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Malachi's Ministry Lives On!

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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 04/10/18

“Malachi’s Ministry Lives on in the UK:” 

“Art Thou with us in This, or Nay?”


“Thou hast founded a storehouse of the Word of God, of the true Word of God; of the Antioch line, unpolluted by the philosophies of men. Thou hast led a campaign of personal sacrifice, personal surrender, to the cause of God, not only being a servant, but a son; a son that picks up his cross, & follows Me. Thou hast cried out in intercession, pulling down strongholds. Thou hast laid hands on the sick, & they have recovered. Thou hast spoken in new tongues, not of your own, but Mine. Thou hast your heart of Christ, & laid down your lives so that others may be saved.

“All around you, however, as in the days of Malachi, the nation has turned from its God-given heritage, taken legal actions against you, costing practically all that you have, & a result of this meaning you receiving invoices from wills, rather than inheritances, a threat from a barrister out to destroy you, abuse, spurning, & mistrust. The attack has been so much against thee that the fruit of thy labours can only be of God, because God is with you, & thou hast become a container of God, the temple of the Holy Ghost, empowered of the Holy Ghost, that thou might preach recklessly the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“As in Malachi’s day, however, the nation had moved out of its godly heritage. As in UK, so in Israel, it was not cool to worship God, so today. So in you, I have restored Malachi’s ministry. For in the UK, there are so many other idols, & a massive invasion of foreign gods.


“Let us deal with these matters. The Lord thy God is not against free movement & immigration throughout the world, as long as the fruit of this, in the UK’s example, is that it has brought about the increase in the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.

“Christian immigration, from Commonwealth countries & the United States, would have brought about this increase. But the nation’s great cities have been taken over by foreign gods not of your national Constitution. This is why there needs to be a campaign to restore your national heritage; thus the Constitution Keepers ministry that will take back the great cities for God.

“Where are the Welsh in Cardiff? Where are the mill-workers in Bradford? Where are the Cockneys in London? Thou hast lost thy great cities to foreign gods; & this is not a speech of the Lord thy God against immigration, but the wrong form of immigration, that has allowed in foreign gods, rather than those who will uphold the Constitution of thy nation.

“Those responsible for this are guilty of high treason, not only against the Elizabethan Settlement, but more importantly, against the Lord thy God.

“Malachi’s ministry is alive & well in Britain today; & so one can speak out the warning to the nation, as Malachi did those years ago, ‘Thou art cursed with a curse,’ the tithes & offerings of the nation going to seemingly calm down the tensions of the big city, rather than to the house of God.


“This has gone completely out of hand, & is the fault of governments who have upheld the crossed fingers of the National Lottery, that has in itself a Heritage Fund that does not include the heritage of God.

“Oh, they might say, ‘But we invest in churches’ – but they talk of physical buildings, not the Church of the body of believers. So their Heritage Fund is polluted, with complex forms associated with the ideas of men, rather than the heart of God in My Word.

“The Heritage Fund is destroying lives all over thy nation; for in thy post offices, in thy stores & on-line, is vast amounts of money, being invested in the lusts of the flesh, with millions seeing their security in treasures on earth rather than the Lord thy God.

“So, in this context thou can declare boldly, ‘Thou art cursed with a curse;’ not giving tithes & offerings to the storehouse of the true heritage, but towards the ideas of man, supported by those who cross their fingers, as in the National Lottery logo.

“The whole thing is cursed with a curse. The gambling bug coming out of this decadence, it now being so easy with technology to gamble on almost anything, these gambling apps destroying the family life of thy nation.

“So thou art cursed with a curse, saith the Lord. My Word declares ‘in all things Thou must have the pre-eminence;’ but in Britain thou hast turned to other gods: drinking, drug-taking, sexual immorality, both heterosexual & homosexual, is high on the list of people’s lives, rather than the pre-eminence of Christ.

“Thou art curse with a curse. So the list goes on & on. All over thy nation, thou hast forgotten Christ & thy monarch’s Oath to Me; so thou art cursed with a curse.

“Thus saith the Lord.

“So, where art thou in all of this – the storehouse of God? Thou has become a remnant, shouting out for the tithes & offerings to come into the storehouse; but even those who profess to be Christians have refused to give, being infected by the idols all around them, rather than the refiner’s fire & the fuller’s soap of My Word.

“The message of sanctification has been lost in those new politically correct ‘churches.’ They bring to the people a socially inclusive ‘gospel,’ not only the idols I have mentioned, but many other idols too. Those out of true wedlock eat & drink at My table. Thou art cursed with a curse; & all those that eat at the table with them. For thou art eating with publicans & sinners, at a table unprotected by the oversight of the ministry, who see it politically incorrect to challenge sin & bring the conviction of the Spirit. Thou art cursed with a curse. There is no self-examination any more, commonly in so-called ‘churches’ at My table. So all around, people are dying in once God-fearing areas of your nation, for they are cursed with a curse.

“So, what is the answer? Individually, as a family, as a home, as a nation, submitting yourselves to the refiner’s fire & fuller’s soap of Malachi. This has not changed from Malachi’s day, the bringing out of the issues of the day, & the solution. The message of sanctification is real, & the one to save thy nation from the curse that thou is to emphasize, as the result of the turning away from God that has left My true Church screaming for tithes & offerings to come into the storehouse.”


Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 06/10/18

“The Robbing God Element of Malachi”

“Throughout your lives, David & Lindsay, you have been consistently robbed of all that you have had, by the devil.

“The devil, however, uses people; & consistently, the devil has drawn in people against thy ministry, to steal & rob from you. Each & every one of them has come under the name of Christian, except one, which I will deal with in a moment.

“In Inverness, thy business was infiltrated by a system of illegal transfer of money & goods to the military battle of Ireland. Those stealing from thee were protected by what was known as the no-prosecution list; & it was not thee who they were stealing from, for you & your simplicity of faith at that time (about 30 years ago) & also spiritual naivety which the born-again policeman told you about. You were robbed mightily by the Deep State system of the protection of the criminal. For even though you had evidence brought about by the Spirit, yes, by word of knowledge, you were not allowed to put your case in court; & indeed, you were under threat in Inverness, & had to leave, the criminal being protected, the righteous being robbed; & even though you had simplicity of faith at that time, you had said unto the Lord that the profits of the business was for Christian ministry.

“So, your heart was as of Christ. So, the system of protection of the criminal, was robbing God; & it is this system, & the nation that uses it, that is cursed with a curse.

“Your nation has used this system consistently over the last 30 years or so. The system is called utilitarianism, the ‘greater good’ of Jeremy Bentham. This can be added on to your Other Jesus course – a section on utilitarianism, a philosophy of man that curses a country.

“Within this context of the use of utilitarianism, you again had solid evidence against the banks, who were ripping people off left, right & centre. You decided to stand on a House of Lords edict against them, having all the evidence & employing solicitors against them. It was a sure thing, you were told; & indeed under British law, it was. You had your Upper House agreement against the banks, & you only had to present your case in court, & the compensation was thine. Yet, what happened? A judge infected by the stains of utilitarianism, refused to allow your case to be heard in court based on the House of Lords edict. So, under this philosophy, you lost the case, costing you thousands, saving the banks from paying you out, which you rightfully deserved. You refused to back down, looking for the case to be heard under British law. You told your solicitors you were refusing to back down. Yet, they refused to present your case in court, obeying the philosophy of utilitarianism rather than British Constitutional law.

“So, again you stood on the right to present your case in court. At that time, you had grown spiritually, realizing the silver & gold is Mine. So the money loss was not thine, but Mine, the nation being cursed with a curse for robbing God.

“The list goes on. The robbing of God has been going on all over the country; & you are fearlessly & openly bringing it to the attention of My body, which are not responding to thy need. For so many of them have been brought up in this generation, with a brain-washing of the philosophies of man, rather than the faith of God.

“So, much of what is called ‘Christian’ is of the Roman Catholic element of cultural Marxism, or Christian Marxism, as it is sometimes called. This emphasizes the self-interest, rather than the God interest. Today, within what is known as the body of Christ, there is the belief that you go to church for what God will give you. From this, the community church has sprung up, with the emphasis on the ministry to people, rather than the worship of God.

“So, within this culture, which is yet another philosophy of man, you find when people come to gatherings & meetings, they are coming to receive rather than to give, not only of financial resources, but of their talents. You are to minister to them & their needs, rather than preach the missionary need of the Every Creature Commission.

“So, you are forced into a box, where you have to look after their needs, rather than the needs of God. Gone are the scriptures of personal surrender, the walk of the Beatitudes, the being not your own, but bought with a price, being the temple of God, & partakers of My divine nature. All that is gone; for cultural Marxism emphasized the needs of the flesh rather than that of God; & that those who embrace this are cursed with a curse. For they refuse the refiner’s fire & fuller’s soap of Malachi, thus refusing to give tithes & offerings; & they keep coming back week after week for ministry, these activities replacing the worship of God.

“Of course you are cursed with a curse, you people under the brain-washing of a Marxist state. Thou hast been cursed with a curse, & as Highgate stands above the city of London, so Calton Hill stands above Edinburgh, the philosophies of man being in the high position, rather than the worship of God; with the true remnant of God, the Malachi’s of God, screaming out for resources to come into their storehouses built by the Spirit of God.

“The list goes on & on. The nation put itself under foreign power, foreign influence, foreign philosophy, foreign legal systems, foreign political systems, foreign influences, a foreign flag of the ‘stars of Mary,’ as they call them, bringing conditions for the Christian Constitution of thy nation to be almost destroyed, but for a remnant. From this base, Deep State individuals have consistently targeted thee & thy ministry, with attempts to criminalize thee, & place thee under the civil bankruptcy courts, so that they can have control over you. For it is they that have the new legal system on their side. It is you that are wrong, for standing on the Oath of the monarch & the Elizabethan Settlement. You are labelled extremist, & a threat to national security; but that threat is not against thy Constitution, but that threat is against the philosophies that have taken over thy Constitution.

“You have had legal case after legal case come against thee. The one time you put your case in court, you won, so that they are terrified of giving you time to speak the word of the Lord in a courtroom. Instead, they take you into a little office, & threaten you to pay over money & not speak a word in court, else they will destroy you. They used the BBC to destroy you; but I intervened, as I intervened in Jericho, with the most unlikely of persons, a person who would be rejected by the self-righteous religious community of thy nation, which are worse than all the sinners put together. It is they that are of filthy rags. It is they that hold back the tithes & offerings to the righteous of God.

“The Anglican communion, for example, would rather hold on to their grand physical buildings than fund the visions of born-again bishops in developing countries. It is they who are cursed with a curse, for these buildings are temporal, whereas the heart of man is eternal, either in bliss or in punishment.

“That system comes against thee constantly, causing you at times sleepless nights, & pressures. Yet you have not cracked. You have stayed faithful to the cause. Thou hast been obedient to the call of God that thou hast.

“I have brought thee together with the Rees Howells intercession that has stood in the places of the robberies against thee, of the legal cases against thee, of those who worked initially in Ireland against thee; & you have not only looked to expose the thief & bring back one’s resources back to thee. You have also looked at the lives of others, who have similarly suffered: those who have stood for the old paths, which is why I have called thee to have an old paths fellowship in Whithorn; not to compete with the Kirk, but complement it. For it has to a degree stood against the stranglehold of Edinburgh; & you are prepared to help it go further, exposing the infiltration that has made the Kirk as a whole, the declining entity of the nation that it has now betrayed through the taking on of the philosophies of men, rather than God.

“Thou art called in Scotland, to restore to the Kirk the Bible of its Holy Rood king, the landmark of Knox, & the passion of the nation’s missionaries, the heart of God needing to be restored to the Kirk, & the stones of masonry, as at Dunkeld, removed.

“Thus saith the Lord: restore thee the old paths. Be repairers of the breach, & declare the Lordship of Christ above all else.

“And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.”

[Colossians 1:18]


“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.”

[Isaiah 58:12]


“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.”

[Jeremiah 6:16]


“Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour’s landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.”

[Deuteronomy 27:17]


“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

[Proverbs 22:28]


“Give me Scotland, else I die.”

[John Knox].


“‘Uphold the banner of the Covenanters’. Thus saith the Lord.”


“And to the self-righteous: The message of the Lord has not changed.

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.”

[Matthew 23:27]


“And to the true remnant,

 “You are members of My body, of My flesh, and of My bones.”

[see Ephesians 5:30]. “

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