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Battling through extremely strong easterly winds, Brian Mason stands on the film site of the Wickerman Burning of 1973 - the significance with the EU? Revealed in prophecy through David P Griffiths:

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths 19/11/18

“The Wicker Man of the European State”

“I now refer to the European State rather than the European Union, for the occultic principles of the Wicker Man are identical to those of what was the European Union, what was the EEC, but what is now clearly a European State.

“As the Wicker Man demanded human sacrifice in relation to crop failure, so the European State demands the elimination of national heritage, in relation to economic growth.

“As the Wicker Man destroyed human life, so the Wicker Man of the European State demands the destruction of the life & heritage of a nation. In relation to Britain – & the intercession to come must be for other nations too – but in relation to Britain, you are dealing with the failure of the farming of the sea, agricultural policies placing massive burden on the farmers of the land; so what the Wicker Man State is doing, is destroying through the letter of the law that killeth, & removing the heart & souls of nations.

“So, it has human sacrifice right at the root of its operations. This human sacrifice has been so massive over the decades of this evil institution, right from the stronghold of Lucifer. Small businesses have been brought to the slaughter, in favour of globally-controlled mass institutions, run by the New World Order of bankers that care little for the small businessman, & care everything over global institutions they can control, using cheap third world employment to produce goods of designer-label controls, that brainwash in particular young people to have the right label on their trousers, above everything else.

“In this, they particularly control sports teams, putting untold pressure on parents, for children demand the right designer label on their clothes.

“All this is the Wicker Man of the European State & global order, that Britain voted to come out of. But the Wicker Man is not letting Britain go. Britain’s identity & Christian heritage must be sacrificed for the Wicker European State.

“You are directly dealing here with the enemy of souls, who comes to kill, steal & destroy; & I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance; & thou hast established on television Britain’s first Act of Supremacy, & today the nation has a choice, between this & the European Wicker Man, luring sacrifice so as to apparently prosper materially.

“It is all the lies of Lucifer, whose aim is to destroy, rather than give life.”

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