; so that all may become sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.


“But the nations I have called into the Mayflower Compact have become destructive nations themselves, through the slaughter of the innocents & their covenants without increase. If you sow destruction, you reap destruction; & whilst the world is amazed at the horrors of the rise of Babylon, the nations of the Compact need to look first at the horrors they allow in their own country. The horrors of abortion are even greater than the horrors of Babylon; & this great sin has removed generations of those who would have continued the Christian heritage. And so, the sowing of horror is bringing Babylonian horror so great the world knows not what to do.


“So I say to the countries of Britain & America to come back to My Compact; that is, My covenant that brought you as one nation, with an Empire now Commonwealth, so that you may bring the one God, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, to the attention of the world. No longer will days of prayer, as in the Second World War, be sufficient to overcome a horror. For today, you have a greater Hitler rising, that unless you overcome it, you will be under greater bondage than what Hitler ever thought about.


“Did not I rise to help the soldiers of Dunkirk? Did I not rise in answer to the King’s call to pray? Did I not rise to save the horror of the gas chamber? Will I not rise again in reply to the repentance of Britain & America? For this time I not only call for days of prayer; this time I call for days of prayer & repentance, with men & women & children on their knees before Me, repenting before Me; & instead of trying to muzzle the prophet, take heed of the warnings, all of which can be overcome by simple repentance: bankers repenting before Me; those in government repenting before Me; & before you condemn an enemy rising from Babylon, make sure you have examined yourself first; for I see the sins of Babylon as a speck in comparison with the great beam of the sin of your aborted children. Horror brings forth horror; life brings forth life. To overcome Babylon, you need to examine yourselves first.


“They pray before their god in Mecca, when you have turned to the gods of materialism; to the green gods of decrease rather than to the God of plenty, of increase, of life & not death.


“I say to Britain & America: watch what you sow, for what you sow, you shall reap. And Babylon is there on the horizon. So remove the horror from your owncountries, & I will return My protection. So that you can once more bring the influence of Christianity to a dying world.”



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